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  2. Don’t know about the link but welcome to Dragonmount! Fellow European here. (From Sweden.) If you feel like getting to know people then I would recommend the clubs. It’s a place where introverts can have fun together. 😄 (The Black Tower is a great place to get crazy.)
  3. She probably would have asked more questions if not for Winternight, and the Shadow targeted all three. If the Shadow wanted them that's good enough for her.
  4. rose gold stars for you! Mysty's still snowed under between health, work and study as best I can tell.
  5. Pretty sure you meant what you said the first time.
  6. I didn't mean to minimize his TAR ability, it's just that not using the fact that your bad guy is related to two of the most important good guys seems off. Like the one time Nyneave accidentally ran across Slayer as Isam, it really messed with her head. If he's in TV show maybe they'll use him more.
  7. RoFLMAO!! As long as you brought me some Kaf 😛 My Master of the Kaf is sadly delinquent in the task *sniffles and wipes nose with sleeve. your sleeve.*
  8. *Enters Mother’s Skirts* Ah, a lifelong goal finally realised. Didnt realise there was so so much traffic in and out of here, mind. Not a fan of bumping into other people unexpectedly.
  9. *Passes around some Red Waiters* *I mean Red Drinks*
  10. *Grins and giggles* It's awesome to see you, Sis! Oooh duty ... can I make you do stuff?
  11. So far (I'm about ten chapters into their coverage of TGH), they seem to average about an hour.
  12. His big ability isn't simply entering TAR in the flesh, its. he can enter TAR whenever he wants to without channeling. Something he pointed out that even the Forsaken couldn't do. The dreamspikes wouldn't of kept him trapped. He could leave TAR and not set off wards for channeling etc. It's a powerful ability. I agree I would of liked to know about why Luc was told he had to go to the blight, why he was captured, and what happened to him. Isam would of been interesting to learn about.
  13. Talya! It's good to see you again. Yeah. Things have changed a wee bit.
  14. Thanks for stepping up, Eqwina! And congratulations!
  15. I expect A Place of Safety to be Shadar Logoth (an ironic title, but one the gang thought would be true since it sheltered them from trollocs) or have to do with evens soon after Shadar Logoth if the gang splits up. The Dragon Reborn will be Caemlyn and surrounding events. Episode 5 will be titled The Eye of the World and will be the climax of the first book. Episode 6 is the start of TGH.
  16. I am always up for a good sequel! 😀 I will stick to fantasy literature in my ranking below (will add a few of my non-fantasy favourites below the list). Favourite fantasy-fiction 1. The Lord of the Rings - J RR Tolkien 2. The Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan 3. A Song of Ice and Fire - George RR Martin 4. The Elenium - David Eddings 5. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (3 series) - Stephen R Donaldson 6. The Riftwar Saga (trilogy) - Raymond E Feist 7. Memory, Sorrow and Thorn - Tad Williams 8. The Sword of Truth - Terry Goodkind 9. The Sword of Shannara (trilogy) - Terry Brooks 10. The Heritage of Shannara (4 books) - Terry Brooks 11. Exile (book 1+2) - Melanie Rawn 12. Mordant’s Need (2 books) - Stephen R Donaldson 13. The Tamuli - David Eddings 14. The Belgariad - David Eddings 15. The Liveship Traders - Robin Hobb 16. Dragonlance Chronicles - Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman 17. Dragonlance Legends - Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman 18. The Voyage of Jerle Shannara (trilogy) - Terry Brooks 19. Silmarillion* - J RR Tolkien 20. Empire trilogy - Janny Wurts *Silmarillion: oh what grandness in mythology but also oh what a struggle to get through 🤣 It is masterful without doubt but I just cannot bring myself to read it over and over again. Even so, it deserved a place on my top 20 list. Non-fantasy fiction favourites: - Shogun - James Clavell (a masterpiece imo, possibly my second favourite novel of all time) - Noble House - James Clavell (another monumental piece of writing imo) - Masters of Rome (series) - Colleen McCullough (fascinating stuff about ancient Rome, esp bits about Caesar) - The Mists of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley (wonderful well-written Arthurian saga) - Earth’s Children saga - Jean M Auel (the wonderful story of Ayla; someone make a grand tv-series of this please)
  17. It would be the series, not just that one book. Pretty much everything on my list is from a series. Yea.. so, a 'Mary Sue' character is one that is basically over-powered, with no flaws.. Btu Kvothe has plenty of flaws. It's also a term people use in Dungeons & Dragons for when someone makes an OP character with basically no personality/backstory, that's perfect in every way. I don't believe he was in the darkelf trilogy, but definitely in the Icewind Dale Trilogy. (Which was really the first Trilogy, the Darkelf Trilogy is technically a prequel written after the fact) He's an Antagonist & Nemesis for much of the series, but Drizzt never kills Artemis, because Drizzt thinks he can change him. (Tip: He can't) Later in the series they become more like Rivals, often working together against a unified enemy. No they aren't! And that's why I put them together. Magnifico Giganticus, is a charismatic Clown. The heroes of the story stumble upon him, being assaulted by soldiers, and so they rescue him. From there, he tagged along with those intrepid heroes going from town to town, planet to planet, in search of a shadowy organization that they believe exists in addition to the original Foundation. At one point, they start holding rallies, and Magnifico Giganticus plays a Visi Sonor to the audience. Unbeknownst to the Heroes of the story, or the Reader, Magnifico Gigantius is the Mule. The Emperor, that's been hunting them, and this shadowy organization. And they led him right to it. We learn that the Mule is actually From that planet, that they call Gaia. That he's basically a twisted mutant version. He's a tragic figure, and I like him. From him, spawned Final Fantasy 6's Kefka, the greatest villain ever... A Villain that won, blew up the world, and then got bored and let the heroes 'defeat' him.
