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Anyone watching Steven Universe?

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I have never seen a single Cartoon Network episode (in any series/shows)  that I like. I don´t like their style at all. But my daughter found out about Steven Universe and wents though all of the episodes in a few weeks. She absolutely loves them. So I said that I would give it a chance. At first I thought it was okay but then I came to like it as well, and now I have watched all of the episodes. I´m not as obsessesed as she is but it was enough for me to  want to learn more about the world, history and characters. There are some kids shows that I really like, especially Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend of Korra, and I don´t think SU is as good as those, but as I said, I like it. One of the things that I really like is that all of the gems are women, and they all have different personalities. There have been few shows where women can be heroes and not sterotypes. (They do exist, but they are not many.) And I like that they dare to show homosexual love. (Now they did cut some scenes, if I get it right, but it´s still obvious in a way that it´s usually not.) Also, I think it´s so funny to see Greg since I´m basically dating him in rl. :D 


Are anyone of you watching it? What do you think about it? 

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Hm... how do I explain it? There are crystal gems, who comes from another world. They have different kind of powers. Some of them have chosen to live on earth and protect it against the other crystal gems. One of the crystal gems that lived on earth (Rose) chose to get a child with a human, which shouldn´t be possible. In doing so, she had to disappear so that she could live on in that child. The child is Steven and he is the main character. He has to deal with what it means to be half a human and half a crystal gem. He needs to understand his powers and discover the history of the crystal gems to help save the earth. 


Some of the episodes are stand alone episodes and some are parts of a bigger story.




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