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I have a question.


Are there other discussions/forums having Malware issues? Whenever we try to go to our Oracle of the White Ajah discussion in the Asipes room we get a Malware warning and we can't get in to post. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/83282-oracle-of-the-white-ajah/


What is happening? Is it Myrddraal???


I use Google Chrome. 


This is what I get when I try to go to that thread...



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It looks like it's the White Office Lounge Area image in the start of the thread that's causing the malware message.


Both Chrome and Firefox are reporting that the site the image is hosted on ( ciiwa.com ) has been distributing malware to users. Chrome won't even let you look at the page since it's trying to display the image from that domain.


I have edited the post to break the image link ( I changed ciiwa.com to ciiwax.com ) so the browsers don't freak out anymore.


The image will need to be rehosted somewhere else ( e.g., imgur.com ) in order to be used, or ciiwa.com will need to be fixed so the browsers unblock it.

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I changed the image all together. 


Thank you!!

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