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The Kin is focused on friendship and sharing and involves exchanges, discussions and games, as well as other fun activities! We are not limited to elderly women who can't fully channel.
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  2. Yes, we will also be looking at home improvement projects. I had an MRI of my left knee. I have lateral and medial tears in my meniscus. We will be moving soon and then my sister and brother in law are coming to visit. Plus hand surgeries. Ugh.
  3. I did! We got through State Testing with minimal insanity (if you count half the computers deciding they didn't want to log kids into the test for almost an hour at the beginning of the ACT minimal insanity.... which I do). The second night we went to an excellent Mexican restaurant and stayed out late talking for hours as a group. 🙂 Now we're down to 8 lesson days left in the school year and I'm just trying to make sure all my students complete their final papers and exams and pass. At least inside our house is pretty calm. My son has already finished five of his classes early, an
  4. Lady, I love pho! My oldest son’s fiancé is Chinese and we had it. It’s good to have nice people around you at work. I hope you got some rest. James, have a fun trip. I want to hear about it when you get back.
  5. My wife and I are flying to Atlanta this weekend, the first time I've left home since the shutdown. We're going to celebrate the wedding of the daughter of some friends of ours. They were supposed to get married in May of 2019, but of course they didn't. They rescheduled for August, thinking the worst would be over, but of course it wasn't. Then they went ahead and got married privately in the Fall, and now they finally feel they can have a reception. This year has been weird.
  6. Love those 'aha' moments in reading books! Mmmm....tomatoes and basil. Make some fresh mozzarella and put them all together. This is my week to proctor State Testing (because for some reason this is not cancelled again this year). Today was pretty good (for standardized testing). I do enjoy getting to see my students outside of formal class time. My knowledge of geek culture once again made me temporarily popular with students. And it's really nice to put faces and personalities to names (since I teach virtually I almost only know my kids by their writing and voices. This year
  7. We planted some cherry tomatoes and basil.
  8. i'm just getting through book 7 and NOW all the Kin stuff makes sense.
  9. I’m wearing gloves tomorrow when I juice the rest! Glad to hear the house projects are going well.
  10. What a great way to save the lemon juice, Ryrin! I love a good lemonade. Though I'm sorry for all the stinging! I hope the rest of your play run went well, JamesBrown! That sounds like an awesome production. 🙂 We are mostly still working on house projects on the new place. All the custom bookshelving is in, and the two old dressers I use to store craft supplies have been refurbished and repainting to match the house interior so they look like they go. We are starting to contemplate the yard projects now that the weather is nice. But April is nuts at work (State Testing for studen
  11. I went this weekend and picked a bunch of lemons from a tree I planted with friends years ago. It’s a Meyer lemon tree. I got pretty scratched up. I’ve been drinking a lot of lemonade. I sweeten it with Stevia. So, I just had a ton of lemons. I bought a citrus juicer for $30 on Amazon. It’s electric. So, once I had the juice I freeze it like ice cubes and put the cubes in a freezer bag . I can pull them out whenever I need them. While juicing them, I got lemon juice on my little cuts. OW!
  12. Thank you! That’s great that you can have theater and the play sounds interesting
  13. We have lots of people who are tech savvy! We use my son and team viewer to fix any of our home tech problems. Lady, it is interesting how our whole culture of work and school has changed. I wonder what will stay and what will go back to the way it was.
  14. Oh that's awesome! Cloud Security is actually the focus of my Certs right now. I'm still pretty new to the industry so I'm working on the Azure Security Engineer course right now, eventually going towards their Administrative and Architecture courses. I'd love to be a security engineer or architect some day :) Cybersecurity can definitely be like that sometimes, no matter what you do there will always be a fault that people will exploit...but that's also what keeps me motivated. I can't stop everything but I can do my best to make it harder on those who want to hack me :D
  15. Great work, Ryrin. Love the colors, and that expression! I'm two weeks into a three-week run at our local community theater. We've been putting on a heart-warming play called "The Boys Next Door." I play the burned-out caretaker for four adult mentally-challenged men, and we've gotten good comments about our performances.
  16. Welcome, Azshaya. I'm a cloud administrator myself. I enjoy scripting, but my skills aren't enough to call myself a software engineer by any means. I've been in IT for over twenty years, and I've looked at cybersecurity as a career path off an d on. But I always get depressed at how vulnerable our networks are that I just want to turn off my computer and hide under the bedcovers. So my props to anyone who can maintain that vigilance. (Same reason I could never be a police officer.)
  17. I agree, my mother is amazing. 😉 She was also telecommuting for almost all of it (my folks moved from California to DC in 1978... and then to Oklahoma in 2002. My Mom worked from home with a computer and phone -and business internal 'IM chat' way before the rest of us- the entire time after they moved). I learned 'all' about how to work full time at a salary job, and raise kids while home, from her. It's funny but almost all the programmers I know in her age range are women. I keep running into them. I know she worked with men and had male coworkers, but it seemed much more even-handed w
  18. Software Engineers always amaze me. Believe it or not you don't need to be amazing at coding to be in cybersecurity, and coding has never been my strong suit, so people who can do it well are like magicians to me. Something I tell my boyfriend pretty often. My hobbies these days are mostly focused around learning for my certification courses, but I also play computer games...started that when I was 12 and never really looked back :D And that's awesome for your other some, really impressive! :) Thank you! Your mother is pretty amazing. I always
  19. Welcome, Azshaya! That's cool! My sibling is in cyber-security. My mother wrote systems and system analysis software for telecommunications companies from 1972 until she retired a couple of years ago, so different field, but we all come by our tech savvy from family. Of course she tells me lately she's been coding some new projects of her own just for the fun of it because she enjoys it. I'm a high school English teacher (virtual for over 6 years now because the school I'm teaching for is virtual, and loving not having a commute, or having to discipline kids in the classroom. It's
  20. That painting is adorable Ryrin! I love the colors. We are finally getting some longer sunny days and it's making me consider what I want to try to do to our yard this first year in the new house. I know I can't do 'all' the landscaping at once, but I want to start making it mine.
  21. Cyber Security! Awesome! My son is a software engineer/developer. Would we recognize your previous identity? I’m a retired social worker, married with two adult sons. The other son is a Fire Lt. age 23! I love animals especially dogs, birds, and cats. Hobbies include reading, swimming, and painting. Do you have any hobbies?
  22. Awwwww, this is really unexpected, thank you! :) What about me...I've never been good at this stuff...lets see. I'm a returning face with a brand new identity, which is fitting because of how much has changed since I was last here (for the better). I work in Cybersecurity which is really interesting because it's always changing and you get to learn something new every week. In my spare time I mostly like to keep up with what's going on in my field, and I'm doing some extra learning so I can get certifications that will help me get to where I wanna go! I don't read as mu
  23. I think you should. My son was born in California and is used to a lot of sun. They hope to get out of Washington due to that reason. They recently went to Cannon Beach in Oregon and had a great time.

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