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Feast of Fools: Silly Talk

E James Todd

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Welcome, one and all! We have a most exciting event here for you! In this thread, you get to go wild with crazy talk – colors, fonts, sizes, whatever you want! BUT you have to make sure you follow one of the two formats for posting.


If yuro'e lkie msylef, tehn you mghit ejnoy the clenlahge of typing tnipyg lkie tihs for a culope phargraaps. I'ts vrey cingnellahg, yet odldy styfiisang ocne you get uesd to it.


.ksir nwo ruoy ta yalp ,noinipo ym ni egnellahc retaerg hcum a si sihT .daetsni sdrawkcab yas uoy gnihtyreve gnipyt yrt nac uoy ,revewoh ,egnellahc a tnaw yllear uoy fI


Have fun, and post whatever you want!

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Oh. My. Gendosos. I lveae the treahd for tfeun-wytor huros...


!pu dexid srettel eht htiw etirw ot redrah sdnuos ti kniht I

I tnhik i'ts jsut pnaresol percefrene. I fnid tihs to be eeaisr for my brian, but pheraps tth'as bausece my brian is msesed up lkie taht.

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