  18. Expectations are definitely lowered. And while I agree with much of what Brandon is saying; that we would never get a Robert Jordan adaptation, I think it was entirely possible to get one that was close enough. Funny that he mention the first two Harry Potter movies. Those were the absolute best in my opinion. Course they were difficulties and adapting the other books to movies due to their scope, but some of the liberties they took with dumbledore's character in particular or just completely out of place. And really, honestly pissed off a lot of fans. Richard Harris was the epitome of Dumbledore. These actors chosen for Perrin and Nynave maybe terrific actors, but they are poor adaptations. It's okay to take liberties with some things. But not with main characters. This is my opinion.I completely understand wanting to have a rich diverse world. But here's the thing, Jordan already wrote a rich diverse world. Tuon was black, the sea folk were black, I saw many other areas for them to include diversity without messing with the main characters. These are beloved characters to people. I have followed these books for over 20 years. Reading them multiple multiple times. Imagine if someone would have chosen to make say Frodo or Bilbo of mixed race. How would that sit? The Shore was his isolated as the two rivers. It has nothing to do with racism, or these actors actual ability. I have no doubt they are fantastic actors. And they could have had great places in the story as well. This is a Rocky start to a series that's already had a rocky start. I will watch it for my love of the books, just like I will watch the new dune movie. It deserves a chance. But I'm not going to faithfully say I agree with those choices.
  19. shrews works for me as a tag.
  20. Hey guys, I started reading WoT in 2008. My brother and a friend of mine had been trying to get me to read the books, but I wasn't sure the fantasy genre would be for me, since I had read mainly sci fi, and only LotR, before then. But, after borrowing EotW from my brother, I fell in love immediately. In the first couple of books, I was mainly excited to see where the story would take Perrin (I guess a bit like Ernest - wolves, come on!) and Nynaeve (I liked her grumpiness, and still do). But as the story and the world expanded, and as I started rereading, I noticed that almost every character and place had something that touched me (either in a positive or a negative way). To this day, I have to force myself to start reading other books than WoT after finishing another reread. There are so many great stories out there (though I have yet to find one that tops WoT), and, sadly, time is finite. I have visited this forum more than a couple of times as a non-member, whenever I was a bit unsure about something and googled a question. Getting here usually meant me realising, a couple of hours later, that I had just read whole threads, or clicked through to other ones, without realising time was passing. I don't think I will be posting a lot (I've always been more of a lurker), but am definitely looking forward to see which topics are still under discussion. My boyfriend is currently reading TSR. He started reading quite a while ago, but didn't get farther than ACoS, so he wanted to start again from scratch. I'm reading Leigh Butler's reread in order to be able to answer his questions. It's nice to be able to discuss the books with him, although I do notice I'm a bit of a zealot, and take some criticisms he has on the stories or RJ's writing personally. 😉 ("It says it right there! Just read it properly, man!") Since I notice most people on here also post their nationality: I'm Belgian (even though I grew up in Germany), and live not very far from Brussels. We have an old and awesome dog. (Dutch shepherd/border collie mix. In moonlight, her shadow looks a bit like a wolf.) 😉 And, finally, I do have a question: in the original post of this thread, there is a link to a thread where there is supposed to be a lot of information for newbies to DM. The link doesn't work for me (Error code: 2F173/H). I'll try to find the thread on my own, but I just wanted to let you guys know. And if someone does have the link, sharing it would be much appreciated. (Otherwise, I might just get sucked into another wormhole, and forget what I was looking for in the first place.) Wishing you a nice day, Caroline
  21. After many injuries over the years which ended in a knee op over two year I have changed my running style so that I don’t put my heel down first. I still have other injuries which prevent too much but I have found it better running toe first as though I was bare footed. Maldonado need to ensure that you have strong glutes...it’s important to run from there not your legs...if that makes sense, I know what I mean
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