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27 years later this is still the biggest mystery

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(started by szilard, not a mod)

Well, I'd like to talk about bodily functions. Bear with me.

Jordan usually does not talk about these functions, but let's take a look at TEOTW, Ch 45. Or at any situation, when they are in the Ways. They are in the Ways, and while they don't eat much, they drink tea/water, so they have to urinate a lot. Plus stress etc. (I cannot image that how they do number two.)

Do not misunderstand me, I do not miss these scenes, but how do you envisage these happenings?

- Er ...
- Just Moi, Rand. Just Moi.
- Moi, er ...
- Get it out, Rand. What's your problem?
- I need to pee.
- Oh! Don't worry, I will happily assist you.
- WE need to pee too!

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I always thought it was odd that he never mentioned anyone relieving themselves, but he mentions that Elayne's menstrual cycle had synchronized itself with Birgitte's... That was something I didn't really need/want to know...

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it is what you think it is and..more,his letter(from 1995) was very...graphic.

Please, can you give me a link to it. I like being grossed out.


And, isn't anyone gonna talk about Elayne's Master Masturbation ter'angreal?

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I remember when Mat and Tuon go to the White Ring, it was called "The Necessary" by Tuon.  Elsewhere in the series the privy was also called a "Jakes."  It was in the series but in the background, briefly glossed over.  Iirc, one of the girls also referred to it as "making water" somewhere in the middle of the series.

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