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The Kin is focused on friendship and sharing and involves exchanges, discussions and games, as well as other fun activities! We are not limited to elderly women who can't fully channel.

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  2. awesome i'll send you a pm when its all set. anybody else?
  3. Very nice, Ryrin. What size is that?
  4. That looks delicious! I will admit one of the first thing I searched about our new area is the nearest farmer's market. 😉 I haven't decided what we want to try growing at the new place. Figure I have until a little later in the fall to figure out some of it.
  5. _ O L O I T _ C U I N T L I No: A, B, D, E, G, H, M, R, S, W
  6. any of you interested in being a beta reader for a novel?
  7. Yes, it counts. My latest:
  8. Yes, just had to stay inside. Wildfires in California. The air has gotten better recently. I'm going to post a Fall Chitter Chatter on 10/1 !!!!
  9. _ O L O I T _ C U I _ T L I No: A, B, D, E, G, H, M, R, S, W
  10. _ O L O I T _ C U I _ T L I No: A, B, D, E, H, M, R, S, W (FREE SPIN!)
  11. _ O _ O I T _ C U I _ T _ I No: A, B, D, E, H, M, R, S, W
  12. _ O _ O I T _ C U I _ T _ I No: A, D, E, H, M, R, S, W I really didn't mean for it to be this hard! We had a couple of people early on who were throwing around less common dog breeds so I thought this one wouldn't be too bad.
  13. What the...what is going on? Are you ok?
  14. Ah humans.. We will forever be our own worst critics, you are not alone in that! I love you're pictures, I'm not the one looking at art and seeing all sort of stuff in them, It's more about the feelings they give me.. 🤗 can't wait to see the last one, and good luck on the art show!
  15. I’m trying to figure this out. Lol. S
  16. There is a lot of smoke here. I’m watching TV and they have this running thing at the bottom of the screen for people who need to evacuate. One channel said they may go offline. I can’t get away from that
  17. Thank you both. I look at them and see nothing but flaws and mistakes. But that's just me. Despite the flaws, I'm glad I made them. I just finished my last piece intended for the art show, and I'll post it here soon.
  18. James, those are so good! I especially like.... wait, I like all three a lot!
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