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  2. Welcome! We are happy to have you!!
  3. So glad Amazon got this. Their originals have been the best of all the streaming services lately
  4. But couldnt take out my mighty 9ers!!!!
  5. Four actors announced their involvement in the upcoming Wheel of Time TV show via social media today. As of this time, Amazon hasn't officially confirmed their involvement, although Rafe Judkins, the showrunner, "liked" each of their social media posts. That, combined with the coordinated timing, and the obvious scripts visible in each of their hands, ensures that this is more than a rumor. Kate Fleetwood will play Liandrin Guirale of the Red Ajah. Jennifer Cheon Garcia will play an unspecified Aes Sedai. Daryl McCormack has an unspecified role. Maria Doyle Kennedy will play an unspecified role (most likely an Aes Sedai). These actors all posted photos of themselves holding copies of the scripts for episodes 105 and 106. The cast had gathered together for a table read. In addition to those four actors, other previously-confirmed actors Madeleine Madden (Egwene), Hammed Animashaun (Lioal), and Priyanka Bose (Allana Sedai) also posted photos of themselves holding copies of the script for those episodes. Tell us what you think of these casting announcements in the comments! Which characters do you think the 3 actors with unspecified roles will play?
  6. Well, that's kinda what going on a Viking means. And don't kink shame Cousins! At least we took out those dirty Saints!
  7. Yesterday
  8. I used to... Not sure if I remember my log in info.
  9. Theyd have to steal it cause they couldn't beat anyone..Kirk Cousins is a choke artist.
  10. I am having a very similar experience. It's so strange to read the first book after finishing the series. I have such a different perspective and the younglings seem so naive. Although Moraine doesn't seem to handle her connection to the Emond's Fielders very well, she keeps them in the dark so much that they make stupid mistakes because they don't know any better. Such as leading them into Shadar Logoth without warning them of the danger at ALL. Also, did anyone else LOL so hard when Perrin and Egwene tell Elyas they are from Saldaea? The first time through that doesn't really have any meaning but knowing now about the people and customs from Saldaea...in addition to Faile! It's so funny. Elyas would obviously know they are not from there.
  11. That would be cool. I also think it would be especially cool for someone to go back and write the first book (or more) from other persepctives. Esepcially Moraine, Lan, Egwene, and Thom.
  12. Where are you finding all of these?
  13. So anyone still play this? Its a game where you collect dragons of different breeds on a scroll (for those who havent run into it yet)
  14. Oh I intend too, part of this challenge for me is to keep at one piece and not just start over, so got my piece of paper and scetched out how to divide it in 12 So going from there, will be interesting to see what I get at end of year
  15. I went back and rewatched the Prequel Trilogy for the first real time as an adult - trying to completely ignore any nostalgic feelings. They hold up so poorly. It's the writing. Okay, 95% is the writing. It's atrocious. Jar-Jar still doesn't annoy me anymore than any other characters. The biggest surprise was finding that Hayden Christensen really wasn't that bad. I think my order of mediocrity would be: 1) Phantom Menace 2) Attack of the Clones 3) Revenge of the Sith Next up: The OG Trilogy
  16. _ _ / _ O _ _ / _ _ S _ O N S I _ _ _ / _ I T H / _ O N _ _ No: A, C, G
  17. Pfft. Everyone knows both these teams will lose; asMinnesota will go on a Viking at the superbowl, and walk off with the Rings & Trophy.
  18. I figured there might be a couple of folks at DM that might. 😉
  19. Welcome Maeric! I know you!! ^^
  20. Practice makes perfect! 😋 Keep it going, Liitha!
  21. Howdy there! Maeric here. I've been a WoT fan since 1992. And joined TarValon.net back in 2003. To make an understatement, I'm a bit slow in coming on board to Dragonmount. But I'm finally here! RL I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner specializing in Aesthetic and Facial Acupuncture. I look forward to checking things out on the site!
  22. _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ S _ _ N S I _ _ _ / _ I T H / _ _ N _ _ No: A, C
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