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  2. Dang. @Dedicated Very well thought out. I'll have to think on that and get back after work.
  3. TL;DR version of this: There may be absolute truths that span everything, but I don't think we are capable of finding them without the right tools. For now the best we can do is define and know what we believe to be true, keep an open mind and try our best to understand other people while exercising restraint in our judgements of those people with differing beliefs. To be fair my belief in an absolute, objective Truth being dependent on the existence of God (my definition/conception of God) is really just me giving this "Entity" authority to define it because I do not believe that I or anyone else is capable of doing so. So it's kind of a copout. Maybe it's even cowardly. In my perspective we are children learning the difference between good and evil and God is up there looking down on us like, "Oh you silly little creatures... you'll get there eventually. No matter how much suffering it takes..." And ultimately yes, it is up to us to define and decide what is right and what is wrong. And it's an on going process. If you've ever read the Old Testament then you'll see that god has kind of changed his tune as we developed and grew. There were times when god charged his people to go out and murder others because they followed other gods. There were times when god said if someone rapes a woman they should marry them (maybe because they were just so undeveloped that explaining rape was wrong would have been as challenging as explaining quantum physics to a child or me). The thing is that we, as people just plain suck and if you think that your way of thinking is more right or wrong that someone else's and you just shut down the discourse... at that point... bad things can happen. Consider Elan for example. There is a point when Rand comes to understand his point of view and considers the possibility that Elan had never really known love. He even wonders if maybe if he had tried to reach him things might have been different. I want to believe that there are absolute truths, but I don't think we are developed enough to really settle on any argument with the amount of certainty that many here seem to want to. The discovery of absolute truths will come when we have grown up (in my mind centuries if not in ages from now; so it's basically impossible for us so we shouldn't even bother THINKING about right and wrong in terms of absolutes and objectiveness because it often leads to poor judgements in our interactions with each other. We should think in terms of what is right and what is wrong for us and the people we have to live around with respect to their interpretations of right and wrong. Compromise basically, but that doesn't mean you should stop believing in what you believe. You should only reevaluate your perspective when undeniable, contradictory evidence presents itself. And as a little speculative aside, I think we'll need some objective tool for observing the mind/consciousness before we'll get there. Cause just what is consciousness? What is your definition of love and how do I know that it is really the same as mine? What is your definition of god? Etc Until then we need to decide what is right and wrong for ourselves. And in order to do that we have to 1st know and understand ourselves. Judgement should primarily be focused on our selves and any judgement directed at others should be done so as so far as it protects yourself and your beliefs. 2nd, to know our circumstances and surroundings (which often involves understanding and judging others to the extent the aforementioned point says). And we should be talking about whether something is right or wrong (eg. that thread about whether Tylin raped Mat or not), but we shouldn't allow our emotional responses to interfere with our perceptions and judgements of those situations. Some amount of emotionally detached objectivism is required and an extraordinary amount of empathy as well. No one shares the same collection of experiences and those experiences shape the way we perceive and react to certain situations/events. I'm not sure what Moiraine or Egwene's conclusions were beyond the belief that the bore needed to be resealed. But if we want to look to someone's point of view in which Rand did ultimately come to agree with I think it would have to be Elyane's. When Rand first proposed the Dragon's Peace Elyane made the point that Rand cannot change human nature. Conflicts are inevitable and there would have to be a way to resolve those conflicts. Again people suck and we have to form rules in order to properly mitigate our innate suckiness. In Rand's version of the world people were deprived of the challenges of defining right and wrong; Rand defined it for them like god did in the garden of Eden. They were deprived the challenge of compromise and understanding others. And so they became hollow version of humanity. Simpering, vapid children. Which IMO wouldn't be so bad. I mean it least there is peace and no suffering. Though I imagine that type of environment and relationship would have been isolating and lonely for Rand/god.
  4. One of the best and most important chapters in the whole series. Rand was going on a wrong parh and would have destroyed everything.
  5. Today
  6. "she was right on the point Rand needed a bound" no actually. considering he would still have one without her forcing it on him against his will your statement is both incorrect and pointless
  7. @GladAlanna_d13s You have some very strong feelings about what was said 9 years ago...
