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  2. *hands Tom HiddlestonE back* can you kidnap Tom Hiddleston instead? ๐Ÿ˜‹ Been good, Tay got me to come back. How have you been? Missed you guys!
  3. Handel's "The Messiah". I performed this piece every year for seven years, and it was a pile of fun every single time. Oddly enough, I don't listen to it very often, but I will find any excuse to perform it. I listen to every Mannheim Steamroller album every year as well as every Christmas-related Trans-Siberian Orchestra album (i.e. all of them except 'Beethoven's Last Night' and 'Night Castle'). After that... I'm done. Except... 'O Holy Night'. I studied voice, and this is easily the single most requested song that I have in my repertoire, and it is so satisfying to perform because you know in an instant that you have the audience. I did this one for an informal event once with around 2500 non-attentive attendees, and four syllables in, I looked at the whole crowd and went, "Yup, you're mine. Enjoy the ride."
  4. The Mistress of Novices and the Wise Ones sure do a lot of lady spanking! Do you think we'll see as much of it in the show as we do in the books? I think they'll tone it down. Thoughts?
  5. annnnd the skintone study really starts
  6. ummmmmm how does this go again lol Cairos Sedai ~ Gray Brother & Gray Sitter For me is the neapolitan cookies.
  7. What did u get into now mumsy? Dont say you been diging into my mintys aparently bad stuff? *hands LG a proper glass of moscato*
  8. Thats really lovely in a way..it needs to go on my playlist and if you look away from some of the love sentances could easily fit on any close relationship having gone through turbulance..not just romantic ones
  9. We are? You sure? Really? Well if you want work go for it ๐Ÿ˜› better you then me lets see L..Lia..oh right Liitha ..rank um der'manshima I guess (and if I spelled it wrong I dont care) and I am back with the Cuen'deren as for holiday treat um jeez there so many what all to pick, I like my candy canes in all kind of flavors, has some chocolate I also just buy for christmas..oh and gingerbreadhouse the pieces with both melted suggar on and powdered sugar deco yum So to sum it up: Liitha Der'manshima Pink fluff of cuen'deren ๐Ÿ˜„ (Now everyone go find our stinking elves)
  10. Not a bad choice, as long as he's athletic enough to make it believable that's he's a highly gifted swordsman.
  11. Ishamael - Moridin Lanfear - Cyndane Bethamel - Arangar Aginor - Osangar Fain - Mordeth Egeanin - Lylwen And there's probably a few I missed... Should they avoid this and keep the same names throughout the show, or change some characters names at various points like in the books? I think they should stay the same. Thoughts?
  12. hey *points* see i edited...ooooh smoke...then we just need music well and the lights need off and the lightcasters on *hits buttons randomly untill she gets the desired effect* woohooo lets dance... oi @Zander? come join us
  13. I was thinking about that fight in the sky at the end of the book..... Perhaps this has been though of and addressed before, I didn't search too hard.... Anyway, Is Rand's soul one of the Hero's souls tied to the Horn of Valere? If the Horn summons Hero's from the dream world and the fog or mist they seem to come out of is like a pathway between the dream world and the real world, could it be that Hero's currently living in the real world could access this foggy pathway as well? Does the summoning go both ways? This could explain the battle in the clouds between Rand in Ishamael. Rand was basically summoned to the Horn of Valere's foggy/misty, portal, pathway thing, it rose and became a cloud, and Ishamael followed him there. Just some idle thoughts, Tai Shar Manetherin
  14. Oh and I don't know if you heard, but Brandon confirmed the Moridin/Rand body/soul swap.
  15. *grabs a botle of colorfull stuff from the cabinet* lets try this ...you in @Eternal Phoenix
  16. It's just to see if they do the Ishmael and Moridin being the same person in different bodies thing.
  17. @Tigara @Dahmir hey who knows lolz, yellow here i guess fun time, its a bit mixy in my head though cause there so many members back in the day that was yellows both here and in RP and having a yellow in rp myself ...yeah all my memories of yellow other then dah is a bit mixed into eachother from the two sides so hard to extract what is this yellow and what was that ๐Ÿ˜› otherwise nice friendships - always someone to talk to and whatnot are things i can think about, but crossmemberships i am not completely sure if that bellongs here or elsewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰ scitter scatter litle sounds in the dark like things being shufles around, are someone messing with the yellows newly put up decoration?
  18. Interesting. I donโ€™t care too much about how the actors look but Moridin has to be perfect!
  19. eh it happens to us all been gone 3-5 years myself and still trying to remind myself of what is what lolz in here...amasing what some time away do to your memory
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