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  2. It is. :) Welcome back, Talya! Great to see you!
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  4. Apparently I'm in the minority because these covers are pretty boring and well... repetitive...
  5. I staunchly disagree. Physical attributes are half the book. The differences between Andorans, Tierians, Shinerians, the Sea Folk, Saldeans etc. was vividly painted. As much as the differences in the cities, personalities, mannerisms, you take away from the story when you take the individualism from the distinct cultures represented. Each cultural people was given depth, pains were taken to describe appearances, heights, mannerisms, politics, hairstyles, clothing choices, how the homes looked. (IE tiles on roofs and bricks were not introduced to Two Rivers until refugees brought their new fangled different methods with them.) The actors and actresses chosen are gorgeous and talented people - but the guy playing Perrin has no shoulders to speak of. How would anyone believe he had been years apprenticed to a blacksmith with his current build? Of course people have preconceived notions of what characters are "supposed" to look like, a vivid picture was painted over and over. Thom, is supposed to be white haired and with long white mustache... if he was played by someone with brown hair and clean shaven it would be just as jarring and disappointing. If Tar Valon doesn't have fanciful Orgier nature inspired buildings and Cahrien doesn't have topless towers it will be disappointing. There wasn't much left to the imagination in the fancifully vivid description of Robert Jordan's world and characters because he spelled it out in painstaking detail down to embroidery and materials of clothing. If Faile doesn't have a hawkish nose and tilted eyes she doesn't match the description ground into the pages every time we read about her. If tinkers wagons and garb are color glaring and so bright and mismatched as to be painful to behold it will be disappointing. What else are they going to change? Will Emonds field still be as isolated and prim or will the "stout two rivers wollens" turn into slinky low cut and clinging garments to show off the figures of the actresses... will they forget that the women's circle keeps things (prude) 'proper' and pre marital relations are uncommon, scandalous and typically sex means "now we have to get married " to two rivers folks? Because that wholesomeness is a theme over and over and plays part of the plot and the personalities of the Emonds fielders. A backwoods set of towns where the farthest most folks get is Tarien Ferry, would not have a cultural mix. Tam al'thor coming home with an outland wife was something major for the town to talk about. Nothing ever happens there and news is months old by the time it reaches The two rivers. A Gleeman or a single wagon merchant or A Lady was big news to set the simple small isolated town gossiping and excited for a month and more alone. It was a bland little hamlet of stubborn farmers who were cut off from the outside world. Any basic genetic drift would pretty much ensure that the locals would be pretty homogeneous rather than diverse. I'm still excited that a series I've read the covers off of from so many rereadings is finally going to be made for the screen, I'm still going to watch it, I still fervently hope to enjoy it, but I sincerely hope that they utilize the source material more faithfully. Is it really asking too much to honor the author's arduous and painstaking details? GOT went south once they started deviating and taking liberties after the TV Series surpassed the books. Personally it detracts from the diverse cultures represented in the story by ignoring the characteristics presented as regional and unique. It mattered enough for the story that pages upon pages were dedicated to describing attributes of peoples and places. So why throw all that out the window during casting?
  6. Here's the "sequel" to my "Favorite Characters in Fantasy Literature" topic! This time it is Favorite (Top 20) Books or Book Series (not necessarily Fantasy or Science Fiction, or even Fiction for that matter if you are so inclined). Again, I did this in Top 20 format, with five Honorable Mentions (which are in no particular order). I will note which entries are for just a single book, and unless specified as such the rest are for a series. Hope you enjoy and share your own, and have some interesting discussion, and potentially find some new TBRs! 1) Commonwealth Saga (the full series, including the Void Trilogy & Chronicles of the Fallers series) -- Peter F Hamilton* 2) Lord of the Rings (including The Hobbit and The Silmarillion) -- JRR Tolkien 3) A Song of Ice and Fire -- George RR Martin 4) The Wheel of Time -- Robert Jordan 5) Riftwar Cycle` (this includes the Empire Trilogy with Janny Wurts) -- Raymond E Feist 6) Memory, Sorrow and Thorn -- Tad Williams** 7) Stranger in a Strange Land (novel, Uncut Edition in particular) -- Robert A Heinlein 8 ) Mars Trilogy -- Kim Stanley Robinson 9) The Deed of Paksennarion -- Elizabeth Moon 10) Dune (just the book, not the series) -- Frank Herbert*** 11) Night's Dawn Trilogy -- Peter F Hamilton 12) Masters of Rome -- Colleen McCullough 13) The Pern series -- Anne McCaffrey (and Todd McCaffrey)** 14) The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (first trilogy only) -- Stephen R Donaldson 15) Foundation -- Isaac Asimov 16) Thrawn trilogy (aka Heir to the Empire trilogy) (Star Wars) -- Timothy Zahn**** 17) The Baroque Cycle -- Neal Stephenson 18) Time Enough for Love (novel) -- Robert A Heinlein 19) God Emperor of Dune (novel) -- Frank Herbert*** 20) Mistborn (Era I) -- Brandon Sanderson Honorable