  8. Rand decided that destroying the dark one meant eliminating evil - so no free will. What if he was wrong? What if an Aes Sedai plot 'made' Logain the Dragon and he chose differently?
  9. They've invested too much to pull back after a single season though and even if they wanted to there's no way they could get a big project ready in time to fill WOT's 2022 slot which is likely intended to start a few weeks after LOTR finishes. Plus they've got to use the studio they built for something to get a return out of it. I just don't think the second season being green-lit is anything more than a business decision made to ensure they have enough big productions for 2022. You ever seen The Last Jedi, a $200+ million budget movie that did nothing but bait and switch regardless of whether it made sense or not. GOT season 8, where the showrunners decided to use their $100+ million budget to have characters ignore seven years of character development so that they could subvert expectations and surprise people. What about the 2015 Fantastic Four, a $150 million budget adaption of a series adapted by a director who very clearly wanted the movie to have as little to do with the source material as possible, to the point he tanked his own promising career over it. I think they're going to make WOT fairly faithful but keep in mind that we have plenty of examples of expensive projects built on the idea of bait and switch, so it wouldn't exactly be shocking if they did make some unpopular changes.
  10. forced bonding doesn't redeem forced bonding just because you get a little stregth fyi he would have a bond even with out her forcing him against his will
  11. the only accurate part of your statement. he wasnt insane he had another man in his head (mentally) strength to resist is will based. and channeler males have ability to resist compulsion
  12. could you not white knight the rap1st? thanks
  13. being bonded against his will making him trust even less was needed? him being taveren didn't cause it.
  14. I see that, but if there were serious doubts about the show on Amazon's side then the balance of factors probably would have dictated risking having the second season start in 2023 in order to test the market first (with a resulting risk of lost fanbase momentum). Though I accept that Amazon are perhaps less concerned about wasting money than, say, Netflix would be. And of course none of that means the show will be good, or that Amazon have gotten it right, but the whole thing is way too expensive a proposition to be intentionally driven by a bait and switch strategy.
  15. What happens to a child that never gets told "No"? How will you grow if you are never challenged? It is very easy to think that we know what is good and evil, but the problem is seeing how our actions affects others further down the line. You could never be good at something, cause that would mean that someone else might become sad about not being as good as you. There are very few actions that could be seen as good from all angles. It also means that you have to bring morality to the goodness: Is the goal to keep to some set commandments (like in Christianity) or to minimize sadness/maximize happiness for everyone? Those too are far from one and the same. I live a life of relative privilege, like more or less all on you on this forum do (having enough to have the means and the time to write on a forum proves this). Still, I think all of us has had (or have) hardship and sadness in our lives that at times felt unsurmountable. Suffering is always relative, and no one should judge anyone else on this. But I still would not want to be without any of the suffering I have felt in my life. It has made me who I am and I am better for it. As cliché as it sounds. I also have friends who has been through absolute hell in their childhood, and I bet they would not make the same decision. It has however inspired my friend to do an amazing amount of good towards other unfortunate children. Think of the happiest moments of your life. Most of them happened after you achieved something that was hard for you. Be it childbirth, overcoming something, learning something or finding love. I would not want to go through life just getting participation awards. You are contradicting yourself. You only know it is hot because you know what cold is. It is only hot if it is colder someplace as. Otherwise it just...is.
  16. just re read this series a lot of you here condoning mind_r4p3/r4p3
  17. Season 2 was green-lit out of necessity. A few months ago the choice became either start filming or they wouldn't be able to get a full season 2 ready for next year. This is becoming more common as streaming services are starting to realize that their big budget Fantasy and Sci-Fi shows need a long time not just to film but also for post production, they can't just wait and see how the show does. The real sign of success will be if season 3 and 4 are green-lit after the first few episodes become available. If they are then we're probably going to at least get up to Dumai's Wells. If they aren't then it's a sign the numbers they're seeing are disappointing and they'll likely wait to see how LOTR does before deciding whether it's worth it to continue with WOT.
