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For fans of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere
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  2. The first Mistborn era will always be my favorite since they were the first Sanderson books that I read after he finished the Wheel of Time. Sazed's arc is just perfect. I don't think I have ever appreciated a resolution like that one before - but to be fair I haven't read all of his books yet ?
  3. Sanderson has written a rough draft or an outline for a Sixth of the Dusk sequel but he shelved it for the time being as it has spoilers for Space Age Cosmere.
  4. Emperor's Soul is Cosmere and is set on the same planet as Elantris.
  5. I loved the Rithmatist, The Emperors Soul, Legion and Skyward. The Reckoners I found enjoyable, but not as good the others I just mentioned. I have owned the Alcatraz omnibus for years, tried to read it multiple times and just cannot get into it at all.
  6. I haven't read White Sands (other than the snippet in Arcanum Unbounded). I really enjoyed the Sixth of the Dusk story and would love to see more of that world.
  7. Yesterday Brandon posted on Reddit Stormlight Update #8. In the post mentions that draft 3.0 of RoW is done, he's still working on a Mistborn screenplay, and he's planning on writing a novela to release right after RoW.
  8. Sanderson did say that he was considering working on a Mistborn screenplay so it's definitely plausible that the screenshot was legit.
  9. I just saw a post on reddit with a screenshot of Brandon saying he was starting on the screenplay for a Mistborn movie. However the image seems deleted so not sure if it is real or not.
  10. We could play Who's that Cosmere character? Someone comes up with 5 clues for a character and other people have to guess it. And yes I did steal this from Shardcast.
  11. so, I need ideas for any little club games. I've got a few in the works, but does anyone have ideas?
  12. i actually hadn't finished until a week or two ago, when i read white sands 3
  13. feruchemy would take it for me, if we were at a regular level. Storing strength, speed, health, mental speed, etc. would be great. If we had access to stormlight, possibly lightweaving? Actually, if Elantrians weren't centered to a specific locale, i would be an elantrian.
  14. https://www.tor.com/2019/12/10/brandon-sandersons-stormlight-archive-book-4-arrives-on-november-17-2020/
  15. That's a tough one. I can see the benefits of a Mistborn but the Radiants have always been so awesome!
  16. I finished a full Cosmere re-read just there and then received White Sand vol 3 which I powered through. Was a great journey but I forget we are only scraping the beginning of the Cosmere.
  17. I personally would want to be an mistborn because metals exist in our world, meaning the power is much more available.
  18. Unknown until recently, when he said 'this almost definitely isn't the last you'll see of Taldain graphic novels' (or something along those lines) so yeah, taldain is gonna be graphic novels.
  19. He's not going to rewrite the graphic novel into a book but he has said he has plans for more stories set on that world but whether or not they will be in graphic novel form is unknown.
  20. sorry to disappoint, but no, he's not. He has it in graphic novel because he'll never have the time to write a full novel. And yeah, failed to do it again, but I'm leaving over the weekend, so... not doing it now either! Luckily you guys are the best and are facilitating your own discussion!
  21. Oh Via they're so good! And they fall more towards mistborn era 2/warbreaker sense of humour than the slightly more traditional fantasy of mistborn era 1/stormlight archive- so I know you'll enjoy them! I super enjoyed skyward actually. And the Reckoners trilogy starting with steelheart is good fun too!
  22. If you have already read Snapshot then Legion is a similar detective-vibe story. Rithmatist is my personal favourite about a magic school whose magic system is drawing lines with various degrees of actions.
  23. I'd say they arent as intricate and do fall short as they don't have much lore or expansion but as standalone novels, you could read worse but they are enjoyable for a quick, easy read
  24. I find myself a little bit reluctant to read non-cosmere because I'm thinking 'surely this can't be as good as cosmere'. Is it? That being said I've read Snapshot and really really enjoyed that.

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