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Welcome to the Red Ajah! Learn all about us. Read before posting!

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You have found the courage to venture into the Red Ajah quarters of Dragonmount for which you are to be commended. Here you will encounter men and women of extreme independence, passionate of heart and mind, strength of character and youthfull in play and misschief.

After you read through the stickies and feel you understand us a little more, please start a thread to introduce yourself. You can ask questions, request snugglebite (You will get them if you ask for them or not) and let us get to know you. We love new blood Tower Members.

We are those that stand against the flood to protect that which we deem worthy or needed. We speak our minds without reserve and though we may not always agree with others, we respect their freedom of opinion as much as we claim our own.

Unlike the Reds in the books, we are not manhaters, but in fact have a special place for them in our hearts, our minds and most importantly our fangs. No man can walk away from a Red's bite unchanged and most will come back eagerly for more, which we are all too happy to deliver. Just ask any of our shirtless waiters over at the Lounge.

Beware a Red's bag of tools, for there is no telling when you might be sporked or tied to a bedpost by a bloodred whip.

Above all else we love to have fun, meet new people and engage in all kinds of interactions, both serious and playful. We respect a person's character and interests and will not hold it against you (much.. wink.gif ) for choosing a different path when the time comes upon you

We WILL however, snugglebite the bazeekers outta' ya', paint you Red on any and all occasions and throw you in the Red Wine Fountain in our Phoenix' Lounge at will.

But trust me... you will not wish it any other way.

In another sticky on this board you can read up on the Reds of Dragonmount as they introduce themselves to you. They may also pop in here to wish you welcome to our home, though be aware that being as independent as we are, many of us are out there in the big wide world getting into all sorts of things and pursuing all sorts of quests which inevitably leads to our absence from here for shorter or longer periods of time.  

To read more about us and the book Reds, feel free to visit the Red Ajah Website.

Enjoy your stay in our midst and make yourselves at home.

We have wink.gif

Mystica Aes Sedai,


Table of content:

Guidelines to posting in the Red Forums
How to become a Red Aspirant
Red Aes Sedai: The History, Missconceptions, Reality




Passionate Red

It is a common perception that Reds are a passionate lot. Passion is a strange beast. Often passion is perceived in its most superficial form. Emotional explosions or sexual behavior are the two most commonly linked attributes to passion. Reds know this is only one side of passion. The smallest side. Passion is the driving force behind every achievement, every goal reached, every dream realised. It is the fuel to our determination, the heart of our dedication. It enables us to commit to something even if logic or reason dictates it an impossibility. And while sometimes we are forced to concede to an impossibility, passion makes sure that we don't get to that point until we have explored all options, faced all obstacles and walked each road that might lead to our intended destination. If we reach that wall of impossibility, it is never because we simply gave up. Passion also enables us to make priorities and it is honest. It will let us know what's really important to us, no matter social pressure or what others expect of us. It will flare up only for that which holds true importance to us, despite what everyone else desires of us. People try to fake it sometime, but that never lasts. For passion can not be forced. It can not be dictated. It can not be fooled.


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Guidlines to posting in the Red Ajah

We, the Reds, love visitors and enjoy interaction on our boards. We strive to make the Red home as comfortable as possible and hope everyone feels involved and welcomed. The unique atmosphere in the Reds is one of the things which make us, the Reds.

Being this is the Red home, we ask all visitors to respect any Red sister or brother and treat them as if you are entering their physical home. Would you go in someone’s house and rearrange their furniture? No? Please don’t do it on our boards, either. If any Aes Sedai or Warder, but especially a Red, asks you to stop something, please stop. We do not take well to conflict and prefer a relaxed atmosphere.

In an effort to help new and old participants stay informed, the Reds have developed a loose guideline, which we hope will help everyone enjoy themselves a little more

Discussion/debate threads:
These are the threads where serious discussions are held about a topic. There is no spam allowed in this type of thread. Our discussions tend to be full of passion and opinion; we do not appreciate off-topic conversations here.

Chat or Casual Social Interaction Threads:
These are threads where there is no specific topic but you are expected to follow
the general topic at the time and include everyone. Changes in topic are good, but random posting and excluding others is bad.

Not all spam is bad. Our spam threads are the areas where anyone can post anything, you do not have to worry about replying to another poster, and randomness is welcome. These are places were you can post something which happened to you today and not have to worry about it being off-topic or worry if someone is not included.

