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Cliché Mafia - Game Thread (GAME OVER - MAFIA WIN)

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Mafia game points earned:


Mods (30):




Winning team (20):





Losing team (15):









Replaced (5):


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I think I'm up next?


Given that DPRs hosting a game in SG and Hallia has one in sign ups on the main board, do you want me to put signups now or wait for a bit?

It's an 8 player game

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I guess you are.


It's up to Sooh (I believe?) wheter or not you can post sign-ups, but I think it'll be allright. Worst case it takes longer to fill, but we've had quite good activity recently so I won't be surprised if it doesn't take all that long, considering it's only an eight player game.

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