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Re-reading after 20 years. Re-discovering my likes and dislikes.

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When I meet someone, I ask them what their favorite book is. Reading The Eye of the World came from this. Loved it. But as the series progressed, I stopped reading because I knew in my heart that Jordan was going to die before he finished. I didn't want to invest in an unfinished story. 


So now, college and kids out of the way, I'm re-reading and loving it. 

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Yeah I'm also curious! And who was the person who's favourite book was the Eye?


Oh and of course, welcome to DM :)

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Thank you every one. I'm in love with Lan all over again.


I'm just now starting Lord of Chaos. Where is Perrin?! 


I'll probably be posting quite a bit on Jordan's treatment of women. The first time I read the series, I couldn't pinpoint what irked me about his female characters. Now that I'm more mature, I can articulate it better. But I don't want to puke all over the boards until I've read and responded to some posts. To do otherwise would be rude. 


Warm regards,



Oh, and the fellow was a co-worker who turned out to be a very wonderful and platonic friend. 

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