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Admin Approved Warder Bio for Ignis Caleum - CC'd by WT


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N.B. Kronos has explained the loss of honour of his character to me and he'll be exploring that back story further in his RP's, so I'm satisfied there's more depth to this than meets the eye. ~Tay~



Character Name: Ignis Caleum

DM Handle: WolfbrotherKronos

Age: 20

Place of Origin: Arafel


Appearance: 5’8” and thin, Ignis is strong, but not muscular. His hair is blonde dirty, but unlike most Arafellin, he does not wear his hair in braids and doesn’t decorate them with bells (see bio for reason). His eyes are a dark brown. He usually wears leather armor and carries two swords in the Arafellin style. He also carries a dagger on his hip.


Personality: Ignis is quiet and reserved, but has a strong sense of honor. He speaks when he feels he has something to say, but generally prefers actions to words. At this point, he is very distracted and tends to get frustrated easily.


WS: 6




Character History:


Ignis Caleum stared at himself in the mirror. The innkeeper – Ignis didn’t remember his name – had referred to him as the Arafellin. Ignis had heard it and he cringed. He wasn’t Arafellin – not anymore. As he looked in the mirror, he noticed he still looked the part though. Like most Arafellin, his hair was light and his eyes were dark. His hair was braided and a bell hung at the end of each one. The only thing he needed to complete the ensemble was his two swords, but they lay in the corner of the room.


Ignis sighed as he started to undo the braids. When he finished, he held the bells in his hands considering what to do with them. After a minute, he placed them in his belt pouch. Perhaps someday he would be able to wear them again. Again, Ignis looked in the mirror. Not seeing the bells was shocking. They didn’t weigh much, but his head felt lighter.


Ignis’ frustration ran deep and he sought the Flame and the Void. He was distracted though, and letting go was rough. A knock came to his door. A servant entered at Ignis’ call.


“I brought the wine you requested,” the servant said with a bow.


Ignis gestured to the table, and the servant set the pitcher down, leaving when Ignis dismissed him. Ignis sat down and poured a glass. If the Flame and the Void didn’t work, perhaps wine would help him relax. He took a long sip from his glass, not even caring for the taste. He leaned back and thought of what he should do. He had left Arafel, and that was a start, but he wouldn’t gain redemption by just running.


Still he headed south – towards Tar Valon. Ignis hadn’t thought of that, but it could work. Perhaps by seeking training as a Warder he could regain his honor. But for now, he drank.


Ignis awoke the next day, his head aching from the wine the night before. He was disheveled and spent the morning cleaning up for his journey to the White Tower. He knew Aes Sedai often sought Borderlanders – he shook his head at the thought – as Warders. In Tar Valon he would find his redemption.


Early history: Ignis was born in Tifan’s Well, Arafel. His father was a member of the guard, and at a young age started teaching Ignis combat skills at a young age. His goal was to one day follow in his father’s footsteps, join the guard, and help protect Arafel from the Blight. He started learning with daggers and later moved on to swords. Eventually his dream came true and he joined the guard at the age of 18. He served, sometimes coming into contact with shadowspawn. All through this time he kept his honor.


Shortly after his 20th birthday, that changed. Ignis never speaks of the event that made him decide to resign and choose a life of exile from his homeland. He tells no-one that he is Arafellin, nor does he wear the braids or bells in his hair. When asked where he is from, he responds with, “I have no home.”

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