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  2. I tried it but wasnt what i thougth so lost interest.. Tiny houses? Also seen a reality show what was it called to pretty or too hot or something..also can just bindwatch foodporn or smart fixes on apps like snap or youtube..watched a dude build opstical course for squirels and the like..
  3. I did several, but Tiger King wasn't among them. That type of story doesn't interest me - though I can see why it interests others. A few I watched (And recommend): - A Very Secret Service (French/dubbed into English): This was hilarious to me, but I don't think it's for everyone. It's a comedy but doesn't have a laugh track, and many of the jokes are referencing events that occurred in the Cold War around 1960 so if you're not a history buff you may a miss some of the funnier situational jokes. I am really hoping that they will get to make a 3rd season. - The Witcher. Likely doesn't require synapsis. I tried many others, but most I didn't get into. There was another one that I wanted to get into - Poldark; a British historical piece about a soldier returning to Cornwall after the American revolutionary war. The acting was excellent as well as the cinematography. I watched several episodes before realizing that it was far to soap-opera-ish for my tastes. If that's your thing, then you'd love it.
  4. What's everyone else's guilty netflix series binge during this Pandemic?
  5. Ok so they def a girls thing yeah, and yes asian drama differs they actually strike an emotional nerve unlike hollywood drama
  6. AC = Animal Crossing..... *coughs* It's so PG that i'm becoming wholesome! *weeps* Meteor Garden half triggers emotional abuse for me, but its also sympathetic that I can see it also growing on me. Which I like more than Love Alarm. The first episode of that doesn't keep me interested. cinderella and the four knights i really liked!
  7. Love020 any good? I had it on my list for a while.. (AC...maaan my mentor is more bad ass than I realized😮 I better watch my blind zones... *scribling behind ear*) Meteor garden was such an emotional rollercoaster lol..
  8. NOPE!! I'm on Love020 (or however it is), and kind of curious to see what season two of well intended love is going to end up. I'm confused by it and can't read and play AC at the same time so its been mindless cartoons for the past while. I do, however, have about 10 episodes or so left of Meteor Garden! 😄 So heirs/inheritors is good?
  9. so am i the only one who is enjoying asian series like the heirs/inheritors, meteor garden, cinderella and the four knights, good morning call, boys over flowers, mischievous kiss and so on
  10. Bill O’Brian on trading a Top 5 WR:
  11. I haven’t seen anything about the draft being pushed - but it’s looking pretty likely based on the activity of the other sports leagues.
  12. O_O You have to consider too that you have to prime the mini before you ever put paint to it so the material doesn't really matter too much. I suppose you could try to match the material to the paint scheme. Do I lighter flesh tone for a white primer instead of white primer of gray or darker. A lighter material will make a light primer brighter.
  13. I tried to make a Gold/Silver metalic dragon. Didn't turn out that great. Resin, skin colored. Thought process was to paint the clothing, not the skin. lol I've ordered some gray resin as that seems to be the most easily usable color. Printing a Flesh colored Totoro just seems wrong.
  14. I would be so intimidated to even TRY and paint that thing!! wow. How would you say you did with it? such a fleshy color. . . alloy? Filament? I don't know the right term for the material. Reminds me of the Muscle Men toys from the 80s.
  15. u know your talking to someone who dont particulary look at a lot of romance, crime, action, animal movies and dance movies ...sometimes commedy, but romance not particular unless its from my youth where the big ones like titanic and nothing hill got watched :P so a romance movie from this millenia is a hard nut for me ;) are the main characters meant to be younger then 25 years of age?
  16. That was an awesome story, and exemplifies just how awesome the gaming community can be. 🙂
  17. I have one fantasy piece I painted too. Cool story. My son, Wyatt, was born with Down Syndrome and from year 1 to 3.5 we’ve had near daily home therapy visits. He was receiving Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Special Education and Speech Therapy. Over 2 years of constant visits we came to know these visitors as close friends. You get to know each other. Wyatt’s speech therapist, Ms Sharon, has a son who is on the spectrum and deals with some socialization and anxiety issues. He’s like 10? I believe. Good kid. Less than a year ago, after the Early Intervention Services has ended when Wyatt began pre-school, I received a FB message from Ms Sharon askin me what I can tell her about D&D as her son had heard of it and was kinda showing an interest. She was a kid during the whole ‘Satanic Panic’ of the 80s in regards to devil worship in the game yada yada. She was open enough to ask about it though and knowing I’m just a giant nerd she reached out to me. So, I told her all about D&D today and about the amazing community that has developed around it recently and how it’s great for forming life long friendships. I’m still incredibly close friends with the people I played with 20+ years ago. I mentioned to her the various game streams that are out there like CR and recommended she watch some. Of course with the warming that these are adults playing a game and that there are moments of language and some crass jokes but nothing I’d ever consider over the top. So the family checked it out and gave the kid the okay to just dive in. Since he started gaming his whole persona began to flourish. He was gaining confidence and learning to manage some of his anxieties and issues and got some excellent new friends. He’s in three different games at his local library and loving every minute of it. When Ms Sharon messaged me this I asked her what character is his favorite currently. He has a green dragon born Druid. So I went to hero forge and created the mini for him and painted it up to give as a gift. here it is.
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