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  2. Thanks. I'm just only discovering the wider WoT community.
  3. Welcome @Turtle to the Club!
  4. Welcome @Aleita!! @PaigeJohnson and @Panchi, I am sorry that I missed you guys join. Quarantine is the worst!
  5. I... don't know what animal crossing is 🤔 but I'm super envious that you have bath jets!! Reminds me I have one stretch that really helps take the load off my lower back when my sciatica plays up (hopefully that link works, I think you can also do it seated). I've just been searching Youtube for yoga vids... picking out ones that target trouble areas/have instructors that are enjoyable to listen to. 'Yoga with Adriene' seems to be ok so far!
  6. I did. I think i was very gunho about ensuring self-care at the beginning that two months in it feels like a chore. I'm happy I remember to shower when i need that shower. Though from time to time i'll bubblebath it in the jets. (actually, probably a good idea for helpign with this pain.. now that you've reminded me). I think my self care is shown with the 400 hours of animal crossing i've logged. XD (though lots of it may be idle..) What kind of resources are you using for the gentle yoga?
  7. I think that's completely... human. Hierarchy of needs etc, it's a lot harder to focus on 'frivolous' when the world is feeling thick with threat/ uncertainty/ pain (also, boo! Sciatica sucks 😕 ) Do you get any time for R&R? Even just half an hour for a nice bath or something pampering with no pressure to do anything else but relax here and there might help! I've started attempting some gentle yoga this week- it's surprisingly nice and grounding/fortifying 🙂
  8. *hugs* Trying! I started to feel more creative and then sciatic attack. I don't -normally- have pain that last for days but when i do, it's a... b----. I think we have about 4 weeks left of schooling. I'll admit I'm one of those parents where the G1 i'm only making ddo the zoom meetings, and the gr 2 is at least getting a half hour in while the other is in zoom. The older only has two zoom meetings a week, but over all they are settled in that routine and finish by 10/1030. So, not terrible at all. We've had a lot of rain the past few weeks which has them stuck inside a lot. I dunno, i'm just very good at coming up with excuses, OR i just struggle to connect with that creative outlet these past months.
  9. *crashtacklehugs* Boooo Depression - saps so much energy, hang in there! If you want to try smaller pieces or a RP lmk 🙂 I should be free of (M. Teach prim/seconday what am I doing?) assignments in 3ish weeks. How's the home teach transition now? Is it expected to last much longer where you are? Our kids went back this week o.O
  10. Writing through Depression, (while now also learning to be a stay at home teacher) is not working for me. I think i'm at a 6-month dry spell since november, and it's not improving. So for not being as active in here, I deeply apologize. It's hard motivating myself to write let along encourage others to do the same. 😛 How is everyone else holding up?
  11. Usually I draw in pencil but I'm trying to expand into color with soft pastels. Eventually I would like to get into acrylics and oils.
  12. Very interesting lore, I really like the use of the seasons. That sets up some interesting possibilities in lore and imagery going forward. Quick question, why were the daughters chosen? Why not a different daughter or a son? Grammar-wise, keep an eye out for sentence fragments. Sometimes when you get into real flowery or artistic language style, it's easy to forget proper grammar. Overall , good job and I would be interested in more from this world.
  13. I like The Forge. It was what I thought before seeing it suggested by Calindra. A forge is a place where fire and work refines something; it'd be an apt analogy.
  14. I know that I am a month late checking in, it's been a month.. >.> How did everyone do? I hit my 50K! Not the 60K i wanted but I had an unexpected death in the family so that I feel was a reasonable reason not to get those extra words in. (Frankly life only is -just- starting to feel a little more normal...But it's now why i'm posting here. >.>)
  15. i like the way in which the lore is delivered. the pacing and everything is very nice. ya lose me a bit when it gets to the specifics of who begot who, from where and built what. it's necessary but personally those are things i always tend to gloss over, regret and have to go back and re-read.
  16. Maera


    CONGRATS! Sounds like my kind of Book ?
