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Home of 'teh mafia goodness'.
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  2. I have 2 already bro I'm ok atm... Lawl I could be down for the lunching of wolves!!!!!
  3. He's a ton of fun, I highly recommend that everyone get one of these things! So are we gonna play some mafia or what?
  4. This game is growing on me 🙂 I play this, among many others, including Phasmophobia. Both introduced to me recently, by my kids haha
  5. Haha thanks y’all, Parker Bryne Frisbee is the cutest thing! and yeah, Bryne is his middle name 🙂
  6. OMG THERE'S A MINI DARTHE??!!??!!??!!?.! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL CONGRATS BROTHER!!!!!!! Hope the mrs, baby and dad are all doing well bro!!!!!
  7. I just played this with my D&D group. It was fun, but I'm so TERRIBLE at it. LoL! So more practice is better? I wish we could friend friends. Probably my only gripe
  8. Yo does anyone want to play this with me? It's very mafia-esque.
  9. ^ That's your new we-have-a-newborn-what-is-sleep look, right? ( Congrats again!!!!!!!!!)
  10. Oh Darthe. Oh sweet, sweet Darthe. Could it be that I've missed you?
  11. This forum in particular got kinda buried. I just thought it was deleted for months.
  12. It seems like the revamped website did the opposite of what it was supposed to
  13. Still down if I can be super low effort about it

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