Mentions (again, in no particular order) Dragonlance Chronicles -- Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman Dragonlance Legends -- Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman The Stormlight Archive -- Brandon Sanderson (even though it is unfinished) The Incarnations of Immortality -- Piers Anthony** I, Jedi (novel) -- Michael A Stackpole * This setting is my favorite all time fictional setting, and the one I would most want to live in if I ever found the Genie's Lamp and had three wishes. I would just have to decide which time period, as the three separate series are each a different time period in the overall saga. ** There are newer books in these series that I have not read, books that have come out since I last paid any attention to those worlds and moved on to other pastures. I plan to go back to these realms soon and see what the authors have cooked up. *** You will note that I only included Dune and God Emperor of Dune here from Frank Herbert's oeuvre, and that's because I personally find the rest of the Dune books to be rather weak, both those written by Frank and those written by his son and Kevin J Anderson. Not that I didn't enjoy them for themselves, I just didn't think that they were on par with these two nor were they as good as anything else I listed here. There are a handful of books by Brian and Kevin that I haven't yet read that might be good, I just don't know yet. **** This is the original, now non-canon, trilogy from back in the mid 1990s, not the newer Disney-canon Thrawn books that Zahn has recently written.
  7. WoT Spoilers ends up doing just as much per chapter of Wheel of Time, so there's that.
  8. I was surprised at how well we did! Thanks for coming up with this, Niniel!
  9. Talyaaaaaaaaaa *squishy hugs* Welcome back!
  10. Tal!!! *snugglebites all over* I'm no longer alone. Yeayyyy *sprinkles red confetti in your hair* And you've missed meeeeeeeeeeeeee obviously... I think this is a punishment that Myst thought up because of all my long periods of inactivity. She left me here on my own this time lol.
  11. I should clarify that by "you" I meant the general you, not specifically you lol. I love the Brontes and Dumas is wonderful too. I couldn't deal with Moby Dick at all so empathise with your plight over that.
  12. It is most definitely not gratuitous, it is very much a part of the character's development and mental state and belief set at the time it occurs. I fully acknowledge that my distaste for mainstream literature, especially "the classics" is immature and very much a prejudice and, well, a form of bigotry I guess one could say. I've considered going back and trying to read Moby Dick again (I only managed about 2/3rds of it when we read it in high school, at which point I gave up and started using the Cliffs Notes). I've become more used to nautical tales since then thanks to several fantasy and even science fiction authors (thank you David Weber for your Safehold series!), and I think I could handle that sort of story telling much better now than before. I'll still never try Gatsby again though; I can't even sit through either of the film versions of it. And I cannot picture myself reading Hemingway or any other F Scott Fitzgerald, they just aren't my style. I did read a lot of Twain in my youth (and just ignored a certain word used extensively in the Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer books, even though I myself am not black). And I did enjoy Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scartlet Letter when we read that in school. And I even read, for myself, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women books (all three or four of them, I don't recall how many). And some of the English lit authors, I've read them and enjoyed them (a long long time ago), especially the older ones (period pieces are some of my favorite movies, so books like that are great IMO, and I actually recently acquired a bunch of the books by the Bronte sisters, and also plan to read some Dumas-- yeah, I know, he's French, but still classic older literature).
  13. makes complete sense. A lot of what you listed is kinda in the intro class.. -ish.
  14. Heavily agree with Agreddon on the concept art for Perrin. Also, I just really disagree with the image of Mat's actor that was originally sent out and is in the bottom right. The other images of the actor I can see as Mat, just not that one.
  15. i agree. my only point is they need time and exposure. we can't streamline that out
  16. I know, right? I hide it well. Yes, agreed. Excellent. Great to get a second favourable vote for reading them. And again, eccentric vocabulary sounds right up my street. I'm now prepared for the big bad. I don't mind triggers if they're a constructive part of the plot/char development. If it's gratuitous...colour me far less impressed. That's what the Malazan books did to me. I didn't just tear up, I was a wreck. Absolutely heartbroken and sobbed my eyes out. My other half thought I'd lost the plot entirely crying over a book but to me, that's the sign of effective, impactful writing and of a book series I'll never forget. I like The Great Gatsby! lol There's really no reason to be any kind of snob about any kind of literature. You can subjectively hold opinions about what you prefer and what you rate in terms of genre, writing style, point of view etc. without dismissing everything you don't consider worthwhile as total rubbish. Bottom line, particularly these days, I'm a firm believer that any kind of reading is better than none. Very much. This sort of chat is why I joined DM in the first place. We may have varying tastes, but we do tend to be like minded about our general love of fantasy and sci-fi.
