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Harry Potter Week - Divination!

Ithillian Turambar

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Welcome to Divination Class!


This year you have a choice to make.


Firstly, the lovely Professor Trelawney can read your future in the Tea Leaves.Just help yourself to a cup of tea and then PM me the number of the teacup you chose. I'll let you know what she saw in the leaves. Your other choice is to visit the Department of Mysteries and see if there's a prophecy there for you. Take a look below for more information about how each choice works.





1. Just choose a cup and send me a PM with the number. I'll then reveal your awesome Professor Trelawney style fortune! Don't reveal your choice in the Thread!





And the second option?




2. Here you can venture into the Department of Mysteries and see if there's a prophesy for you. Just send me a PM with a question you'd like answering and I'll consult my Oracle. Just so you know, I don't profess to have any special fortune telling skills so once again this is just for fun. I'll post the response in the Thread, so if you'd prefer it to be an anonymous answer, just let me know when you ask your question.


I'll be using The Crystal Oracle, which is is a forecasting tool that aims to give instant decisions about anything you choose. It uses five semi precious stones sympathetic to energy patterns - the amethyst for spirituality and wisdom, the aquamarine for happiness and activity, the carnelian for strength and self, the rose quartz for health and prosperity and the tourmaline for power and energy.


Please be patient with me. I'll respond to everyone's requests as quickly as I can. And of course you can do both if you like. :smile:




**Important Notice: Posts in this Thread will earn you House points - to go towards the House Cup!!


Points earned so far.


Gryffyndor - 19

Ravenclaw - 16

Hufflepuff - 20

Slytherin - 7



And help yourself to a siggy as a thank you for joining in :)



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