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  2. The fumble if Kelce i believe it was, was ran back and would have been a TD if not blown dead.
  3. Highly unlikely but how funny would it be to see them lose to the bengals after getting caught cheating again 🙂
  4. what was the second touchdown? There was only the harry touchdown and yea bad call but sorry but if you cant punch that in from the 3 yard line with 3 tries im not feeling bad. If it had been a game ending call then sure. And yea the pats only got their first touchdown with a really tacky PI call. Also the 2 personal fouls that didn't get called on them for hitting mahomes very well could have extended the lead. So yea i think that there was bad calls on both sides and that at the end of the day you have to be the team that overcomes that.
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/12/12/the-mandalorians-procedural-formula-is-starting-to-grow-stale/ Saying what I've been saying but with more love for the show
  6. Word word Just the fake war between the children of the College and the Gyptian children where they throw mud balls or something. So far for me it's pretty good and I like the production value. I'm enjoying it far more than The Mandalorian and far less than Watchmen (to name two current series). I'm not in love with the Gyptians (John Faa looks kinda like a pimp which is weird) and I felt like they were pretty integral to the first book, but it's notba deal breaker. I also don't remember adults (especially Ms. Coulter) treating their daemons with such callous disregard all the time. But yeah, so far I'm still watching it.
  7. It's been quite awhile for me as well. She did meet them early on for sure. Which War scene are you referring to? In the books I don't think they know what they're up to, just that they're stealing children. I believe they find out when they get there and discover the children. Us as the readers/viewers, I think we had an idea of what was going on. One thing that differs, is when that black guy went to our version of Earth. That definitely didn't happen in book 1... Or I completely missed it. But I do believe the character is briefly mentioned at some point in book 1, and he's involved in book 2 with why Will is fleeing from Earth to that other world.
  8. Yeah I just finished the same episode. It's been too long since I've read the books to remember the exact order, but I remember that Lyra meets the Gyptians early on (I think that "war" scene could have been dope) and mayyybe they don't know about what the gobblers are doing in the arctic yet?
  9. The world doesn't need baby yoda. The world needs a Sith Lord force-ripping someone's trachea Roadhouse-style.
  10. I'm a couple episodes behind right now. I left off just as they got the Bear. So far, I'm still enjoying it. It's slow moving, which, isn't a bad thing. They are introducing plot-lines chronologically instead of when they happen in the books, which works, albeit ruins some of the surprise at the end of book 1. But it does get other audiences hooked that there's more than just animal familiars that exist in this series. Can't wait for Wil and the knife.
  11. The whole "save the ____" schtick was driven into the ground years ago. I can likely list dozens of tv shows that have already done it. Beyond the the boredom it induced in my imagination, I just don't understand how it benefitted the story. Again, I don't understand what this show is trying to become. So far episodes 1 3 and 5 propel the story forward in a narrative arc clearly leading to a climax (and are generally good - although I wasn't crazy about 5), while episodes 2 and 4 are more episodic than narrative, and could be easily cut out of the overarching story. Also I guess I'm just bitter bc I'm tired of Star Wars being PG. I'm ready to see an R-rated show/movie looks like.
  12. We watched Part 1 Yesterday, and Part 2 this afternoon. Mind you, we're literally only watching it for this massive cross-over event that has Tom Welling in it, so we have no idea who half of these people are. (I have watched some of Flash, Supergirl, and Bat Woman, but nothing of Green Arrow) So far it's Decent as far as CW quality goes. It does annoy me that the DCU films are completely ignoring the ground work the CW has laid out for them. Ignoring actors who have been playing key characters and recasting them.
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