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The Kin is focused on friendship and sharing and involves exchanges, discussions and games, as well as other fun activities! We are not limited to elderly women who can't fully channel.

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  2. 2 weeks until the realtor comes out to look at our house so we can figure out what to list it for and get it on the market. Spending all of my "Summer vacation" from teaching working on the house. Getting closer! Kittens are settling in well. The other animals either don't care that they are here, or think they're the best thing ever. Except the one fussy diva cat who doesn't really 'like' anyone but is learning to live peaceably with animals, which she refused to do at her last home (we brought that one home 6 months ago, and she's 6 years old). The kittens being in our bedroom means they have taken over "her" space. 😉
  3. One word right 😉 ana-ol-an /shepherd
  4. That's beautiful!
  5. Our April lasted a month or two too long, is all. Oregon got a lot of rain. >.> I finished the little Mum!
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