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"Is it April yet?" A club for JordanCon attendees, past, present, and future.
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  2. and the first thing I see is Relish's face ❤️
  3. So I have never been to JordanCon, and am curious to know more about it. I'd love to hear about others' experiences, and what they would suggest as a first timer. I am considering attending in 2021, and I'm particularly interested in panels and discussions, as well as special events (as an example, Water Dancing classes taught by Miltos Yerolemou at Con of Thrones). I'm not so much into the celebrity thing, so autograph and photo ops aren't that big a deal to me...however, the caveat to this is once the WoT show gets going, listening to discussions on their auditions and experiences will be interesting to me. I'm a theatre person and love the study of acting, and considering many of the announced cast are unknowns to me makes it even more interesting.
  4. That awkward moment when you click on the discussion tab and there is no posts >.> Ice officially broken... AMA

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