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Ithillian Turambar

The Million Dollar Question

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Fun fact: It is by definition possible to do this in only twenty guesses if you do it this way:


You guess halfway. In this case, 500000. It's either correct, or 1-499999 or 500001-999999


Higher or lower. You guess halfway, that's either 750000 or 250000. Now, it's either 1-249999, 250001-499999, etc, or correct.


You continue doing this. Every time, you're splitting into twice as many possibilities. 2*2*2*...*2. Once you reach 20, you're at 1,048,576, so you're now splitting into less than one, so by definition you know the correct number.

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Correct! You win ten points.


And no bonus points which means I've got another 10 points spare if you'd like me to think of another number?



I just maxed out your credit card, glgl

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