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    • I translated this song, Minne paha haudattin, a long tine ago. I would like to try again   Where evil was buried   The song it groans and it flees from here, its cries I have heard the thrust of the swell of the open sea to have made to words The churches, temples, did I build for it I deceived, I did suffer, by deceit di it protect it from myself   Did I love truly or as in songs replacing sencitivity with strenght, with will   I though quietude a languange, I so thought I heard all though it was not said. I saught a direction that is directionless, at the sea of infinity did I set to build a house   Where evil was buried there bury me   Don't go -- now that it feels worse -- than to die amidst a nightmare -- where one has not done naught good -- to anyone     Now the skies glow blossoming fire. water laps but heavily bronzen upon the deeps. On the air one senses Autumn swallows fly recall frosts of winter and flee   Beyond a breath of life there is set forth a landscape of fear, this is what drives the singer  
    • Hi, Clayton!   Welcome to Dragonmount. Please come by the social groups.
    • Perrin promised that bit *after* Morgase announced her judgement. It was a way for him to avoid fighting the Whitecloaks.   This wasn't the Perrin that went into the Two Rivers looking to turn himself in to the Whitecloaks. He had a very clear goal going into this, and that was to avoid bloodshed if possible.   By the time Morgase reached her verdict, Galad understood what had actually happened that night, and he agreed with Morgase. That means he no longer saw Perrin as a dangerous darkfriend, so it would have made no sense for him to fight Perrin over that incident. Note that when Bornhald and Byar first told Galad of Perrin, his attitude was careful skepticism. He erred on the side of his men, but was willing to give Perrin a fair trial. This was not someone who had already made up his mind on the issue.
    • You know, I always thought the Ajahs were remnants of the disparate groups of female channelers that came together to form the White Tower.
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