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  2. I’m working on organizing. Leaving on vacation on Tuesday and will be back Sunday. We had a nice Father’s Day. Anyone else?
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  4. FTFY (And calm ya farm, I'll sign up again for the next small-ish basic if someone comes along to take my spot before I can play this one ^.^ )
  5. All the good ones are, ask your partner 🤣
  6. And I pointed put why the field is unlikely to groe smaller prior to the end of the year
  7. Good thing I didnt say to fit them all into one debate. I said to cut down the field
  9. Oh wow! We we just ate some zucchini from our garden and will eat some yellow squash today! Tomatoes too!
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  11. Nests, whether they're birds or squirrels.
  12. Thanks, maybe. I've got to get all this together for the end of Tuesday, so they can read everything for the annual review the 26th. I'm certain I'll get through it this time, so I'm not very worried about writing it perfectly, but I do want more sources to "beef it up." So today I was zigzagging all through the internet to find one primary or secondary source after the other, to make it look better. Occasionally I find something useful for the case study itself, but mostly it's just showing I know all the scholars I need to know.
  13. Yeah, I found them pretty consistent in being dishonorable after selecting two leaders that failed the Aiel way, so to me they didn’t change, just Shaido being Shaido.
  14. Shaido were considered the most dishonorable clan, but just seems like they tossed away all their beliefs rather quickly. Taking wetlanders captive etc...
  15. Think that attempting to cram so many candidates into one debate would have been an even greater disaster. As it is I doubt that the field will iddle down anytime soon. The time of low intensity campaigning that is taking place at this time means that even those that are pollling the lowest can afford the vanity. It's not until the expense of etting up credible campaing organizations especially in Iwa and New Hamphire that relit will set in and we will see multiple candidates drop out. I simply see little reason why any canddate would drop out anytime prior to the end of the year.
  16. I begin to dislike her when she tagged along with Perrin on his way back home, she was very self centered and manipulative. I hated her when she got jealousy of Min, she later was not happy about Morgase hiding her true identity which is a thing she would probably also do in a similar situation.
  17. Yoniy0 I think Faile is older than Perrin. She is slim and short, that is what Davram is referring to when he says weak. Farmers breed out slight, weak bodied in a way that Royalty can’t (unless spouses are chosen for physical robustness versus political connection, also men sometimes prefer petite women). Lucky I hate manipulative people like Faile. We never were told why she liked him. Perrin being insecure around her is unattractive of him, but telling of her, even after marriage. Rereading the books I noticed Min loves horses like Perrin does. They share upsetness over horses being caught up by men’s schemes (Perrin at Dumai, Min at The Mist cameo in Cairhein hills). I know Perrin isn’t Min’s type either, but it would have made more sense Min to fall for Perrin, his gentleness in general, she could have seen him caring for his horse... Perrin and Min could have ended up on a Horse ranch in the Westwood at the end. It didn’t make sense for Rand to have unlimited promiscuous sex with Min for the second half of the series which is a complete dismissal of Rand’s upbringing and dismissive of his relationship with the other two women. I know Elayne is white trash, but she could have married Rand in a small private ceremony with Aiel wise women. Berelain is all wrong for Perrin, she never loved him. There was a physical attraction, but that came after.
  18. Growing fresh produce in the garden?
  19. Casssssss! *glomps* Wait...I'm scary? 😞
  20. Zander 3 I told nyn that if we get to hydra we can't kill you because of your dean gif <333
  21. Yes, but them being annoying is expected I guess, I think another point made by RJ is that if all people behave like that selfishly, the Dark One wins without having to fight at all.
  22. Yeah Sabio, Shaido were always like that. First meet with Couladin? He was their chosen leader, not some rando. Yeah, Chad some people on the light side are annoying. I’m guessing you never read any of the Darkies talking? They are all annoying. #TeamNarg 😉
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