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A place for writers to gather and talk about the business and craft.

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  2. It's on the road map for Dabble but Jacob is one person hard to do it all and do it well and quickly.
  3. I'd adore to have project's that i can collaborate without needed Google.
  4. will do. I love dabble, but it doesn't fit my work flow. I REALLY need the ability to share my work on the fly without handing out my password. I have an alpha reader who reads each scene as I write it, and it's IMPORTANT that she has read and edit access lol at least on a per save basis.
  5. That is pretty awesome. Let him know that I love his program. I've gone through 8 different programs and this one has been worth the most money and the most useful to me. 😄
  6. Oh I have dabble. I have regular conversations with Jacob about the development of it (having one now). I'm looking to have dabble update my year round projects not just nano... because they track all year round, if Dabble hooks in I'd go back to using it provided I could import my work (which is what I'm talking to Jacob about potential future freelancing on the weekends)
  7. It did let dabble update my word count last year (and the year before that). what sort of hook up are you looking to have? Dabble is now my go-to. the 50% of is an excellent incentive to hit the 50k.
  8. I'm wondering if they'll let third party apps hook into the api all year round, that would be one incentive to use Dabble everyday despite it not being the best choice for my work flow tho I do love it
  9. I noticed that too, it is really nice.
  10. I like the ability to have other than nano projects there too
  11. ugh.. its so pretttyyyyyy It's a nice upgrade from the old, though the style may take a tick to get used to. I think my favorite thing is highlighting a specific project. The cute images for books based on the genre is a nice touch. https://nanowrimo.org/participants/aubrey-queen FINALLY it's my pen name! 😄
  12. Welcome @Varishe to the Writers Club! Any plans for NaNoWriMo?
  13. New NaNo site went live. No Buddy list right now. Feel free to add me as a friend here's my link https://nanowrimo.org/participants/aj-hunter
  14. very high quality and sincere texts. Thank you for them. You really inspired me. A lot of very things and people have been inspiring me lately. For example, I discovered recently Russian classical literature, as well as more modern ones like Nabokov, Pelevin and others. Now, in addition to writing a book, writing articles about this, the service https://uk.edubirdie.com/article-review really helps me with ideas. Did someone collaborate with them? What do you think?
  15. Yeah. But I know it was recent I was about to calendar my name. Hopefully you can do it on the new site.
  16. I think their answer to it was basically making a new account, or at least thats what i remember it being. *shrugs* I just wanted to keep my join date cause i'm a nerd that way.
  17. You could do that before 🙂 I used to be Matalina but changed it a few years back. I would wait till they got live to do it though just to be safe.
  18. It's so dang pretty, and i'm really excited! AND I may even get to change my username which makes me even happier.
  19. Just like to point out that NaNo is working hard on their new website for November. You can use and preview it at: https://preview.nanowrimo.org/ They also have new forums which are in use at https://forums.nanowrimo.org/ Your old buddies didn't transfer but they'll explain all that But the preview site I believe is what will use the data for going live when they do, but I'm not 100% on that.
  20. I wrote a small reply to the start of a new thread on this RP site i'm on...
  21. yeah like a choose your own adventure book, but more in MUD/MUSH style game. Though I'm actually thinking more of a text link connection so not so much typing in commands, but a simple hyperlink to navigate around the story. Potentially writting in second pov which is a challenge.
  22. This is my part of my morning edit:
  23. this morning's work: When I was, I dunno, maybe six or seven, I was fascinated by fire. Probably in the way most children are, the colors dancing, shifting, playing with our eyes, the wafts of smoke filling every nostril, the somewhat bewildering knowledge that heat radiates out of such tiny mesmerizing points of light. It truly is amazing, hypnotic. Until we dance too close to the flame. Reaching out that perfect, tiny, tender hand, wanting to touch it, capture it, play with it. My mother snapped my hand from the campfire just in the knick of time, preventing the pain, stopping what could have been a wicked scar, immovable from my skin. I want to say I would have pulled back myself, I’d felt the heat, knew it was too hot for me to withstand. But, in my heart I know, I would have pressed on until I touched the light, until I felt the flame. So mesmerized was I with it’s light, so consumed with curiosity that reason and logic fled my mind. It’s a flaw I have yet to erase.
  24. share what you've written recently, an excerpt that you like, want to share, want feedback on. nothing too long just a paragraph or two. let's see what everyone's been up to!
  25. I've never completed a fly by my pants nano. Tried but then something always happens. A plan even a vague one is important with deadlines imo. I'm thinking I might do a text adventure instead of a traditional novel since githubs game off is in Nov too. But I'll have a plan I hope.
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