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  2. Liith - pink fluff of cuen'deren Its up and down, some days I had enough and stay clear of news, (also cause its not anything new just rolling around in the muck of it), other days its good to talk about the progress of it all. Its all around over here and on the rise, question is when do we hit the top. Even if its on the rise my bigges consern is that some still has unrealistic views on the time of this and what it takes..its geting old constantly seeing the debates of plans for timelines who are unrealistic.. Which is what mostly makes me want to escape it on some days..(aka its starting to feel like your banging your head in the wall with a kid behind you going can I have that, what about now, how bout now..only its adults) So yeah distractions would be nice...
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  4. Well, I think maintaining a close proximity is necessary so the channeler can actually see what their weaves are doing, but physical contact is not needed. As you say, Flinn hovers his hands over Rand... and he talks, which he said makes it easier for some reason (again, his own "learned" behavior). 😉 If I recall correctly, Nyneave also doesn't touch Logain when she Heals his severing; she just stares at him across the table. I might be wrong on that, though, not sure.
  5. Why execute someone who will end up losing the will to live anyway?
  6. Welcome to the fam! 🙂
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  8. I am partially lurking at the moment, intermittently checking the boards, got a little 'burn-out' after heavy RP-writing with my Revolution 1 Chosen-character over a period (my DR Warder character is on hiatus) but hope to return to more active RP soon.
  9. Nice to see you. I remember you, so welcome back. If I can help, as RP Leader, or even if you just want to talk it over with someone, drop me a PM. Ok? Possible that some of those people are no longer active as we're a small group at the moment.
  10. Not giving you a present! With all the amazing bondeds you have, you don't really need anything else...right? Happy Birthday, sis. Hope your special day was as wonderful as you. Love ya xx
  11. Point taken 🙂 its just that there’s no examples of people healing from a distance. Dahmer Flin does it by hovering his hand over people, but no one heals from distances.
  12. Keeping up with school currently is tough... at least for this momma lol
  13. I'm working on how the heck I am going to teach French remotely for the rest of the school year. Woohoo! Or something 😂
  14. Besides, Moraine's arafel adventure is where we first interact with Dragkar as we only hear them in EoTW. We also find out more of the prophecies so that probably needs be there. In addition, you probably will want your nominal star in as many of the beginning seasons as you possibly can.
  15. Except this isn't true. Touching the patient is psychosomatic action that the sisters perform, but touching has absolutely nothing to do with creating the Healing weave. A similar topic was discussed in the books when the Wise Ones criticized the Aes Sedai for performing "throwing motions" whenever they channeled fireballs. By thinking they needed to form the weave near their hand first, the AS limited their utility with it. Recall that Aviendha was able to form fireballs several yards away and launch them toward herself (albeit, through the Gate she was standing behind). An Ars Sedai couldn't do that. A channeler should be able to Heal without touching. It's just they learn to do it while touching, and have considerable difficulty "unlearning" it. It's like a Wilder's block in that regard.
  16. She’d totally be discovered in a sweat tent. Can’t hide it there. And it’s their only way of cleaning themselves, gotta use one eventually.
  17. It’s a decent question, he caused war, lots of people died, Ghealdanin was destabilized. Gentiling and excecution would have been a reasonable punishment. Logain was not a darkfriend though. And Aes Sedai only kill darkfriends. That’s probably the most likely answer I think.
  18. If Nynaeve saw that question she would likely pull on her braid. ill make a guess.. 300 times !
  19. The problem is that you have to touch them to heal them(or at least be very close to them). And if someone trusts you enough to heal them, or they are too weak to stop you from touching then, it’s just easier to kill them with other weaves. Using the power to stop a heart from beating takes very little power. Semirhage was a great healer in her day, but she “always took a little bit more for herself” I not sure if that meant she caused unecessary pain with the process or if she added weaves that caused pain on top of it. If anyone could/would kill with healing it was her.