  17. Cross


    finally got it set and available in e-book form for those who prefer that! Seed e-book
  18. @Maera Welcome! I haven't been good with checking on all the thigns this month, but welcome to the club! ❤️
  19. Hi All, very nervous to share this, but everyone has been great on DM so far, so I am going to be brave! This is a story within a story! (It is the Lore/origin around how the world of my book came to be and gives hints as to the landscape, personality and traditions that would also exist) I would be interested to know if anyone likes it :) (Story Told at every Choosing of the Daughter) In the times of the great past, Tevya, God of Man, fell in Love with Manai, Goddess of the Stars. One night Tevya asked the Goddess to marry him and rule as Queen by his side. Manai said that she would only leave the sky for the ground if he could make her a perfect world. So Tevya made Oravka, mapped using the stars in her likeness. He made the Summer Lands of Caroli, but Manai said that heat must know cold, so she could not come. He made her the winter lands of Spita - but she said the branches should know leaves, so she could not come. He made her the Spring Lands of Alkkai but Manai said that life should know death, so she could not come. Finally he made the autumn lands of Denebuh, and asked her again. Manai told Tevya that to create balance, one must accept that when one thing is born, so too is it's opposite. For every light, there is a shadow. For every young rabbit, a fox lies in wait to hunt. For every man that is born good, a man is born evil. The only thing that can bring balance in any world is time. Unwilling to yield, Tevya knelt before the brother gods of time. The God of Yesterday, the God of Today, and the God of Tomorrow. Tevya asked them to watch over the lands of Oravka until it was perfect, in turn Tevya would give them the most beautiful and accomplished daughter of their choosing from each land, to rule in their name. Nerru, the God of Yesterday was given to the Summer-lands of Caroli to remind them of their past. Inru, The God of Today was given to the spring lands of Alkkai to teach them the importance of the present, and Nalai, the God of Tomorrow was given to the autumn lands of Denebuh to help them see ahead. The Brother Gods first travelled to Alkkai, where they built the Kingdom of Piran and Inru the God of Today chose the daughter of the kindest man and named her Alamana, First Daughter of Spring. Inru taught her of love and friendship, of fertility, nature and animals. The Gods then travelled to Caroli where they built the Kingdom of Vay and Nerru the god of Yesterday chose the daughter of the Wisest man and named her Erikka, First Daughter of Summer. Nerru taught her of History and of Stories, of the stars and the sky, of customs and of ceremony. The Gods then travelled to Denebuh where they built the city of Marram where Nalai chose the daughter of the bravest man and named her Nekili, First daughter of autumn. He taught her of time and change, of battles and peace, of danger and of stealth. Finally the Gods travelled to Spica, the land of winter and built the fortress of Otai. The Gods then gave Tevya a choice. They told him that once their reign began, so would time itself. If Tevya chose to leave Spica, he would be in their lands, and a servant of time like every other man. He would age like a man, and die like a man. If Tevya chose to stay, the gods would also spare the winter people of time, and in turn they would forever guard Otai, from now until the arrival of the Queen when time would be relinquished. Lest he never see Manai again, Tevya agreed. This marked the beginning of time, and the reign of the first spring. Not forgetting their promise to Manai, in a quest to make his a world of perfect balance, the Gods decreed that each Queen would rule one thousand days, and once complete, a new cycle would begin. At the end of every cycle, we gather here tonight at the centre of all lands in the forests of Angul on the longest day, to balance the scale of seasons– and celebrate the choosing of the daughters. May Our Daughters Serve time. May The Weights be balanced. May The Queen come forth.
  20. I think the break down is specific to the use of his characters. Writing Egwene, Rand, etc. Those lines are more "fanfic" while writing "Arie Sedai" for me would be Roleplay. At least in that regard, what you are describing are 'kinda' okay, but definitely leans more into our Roleplay area.
  21. Well, I don't see why fan fiction would immediately impede on his work. Role Playing to me is acting a role either by table top or developing stories within the fictional context... I wouldn't write about Rand or Matt (for example) directly, but would really enjoy to take events from the books and show a different perspective from another character's PoV, or describe a thief catcher working the streets, or an Aiel fighting in the wetlands, yearning to see their home again. So to me, this interdiction is somewhat baffling... unless I'm misunderstanding something?
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