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The Kin is focused on friendship and sharing and involves exchanges, discussions and games, as well as other fun activities! We are not limited to elderly women who can't fully channel.
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  2. We did it. We moved! The past eight days have been a mass of frantic loading the Uhaul, and unloading the Uhaul (from the house, from storage....our stuff ended up in three different places while trying to get it out), and dealing with our Buyer's even more apparently incompetent realtor (honestly we thought she was maybe just new and really uptight, but she turned out to be really awful - the realtor, not the buyer). Closing on the house we sold was easy on our part, then dramatic as the Buyer showed up $660.00 dollars short on her part of her downpayment and there was a multi-hour mess while
  3. fresh water fishing (sitting in a canoe with my Dad under the moon in the early morning on a mountain lake is still one of my favorite memories) Baked Pies or Fried Pies?
  4. All dogs deep sea or fresh water fishing?
  5. Side Dishes (had to think about this one a while, because it really depends on the meal, and whether I've made something with a single focus dish and nibble-sides, or something like Thanksgiving, where the main dish is ostensibly the Turkey, and there's a million amazing other dishes that get relegated to the definition of SIDE. I went with the latter. 😉 ) Small dogs or Large dogs?
  6. apple fritters all the way i want one now side dishes or main dish?
  7. Summer: cold waterfall Winter: Hot tub Cinnamon rolls or Apple fritters?
  8. I don't eat at either restaurant so.... neither? (I offer Red Robin burgers in its place, though usually if I am eating a hamburger we made it at home) 😉 Though if I were absolutely forced to choose one it would be the Whopper Steak or Shrimp?
  9. Bacon (presuming we are talking breakfast meats. There are too many sausages to lump together 😉 ) Popcorn - (Sweet or Savory?)
  10. Apple Pie (with cheddar cheese!) Sausage or Bacon?
  11. Donuts. (Creampuffs and I have a sorid history) Spork or Chopsticks?
  12. Halibut! (but i like salmon ok) Lanfear or Moghedian
  13. Gabriel Allon series; Gabriel Allon is a master art restorer and sometime officer of Israeli intelligence. Gabriel Allon is the main protagonist in Daniel Silva's thriller and espionage series that focuses on Israeli intelligence. The main characters refer to their employer as 'the Office', although it is not specified that it is Mossad (known internally in the Israeli intelligence community as HaMisrad [עברית: המשרד], literally 'the Office'). Allon's career began in 1972 when he, Eli Lavon and several others were plucked from civilian life by Ari Shamron to participate in
  14. Both prayers and good wishes!!
  15. Sounds fascinating! (Both really). I haven't read anything 'new' lately because we are still in the middle of moving and the semester and now it's NaNoWriMo. So I only re-read old things when I need to keep my focus elsewhere. 🙂 Once we get moved I can start working through my to-read list again! (New closing date is Nov 23rd. All prayers and good wishes of any sort welcomed that we actually get to closing this time and get moved!)
  16. Green Beans (my mother slow cooks them in onions and bacon 😉 ). Wrapping Paper or Gift Bags?
  17. I’m also reading the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva.

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