  17. I started reading the first book. Heard good things about Joe Abercrombie. For some reason I got sidetracked though, my attention hadn't been hooked yet and as a result, I haven't gone back to it. I really must. Thanks for the reminder.
  18. That would be a good way to allow you to cut the mob scene. And, yeah, you really need to get the story of Manetheran.
  19. Agreed, I think one needs the balance between the two types even if just to give our brains and emotions some respite. My go to when I feel that way is the trashiest chick lit you can think of lol and I don't feel remotely guilty about it. Myst calls me a literary snob because a) I enjoy Shakespeare which she struggles with because of the language and b) I don't rate certain authors as particularly skilled despite enjoying their books. (Rowling and Sanderson fall into that category for me, entertaining but not one of the greats). I don't however, stick my nose up at any particular genre. I was lucky that sci-fi and fantasy were both on my Uni reading list and heavily discussed, yet I definitely did come up against that dismissive attitude towards other forms of popular fiction such as historical fiction in particular. Can't recall to be absolutely honest. That's Eddings for me. I could read them until the cows come home when I want to be amused and enthralled without thinking. Well now you've really interested me. Words are absolutely my jam. I've had people tell me all my life to stop using big words but a lot of it's down to the books I grew up reading where the language is simply less commonly used nowadays. I think it's why I find some fantasy writers overly simplistic in their style, it's what I call writing for the lowest common denominator, the worst type of "popular" fiction. 100% agreed. Not a fan of that at all. Faran! ❤️ Oh my gosh. Iconic. Yeah, unfinished would irritate me. Don't even get me started on ASoIaF. I'm aware of the author and the series, but never tried them. Wordy doesn't bother me, it didn't with Jordan. I like good descriptive passages. Readers these days are, (often not always), lazy and impatient. I've read the Farseer books, the Liveship Traders, The Tawny Man series and also her books written as Megan Lindholm. Fun fact, my Blademaster sword at the Band (not the RP) is called Windsinger after "The Windsinger Quartet" books she wrote. They're all sitting on the shelf behind me. Love her as a writer. One of the very few exceptions I've made for 1st person pov.
  20. The clubs and internet are abuzz with talk of the Emond's Fielders, but let's be serious here, they have yet to announce the most important casting - Bela! Do you think they will cast a big 'mane' like Gideon, the miniature horse who played Lil Sebastian on Parks and Recreation, or will they find an unknown shaggy brown beauty? Feel free to join in on the speculation with your own pictures of famous, infamous, or unknown horses that could play our Bela. [Silliness encouraged] Gideon, aka Lil Sebastian:
  21. /in If game starts before Aug 30. As I have a game I already inned for at another site at Sep 8th and don't want too much overlapping. Please PM me at least a day in advance of rand. Thank You. IF you can. sooner the better. but I understand if you can't.
  22. Hi there I purchased Eye of the World in paperback in 1991 and then bought the hardcover version of each book as it was published. I'm almost finished listening to the series for the second time over Audible. It's my favourite book series and I am thrilled that it will be coming to air. My favourite character is Perrin Aybara and I'm a huge wolf fan. I did some online writing years ago through AncientSites and really enjoyed it. I'm Canadian, from Vancouver but I live in Sydney Australia. I look forward to meeting and interacting with fellow WoT devotees here. Ernest
  23. I read some where that human beings obsession with race is something that is an obsession of such little importance that if alien anthropologists came to earth and only had skeletal remains to look at and define the human race that the variance in skin color is so small that it wouldn't even be something of significance to be noted. They wouldn't even see it as mattering. Ever actor I saw the picture for I felt in my gut was the right person. I have read the books more times then I care to share, I met Mr. Jordan once at a signing and he signed all the books that were out at the time. I think he was a man of wonderous vision but a practicality rooted much like he was of solid Two rivers stock himself and I think he shake his head at people arguing over things like this, instead of glorifying in the fact THE ARE MAKING W.O.T. INTO A TELEVISION SERIES PEOPLE. Don't let toxicity do what it has to comic fandom or fantasy fandom or trek fandom, Wars fandom hell every fandom out there... don't be the people making actors sad they took a role and were respectful of the material beyond anything seen but sad little trolls harass and attacked them into leaving their online presence to erased. Even the Forsaken would not be so cruel or so selfish to think they were the Creator. We know RJ was and I trust in his choices to steer W.O.T. into being more then something passed by and left forgotten and irrelevant. It deserves to be more because it is more and nothing as silly as Andorian Lineage matters more then real people... after all who's to say the Andors aren't all people of color.... if they can change The Dragon Reborn well changing the rest to follow suite should not be declared a breaking of the world but a reuniting of both halves men and woman saidin and saidar, white and black Everyone forgets we are one... not two....
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