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Home of 'teh mafia goodness'.
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  2. Shame that, I’m sure We will all get together again sometime in the next year or so
  3. Ya sorry fam I'm canceling this. I guess DM Mafia is officially dead. RIP
  4. Your link for database don't work for me...sadface.gif
  5. I clicked the member list for this subforum and realized I had merged NotBob and sugabat into a single entity.
  6. Tbh not talking too much is one of the harder parts of modding. Still, it’s fun to chat with people in their PMs.
  7. Any slannking will be met by Zander mod being first mod in history with 1000+ posts imo lolololol
  8. HalliaGOATDOCANDVIGANDFRAND!!!!!! I already know your choice of theme....lolololol
  9. If this game doesnt go well prolly not get any more going for awhile that'll be back to back gamea we couldnt get going
  10. /in and I'll take my hero ac. to keep it tied
  11. Got yas!!!!! Unless you guys actually pic im Just putting you 2 as 1 vote on each theme!
  12. I care so little about flavor that I forgot to read the options even after Zander told me to.
  13. In I know Stranger Things and I don't know MHA but I don't care too much about flavor so I submit to the masses
  14. In to set new standards for extreme slank
  15. @Clovdyx has graciously agreed to Co mod my game to make sure I balance it right and basically so i dont screw it up lolololol
  16. @Cass@Shad_ @Hallia @dicetosser1 @VooDooNut @SinisterDeath @whiskey delta @Clovdyx what's linz handle here again? @Cory Caboose @TrippedOnReality @AwholeLoafaBread @Darthe
  17. Thanks and 1 vote Stranger Things.
  18. /in I vote for Stranger Things. Sorry Z, but I don't know anything about MHA and I loved ST.
  19. I really wanna do my hero academia but not sure if the flavor will attract people so I'll do a stranger things game if that'll help get players.

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