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  2. I'm with your other critiques, but think you're off base here. The world was literally broken 3,000 years ago, a dramatic cataclysm that destroyed cities, nations, even the fundamental geography of the world. Everyone and everywhere was disrupted. Entire peoples wiped out, others set to wander, others scattered. It took hundreds of years for civilization to rebuild. AND Randland is our world about 4,000 - 5,000 years in the future, and you already see multiculturalism in large swaths of our current world. The idea of races being geographically separated doesn't fit with what we know about this world.
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  4. Hello hello! Not sure how to begin... so I’ll start with how happy I am to be here! I found TWOT on audible during the pandemic, and I can honestly say it saved me to a degree. During my loneliest time I found friendship, comfort, and even guidance in this series. (Side story - I must have been in the top .01% of listeners in Nov2020 because I logged over 16 days of listening time) Anyway, I joined this community to make friends and keep up with the world I love so much. Thanks!!!
  5. So it seems that Verrain has switched sides and is working for Edith
  6. I thought Verrin was with the white tower adie sedi but she’s with the Emssey set of Aide sedi out to control Rand or something I don’t really understand it all to be honest too many characters
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  8. Excerpt from The Shadow Rising, Chapter 42: A Missing Leaf, page 695 (on a kindle): "It was only a few hundred to begin, Goldeneyes. Just enough to keep those fool Whitecloaks off balance and see that the renegade died." Slayer's voice became angry. ' "The Shadow consume me if that man does not have more luck than the White Tower." Abruptly he chuckled. "But you, Goldeneyes. Your presence was a surprise. There are those who want your head on a pike. Your precious Two Rivers will be harrowed from end to end, now, to root you out. What do you say to that, Goldeneyes?"
  9. I'm getting cataract surgery tomorrow. II don't remember what I need to do to move up in status.
  10. I've only watched a few OUAT episodes and I barely remember them so I can't speak to the aesthetic, but it's definitely not a YA show. YA shows feature teenagers as main characters and if I'm not mistaken the main protagonist in OUAT (at least in the early episodes I watched) is a full grown adult with a kid of her own. Since OUAT is a show about fairytales though, I think it's safe to say that it probably has a less realistic/gritty feel and it gets away with things that might break suspension of disbelief in other contexts. From what I gather, a lot of the criticism about the WoT show looking YA boil down to this: there are some scenes (definitely not all) that look a little cheesier, melodramatic, and for lack of a better word, like fantasy. By which I mean that it's not necessarily trying to make us *forget* that it's fantasy. Instead it's leaning into the escapism and the cool factor. We'll see how well it works in practice.
  11. Ok so welcome to this week's croquis. Croquis basically means sketching. And is used to practice quickly drawing a model. So based on your level choose between a 5, 10 or 15 min time limit. Set a clock that's how long you can use on sketching it and post results here so we can learn from eachother and help eachother
  12. Xena was also before so called "prestige TV" took off. We're definitely going to see higher production values. Both because of tech improvements but also changes in even how television is understood as an entertainment media. So there's been all this talk about it looking like YA TV, and I don't know if this was "YA", but I finally got a show comparison in mind for what I don't want it to look like but what I feel some people have been feeling: Once Upon A Time. Not prestige television either, but not the fantasy quality I want. OUAT was pretty successful, but not the aesthetic or idea I want for WOT. I feel like The Witcher crossed back and forth between GOT and OUAT in its look. The interior of Cintra's palace, for example. I still enjoyed The Witcher, but it was kind of B quality TV. (Here's hoping we see some improvements next season.)
  13. Sarah volunteered at Jordancon for several years, but I don’t believe she was ever active on any forum.
  14. All I can say is that I hope her work on 'Winter Dragon' was nothing at all to do with anything at all that made it into the 22 minute debacle. Hopefully she would have read some of the posts here - she must be interested.
  15. No I’m tracking. I don’t think I clarified myself well enough as to why I placed it with some of the other examples listed. I realize it was successful and hope WoT gets that same success, I’m just highlighting that standards have gone up considerably on visuals over the years. Star Trek being my example. I love the old Trek movies and show, but visually would be like, “what the heck?” If they reverted back to old hokey lizard costumes moving forward in the franchise. Which is why I placed it with a Eragon and Shannara, but it’s a fair point to mention that Xena was successful where the others were not.
  16. I think you misunderstood what was being said. Xena was popular, and was successful. Stating that they wish the WoT show is as popular is not the saying they wish this show has the same budget or style as Xena.
  17. A show doesn’t have to have the highest production value to be entertaining and Xena might be a cult classic, and have a nostalgic place for some, but if WoT has the production value of Xena or Hercules…I’m out. I don’t care how many seasons they got back in the 90’s. WoT deserves so much better. I love the Original Star Trek show/movies but I would not be happy if new directors moving forward used sets and production values of the original show. And so it is with the WoT, if that makes sense? I want to be transported into a world and believe it. Not feel like I’m watching a stage play.
  18. Hey All. Just finished re-(re)reading Lord of Chaos and absolutely loved it. I definitely feel like this book does a great job of further developing the world and a lot of the characters in it. Here's my question for y'all: Is it possible Moraine made her oath to Rand (in The Shadow Rising The Fires of Heaven) so that Rand would think to bind the Aes Sedai at Dumai's Wells with a similar kind of oath? Perhaps she foresaw this happening during her trip through Rhuidean? That last line by Rand (or maybe Taim, who knows!): "Kneel and swear to the Lord Dragon," he said softly, "or you will be knelt." SO GOOD. Also, apologies in advance if this has already been discussed. A quick search of this forum didn't show anything. Edited: got my books mixed up
  19. There was a reason Xena was so successful (won't go into it, but I think it's well known). WoTs story actually has a good chance of tapping into some of the same without ruining the story. I suspect that is what the series is going to play to - having seen the trailer. I hope they do it well.
  20. Heh, this reminded me of this massive contest they had in the 90s. Mountain Dew/Pepsi had a word based contest, where the top prize was going to NZ on the Xena set.
  21. Mat pursued Isender actively, although she was not interested in him. Sure, as a darkfriend, it was a game on her part, but it was clear in the book through Rand's eyes that she was running from Mat. Sexual predators often consider such resistance to be feigned, regardless of whether or not it is. Mat changed his interest because he got involved with another female darkfriend and Isendra became a convict of Far Dareis Mai. The pub girl south of Cairhien enjoyed Mat's company, ,ut she thought it was purely a social matter. Mat, on the other hand, took it as a seducing with sex as ending and mentally commented that she was talking too much if it was worth it. Innkeeper did not act as a protector. The girl got free of the work in the inn so she could keep Mat company. Rich customers need to be satisfied. So I'm not sure how much room for CONSENT she would have between Mat the rich customer and the innkeeper the boss. Aludra knew steps better then Mat so she keep things the way she wanted. It wasn't because Mat respected her boundaries, but because she could set and enforce them. What I'm writing here is not for tarn on Mat. I just want to point out one Elayne quote "Taste your own medicine".
  22. I don't think it's fair to include Xena in that conversation. Xena was actually one of the most popular shows in the world during its run, WOT would be lucky to have half the success that show had. I think the effects look great so far with the exception of the almost 2D arrows in the arrow scene.
  23. May the creator forbid it. Wow. Haha, that would be disastrous.
  24. You are tempting the gods to give you Hercules with Kevin Sorbo lol.
  25. That’s a fair take and like I said I’m still holding out for top shelf. I’m just saying please God don’t be Xena, Eragon, or Shannara.
  26. I for one won't be happy if it's Shadow and Bone quality. There's no way it would do WoT justice.
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