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  2. So I have been bouncing around ideas in my head to now have a crossover fanfiction story between Wheel of Time and some other universe. Ultimately I chose Mass Effect because the universe allowed me to fit things into its rich lore here like a bad puzzle, I had to squeeze them in there, but it could work. Also, they are among my favorite book and video games respectively. I have made a timeline of sorts of what I think happened after the Last Battle up to what would be the First Contact. This will be an alternate Mass Effect Universe, as this new humanity will influence it greatly. Please take a look and tell me what you think, but I have three points before really delving into this creation of mine. 1) Cuendillar. By the Light and the Hope of my rebirth, this substance gives me headaches. It is supposed to be unbreakable and can even get stronger. I simply don't believe I can allow spaceships to be constructed of this because otherwise we end up with a huge overpower balance in favor of humans being in indestructible ships laughing at the puny races. Should I make it so that any energy passing in the vicinity of it can't be conducted (so electricity can't power things onboard)? Use its rarity? I am already planning to use element zero as a counter to the One Power with element zero weapons in mass effect like disruptor torpedoes have a negative effect on it. I was hoping to have power aligned metal ships with Cuendillar armor plating would get around this issue. They would still be vulnerable, especially to those torpedoes, but at the same time it wouldn't be overwhelming once the other races figure out its weakness. 2) Seanchan and the way they handle slavery in the future. I have it right now that the people can choose to enter lifetime contracts to become akin to so'jhin for households. There are no more of those da'covale where they basically are brainwashed automatons. Took two civil wars, one for the damane and one for the da'covale to get there, but it happened. However, I didn't want to throw the ability of someone common being able to order other nobles around which is why I kept so'jhin around in that way. Lots of different ways this could go. 3) White Tower vs Black Tower. Should the Black Tower make their own oaths? Say what you will about White Tower Aes Sedai, but those oaths do comfort people high up that their nations won't be ruled by long-lived witches. Black Tower right now has no constraints. I can't imagine males swearing the same oaths due to how their group was born to be soldiers first and foremost, but are there alternate oaths I should have them swear? Or do you think the nations would accept the Black Tower to be a buffer against the Seanchan? Joe wheel of time and mass effect timeline.odt
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  4. I hope you can finish the series this time, cause if you can't you will be losing a lot of stuff. Even the fact that you know the events shouldn't be a obstacle. There is plenty of LEGENDARY dialogues through the series. And of course characters...
  5. No, Lava, you kick a ball in real football. How do you kick it off or make a field goal? So, yeah...your criticism is invalid. And pwetty? That's a matter of personal taste. A real football is beautiful. Especially when you've thrown it so it's spinning through the air. Far better than that boring black and white patched excuse of a ball only half-filled with air. And all you do with a soccer ball when you take it out is abuse it, kicking it around. I always wonder why they never just leave.
  6. Considering the Wheel of Time is a wheel, it could be like a pre-recorded message from the Creator. Imperfectly sealing the Bore primes the messages, the first gets triggered if the DR gets a wild hair and tries to end the whole thing early, while the last one gets triggered once the stage is finally set for the final showdown.
  7. I am not sure why you think the Creator spoke to Rand in the Eye of the World.
  8. In the Wheel of Time game, the Children of the Light has one or more fortresses on the Blight border. The fact that they never have indicates they don’t really want to fight evil. Many Children are bullies, sadists join the Questioners. The Aes Sedai, Servants to All used to be the governing body prior to the breaking. After the Breaking they lost power and the enmity of most people. They rule in Tar Valon, the city they established sometime after the Breaking. Technically outside of Tar Valon and the surrounding villages, they have no authority (just don’t say it to their faces). Each individual Aes Sedai wields her power outside of Tar Valon differently, trickery is common this the refrain not to trust an Aes Sedai. The Children claim to serve the Light and their ideas while not expressed as a religion, is very much a religion. Everyone believes in the religion of the world. They seek to remain in the Light, not taint their soul with evil actions and certainly don’t want to promise to join the Dark One. The reward for being good is rebirth/reincarnation. Like Catholicism is one religion with two gods, for those who believe the devil can win, this religion believes similarly kind of. The only unique characteristic is that a minority of people join the same religion but fight for the other side. I am not aware of any anticatholics, Satanists and other devil worshippers are not sincere believers, they are primarily atheists who like to dress up and think it is all a game, but they also do evil things.
