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  2. @SinisterDeath - I enjoy the way you presented your ideas. I concur that having an Avatar, or momentarily inhabiting a person or object (i.e. statue of themselves) is something gods do often in fantasy tropes...and in religious mythos as well - at least in terms of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, etc. I had, however, never applied that idea to Bela. I am about to do a reread of the series and I will look at her through new eyes. I didn't know that was possible after reading it 14 times! Masterful writing by RJ to be subtle enough to not catch attention every time an event happened, but obvious enough so that people did eventually recognize/pick up on it. I love the idea that the DO being so hands-on/Creator hands-off is to show the duality of their natures. Not only in trying to shape and guide the world, but also in trusting "their" people. @Mrs. Cindy Gill - Ha! Fair enough. There were plenty of cats in the background of the series though. If only it were written in present day, maybe she could have had a cameo!
  3. Thank you @keyholder21 yes, the horse. Her namesake wasn't in Edmonds field.
  4. Going off of various fantasy tropes, Godlike entities often have a hands off on the material plane. (Often as a pact among other godlike entities) But they generally are able to Create a Visage of themselves, an Avatar that is effectively a mortal version of said godlike entity, usually possessing similar powers, albeit not as strong. (Kind of like breaking off a piece of a godlike entity that returns to it when it dies.) In similar fantasy tropes, those god like entities often grant their powers (Often for a limited time) to certain mortals, to achieve some kind of goal. This person is often seen as acting upon their patron gods behalf, as their Avatar. (Kind of like a Lawyer who speaks on your behalf, except now you can turn their enemies underpants into locust) Applying this to Bela works in my mind more so, than applying the biblical holy trinity to the Wheel of Time with the trinity being Creator/Bela/Rand. I believe that's meant to show the dual nature of the two entities. IMO, The end of the series kind of touches upon this. The Creator is Ultimate Good, and the Dark One is Ultimate Evil. Black/White, Ying/Yang. Where the DO has a very hands on approach, often hamfisted in It's Methods. The Creator applies it's influence in a very subtle manner, often through Bela. Allowing her to rescue Rand/Egwene in the first book. Helping Oliver, running faster than any pony had any right to. Something small that not many people saw, that they wouldn't even notice the creators hand in play.
  5. @Mrs. Cindy Gill - You have a very cute Bela :D. Did you mean Bela the horse when you said the below quote?
  6. Interesting! I have never thought about her being an avatar for the creator. Able to observe, but not severely intervene. Why do you think the Creator is so hands-off when the Dark One is so hands-on?
  7. Bela the kitty, btw. Not the creator but as good as gold and she's have not been silent for even a chapter let alone almost the whole series.
  8. Bela is our kitty. as a character, she had more warmth and depth than most. The story would have ended on winternight without her.
  9. I'm not certain if Bela is Creator made flesh, (RE: Trinity), but at the very least I'm certain that Bela is the Avatar of the Creator, and she is the creator's guiding hoof upon the world. The evidence throughout the series is there. She ran faster and longer than any pony had any right to. Bela made it appear as if Egwene/Rand? was the one that healed her stamina, surprising Moiraine. Bela was exactly where she needed to be throughout the series, allowing those subtle tweaks to the pattern, that led to Final Battle's outcome. To quote the God Entity in Futurama "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."
  10. A wild theory that has grown into a fan favorite! Is Bela the Creator? The Dark One has been puppeting the entire series, but the Creator is absent....or is she? Bela been around since the very beginning, despite some harrowing close calls. And, how else do we explain her mysteriously surviving (re: WoT Companion), after dying in AMoL? What do you think?
  11. Welcome to Bela's corner of Dragonmount. Here is where we will revel in everything that is Bela-related! If there are any questions or concerns regarding this board, please feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to help in any way that I can. If the PM system is down for some reason, you can reach me at keyholder21@gmail.com. We have very few rules here: Please - 1. Be courteous to others. 2. Watch your language (keep it PG-13). 3. Join in our love and discussion of the best horse to ever horse!
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