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New Division Leader!


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Guest Dalinar

With changes in the structure/administration of the DRPSW, I am stepping back from the position of BT Division Leader.


It gives me great pleasure to welcome Covai to the position. I'm sure you'll all give him a lot of support in the coming weeks and beyond as he settles into the position.


The bad news for ya'll is I'll still be around :P I've assumed the role as 'Group Leader' for the 'Peoples of the Dragon' (the combined Aiel, BotRH, BT and WK Divisions) and thus will continue to be involved with the BT as well as the other Divs in the group.


If you've ever got any questions, concerns etc that can't be addressed by Covai or the Division staff, then you're welcome to ask me. My contact details haven't changed (bjnoteboom@iinet.net.au for email and benj1906@hotmail.com for MSN). It's encouraged that you contact me if the Division staff haven't been able to help BEFORE approaching Muirenn (Assistant RP Admin) or Owen (RP Admin).


I'll hand over to Covai to make any announcements that he wants to. Make him welcome (probably with lots and lots of booze). :D



PotD GL.

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*Bows low, with open hand to fist"


kahm sa hamnida, ahnyonghee gasipsiyo

(or "Thank you, go in peace.")


Ok... so probably not all THAT necessary... But meh.


You're leaving us with Covai?! Well, it could be worse. You could have left Isha in charge of all of us. :P


Meanwhile... *rushes off to find drinks for everyone*



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G'day :D


Thanks for the welcome everyone. You guys all know me anyways, so lets get some of the basics out of the way.


Contact Details:


Msn: Shinji_misato@hotmail.com

Email: Covai_Seriba@dragomount.com


Feel free to get a hold of me via either of these two methods, that or you can always just drop me a PM. Old folk, feel free to pester me as always. New folks, feel free to do likewise :D



Now lets get to the partying :D

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Dali....how could your standards have dropped so low...

I mean...We need someone dashing and pretty to represent us...as well as intelligent, quick on his feet (feet that should be big...so that he'll be able to step on toes easily). Oh..and he should be popular with the ladies as well...diplomacy and all that *nods*


Are you that guy, Covai??


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Guest Faile1987

*realizes that she IS in NEED of having people kick her to visit the OOC boards more often*


I'm late, but yeah, CONGRATZ mentor mine :D

*wonders if Mentor's rise might involve a promotion for Ged* j/k


Am working on it and Linten, don't be sure of anything :p *pokes*


*raises glass*


Prost :)

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