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A place to discuss and share our art, both wheel of time related and not
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  2. I think i will extend this challenge for this month...i didn't find the energy either to finish anything...but challenge people to try and make something even a draft this month Its as much about enjoyment and practice...not everything need to be a finished piece in all details This is the rough draft idea i started on
  3. i’ve always wanted to, but never spent the time.
  4. Ok who is in for trying their hand on doing a piece of wot art. Be it drawing, painting, photo, picturemanip, just a rough sketch Just get that creative energy flowing
  5. Welcome to the wishing well. Do you have a good idea churning in your tummy, maybe something entirely new, or just something you would like to see more of in the guild (games, classes, chit chat)? Write it down, throw it in the well (below), and see what happens. Maybe your wish will come true😉
  6. Lol i finally went and tossed the used tape...it had enough color on it released it when the water came near...
  7. Welcome to the art's guild @QueenCon, hope you'll like it here with us😊 what do you enjoy creating?
  8. I know you said we could use our phones but I really wanted to use my camera that's all..
  9. I'm not sure I'll check it tomorrow it's not a fancy one but I love it and think it takes great picks so I hope it isthe card and not my camera..I could try to buy a new card I guess..
  10. What kind of camera is it again lava? Sometimes the memory cards go bad. Hard to say. Can you pull the card and connect it to a computer and wipe/format it that way?
  11. I'm mostly knitting and crochetting between packing..thinking real hard about doing some fan art..are you thinking fan art wolves or just wolves in general?
  12. Master @Nargbert! I can't get my camera to work. It takes one picture and then tell me there's no more place, the memory card is wiped and I tried to get it to format it or whatever it's called several times and it just don't work..
  13. Really that is cool! So basically you draw a lot of sketches to use to make a picture later or?
  14. Well that is good, I think that is one of the wonders of art isn't it? To eacape or it can even be therapeutic 😊 I miss people too, but I'm happy when they do come we have everything ready to welcome them. I have been very bussy packing but I have had a lot of time to think when doing so lol, and I thought I wanna give a try to the fan art, and also finnish the orders list to the café😊
  15. Its french and means sketch, in drawing it's used about a quick sketch...the club i looked into when they do it the model change pose every 10 min
  16. I miss people here but at the same time don't feel like I got the energy to be social.. So when not drained completely i try to create and it helps me escape for a little bit..and i feel more rejuvenated to try and do something on the endlessly growing list of things waiting to be done...
  17. And my atempt Which as i said in chat went a lot better then i expected
  18. Ok so I started this in chat, croquis basically means sketching. And is used to practice quickly drawing a model. So based on your level choose between a 5, 10 or 15 min time limit. Set a clock that's how long you can use on sketching it and post results here so we can learn from eachother and help eachother Here is the first model i posted in chat
  19. I descided to reuse tape...that ended in some bleeding...but for practicing i think even so I will do so to cut cost till i can get to a level i could maybe sell them for 2-3 dollars to recover some material costs 😛 Ofc i didn't make it better trying to fix it 😝
  20. So anyone doing anything inspiring in the new year? So I'm pretty busy packing and feeling sorry for my sore muscles lol, but I got a hot tip about a course when we moved. It's a harvest course, like wild mushrooms plants etc, and I'm packing the fishing rods and seeds in the car. First thing I'm doing is planting when getting there lol. I can't wait to get closer to the nature again I feel so misplaced here, just feel like a caged animal😛 I bet my creativity will come back too when I feel like I can breath again😊 Are you guys most creative when sad or down, or when you feel happy an
  21. What Excactly is it (to me it sounds like a flower lol)?
  22. "Equal Legs" Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 20"
  23. Yes, the top middle rectangle is a pale white. The bottom-middle rectangle has some green undertones. All the rest are a very soft gray. Yes, painter's tape for the bulk of it, and I use a round #0 brush plus a severe case of astigmatism to clean up the edges. On a linen canvas, even with tape, there's still bleed-under that results in a raggedy-edge. So I sharpen the lines while my nose is brushing the canvas.
  24. Thank you. It worked well. I appreciate the link, Lii.
  25. Anyone got any experience with it... considering trying it out in a few months once I got more stuff in order and more energy Found a place that has weekly croquis evenings...

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