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Light vs Shadow: The Cliched Event

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Welcome to the newest installation of Light vs Shadow. Keeping in in mind how much of a cliched theme is it, we have come up with a very unique theme. Can you guess it?
It is...




If you guessed it right, you get nothing (sorry for that but you can have some of the brownies from our endless supplies). If you got it wrong, you can still have brownies.




To have all the fun that can be found through cliches, we will be hosting a few activities. Stay tuned as more and more activities start. See the next post for links.


I hope you all enjoy this event.




The Black Tower Event Organising Team



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The Cliche Mafia


As the king stepped up on the platform in the grand hall of the castle, the crowd immediately died down.
'People of the land!' he spoke. 'My sources have told me grave news, and I see not why I should hesitate to bring it to you. This message is what it is, no matter how it is brought, as it appears, that there are people here, that wish us dead.' He looked to the noble knight, to his daughter the princess, his eyes missed the fool, he looked at his wife the queen, and others. 'But let us not be afraid. These vile minds will not best us! Let us stand strong together, and let us weed out these traitors! We will be one front, we will not let these people defeat us, and it will be their blood only that will wet the floors of this castle!'
The crowd cheered his words, as he was king, but at the same time, they looked upon one another in distrust. Who were these people? Who wished this? Who could they trust, who would betray them in one of the castle's many hallways?
As the crowd dissolved, suspicion ruled the castle.

Sadly, the signups for this game are no longer open. If you want to follow the progress of the game, see the above link.
One of the most beloved games here...this time with a little extra rule. Visit the link to play.
The Hunger Games


The Chosen One has appeared. The whispers spread throughout the country. He who must defeat the Dark Lord has appeared. Finally...finally can we live in peace. But the Shadow seems to have​ some other plans. They don't want the Chosen One to will.
The fight against the Shadow has been long and hard. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. There could be no victory... unless... unless something is done fast.
The Great Wizard locks Champions from both sides inside the Great Maze. Here he hopes the Chosen One will defeat the Dark Lord but nothing can be said. He hopes that it will contain evil for a time if he fails.
The Champions from both sides rise up.

Unless you already signed up, you can't play this game. But you can watch it using the above link.



Scavenger hunt


Got to catch them all!  Sign up for a classic scavenger hunt. 

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