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Wheel of Time TV show

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cant wait for news on it, ill post it here as it comes


Isnt game of thrones the first book in a song of fire and ice? and theyve made it how many seasons long now? I would hope it doesnt get dragged out into something terrible and change the plot or happenings a terrible amount

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Game of Thrones is about the whole series, it's just named after the first book. And afaik they're staying relatively close to the plot, only diverting more in either season 4 or season 5 (not the last), which wasn't well received. I don't watch it myself anymore however, and I've also not read the books, all I know is what I've heard from other people.

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The main reason why I prefer animated to live action is primarily due to the fact that I have very poor facial recognition and often get confused in movies/tv shows unless characters have distinct costumes. There's no way I'd be able to tell Egwene and Nynaeve apart during season one, I know that for sure.

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    • the future seemed to change when the Aiel were added to Dragon's Peace.  
    • as far as I recall, Mary Poppins did not have direct contact with the old man. from my understanding, Compulsion requires direct contact.   world of dreams; going there seemed to be the children's idea.  and also Bart's.  not Mary's. and she seemed to not attempt to control them.   time traveller; that seems doubtful to me.     Mary Poppins seems to be an ethical person.
    • Welcome to Dragonmount Norma! I made you a siggy as a welcome gift. I noticed you're a red head like I used to be until my luck ran out so I thought this would be cute. You don't have to use it if you don't want to though 🙂   For copyright reasons, I used the font "Children of the Light" from UrbanFont and this image : http://www.wallpapermaiden.com/wallpaper/5602/redhead-model-reading-a-book-fall-forest-trees    
    • Unless the glass pillars depict the most likely scenario... they depicted Randland divided before the Seachan. 
    • The old man who laughed himself to death. Supercalifragalistic was real compulsion she wove over his mind preventing him from stopping laughing. This too happened in the world of dreams.    Black Ajah is known for drawing people into the world of dreams to control them, that is exactly what Mary Poppins did to the kids too.   Mary Poppins also is a time traveler and went to a square in Tarabon and flew, like she does, also hung out with the birds.
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