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  2. Heehee the blind leading the blind...what could go wrong 😉
  3. Welcome to DM, Juan! Kommst du aus Deutchland? Ich komme aus Kapstadt. I quite like Egwene too - I honestly don't understand the hate for her. The one I don't like is Nynaeve ... lol
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  5. Egwene's arc will probably change most because in the first few books it seems she remembers where she comes from and then she forgets. All Emonds Fielders seem to still remember but not her. Also she raises Nyneave and Elayne as people she can trust but then bullies them when they don't do what she wants. If the series gets that far, it also seems there will have to be some sort of meeting or conflict between AS and Seanchan as all we have now is Egwene the Awesome(sarcasm) while everyone else is inept during the tower attack.
  6. Only two more days and then it's autumn holiday. It will be nice to be free of work for a week.
  7. Scavenger hunt Cindy 6 points Kaylee 7 points
  8. Time for points. 6 points to Cindy. 7 points for Kaylee. Thank you for playing!
  9. Even if she is his wife or quasi-promised, like Egwene and is killed on winternight, I still think he needs some other family, like a sister or parent to show in flashbacks. A significant other who is killed immediately leaves us with the same problem of not knowing any of Perrin's blood family.
  10. They could play up Rand's attraction to her as a redux of how LTT first fell in love with Mierin, assuming she retains some of those good qualities, and then falling sharply out of love when confronted with her cold ambition. Otherwise she's a slog to get through. I like to believe this is an arc the showrunners will gladly jump on. Egwene has bratty tendencies in the later couple of books that can be restructured to seem as her grasping to remain in control. The girls captivity in Tear can end with a threat of a 13 on 13 conversion and trigger her trauma and be an emotional hurdle on the lead up to their escape. Juilin and Hurin can be merged as they serve similar functions.
  11. For the longest time I had never been to YouTube (we didn't have a computer that actually had sound for a long time, so there wasn't any point. Then I got a laptop in 2010 and discovered this whole world on YT. It really is a thriving ecosystem there, that's the best way to describe it. There is literally just about anything (legal, non-pornographic) you can imagine on there: from an old guy smoking weed and just chatting about random stuff to news broadcasts to DIY on just about anything. Want to know how to change your brakes on your car? Type that in to YouTube and there's probably a video for that. How to decorate a cake? Yep, pretty sure there are videos for that. It's like the video version of Google these days (well, it is owned by Google afterall) One thing I missed mentioning, I am currently "taking" a lecture series by Brandon Sanderson on writing a Science Fiction or Fantasy novel. I plan to watch it through once just watching, and then watch it through a second time and actually practice the note taking and writing I would be doing as if I were actually in his class.. I agree with you both, Rogan is great, but as you can tell, I don't have time for him. I barely have time as it is with real life on top of watch I watch. Thankfully, not every channel I follow puts out daily, or even weekly, content.
  12. I find it rather unlikely that they'd cast a young white actress with no other TV credits to her name to play an Aybara family member. If they were expanding on Perrin's family, the logical choice would be to cast a biracial actor to play his siblings, or older actors to play his parents. That along with her being named Laila is strong indication she's meant to play his wife. Where the story goes from there is up to debate. Seeing how this actress has the scantest resume, I'm inclined to think her character isn't meant to be kept around long.
  13. Ok got a good listen in at work today, the plot is tickening and really want to find out whats happening At same time feels like the story been too short for beeing so far along beeing at chapter 23 of 35, and there been a lot of story in a way without much happening. And as far as I get there no followup on this book so worries me, because for being so far along with not that much happening it doesnt have the feel of a story half done, feels like it should be less then half done
  14. And also they're like -10 calories, no sugar and high on proteins..just in case (apparently someone is working out..) Ahem..yup!
  15. True! I laughed so hard *roflololol* finally not alone😻 now where is that sassy little brother of ours, poke poking @Caldazar al'Aemon
  16. 1. Rand al'Thor – "What kind of need would be great enough that we'd want the Dragon to save us from it? As well ask for help from the Dark One." Great character arc, honest and loyal in heart, sometime behave like moron, however, I understand me in most of such situation. 2. el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara – “Come over here a moment. There`s something I think you should see“ It appeared to be a bucket of extra water by the washstand. „Here. We`ll both kneel down so you can look.“ Elayne did, but there was nothing in bucket but her own reflection in the water, …. Compassion, loyalty. She remained herself, evolve only in wisdom. She was also the biggest women “badass”. 3. Elmindreda Farshaw - "Oh, no, sheepherder. Not good enough." She wriggled round on his lap in a way that made him clear his throat, and pinned a finger against his chest. "I want tears in your eyes when you say it. I want drool on your chin and a stammer in your voice. You needn't think I won't make you pay." Intelligent, independent, honest and caring. She was “ordinary” women, as well as special one. She save word more than in one way with her intelligence and caring, without army or one power. Some time I wish, Rand could avoid Elayne and Aviendha, when go for Nynaeve to Caemlyn. 4. al'Lan Mandragoran - “I am just a man,” Lan whispered. “That is all I have ever been.” He is Rock. I like how he disarm every bully when he just stand and look. As Min support and complement Rand, He support and complement Nynaeve. 5. Moiraine Damodred - "The wheel weaves as the wheel wills." Mystic, knowledgeable, She was intelligent, powerful and knowledgeable and fact, that she was able find limit of her power and knowledge do her the most intelligent character of WoT, do you agree Socrates? Space and weaving 6. Matrim Cauthon – I disliked him at beginning, but when Talmanes, Tylin and Tuon (3T) take him in “care”, I found his POV amusing and I can know him better. 7. Siuan Sanche – She keep fight until end found her “prince” before death. 8. Davram t'Ghaline Bashere – when The Wheel need some general for mad Dragon, It have to be somebody unique. Talmanes because his humour, Tam because his steadiness, Rodel Ituralde because small wolf cunning, Dobraine Taborwin because loyalty was so rare in land of Carhien.
  17. Wooooh! *singing* Let your geek out!!! That's the way, aha aha, I like it..😄 *shakey, shakes*
  18. Wonderful! Thanks @Wildfire Sedai! Glad to have you :). Do you mean a PM before role PMs?
  19. Bookwise: Blue to me means freedom and information. The freedom to choose what "cause" you want to pursue, and information (eyes and ears) to help you do it. DM-wise: It means the ability to "let my freak flag fly" so to speak. It means that I can come here to discuss, geek out, debate a variety of fandoms and never be judged/looked down upon for my geekiness, my choice of "side" of a fandom/ship, my obsession with a book series. It means family -- where you can really be yourself and not have to worry about walking on eggshells or acting a certain way 🙂.
  20. Oooooh!!! Now that is how you wrap someone around your little finger, for sure. Impressive🤩 Tay, nothing broken (just bended, chipped and dented) 😇😇 *straightens little askew hailo* 😁
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