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  2. ^ That's your new we-have-a-newborn-what-is-sleep look, right? ( Congrats again!!!!!!!!!)
  3. Oh Darthe. Oh sweet, sweet Darthe. Could it be that I've missed you?
  4. This forum in particular got kinda buried. I just thought it was deleted for months.
  5. It seems like the revamped website did the opposite of what it was supposed to
  6. Still down if I can be super low effort about it
  7. Though i have op on the 3rd of june so depends when exactly...
  8. Who can/wants to play after 5 June? Key's last game offer is possibly still a go, so @Illian Tear ; @Zander?; @Nynaeve; @dicetosser1; @Wildfire Sedai; @The Crusher; @Krakalakachkn; @Shad_; @Andrej Are you still available/in? @Lizabeth ? @Clovdyx (although Em already tagged you)? Aaaand @MrsClov ? @ed2funy ? Aaaaaaaaaaaaand who else wants to play/can you all tag?
  9. I'm so sorry! I didn't get notifications for this for some reason @Andrej. It's been a LOOOONG time, but I am definitely up for running this if people are still interested. Working from home will make modding a LOT easier! @Illian Tear, @Zander?, @Nynaeve, @dicetosser1, @Wildfire Sedai, @Krakalakachkn, @Shad_, @The Crusher - are you guys still in? Aallllllllssssooo, I heard @Cass might be in now that her class is paused for a hot minute. And hey, what about you @Clovdyx? You know you want to...
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