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  2. I want a rematch.... Lololololol
  3. Thought I should mention for anyone trickling in that we DID successfully run a 10p! Hallia and Sooh won as wolves with Hallia dodging the lynch in F3. I didn't get the feeling there was interest in running an immediate follow-up, but suffice to say this worked out and we can definitely do it again some time.
  4. Sorry hon, things are complicated here atm so I'll pass. Have fun tho!
  5. Then I guess we better put on a show.... I know you mean the tv series but still... Lololololol
  6. I’m certainly itching to play a mafia game again, totally down with you or class being our liason at MU Shad. As for this forum... I suspect we will see a resurgence if the show does well.
  7. Shad can always speak for me!!!! ❤️
  8. I don't pay much attention to champs, but unless the rules have changed, we're ineligible due to not running any games since 1/1/20. Still time to change that though maybe lol
  9. I'm not MU staff. I talk to Amy most days anyway and being the liaison will consist of changing nothing. But I figured I wouldn't volunteer myself after already strongarming the subforum's existence. 😄 If y'all want me to do it that's fine. They just want a name or two eventually.
  10. @Arie no repping necessary/feel free to join -this is just a fun general game! Dragonmount-peeps using MU as the board ^.^ Having said that, I think the championships are starting May 10, so if anyone's keen, we need to get on it for a nomination/invite...
  11. I repped TV.net one year. It's a lot of fun.. but SO far out of my realm of ability. XD Good luck to those that play!
  12. Yeyyy @Shad_ you tagged the peeps! As for community liaison, I don't really foresee there being much need for liaison, but is there anyone keen? Are you otherwise staff, Shad? Would it really matter? @dicetosser1 @Nynaeve @Hallia? Happy for my name to be put in if need be, but we all know I'm really not the most reliably contactable or attentive, so also happy for it not to / there'd better be a hydra!!
  13. https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/30549-Check-in?p=4864735#post4864735 Subforum's up. Maybe having a place to play will spark signups. If it goes nowhere, no harm done. Obviously we don't have to use this, but the idea's been bumped around for a while so let's just see what happens, eh? If we decide to play there, we have to choose 1-2 community liaisons that can represent DM if there's any need for communication with MU staff. I'd personally nominate Cass if she's interested since she doesn't have prior staff ties there, but it doesn't really matter until it matters and I would like to think we can all get along well enough for a couple games every year without needing intervention lol @Illian Tear ; @Zander?; @Nynaeve; @dicetosser1; @Wildfire Sedai; @The Crusher; @Darthe;@Krakalakachkn; @Andrej; @ed2funy; @Lizabeth; @Clovdyx; @MrsClov; @Cass Just ninja'd the original @ list for now, nothing personal if I left you off
  14. I'm going to see about getting a MU subforum actually set up. Maybe if it's there we'll use it. I don't expect Dragonmount to return to a game every month or anything like that, but I have to think the limitations of the current software is the only reason we've ran nothing in the past year. If we don't end up using it they can just delete it or something. I think it's worth a shot.
  15. I'm down for a reunion game any time, just hit me up on Discord. And yes, if I remember correctly, MU actually reached out asking if we want them to host a subforum for us. It wasn't well received at the time, but that was a while ago so who knows. I'm certainly on board with it.
  16. In, just remind me on fb when we get there!
  17. Yes! I think we could even set up a home away from home at MU and use their bots if we need a mod ?🤔 so @Illian Tear ; @Zander?; @dicetosser1; @Wildfire Sedai; @The Crusher; @Darthe@Krakalakachkn; @Shad_; @Andrej; @ed2funy; @Lizabeth? Anyone else?
  18. How about making this happen? @Cass
  19. *pokes thread* Whhhhat is it @Darthe? How long does it take? How many players??? So many questions, and since I'm supposed to be working, so little time to Google...
  21. I have 2 already bro I'm ok atm... Lawl I could be down for the lunching of wolves!!!!!

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