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  2. As much as we'd all love it if no characters were sacrificed, it's clearly impossible. So, just for fun, what are your ideas for characters who could be combined. Here are three ideas: (1) Min + Hurin Hurin is needed only for his ability to track Padan Fain. But Min's viewings are flexible enough where the writers could substitute her. Bonus: the relationship between Min and Rand can develop on screen rather than being based on a single quick interaction. (2) Dena + Aludra Aludra is a low-key critical character, who sort of bounces around on the margins of the story. Giving her a relationship with Thom (maybe making them a performing team) gets her into the story in a less random way and makes her potentially more memorable when she pops up later on. (3) The Bornhalds The whole Dain/Geofram thing is unnecessary. A single Bornhald makes more sense for the tv series. What do y'all think?
  3. I've been watching this show, based on Michelle McNamara's novel, I'll be gone in the dark. Loving it so far! For those unfamiliar, Michelle McNamara had been researching the Golden State Killer, all his victims for around a Decade. She died 2016, after an accidental overdose, leaving behind her Husband Patton Oswalt (yes the comedian) and a daughter. Literally 3 days after her death, they caught the murderer. After her Death, Patton Oswalt continued and got her book published 2 years after her death. It debuted at the #1 spot on the New York Times Best seller list. The whole thing is a fascinating story. ow McNamara & Oswalt got married, how her research & obsession with murders impacted his comedy.
  4. I was watching "Yellowstone" last night. Kelsey Chow would be perfect for Faile.
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  6. Just Alin to start, although I found a few bios for some other characters I had. Dipping my toes back in so to speak before I expand my character universe. Need to see if I still remember how to write a decent RP.
  7. Welcome to DM! Let us know if you have any questions.
  8. ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) Der'Manshima And I really like homemade coffee ice cream on Blackberry Cobbler.
  9. R _ _ D E _ I _ _ / R I D G E _ _ _ _ No: L
  10. I think Halima, like many other things was a victim of books 7-11 since she is unmasked and dies in book 12. You have a near undetectable weapon but we get next to nothing and instead, pointless book sideplots to nowhere instead of cool Halima.
  11. i've noticed some faint muscle definition in my arms
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  13. Mine too 🤣 Is it just Alin you're looking to bring back/ play?
  14. Lava - recruit Stay safe cairos *snuggles* yes the tavern is definitely up...uhm or is it down...? It might be upside down...😁
  15. Lavandula - manshima FFA500 Fruit sallad
  16. Any other takers? Another clue: He's a father.
  17. Outstanding, Cross! I'm proud of you. Feel any different?
  18. *Notices she is being stabbed. Slowly and lovingly stabs her bonded sister*
  19. Are they some kind of short stories? I should definitely be ready for Rhythm of War unless something unexpected happens.
  20. It's pretty good. And depending on your reading speed, you should be done with Oathbringer by the time Rhythm of War comes out. Just FYI: its recommended to read Warbreaker before Words of Radiance, and Edgedancer before Oathbringer.
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