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  2. Just saw this yesterday, and absolutely love it!
  3. Whether you win by 100 or by 1...a win is still a win....lol
  4. Just like we did in the regular season?!?!?!....oh no wait we beat them...lolololol
  5. But couldnt take out my mighty 9ers!!!!
  6. Well, that's kinda what going on a Viking means. And don't kink shame Cousins! At least we took out those dirty Saints!
  7. Theyd have to steal it cause they couldn't beat anyone..Kirk Cousins is a choke artist.
  8. I went back and rewatched the Prequel Trilogy for the first real time as an adult - trying to completely ignore any nostalgic feelings. They hold up so poorly. It's the writing. Okay, 95% is the writing. It's atrocious. Jar-Jar still doesn't annoy me anymore than any other characters. The biggest surprise was finding that Hayden Christensen really wasn't that bad. I think my order of mediocrity would be: 1) Phantom Menace 2) Attack of the Clones 3) Revenge of the Sith Next up: The OG Trilogy
  9. Pfft. Everyone knows both these teams will lose; asMinnesota will go on a Viking at the superbowl, and walk off with the Rings & Trophy.
  10. Lmao you act like you know what youre talking about but i dont do opinions i do stats and numbers. And numbers dont lie. Total Points 1. Baltimore- We lost by 3 2. SF- Oh wow we've scored more pts then you. 3. NO- We beat em and they dropped 46 on us...lol 4. Tampa- lolWinstion in 30 30 club. 5. KC- You didnt even avg 30 ppg...lawl. PPG 1. BALTIMORE 2. SF 3. KC Avg Scoring Margin 1. Baltimore 2. SF 3. NE 4. KC Time of Possession 4. SF 21. KC Pass Yards PG 4. KC 21. SF Rush Yards PG 2. SF 22. KC So by the numbers our offense is better....now lets look at the defenses... RUSH YARDS ALL PG 11. SF 25. KC Pass Yards All PG 1. SF 14. KC Points All PG 5. SF 10. KC Total Sacks 5. SF 11. KC And so is our Defense.
  11. lmao you act like its so simple like every one hasn't tried that. At the end of the game mahomes is gonna put 30 points on you either passing or running on you when you try man coverage, and theres nothing your D can do about it regardless whether theyre actually #1 or not. Jimmy just isn't on the same level and thats gonna make you one dimesional. See you in miami 🙂
  12. Its all aboot the scheme and Titans dont have the best blocking TE and best blocking FB in the league. Also Titans D aint the 9ers D bro. 9ers also the #1 Passing D in the league... Hard for Mahomes to throw TDs from the flat of his back and or running for his life. #QUEST4SIX
  13. LMAO! Ask Derrick Henry how that worked out 🙂 See you in miami Baby! MAHOMES the new GOAT
  14. #QUEST4SIX Bring on the Chiefs!!!! How do you stop a high powered offense?!?!?!? Run for over 200 yards!!!! LETS GO!!!!
  15. Holy hell, I was not prepared for this.
  16. Going to give ya'll a hint. Little over one year after this movie released, a seasonal Family Friendly Movie with the exact same name and similar plot device was released.
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