Thread Highjacking:
This is were the Reds can get angry and you don’t want to see a Red angry, trust me. For definitions sake: This is were two (three) people carry on a conversation which excludes everyone else and is completely off topic. The Reds do not want to have to wade through five pages of random posts, by the same people, in order to find the original topic. Nor do we like our members and guests feeling like they are being overwhelmed, overrun, and ignored. If a post is made about a specific topic, stay on topic, unless the original poster takes the conversation in a different direction.

Now, we are finished with the thread guidline and we hope this will encourage everyone to enjoy themselves on our board. If there are any questions feel free to PM the HoA or the Sitters. We want to be sure everyone feels comfortable in our home and we try to encourage everyone to open themselves up and join us in the fun.

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How to become a Red Accepted

Hi there!

If your heart is set on becoming a Red and are wondering how to go about that, you are in the right place.

Send a PM to Mystica, and include the following:

DM name:
real life first name:
date you joined the White Tower:
reason you wish to join the Red Ajah:

After receiving your PM, you will get a reply from me soon with further instructions on how to proceed.

The Reds are eager and hungry to welcome you to our home and can't wait to call you Sister or Brother.
Please do remember though, not to mention your wish to aspire to the Red Ajah to anyone outside of it. As Accepted aren't allowed to proclaim their choice of Ajah before they have been accepted as an Aspirant by that Ajah.




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Red Aes Sedai: The History, Missconceptions, Reality


The Red Ajah is full of man haters, power hungry dominatrixes, who fill their lives hunting men and looking for ways to dominate others. They are the worst type of feminists possible.

That is one way to summarise the many misconceptions that exist about the book Red Ajah, its occupants and their purpose. As a result, and quite logically, this line of thinking is often carried through to any people that would link themselves to the Red Ajah in an online community such as Dragonmount. Many wonder ‘why would anyone wish to link themselves to such a negative image?’. A brave and honest question once asked by an Accepted of the White Tower at Dragonmount.com, named Quisalas.

The Red Ajah from Dragonmount presents this answer.
An answer that hopes to shed a new light and understanding behind the question ‘why’ the Reds are who they are. Both in the books and on DM. We recommend you get comfortable, get something to drink and take your time reading.

Join me on a journey into the past. The time is right after the first breaking. The world has gone from safe uforia to hell on earth and no one was equipped to handle the outbreak of evil that suddenly errupted. People who had, till then, been looked at for safety, protection, aid and comfort now suddenly were the cause of all hurts. Most of them without even wanting to cause those hurts and suffering themselves gravely from the curse laid on them by the Dark One. Meet our poor male Aes Sedai, now suffering from an all controling madness forcing them to hurt not only others but themselves as well. Forcing them to do the exact opposit of what they have lived for all their lives. Imagine the horror you would go through if you were suddenly forced by an unstoppable command to hurt your family, your friends, your loved ones. From ‘Servant to all’ they have gone to ‘Bane of all’ overnight. (or practically overnight, considering the timespan usually needed to turn an entire civilisation into a new direction of principles, beliefs, convictions, etc). That was the fate our Aes Sedai brothers faced back then. That was the fate that destroyed Lews Therin. That is the fate the Reds set out to fight. For the good of those men, the good of the people and the survival of the world. As it turns out, it would be at an extreme cost to those Reds, who weren’t ‘Red’ at the time let’s not forget, but just Aes Sedai setting out to ‘serve’ those ill fated men and the world at large. Not in some distant future at the Last Battle, but in every day life. Right here, right now.

Fast forward to present day Randland. 3000 years have passed. 3 Millenia. To compare, that’s 1000 years ‘before’ Christ in our world. 2000 years ‘before’ our ‘Dark Ages’. (just to give ya’ a sence of how long it’s been since the breaking). For 3 millenia, the Reds have fought towards that goal. Steadily, but surely, they have become feared and hated, not only by the men they hunted to save them from themselves, but by everyone else as well, including the other Ajahs. Still, they persisted. Continued on their task of protecting those that would cast them on the fire pire in a blink of an eye. No human, Aes Sedai or otherwise, however is capable of withstanding the bite of rejection. We all need a sense of belonging and our nature is such that a self defence mechanism will kick in when needed. And so over the course of 3000 years the Reds withdrew into themselves, closed the doors to their hearts and learned to be hard to stand against a worldwide attack on their sensitivities. Their need for warmth, understanding, acceptance, friendship. They didn’t get it anywhere, except within the ranks of their own Ajah. But they never once gave up their fight against the evil of the Dark One. The evil that caused such suffering, not in the least to those men that would gradually go insane for no other reason than to be able to touch the Source. A blessing turned into a curse. And for their trouble, the Reds are shunned, hated, despised, rejected, turned away. So where would they go to find some measure of warmth? Something everyone needs, regardless how ‘tough’ they are? They were left with little other choice than to turn to themselves. Keep in mind the lifespan of Aes Sedai. It would be exceedingly difficult to deal with that kind of isolation in a normal human’s life time. How much more difficult then would it be if that life time was doubled, or trippled?

