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  2. I'm almost positive Danya is new. Some characters, like Logain, are getting larger roles so these people could be related to them. Also Nyneave's parents are dead and her unnamed father mentioned in passing, Perrin's are mentioned, never seen and killed offscreen and Egwene has vanishing sisters so we'll get at least cameos I think. I think I remember hear they changed the name of Alanna's other warder and I think it was Maksim. I don't remember way, I think it was similar to another one.
  3. Congratulations Maera!! You shall be a fine Accepted and I look forward to see where your journey takes you!
  4. If I recall, it wasn't just a wide brimmed hat, but described by Nynaeve as ridiculous. Closest I could find that wasn't cheap or made of paper that cant get wet, is an Amish style farmers hat. Only issue is the height of the cap is somewhat extreme, but mitigated this by somewhat of a fold sequence, down then up, to make it more what i prefer.
  5. So excited for you, Cairos!!! I’m sure you’ll do great! Stay safe!
  6. I'm sad to say, as a newbie, I have the misfortune of not remembering you, (since I would love to see food and cute animals) but nice to meet you anyway!
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  8. SO the ER cleared me early. I was suppose to be on training for 12 weeks but they cut it to 8 weeks since i was doing really well. All my preceptors like me a lot and said good things to my manager and supervisor. Tuesday will be my first day on the job by myself. So excited and nervous at the same time.
  9. On the redder side of my life, my hair are now red (This is something I feel I need to say in a Red Ajah group 😛). The ends anyway although the colour is more like copper red than bright red. Just before situation got bad in the area I was in, my friend had decided that we needed something new in our lives which happened to be something new with hair so she turned hairstylist and experimented on me. Pretty happy with how it turned out 😀
  10. congratulations Maera!!!! *tacklehugs* let us see the bling bling! *oohs and aaahs at the ring* looks perfect, it really suits you!🤗
  11. Congrats Lava! Lighties do happen to have the voices which make for interesting surroundings...
  12. Well, this is the one thread in BT where one can always expect some conversation going on. Hi! Anyone remembers me? (I'll post pictures of 10 cute animals and/or food if someone does...that sounds like old push-ups...do all threads still end up diverting to food?)
  13. Well you got one and a half year more.. *yawns* fun but exhausting (especially since someone always get tempted to read trough the threads lol) I'll try to at least get 2015 finnished tomorrow and then easter is up, should get a lot more done then😀
  14. Welcome..and intros always feels akward to the person writing it 😉 hope you enjoy the site
  15. OK, so looking at IMDB at The Wheel of Time I noticed there were some cast members that haven't been mentioned and also some that don't even give the character they are portraying. So let the speculation begin. Naana Agyei Ampadu - Danya (I can't remember any character with that name in the books) Maria Doyle Kennedy - no character given Kate Fleetwood - Liandrin (I hadn't heard of this maybe some of you had) Priyanka Bose - Alanna Mosvani Peter Franzen - no character given Stuart Graham - no character given Daryl McCormack - no character given Taylor Napier - Maksim (I don't remember this character either)
  16. Moiraine / Rosamund Pike has the Eddard Stark / Sean Bean role in the first season. She she's a veteran actress who will be the initial center of attraction to get everything started. She doesn't get killed like Stark but the emphasis shifts away. I rememeber the first time I read the book and at first she was the most interesting character through which everything flowed. Lan was next and the kids slowly emerged as it went on.
  17. You're right about the war crime. It would make sense to return him to Gheldan for diplomatic points after gentling. But that WT would have to work more diplomatically and less like bully.
  18. Read my contribution first please, and do not put there words, which are not there. If only Morain will be "star" after first book, then series will be at very dark spot. They can use here very well et first book, but if they will stay with her as number one in others .....
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