  18. I think that you really want to believe God exists because if He doesn't there is no absolute truth. It is up to us individually to perceive what is right/wrong - "That's true for you, but not for me." Do you believe in absolutes, or is all truth situational? Independent of culture, religion (not God), society, etc. Are there truths that can span everything? Did Rand struggle with similar questions as he battled the DO? Did he reach the same conclusion as Moiraine, Egwene?
  19. The other side of course 😄
  20. Many people can make a mistake. 10 of millions voted for Clinton and 10 of millions voted for Trump - which made a mistake? 10 of millions voted for Trump and 10 of millions voted for Biden - which made a mistake? It will be up to viewers/fans to decide if season 1 came together well. Not Rafe, not Amazon.
  21. You misunderstand me. I never said there weren't evils to be abolished or eliminated. Just that in an objective sense those evils are just evil's as we have perceived them. All that nasty stuff you described is actually natural human or animalistic motivations. It's a mistake for us to assume that it isn't an innate natural part of is because that is when those impulses will sneak up on you. I'm not suggesting that you'll become a rapist or murderer, but simply that to ignore our innate natures is a mistake that could lead us to evils we don't recognize. Hitler probably believed he was doing "good" for humanity likely because he never considered the possibility that he was actually being driven by deeper innate, animalistic motivations. As intelligent, sentient creatures we have the ability for conceptualization and abstraction. And if you're good enough with manipulating a memetic construct you can easily commit an evil thinking you were doing something good. There IS EVIL to be abolished, but it is an EVIL as we perceive it. I think we probably disagree on this because I'm not sure if God exists. I really REALLY want to believe that God does exist, but if God doesn't not exist then there is no objective good or evil. There is only good and evil as we humans perceive, judge and enforce it. EDIT: While tending to my garden of murder (playing MGSV) a somewhat good example of misdirected "goodness" occurred to me. Think of Avienda's visions of the future. Her grandchildren misrepresent evidence that the Seanchan had intentions of breaking the Dragon's Peace in an effort to destroy them. Look at it from their perspective. The Seanchan are enslaving and torturing channelers. An undoubtly "evil" thing to do. Compared to that evil what is the evil of misrepresenting evidence if it destroys and ends the evil of enslavement and torture? There was also pride involved here too, but the reasoning that got them to the conclusion they reached probably began with the through process I just suggested. Sun Tzu suggested that when diplomacy fails to resolve a conflict EVERYONE will lose something. As I suggested in another post, it's better to respectfully debate something than to resort to violence or simply shutting down discussion of something simply because their ideas are revolting to you. Life, existence and all of creation is extremely nuanced and complicated (or rather our reactions to those things). WE DO NOT know as much as we think we do and it's a mistaken to assume that we clearly understand "good vs evil" and "right vs wrong." There may come a time when the existence of absolute, objective "good and evil" is proven, but until that time we need to respect each other's free wills and be open to discourse while detaching ourselves from the emotional reaction that is naturally produced when faced with ideas or concepts we don't agree with or that disgust us.
  22. Let's consider Adam and Eve again. They had the most free will because they had less interference from others with the ability to use free will. But as a population grows opposing wills conflict. I might be a person of nomadic traditions while you are someone who believes in settlements. Your will to establish a settlement imposes on my free will to wander the land which you have settled. Now expand this idea by the many ways free will can be expressed and you'll see that as a population grows and circumstances become more set our "free will" becomes hindered by others' free will. So in a sense we are victims of our own collective free will which increasingly limits our individual free wills. This interweaving of our collective wills and the impacts it has on our context or environment is what shapes the pattern of the ages and certain circumstances/events eventually become an inevitability. And this idea of actually having no choice is expressed by Rand and Mat and probably others as well. Rand sees no freedom to just walk away from his path and eventually Mat has to admit the same for himself.
  23. We know for a fact that the first 2 episodes will be 50-55 min long. The screening that will be on Stockholm film festival for the first 2 episodes will be 111 min total. They probably will have cut out any "previously on" and intro from episode 2, so 50-55 actual runtime per episodes seems likely.
  24. I highly doubt they will make Egwene TDR. Because if they did, idiotic wouldn’t even begin to describe that decision making. It would be a disaster. We know, of course, that Rafe isn’t an idiot and nor are the various collaborators. Won’t happen.
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