  9. in order to print a design on certain things, like a backpack, you need a template to have the right dimensions, ratios etc. the template given i wasn't expecting. basically they broke every part of the back pack up, so there's the front pocket, sides, bottom, top etc. all with different lines. trim line, safe zone etc. at first glance it looks like a plan to make a plane or something
  10. Almoth Plain is a region that falls outside the control, and internationally accepted borders, of any nation. Tarabon and Arad Doman have been fighting over it for the last thousand years or so, but nobody has managed to maintain control of it for very long. Amadicia, the home turf of the Whitecloaks, shares a border with Tarabon, and as a major military organization, has a not insignificant influence on Tarabon's internal politics. Not to be too spoilery about it, but this won't be the last time the Whitecloaks abuse their relationship with Tarabon. Tarabon lets the Whitecloaks get away with it, largely because trying to stop them would risk another Whitecloak War, the last one happening between Amadicia and Altara, Illian and Murandy, which was narrowly fought to a draw.
  11. I'm an Aspie of the White Tower, and thought I would stop in and say hi to the site. I started reading WoT back in 2004, and only made it to book 6. I've tried re-reading the series multiple times over the last 15 years, but can only seem to get to book 6. I just started re-reading, this time with my mom and sister, with the determination to finish the series this time. Because spoilers don't bother me, I've read synopsis/plot summaries/discussions about the series as a whole to know what happens 😄. I've been a fan of the series for a long time, and am super excited about the TV series. I joined DM because I want to know the latest news about the show, as well as read up on folks thoughts/opinions about the series. I enjoy being around those with similar interests, because I learn things from them. I wouldn't say I'm a frequent poster, but I definitely lurk and read a lot. I may start a discussion with questions or observations occasionally, but most of my activity is commenting from time to time. In other news, I live in Texas, USA, and work as an IT professional for a bank. I embrace my quirkiness and geekiness, and I love all things pop culture/sci-fi/fantasy/Disney/musicals/theatre/karaoke/magical. I'm a runner, fisherman, and artist, and I love football (American and soccer) and most other sports. I enjoy discussing and theorizing, as well as researching. I'm excited to be a part of the site, and I look forward to learning and sharing!
  12. Hello everyone, I am currently reading the WOT series for the first time. I am halfway through The Shadow Rising right at this point and this particular book more than the previous 3 has hooked me so much I had to find a forum where I could talk about the books while I am reading them.
  13. Aaaaahhhhhh not August, never August make it go back to July k? thanks! Jea - Archers
  14. Glad to hear you're doing well @Cairos! @Taymist That stinks that so much of your usual annual income won't be coming in 😢 As for how I'm doing.... I'm a high school teacher... in a small rural community... who acts like they're immune to the world around them. We head back 100% in person with students on August 24. No requirements for how the desks should be set up, or if students and staff should wear masks. Just a reminder to stay home if you're sick and, if not, come on in because it's time to get back to school. Which, to be fair, in many ways will be good for us all BUT, makes me a tad nervous at the same time? Idk we'll see how it goes. My largest class at the moment is only 12 students so, that's a plus?
  15. As a follow up: I'm on Chapter 5 of book two (The Great Hunt). Possible Spoiler ahead. In it there's a company of 2000 whitecloaks marching through Tarabon. When Bornhald asks a Questioner why this is, he replies "There are towns and villages across Almoth Plain with none in authority above a mayor or a Town Council. It is past time they were brought to the Light." Since they don't have real authority, this sounds to me like a band of militia going around passing judgement and carrying out severe punishment on whomever they want. Here's what I don't get. There's no one to stop them because they are doing this in remote villages. But if the queen finds out that this group is doing such things, then wouldn't they be branded terrorists, bandits, enemies of the state? Furthermore, their presence wouldn't be tolerated in the queen's city, right? I guess my mind is frustrated trying to rationalize how this band (with high numbers) of well armed (and therefore well funded) bullies seems to have free reign everywhere, even in the city, when they brazenly usurp authority and execute their own justice. Am I looking to deep into it? Should I just accept it that we need bad guys here to move the plot along and just let it go?
  16. ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) Der'Manshima It's been a long summer especially with work but I'm nonetheless blessed and having the best year in a LONG time! And I can't wait for the Wheel of Time TV show to finally premiere!
  17. My sister and brother in law came to visit! We went to Bass Lake on Sunday and Sequoia National Park on Monday. Today we were at the ocean in Cayucos!
  18. I was too (for me)! *iching in fingers to comment on part 2, but seeing as hay might be inclined to reevaluate the worth of his very heavy books, finds it best not to prod...for now* 😁 If American "football" is football simply because you play it on your feet there's a whole bunch of sports that should be renamed as football😝 real football is when your foot actually has to touch the ball⚽ plus the ball is pwettier ⚽⚽⚽
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