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  2. Anyone else basically losing their mind over this upcoming epic?
  3. Since 1933, teams with a 39 point lead and 0 turnovers have gone 440-0. Today the Falcons broke that streak. SMDH.
  4. just looked into it... hope he wins the grievance claim. Just looked at season predictions from 3 guys and they all think the ravens gonna run up on us? Where is this coming from, they haven't beat us since 2012 and the last two games were not as close as the final score would make you think. For perspective though they also think the chargers and the broncos are going to win as well.
  5. Yeah idk about it but I might figure it out. The Jags just did Fournette dirty.
  6. that sounds interesting and complex....
  7. I'm running a "creative" league - a vampire league - and I'm trying to think how I could run a mafia fantasy football league next year.
  8. I ran one 3 years ago but I've struck out the past 2 years.
  9. Hey is there still interest in doing a fantasy football league? I recall someone talking about it awhile back and it sounds fun.
  10. This guy! Falcons are gonna take it as Gurley returns to his 2015 form.
  11. Anyone here fans? Im pumped for the next two cards. #laststylebender #andstill
  12. whose getting pumped for football!? #backtoback
  13. Ah, ok thanks! This is going to be kinda difficult because I don't want to give too much away, as the show is full of interesting revelations. But here goes! I don't want to say too much more, because how these families are tied together, as well as how the whole thing started, is interesting and crazy. This is a show that you need to watch without distraction, because if you miss one thing, you'll wind up confused. It's also a show that you'll watch again. I know my second time through, things made more sense, and I was able to appreciate the production side of the show more (writing, acting, settings, costuming, etc). It really is a great piece of work!
  14. Sorry didn't think of that, is sick so Brain is a bit clogged and dense
  15. Dumb question first: how do I do the spoiler brackets?
  16. Ok got one other player from DM Should I save up for a guild/faction whatever it's called or just keep sinking it in my heros
  17. we could make a own DM guild? its not that hard to make up 100k havent joined a guild jet still just trying to figure out the basics of strategy and smart choices only played a week, never heard of the game before (i just searched for ea games cause wanted to try something new and chose at random)
  18. I didn't even know this was a thing... And it's been out since 2013. O_o
  19. Ok trying it out probably botching it, anyone else playing?
  20. How about a less spoiler free description in spoil brackets...cause not quite sure I am grasping the consept
  21. Oh sure! It's three seasons of twisty-turvy time-travel that will boggle the mind. It's very well thought out, and sticks to the rules of time travel it lays out. It follows several different families in a little town in Germany, and how they are connected. The show is in German, and is dubbed. It doesn't take but an episode or two to forget it's dubbed. It's not for kids, due to some mature content. It's a great mystery, and does a good job of answering questions and posing more questions as it moves along.
  22. Basically my take as well, but far better and more mature than MitHC which I had to give up after episode 2 or 3 bc it was so poorly executed.
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