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What is your LEAST favorite part about the books? (no major spoilers)


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yea it doesn't ruin the fun of reading, I just bear with multiple descriptions that is mentioned several times and just enjoy the series



just thought of one, I think it would be vague enough and not considered a spoiler or hope not.


Rand one of my many favorite characters has several dumb moments that I just want to "face palm" like seriously but then several other characters are like that with dumb moments

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I think with the describing, the issue is that he describes things like siadin and siadar like 1000 times, which is something that is so critical to the story that if you don't understand by book 10 what have you been doing.


But then he'll bring in some character named Soirinin in book 11 and I'm supposed to remember that she was involved in some black ajah sub plot in book 3 with no description. A very strange system.

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Latecomer to this thread but in regards to the whole "Let's gateway solar material to burn everyone" argument: Moghedien implied in The Shadow Rising that interstellar gateways was possible. She claimed while trying to intimidate Nyneave during their fighrt in Tanchico that in the AoL they created gateways to other planets. Robert Jordan said so in a Tor Question of the Week. As for Ishamael trying to solar flare the world, Ishamael has no way of convincing that many people at once to pull that stunt. Even if he tried, or tried to cow them to doing it, Ishamael has already a hard time trying to convince 12 of his coworkers to doing anything in unison without the DO backing him. 


So interstellar gateways = possible but only with a full circle. This opened up to me fanfics of AoL spacefarers. We know they have atmospheric devices ( bowl of winds, graendal's air conditioner terangreal) so planet colonization would not have been impossible. Wonder what happened to these hypothetical outposts during the War of Power? Or during the breaking? 


How scary would it be to be an AS stationed in a remote planetary base while your male coworkers slowly go mad, preventing you from ever returning home. Or returning home only to find the Breaking happening in full swing.


Also here is a thread I found just now about space gateways



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Not to mention the risks,  but there is nothing saying there were any planets worth colonizing.  Imagine going to Mars, first you have to try not to die and then is there anything there worth the time and effort?  I'm sure a few Aes Sedai died experimenting with visiting planets, so its possible there weren't many willing to give it a go.


You also have to remember many of the Aes Sedai areas of expertise were in other areas.  Ishy was a philosopher, one of the forsaken was a lawyer, Semi was a healer, and Asmo a musician.  So traveling to distant planets and such they might of had little knowledge about.  

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