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    • I could also translate Minun sydämeni on särkynyt   Mine heart is shattered   Hark how it says leave your childhood here press your hands in the soil stay and await the rise of dawn   Grief stays here alike poverty alike the promise of the wilderness the chalice of promise and the pain does not abate   Write it in sand -- sand keeps its trust write it in the streat -- water flows home write it in the air -- birds take aflight write it in memories, they flow along like you roads   Look where lies the wisdom that built the cities that wrote libraries to bursting of loneliness   When the desert wind licks at the empty stream of you and your mighty phrases catch in your throat   Write it in the Light -- light journeys to emptiness write it into the evening -- evening becomes nights write it into fear -- fear is frightened of itself write it to be words -- they become other words   When your memory no longer hurts anyone that is when mine heart shall break when your memory no longer shall hurt anyone my heart is journeying over a restless land this my heart shall shatter to follow the wind.
    • Perin also as he entered the tent was upset because it was clear the way his men were standing that they weren't going to let him be taken which made him feel like a coward.  He even thought what was the point of a trial if one wasn't going to abide by the decision, it would just be a sham.  Perin was going to abide by the decision but he wasn't going to do it before the Last Battle.  Yes he didn't want to fight the whitecloaks and he wanted to avoid bloodshed but Perin was fully prepared to accept the judgement.
    • Knowing the Scientific definitions of what exactly is involved with abortion, and the moral & Philosophical aspects of the Mother's right to privacy and life, versus that of the Embryonic cell's/Fetus's right to life/self seems rather integral to the constitutional arguments of the validity of abortion rights.   and? I just said it was interesting... It's interesting because 6 out of 9 Justices are from a religion that are vehemently opposed to Abortion. 6 out of 9 Justices are part of a religion that 56 years ago, America was convinced shouldn't have been able to hold the office of POTUS because of prejudiced view that they would hold an allegiance to the Pope, over that of our constitution and country.   Unless their judicial philosophy is to say F*** precedence , liberals, and any interpretation of the constitution that doesn't conform to the republican party's view..  :Wink:
    • Isn't your reply an answer?
    • You have a photo album in your house.  You invite me in your home. You say "Here have a look at the family photo album" I then proceed to post it for everyone on the internet.   Same thing, different technology.
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