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  2. Hmmm. This thread has become remarkably mud-free recently. Perhaps the wrong players were voted off the island? Hmmm....?
  3. Oh, we're bringing up old games? Okay... I dedicated a measurable percentage of my life to LucasArt's Star Wars: X-Wing (1993). I've wanted to be an X-Wing pilot since approximately May of 1977, and that is the closest I've come so far. There's an MMORPG coming soon called Squadrons that looks very tempting. In the here and now, I play chess every day at chess.com.
  4. I love visiting the other Ajahs and the Warders! With my limited time, I tend to be a reactive poster. I post on topics where there has been recent activity if they interest me or look fun. I dearly wish I had more DM time. As you probably know, I love it here! I would like to see a central place for events, like the Tar Valon board we had on the forums.
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  6. What makes you post? I enjoy getting to know people, and talk about common/differing interests. I learn new things, and I have fun fan-girling with like-minded individuals. What prevents you from going into areas that aren't strictly "yours", like maybe other Ajahs' boards? Absolutely nothing. And even when I become a full sister, it'll still be nothing. Would you like to participate in events? Of course! What kind of event would you like to participate in? Doesn't matter to me. I like participating and organizing fun things for people to do. Where do you think events should be advertised? If the event is open to everyone in the forum, having a centralized place for events would make it easy to see all the goings-on, regardless of the group one is in. I also think it's important for each group to do their own special things for team/group bonding purposes that isn't necessarily open to the public. Those types of events should remain private and with their own groups. Now, in the case of events that have multiple groups participating, but isn't open to the public (such as an Ajah wants to do something with the Warders, but wants to keep it amongst themselves)...that's where it gets tricky, and will require some thought.
  7. Pizza most of the time Chicken or beef
  8. Yeah Sims 4 I ain't sold on yet, I miss my custom sliders and stuff from 3 Other then that I imensly enjoy nonudokus And play dragonage on phone as well as merge dragons Got dragon age on PC not been able to figure it out
  9. I really like that breakdown. Being a point where there wont be a confirmation (unless Sanderson is just hiding some random obscure notes on vultures to hype the show or something XD) I think that explanation probably makes the most sense. It's a true show of outstanding writing when even such an obscure detail like this can be looked at with the rules of the world you made and figured out with some thought and logic. Just one of the many reasons I love this series
  10. Haha 😄 Still needs strength and balance too though but yeah...luckily most poses got easier versions😜
  11. I can't do that. Pushups are four-points on the floor, three if the theme song to 'Rocky' is playing really loud. Ask me again when I'm a slim 120-pound woman.
  12. Oh come on! you do like 150 pushups, you try making me believe you can't do that? 😝
  13. Thank you james I will add you to the pm then. It's the big art exhibition yes? Hope we'll see your lovely pics here too? 😃
  14. I should be able to lend a hand, although the end of the week I'll be pretty busy with personal matters, so I can't overcommit.
  15. "No, Doctor. I hab no idea how I broke my node, honedt. I judt woke up thid morning and it wad like thid."
  16. Anyone want to help out with the event , just give me a shout!
  17. Find your inner detective and join in on the fun of Sherlock Holmes week in the warders from September 27th! (Links will be provided as soon as they're out)
  18. Aha yes cause I thought it was strange if accepted couldn't lol
  19. The Bonding rules are here, in the "WT/Warders 101" thread in the White Tower Public Forum. However, the link points to the WT Staff club, which is not open to all, so we may have to fix that. An artifact of the WT Re-org last year, I believe. Actually, the links in the upper-most post point to the WT Staff Club, but readers can scroll down and read copies of the original posts. Thus, only the links need to be fixed, I believe. The relevant section for the current discussion:
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