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No offense taken. The name I chose for here was as close a rendering I could of my own name with some historical context and play on abbreviations, and such, to make it sound a bit more appropriate.


I like nicknames. I am sure I will earn one soon enough.


The site is lovely. (Came across the site by looking around for more information on The Wheel of Time. Wandered in, looked around, and was like, yup, I need to join.)Just trying to learn my way around. And am waiting for certain aspects to become available to me so that I can begin my "classes". Eager to learn.


I read the books ages ago. I'm currently going through some major changes in my life, and am emotionally drained, and so returned to reading. I picked up The Wheel of Time and was immediately drawn in. It's interesting how you can revisit something and find things that somehow eluded you before. I am so happy I began reading this series again. So far, I am up to book three.


My favorite character? I can only pick one? I'm drawn to different characters for different reasons. But at the moment, I am drawn to Lan. He is strong, and holds a great deal inside. Loyal. Dedicated. Quiet most of the time, but intelligent. And tragic. Mind you, this is what I have gathered from the first two books. But I see a reflection of myself in him a great deal of the time.

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