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The Hunger Games: Sign ups (NOT Mafia game)

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As part of our upcoming Light vs Shadow event, we are hosting a Hunger Games. Going with the theme of Light vs Shadow, you are required to choose a Faction. If you are a member of the Black Tower and fail to choose a Faction, you will be assigned whatever faction you are in. If you are a non member, you will be assigned the faction with fewer people or any faction at random. People of winning faction will get more points so you might consider killing members of other faction first.


The two factions are: Light and Shadow... very cliché I know :wink:



The Rules.


1. There will be Days and Nights, but each will only be 24 hours exactly ... although Day 1 might be a few hours longer. This will be a fast and dangerous game. Inactive people will probably end up dead fast.


Days are for negotiating and building alliances / planning attacks. In the Night, people will die. The time chosen for the Deadline will be the same every night, regardless of when I post scenes, and will be chosen to best suit me. I will try to post scenes as soon as possible after deadlines have passed. I live in a timezone different from everyone and the time chosen for deadline may not be convenient for you in which case I recommend sending actions early. For sake of convenience, I'll try to post all times in GMT.


2. There will be Alignments but the Rules say this is a Last Man Standing Game. Shadow probably don't want Light to win and vice versa.


3. There will be No Special Roles. Everyone will have the same abilities as detailed below.


4. You may forge alliances if you wish, but the rules say there can only be one winner - so expect betrayal.


5. There will be no Lynches or Day Actions. Night Actions will occur simultaneously.


6. You can edit all you like. This is NOT Mafia


7. If you want to send a PM to another player, MSN, Skype, telephone or set up a QT to build alliances and plot then feel free - include me for the chuckles maybe? (see what i did there)

You can contact who you like because at the end of Day the rules say only one person will win.


8. There will generally be no secrets in this game, both the Dead and those who killed them will be revealed, unless you use a secret kill and it is successful.


9. Everyone has the same Choice of Night Actions which MUST be submitted via your official Night Action PM:


A. Kill

B. Protect Self

C. Protect Another

D. 1 Shot Hard Kill

E. 1 Shot Hard Protect

F. 2 Shot Secret Kill


*Please be aware that multiple Kills on the same Player will be classed as a Hard Kill unless there is a Hard Protect in place or an equal amount of normal Protects are in place. Hard Protect stops everything - both Hard Kills and Multiple Kills.


10. There will be NO posting after death. Not even a Bah post. Dead is dead.


11. Faction change in the middle of the game is allowed if someone from the other faction sponsors you. The person can then tell his other faction members not to kill you if they so wish. In case of faction change, new faction will not be announced unless someone specifically asks me to reveal someone's faction. One one reveal per day per person is allowed. (This is only because I wanted to introduce double agents).


How does this differ from Mafia game? (For the new) Well, for one, all factions will be known. No scheming is necessary but recommended for fun. You don't have to judge a character's motives because everyone will be trying to kill you and you shouldn't be caring about others.


Who is in?


Signed up

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The Chosen One has appeared. The whispers spread throughout the country. He who must defeat the Dark Lord has appeared. Finally...finally can we live in peace. But the Shadow seems to have​ some other plans. They don't want the Chosen One to will.


The fight against the Shadow has been long and hard. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. There could be no victory... unless... unless something is done fast.


The Great Wizard locks Champions from both sides inside the Great Maze. Here he hopes the Chosen One will defeat the Dark Lord but nothing can be said. He hopes that it will contain evil for a time if he fails.


The Champions from both sides rise up.

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Oh yeah. I remember this game. Count me in.


The Shadow will consume your pitiful souls!!!!!!

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Leesa Nikia


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How did I get put in the light side?


I signed up for shadow team.

Probably same thing that happened to LZM. :baalzamon:


(not signing up btw... just couldn't resist)

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As the Dragon Reborn himself, the leader of our organisation, said, he is but horrible, pitiful mite, a squirming thing from the mud of the sheep pens.

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You can't defeat the great lord by being in shadow


And I do believe there was a certain someone who did help defeat the DO by being in shadow.  And there are others who turned from the shadow to fight for the light.  So there!

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