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    • Creativity is important and let us, us being humankind, leave the cave. I hope your a real person and not selling something. For creativity one reaches within oneself.
    • I also think skin color is quite prevalent in WoT.  Jordan went out of his way to describe some if the different ethnic groups of people in WoT so yes i will be upset if people are cast as characters part of different looking ethnic groups simply because of perceived politicial correctness/sjw BS.   And it works any way....if someones who was supposed to be black ends up being played by a white guy or any which way it happens will be annoying and detract from the show at least to me. 
    • Theres an over 1000000 person online petition that might disagree with the bold....lol.
    • If we compare the 20th century and the updated 21st century we can analyze millions of things which we have been discovered in this world and is being ready for new and modern things. In all the fields or categories of life including professional services, personal services, academics, thesis college writing services, other lifestyles are too full of technologies, modernization, and updations but for all aspects and behind all these reasons is just a word "Creativity" these creativities makes the world bright and colorful. It is the only thing in the world which makes the person unique and special in this world and this is also a form of competition and updations of the world.
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