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[Sign up]: WoT Kids Mafia

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What are you doing here? I guess some of you have eaten too many tainted brownies and are hallucinating? Maybe some of you have used a portal stone by accident and found yourself in this bizarre world? Or maybe this is just a dream?

Anyway. You have a big building in front of you. There is a sign that says “Aes Sedai Daycare Center”. Outside there are children playing. You see a boy who is making wolves out of pine cones. Now he is tossing one of them in the air and shouts “Fly Hopper, fly!”.

You see an Aes Sedai in a green dress who are very angry at some aiel kids, who holds toy bows in their hands. “We have talked about this before. You can`t undress other kids. They are not real gai´shain!”. You can hear her mutter “My brother thinks it´s hard to be a king. Give him one day here and he would gladly rule all of the Borderland countries.” The aiel kids have begun arguing. One of them screams “No, I have told you. I don´t want to play a Wise One! And I don´t want to play a Wetlander! I hate Wetlander clothers!” You take a better look at the little red haired aiel girl. Isn´t it…? No, it can´t be. Or can it?

Another Aes Sedai with a green dress and ornament birds in her hair comes out of the building. She looks at you. “Have you seen Demandred? That kid is always disappearing.” She starts to shout “Demandred, where are you? It´s time for lunch.”


Welcome to the WoT Kids mafia. If you have read the WoT books you will recognize a few things but you don´t need to know anything about the WoT to play and there won´t be any spoilers. The scenes are only for flavor, there are no hidden clues. The game is based on a story I wrote many years ago for a content here at DM.

This is a basic game for nine players. This a no roles game, which means that there will only be vanillas and goons. Everyone is welcome to play, you don´t need to be a BT member. BT members will get points after the game. The game will start as soon as it fills up. No hydras.

If you are new to mafia, this could be a good game to start with. If you want a mentor just let me know, I´m sure we will find one.

The rules
1. Make at least one post each day. Short LOAs are okay if you tell me in advance.
2. No editing.
3. Do not discuss this game outside the thread if you haven´t been given permission to do so.
4. Don´t quote my PMs.
5. Days are 48 hours and nights are 24 hours or when all night actions are received.
6. Day one may last longer.
7. This is a hybrid hammer game. The player with the most votes at the end of deadline will be lynched. If there is a majority, the phase will end as soon as majority is reached. If two or more players have the the same amount of votes I will toss the dice and see who dies.
8. You get one “Oh no, I died “post after death. Do not reveal any information.
9. Votes and unvotes must be bolded and colored
red. Use our excellent vote tags. [ v ] Verbal [ /v ] and [ unvote ]. You need to unvote before you vote again.
10. Character reveals are allowed but they won´t help. Note that there might be “good characters” in the mafia and “bad characters” in the town. It all depends on the dices.
11. I´m Mod Goddess. My word is law. If you have any questions just ask.

12. This will be a nice game. You don´t tell people that they suck, that they can gfy or that this is the worse they have ever played. You can very well disagree with people without calling them stupid, derp etc. Think about what you write. If I think that you have written something that is not okay then I will give you a warning in the thread. If you do it a second time you will get some kind of pr that is also announced in thread. If you do it a third time then you will get mod killed. Most people will not have any problems with this so no need to worry. If you really feel the need to curse then we have some excellent WoT curses to use. You don´t curse at others of course.

Who wants to play?


1. Dar´Jen
2. LZM
3. Lessa
4. Ben
5. Rand
6. Nyn
7. Infiniti
8. Shitsure
9. Marsh

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I want to play, but I can only play if it doesn't start before September.

I hope it doesn't but some sign ups takes forever. We'll have to wait and see.

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Lego Perrin looks way off to me.


Lego Aviendha pretty weird too.


5/7 ain't bad though!


A perfect score actually :P


And parable just ended so count me in!

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Have you ever played a WoT themed mafia and played Nynaeve? :)

I was in that forsaken alt game... that's tge only wot one i recall. But im pretty sure i was never nynaeve

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If this starts in the next week or so (orrrr before that), I'd like to join :3 Should be a good learning experience because I've always relied too much on night play instead of scumhunting :P

I'm not entirely new to mafia, but I haven't played on DM yet (nor am I a BT member ;w;) I'd like a mentor if that is possible :)

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