The Reds never set out as man haters, and indeed that isn’t the core of who they are, even in the books. Facing millenia of rejection and missunderstandings in combination with a constant increase of importance of ‘power’ in the societies that formed after the breaking (not only in the Aes Sedai, mind. But in all people, proof of which are all the wars that errupted for land controle and dominance. One only has to look at how the Sanchean turned out to be to see that the corruption of power wasn’t limited to the White Tower. Or the Children, for that matter. Or the schemes and plots of the Cairhienen, etc), it is not so difficult to understand how and why these Sisters turned out the way they’ve become present day Randland time. Is it an excuse for their current arrogance and indeed the way they seem to loath men? No. Is it a normal development of the path they have chosen? Unfortunately, yes. And lets not forget that in the books, we only focuss on a few Reds. And most of those showing the worst of the Ajah to boot. The book Reds never developed diplomatic skills, because they were too busy saving the world from the insanity of channeling men. Can you imagine the anguish a sister would have to go through each and every time they had to still a man and see him wither and die? To see their attempt to save them fail each time and knowing that they have no choice? Can you imagine the pain these sisters must have gone through every single time they were faced with that choice? The doubt they must have had in the course of their self imposed duty? How does one protect himself from that constant onslaught on their heart, their feelings, their very soul? What determination and strength is there needed to keep doing it, knowing it to be the ONLY sollution and knowing full well the pain it will bring and still set out to do the duty?

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills and the Wheel didn’t will it for there to be another Dragon for 3000 years. How much chance would the Greens have to stand at the Last Battle, if the Reds hadn’t prevented the destruction of the world time and again in the meantime? How much chance would the Blues have had to find the Dragon if the Reds hadn’t stood strong against all that hatred and isolation for 3000 years?

All Aes Sedai have forgotten their primary reason for existance, which is to serve. They’ve all become arrogant beyond belief and sure of their supremecy over others, demanding full and immediate obedience. This is not something limited to the Reds. The Reds, however, have also faced isolation in the one place Aes Sedai call ‘home’. And so they were left with no other choice but to form a home ‘inside’ their home: their Ajah. Each sister is convinced that their Ajah represents the top importance of their existence. Or they wouldn’t have joined that Ajah. The isolation the book Reds have faced for at least 2000 years (using 1000 years of the beginning as a transition period) from even the other Ajahs have made it all but impossible for them to interact, form friendships, connect and bond with the members of those other Ajahs. More often than not they are rejected on the color of their Shawl and the prejudice that occurs even within the WT. How is a person to defend against that without falling to despair? You close yourself up, build up your wall, and keep to those that accept you and understand you. And even in today’s Randland time, there are interajah friendships between a Red and one of another Ajah, but we mainly get to read about those troublesome ones with little to no attention to all the others.

Do I like the book Reds? Hell no! Except maybe for Pevara, I’d like to see them all taken by the Wise Ones and be put in Apprentice robes for a decade or 5. But what links the book Reds to the DM Reds is their thrive, their determination, their absolute dedication to do what must be done, regardless the odds or the level of difficulty. Not for their own sake, but for the sake of all those that can’t stand for themselves. The Reds do not stand ready, they àre ready. Every day, of every year, at any time, against anything.

To answer Quisalas’ question, I do not know what the original Reds at Dragonmount.com had in mind but I do know this now. The DM Reds do not wish to link themselves to a negative image. We do not wish to link ourselves to any image. We don’t claim the book Red’s image as our own, as that would undermine our own identity as individuals. What we do relate to heavily is that determination, the passion, the strength and the resolve to stand against what must be opposed, no matter the odds. To do what must be done, regardless the cost to ourselves. To not let peer pressure force us into a box we don’t want to be in. We stand for total equality, for a person’s right to be whoever they want to be, for an individual’s right to independence and their opinions. But unlike the book Reds, we DM Reds haven’t face 3 millenia of hatred and despise and so we haven’t had the need to build up our defences to cope with that. Which leaves an awfull lot of freedom to form friendships and relationships with others.

Yours under the Light,
Mystica Ari’Yena
Red Ajah at Dragonmount.com


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