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Story Fest 2017: Sentence Story Telling


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Hello everyone!


One of my most favorite camping trip games was telling a story one sentence at a time while going around in a circle.  I'm happy to be able to offer such an experience here for our Story Fest 2017!!!


For those who have not had the privilege of enjoying this fun camp fire games I'll break it down.  I will start a story with just one sentence.  The next person will continue the story with another single sentence and then another person and so on.  Now of course we must all follow the rules of DM about the PG-13 content and I'd like to keep any spam/high-jacking to a minimum.  For the PG-13 guidelines please refer to the code of conduct.  As for spam/story-jacking, please don't add another sentence unless someone else has posted after you.  If there seems to be just a couple people going back and forth, allow for 15 mins in between posts to allow someone to collect their thoughts and get a sentence in before two people just run away from everyone else.  I'm not saying it always has to be 15 minutes before you follow up someone's sentence, only if it seems there are only two people posting back and forth.


Now I am all for being goofy and writing either a wild and crazy story or something silly.  However, let's also keep from completely messing up the story as a whole if it seems to be flowing in a certain direction.  Try to keep the story flowing along and don't throw in a lot of Soap Opera type reveals.  If there any problems please PM and I will try and sort out any conflict this may cause.  If this is much of a success I will try and keep this going past the event time if allowed.  Or move it to another thread.  If we do come to something of a stop I'll try and collect all the sentences and post them here in the first post so you won't have to scroll through what I hope will be many pages of a story we as DM'rs can be proud of.


Oh yes, and try to stay away from run on sentences that drag on and on and don't seem to want to stop because this, in a way, can high-jack the story and it's simply bad grammar, which isn't something we want to promote or encourage as there can be many people who might start raging over it, so for the sake of peace and everyone's enjoyment, refrain from these types of sentences and let everyone have a chance to share their part of what I hope will be a wonderful, adventurous, fun, entertaining yarn.


So let's begin!

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