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    Ok I think I can /in but on limited time (abroad can't access WiFi outside of hotel etc)

    Had that with my last. It was amazing... lol My first i went through like 24 hours of labor and then had an emergency c-section after I'd already been through all of that and was completely dilated... it SUCKED. Last one I had not one contraction. It was nice... however the recovery sucks lol Hope everyone is still doing well!!! <3
  4. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    LoL ... go you, Mills! And I'm glad you like your bacon desert *grins*
  5. I've found my new goal

    Were they the only runners? LoL ... well even if they were, kudos to them! They'd beat me regardless!
  6. Today
  7. Wheel of Time ; Game development.

    I'd love to see a WOT CRPG. It should be set during the Trolloc Wars period, giving it the same feel of impending doom as the series, while treading on none of the established characters' toes. Instead of a race/class system, allow players to pick from the Heroes of the Horn. They can customize their character's name and appearance, but their skill progression is based on the Hero they pick. Their character would literally be an incarnation of that Hero. Gameplay should be open-world like Skyrim. The WOT setting has a perfectly bound game world, albeit the scale will need to be much, much bigger than Skyrim. Channeling needs to be balanced. Perhaps all the channeling Heroes have some kind of major drawback: madness, physical weakness, a block, etc. Myrdraal can sense channeling, so perhaps channeling characters face more Myrdraal and Gray Men than the others. Maybe even throw in a gholam.
  8. In the Eye of the World, Rand used the power of the Eye to destroy that trolloc army. Asmodean told Rand that a circle of 13 weakest women would overpower him without breaking a sweat. Asmodean was from the Age of Legends, where powerful channelers abound. Having an angreal does help, as does being prepared, but everything we've seen indicates that any man, short of holding a sa'angreal, has no chance against a circle of 13. Yet, Rand was able to rebuff a shield from a circle of not only 13, but likely of 72! Combine this with his nonchalance in the White Tower, it strongly indicates that Rand's power had grown beyond mortal limits.
  9. *munches popcorn and drinks his brew in anticipation...
  10. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    Oh wow. Thank you guys so much! This is awesome. From what I can remember it was fantastic. Did a lil bar hoppin. Caught one of the parades. My BFF's kid's 5th bday party was yesterday morning and Wyatt had an amazing time. He broke daddy, crawling through all the tubes and slides and cargo nets lol but he had a blast. So of course, I had blast as well. It's James Brown b*&%$! Thank you sir! It was and I am hurtin now. Thank you Rhearhea!!! I do love me some witbeers. Throw a nice fresh slice of orange on there and I'm good. O_O I. . . . . I don't even have the words. . . . . . Thanks you, Ma. It's just. . . beautiful. ALL OF THE GUINNESS! Give them to MEEEEEE. Thank you Mrs. Lily. I am payin for all those Guinness today, I tell you what. lol Saturday I was in great form. Punched in at about 11:30 AM and crashed out almost at 11 PM. lol and THEN, had to get up for a 5 year old's bday party at 11:30 the next day in an echo chamber full of screaming running children at an indoor playground. Then punched in again after the party! lol My god I had a great weekend. I will seriously drink anything. . . . . I'm not proud . . . . . . .unless it has 'Lite' or 'Ultra' or 'low cal' or 'Lime-arita' whatever attached to the brand name. That's how people get punched.
  11. The Warder Field Trip

    booooooooo. hiss. hiss. booooooooooo
  12. How strong was Jesus Rand?

    It took everything he had and he did have an Angreal, hes destroyed massive armys before even on his own with no angreal, like in the Eye of the world. He said he should not have gone to Maradon because it weakened him to attack too severely. As for the shielding there probably has just never been anyone who withstood a shield from 13, not that it isn't possible. Likely him fighting it off protects him, but its strong enough that even holding the source as much as he can they will cut him off easily. So perhaps its just 13 can shield anyone if they aren't fighting the shield with their own weaves. A circle of 13 is only 13 times the strength of 1 person (unless they have angreal of their own) whereas angreal and saangreal make you orders of magnitude stronger, and a shield is still a weave so it can be overpowered with other weaves. So it may be possible when he said a full circle attempting to shield him it could be the maximum possible.
  13. I've found my new goal

    Wow! I'm impressed.
  14. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    I don't know what I was thinking, bringing cake. Let me correct that. It might be after your birthday, but it is never too late to celebrate!
  15. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    It's a sample to lure people into signing up for a class for me to teach. I taught Learn to Crochet yesterday and both women are planning to sign up for another class. That child hasn't slept good since the night before last. No naps for two days. I can't wait for that tooth to come in! I think he MAY be asleep now, but who knows for how long, and Mommy went out on a date, so I'm in charge again.
  16. And as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it
  17. My Asha'man Coat

    You really must! (This is my first year, listen to me all demanding...)
  18. He is pretty adorable! Also I think I remember the film...
  19. My Asha'man Coat

    Nice! Some day I'll go to JordanCon...
  20. Yesterday
  21. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    Well, that sounds like fun. Are teaching a class?
  22. NFL Discussion

    I guess if I had to pick an AFC team, it’d be the Chargers? I've lived in San Diego since 2009 and while the team was still here, watching the games in a packed Charger bar was always a good time. I also have tremendous respect for Rivers.
  23. NFL Discussion

    You think the Bills are gonna trade up? I had a thought that perhaps the Jets pulled the trigger so soon to get a leg up on a division rival.
  24. You are right, but the baalzamon emoji is not among them. That´s really all I need. :D
  25. Pretty sure they're still there - if you click on the emoticons button, it has a drop down at the top right for categories - you can change the category to show all emoticons, and the rest of the ones we used to have in the full list should be visible.
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