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Which makes me think of...

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    • "The Trump real estate company was a best a small - and not very good - player in luxary real estate holding. They were really only good at building in places where the ... maturiaty ... of the local economy was ... loose ... enough that they could get away with their quasi-legal sales, marketing, and construction strategies."   His business empire (and that is what it is) although centered on real estate holdings is much more accurately described as a marketing and franchising of the Trump brand name.    As for the his real estate holdings, except for certain allegations concerning discriminatory pracitces which most large real estate developers of his kind have had to deal with his practices and construction strategies along with his sales and marketing strategies have been overall quite successful and no more legally questionable then any other large developer of premium luxury properties.    His only true failures have been in the Atlantic City Gambling Casinos which he has owned. But then again he is not alone in suffering severe losses in that market as most of the Casinos in Atlantic City have proven to be unproftiable over the long run and their are quite a few of even of the largest players that have suffered bankruptcies in that market.
    • This is ridiculoud, one sleeps as one does.
    • There's more to consider, by CMX
    • Soom Björks and then U2s new album. Also soon CMX new album, I can see it ten down.