  20. I tots stole some hand sanitizer and lysol spray from work to bring home because the stores here have been wiped clean for weeks and as soon as a new shipment comes in it's gone within the hour. Since I still have to be at the building, I can't follow delivery trucks lol I am a thankful to not work in customer service anymore - neither myself or my husband do. He works in metal fabrication and I teach. It's frustrating that I still have to report to the building though because that means my 3 year old is still going to daycare....that right there is probably the most 'dangerous' thing about our lives right now but his daycare is amazing and taking all necessary precautions, which helps my sanity a bit. I've been considering a WoT reread since it's been a few years as well; however, I have so many classics that I've always wanted to read that I plan on hitting up. I'm currently almost done with Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken. Also reading Kate Chopin's The Awakening (my juniors are reading it) and really need to finish Rice's The Vampire Lestat but I'm struggling through that one. Next up is going to be The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!
  21. Whole-heartedly disagree! The difference between good television and bad television is the way exposition is used. If you arbitrarily have Moiraine "briefly discuss" her absence when she meets back up with the others, that's an example of bad exposition; it's only there for the viewer's benefit and often makes very little sense in the context of the story. Why would Moiraine just blurt out that she learned a forbidden weave to people who she can't be certsin wouldn't go blabbing their mouths? It makes no sense, and it's completely against Moiraine's character. This is precisely what I was referring to when I mentioned "sloppy exposition" in my previous post. Furthermore, it's something she does not even do in the books. She does not explain where she was to anybody, at least not in any great detail, so you'd be adding scenes that simply never existed... as opposed to adding scenes that we know existed, but just happened off page. You tell me, which is a more faithful adaptation? Sure, and I agreed that episodically you can (and should) focus on a couple characters, but not for the entire arc of the book. Mat has a rather prominent role in Book Three to simply "cut" him from the story. His escape from the White Tower leads to Tear, where he breaks into the Stone to rescue the girls, and this event has a resonating effect later on in Ebou Dar that is a pivotal moment for Elayne and her relationship with Aviendha. Besides, viewers need to know how Mat gets to Tear because he needs to accompany Rand into the Waste. Are you just going to have him magically pop-up when the Shadow Rising story arc begins? That's another example of bad writing: chatacters just showing up wherever they need to be because the plot demands it.
  22. Well, obviously, he'd be a she, first of all, but I'm assuming you're asking if he would still a) kill that guy for getting a dragon tatoo, and b) be hung for it. The Maiden's carry Rand's honour, so it seems more likely Mangin would thump the guy and drag him before Rand for judgment, rather than taking it upon herself. I won't speculate on what Rand's decision would be, that that seems the likely result. However, the Pattern might dictate otherwise. If Mangin was a Maiden, then some other Aiel would probably be forced into filling the role that Mangin fills. This unnamed Aiel would be the one to befriend Rand, and later break Rand's decree by killing the man, thus resulting in his hanging. The hypothetical female Mangin would just be another girl pestering Rand and laughing behind his back with handtalk (i.e., just another Maiden).
  23. The three oaths are not subject to the inconsistency of the narrative on the contrary. RJ is subconsciously very consistent here. Rather, they are the inconsistencies of the As Sedai inner values. What is something different.
  24. Morain's visit to Adelaas and Vandene is hardly essential. We just know that she spent some time studying there and that she was attacked. Most have taken place off-page, so it can easily take place off-screen. Morain can then briefly discuss this in the next section. I didn't write anything about Mat's absence in the third book. There is a difference between focusing on a character and ignoring others. My whole idea was based on the fact that Morain is presented as the main character in the present description of the WoT serial. I would like to keep this first book. Morain then has several acts in the second book, but nothing extensive. If she left space to Rand, it would be clear that the Books aren't about Morain. Rand is then most of the third book off-page. Viewers can find out that even though it is Dragon Reborn again, it's not just only about him.
  25. Today I am back to work for the first time in 2 weeks (so yay? haha) apologies for my absence you probably forgot I was visiting! so I figure I had best hang around a lil longer 🙂 Although, I have been busy with wot in another way, am totally addicted to making wot memes now. So if you are bored and want a giggle: https://www.instagram.com/memesedai/ How has everyone been? Has there been more action on DM with all the isolation or less?
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