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The Kin is focused on friendship and sharing and involves exchanges, discussions and games, as well as other fun activities! We are not limited to elderly women who can't fully channel.

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  2. Guys, I’ve been really sick. T h _ m e w i _ _ t e _ _ No: A; O; U; R; S; N
  3. I enjoy creating for that feeling of turning blankness into something. I struggle with depression, and find creating something as a great coping mechanism. When i'm feeling incredibly empty, it helps to show physically that doing one small thing can actually lead to a useful and enganging product. I also like to challenge myself to learn new techniques. i'll make things and then donate them or wait for someone to compliment it and then gift it to them. I don't really need seven pairs of gloves or scarves or what not. I just like the process and learning.
  4. Turkey Comedy Club or a drive in the country?
  5. T h y _ e _ i _ _ t e _ _ No: A; O; U; R; S; N; C
  6. Both, but if I have to choose, more organized. Turkey or ham?
  7. Faster Would you rather be: more creative, or more organized?
  8. T h _ _ e _ i _ _ t e _ _ No: A; O; U; R; S; N
  9. My job is on the analytical side, so painting helps me unlock a different side of my personality, maintain some balance. Plus, it's fun. Turn a blank canvas into something to look at, to think about, to feel an emotion. Compliments from others doesn't hurt, either.
  10. We're two episodes in, and yeah, it's great. There's a scene in the first episode, when the Queen is looking at a person, speaking to a group of people, with at least three layers of subtext. Whoof. Good stuff.
  11. Enchiladas. Would you rather be stronger? Or faster?
  12. Turkey enchiladas or burritos
  13. Scallion and caramelized onion dip
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