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Official PSW Timeline Events


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Various circumstances caused a lot of our Portal Stone World history to be lost. Staff changes, bad record keeping, loss of website access due to private ownership, DM Forum moves over the years, reset of the PSW Timeline, a lack of centralised oversight; these were all contributing factors to the situation the RP was in by 2007. We couldn't do anything about what had been lost so there came a point when a line had to be drawn and changes made. 


 - Our first move to combat the information loss was to centralise everything. Websites, emails and archives were all brought under PSW control. When people leave or move on these days, the RP's information repositories remain available, accessible and protected. Links to these places are usually found in the sticky threads in each RP Group or those on The Welcome Inn board.


 - Our second move was to ensure good, thorough records and reports. All important decisions are now checked and approved by Admin.


 - All off site activity, for purposes other than record keeping, was terminated.


 - The use of NSW (non specific writer) characters was expanded. Every RP Group now has these for many key roles such as Ajah Heads, Wolfkin Council Members, Main Characters (Rand etc.) and Training Staff. Anyone from any RP Group can be allocated to write these characters with Staff permission.  The NSW's themselves belong to the RP Group, not the individual writers. This allows flexibility when people leave the PSW or suddenly run into temporary availablity issues due to real life. 


 - This Official Timeline is the end result of all the Staff discussions, disagreements, and alternative solutions that didn't quite cut it. It is not perfect. It is never going to be perfect. It's intended to be a living document. This means we can alter it, update it and, if essential, move things around as we go along. If something doesn't make sense or isn't working or a returning old member reminds us of something vital... it's not the end of the world. Adjustments can be implemented.


Please understand that Dragonmount is now over 20 years old and the volume of detail involved in the PSW is enormous. Also bear in mind that we are a Portal Stone World. The PSW resembles the Books closely, it is not an exact replica. The Timeline is our reference point but it is always subject to updates. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. When in doubt, speak to your Group Staff for assistance. 




Present Day


The PSW is currently in Book 11 (Knife of Dreams) and we'll be moving forward in line with the Books as much as possible from that point onwards. Book 12 comes into play from January 1st 2020.


The post below covers the Wolfkin history which runs a very long way back before 1 NE. Everything from 1 NE up to the current day is covered in the official spreadsheet.


The White Tower specific history can be found on their website: WHITE TOWER TIMELINE


This is the link to view the spreadsheet with the Timeline sheet and a secondary main character sheet (tab at the bottom). It is not editable, only viewable: OFFICIAL TIMELINE SPREADSHEET




Things To Keep In Mind


1. The Cleansing has happened but was never RP'd out. The BT reserve the right to retro that in the future.


2. Explanation of the fallout, in terms of explosives, from the Kidnapping of the Daughter of the Nine Moons RP arc can be read HERE.


3. The Manetheren arc which was mainly of importance to the Wolfkin stopped with the various alliances between the Band, BT, Wolfkin and Aiel. There will be no attempt to set Manetheren up and there is no Queen of Manetheren. Adine Sedai is now only Queen of Andor. 


4. We have no rebel Aes Sedai nor any Salidar within the PSW.


5. We have a very small contingent of main characters. People like Faile, Perrin, Egwene, Loial, Moiraine and Lan either never existed or are no longer in active use.


6. The Bowl of Winds RP attempts were always unsuccessful, as a result, our previous WT RGL, Elgee, kindly wrote up a report on what happened based on the writings of members Claire and Phelix. You can read it HERE.




Map of the World and How We Split the Areas

The Farm is the BT HQ which lies on the outskirts of Caemlyn, The Retreat is a farm which is the Kin's Knitting Circle HQ which lies outside Ebou Dar & The Citadel is the Band's HQ which lies between the Wolfkin Stedding and Emond's Field.




Any suggestions, problems, alterations should be reported on this threadTIMELINE REQUESTS & REPORTS 




Full credit and thanks to Mystica for collating, ordering, organising and formatting the wealth of historical information into a coherent Timeline over many months in consultation with the RGLs at the time. Subsequent thanks to Jagen Sedai for working with me to bring the White Tower Timeline into some semblance of a match with the main PSW Timeline.

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A plague hits the growing community, killing many, including the Elders and the Pack Leader. Those who survive decide against raising a new Pack Leader and instead form a Council made up of the Heads of the four disciplines (WolfLover, Owen etc). (Pretty sure Owen said that he's about 27 now. The plague can't have happened long ago if he was already Head Ranger at the time and it was within the PSW history because it was used to reset the timeline. After Tarwin's Gap but before Rhya got to the Stedding which means longer than 2 years ago IC.) FINALISE DATE FOR THIS


(FY 1135 (guesstimate by historians) became 1 NE.)


1201 AB to 1350 AB / FY 1 - The Wolfkin scatter in the aftermath of Manetheren's destruction but Korum remains in his homeland, settling down and raising a family. His eldest daughter eventually settles in Aemon's Field. As the Trolloc Wars end and a new Age approaches, the Wolfkin begin to rise anew, gathering once more at the Stedding in the Mountains.


1200 AB - The Shadow sends two of its greatest Generals against Manetheren ... Bekkar'sorei and The Scourge. Their force is overwhelming and Manetheren, abandoned by its allies, is destroyed when Queen Eldrene uses the One Power in a last ditch attempt to remove the Shadow from her lands.


1196 AB - King Aemon (Korum's father) succeeds King Caar. Korum, now 28, has become Head Watcher with the Wolfkin.


1184 AB - King Caar ruled Manetheren for part of this period and Elreic was Pack Leader of the Stedding in the Mountains of Mist. King Caar called for Elreic, sending his golden eyed grandson, a 16 year old Korum, back to the Stedding with the Pack Leader. Friendship between Royal House and Wolfkin grows over the years. The Wolfkin community expands and the 4 Disciplines are created.


1000 AB to 1200 AB - Wolfkin fought where they could during the Trolloc Wars whilst trying to remain hidden. They moved gradually southwards, abandoning Stedding when they had to and relocating to those established in the south like the one in the Mountains of Mist.


During The Breaking and beyond - Wolfkin gathered in various Stedding around the world.

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