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A place to discuss All forms of Entertainment. Board/Tabletop Games, Video Games, Music, Books, TV, Movies, and Sports.
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  2. Does IMDB list it's Genre as Action in addition to Sci-Fi?
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/05/dune-release-date-reportedly-pushed-back-to-october-2021.html For those who haven't already heard the new, Dune was pushed back to October 2021.
  4. June 20th is Officially the first Day of Summer in North America. What Summer Blockbusters are you looking forward to this year? Which ones will you brave the Movie Theaters to go watch? Here's some I want to see this summer!
  5. Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah officially launched today, and to celebrate Funcom is having a 5 day event with Twitch, granting you in-game drops for watching Conan Exiles streams on Twitch. Check the link below for more information. https://twitch.conanexiles.com/
  6. Ok this was a trial and error pet project, that I ran simultaneously here and at the chats, and it seems the chats was way more populare for this kind of event. Still I've desided to not announce the winner here yet, so not to ruin it if anyone would want to watch it later. ☺ And it is still open to both vote on your favourite (even if you know they didn't win maybe) and discuss away☺
  7. Definetly worth listening to, way to go Ukraine showing some culture!

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