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Cuen'd'eren Game Show Week - Apples to Apples

E James Todd

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Welcome to the Apples to Apples game, sponsored by the Cuen'd'eren! I will be one of your hosts for this game, along with the lovely Cross, and we challenge you all to a card game!

For those of you unfamiliar with the original, Apples to Apples is a matching game of sorts. Each player will get a hand of 4-6 red nouns to choose from, depending on how many players we have. The dealer (Cross) will display one green adjective card; and it is up to the players to either play a noun that they feel best matches the adjective, or go with something zany and funny. You're as much playing to the dealer as you are to the green card in front of you. The winner is whoever manages to collect the most green cards by the end of the game.

To simulate the shuffling aspect and to keep the surprise as high as possible, we'll be using me as the buffer between players and Cross. Once we know who's playing I will send them a randomized hand of cards, and Cross will display the green card. Players will have until the end of each day to submit a card from their hand to me, at which point I will send the submissions to Cross. She will pick one winning card, each person will get a new card for their hands, and we keep going.

Oh, and it is a totally acceptable practice to guess at who played what card once each set has been revealed. :wink:

So at this point the floor stands open for players! Who's up for a game of cards?


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Alright, cards have been randomized and I will be PMing all of you with hands!  Cross has the green card, so you can start thinking about what you might play as I send hands out.  If someone wants to play after tonight that's fine; just post here and I'll send you a hand.

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apologies, actually i'm not sure, my partner had all the entries and cards (which he did a wonderful job with and thank goodness he understood the game cuz i sure never played it) and dont know if life got hold of him or what. 


BUT i hereby declare everyone a winner and you all get one apple. 



to share....



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