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The Kin is focused on friendship and sharing and involves exchanges, discussions and games, as well as other fun activities! We are not limited to elderly women who can't fully channel.

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  2. That does sound nice. Today was one of the local Baronies' collegium events. I took a class on making my own egg tempera paint and using it, a class on middle eastern pigments, and one on the history of parchment and paper. 🙂 Got some excellent tips on working with parchment as well, so hopefully my upcoming project will go smoothly. Saw lots of good friends. Most amusing moment of the evening: running into one of my coworkers (the US History teacher) at a Mexican restaurant while eating out in Garb! It's probably a good thing my colleagues all know about my medieval hobby. 😉
  3. Date Would you rather go water skiing or snow skiing?
  4. It’s been cool here and we’re expecting more rain. Today it was nice. I went with friends to get a pedi and then out to lunch.
  5. Right! That's a lot of what our weather does too. Hot, Ice, Fire Warning, Tornado, Snow. Lots of fluctuating. At least right now for the past couple of days it has decided to consistently be 'winter.'
  6. Yeah, the barest wisping of dust is all we got. Given that the temperatures the day before were in the seventies, you can be sure that it didn't last long.
  7. Yay snow! How much did you get? We got another 'half a dusting in the middle of two bouts of freezing rain' last night. There was still a little white when I woke up this morning, but the rain stole it.
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