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Home of 'teh mafia goodness'.

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  2. Looking for 10 players. Pretty basic game with a fun tongue-in-cheek theme. Feeling it out to see how many people are around and willing to play. Player List: 1. Tear 2. dumbo 3. Darthe 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. Thanks Arie - I'll send you a PM with the info!
  4. I can help you balance things out. 😄
  5. Or just someone who wants to help with balance?
  6. I have an idea and I need a co mod / co conspirator. Anyone want to help out?
  7. Haha I am doing well, ready to tank whatever wolf team I am on one more time!
  8. Attention: it's my fault. Darthe asked me where the mafia board was and in a moment of weakness I told him about the Clubs. I will repay each of you the sums of money deposited into my account for getting rid of Darthe.
  9. Look at all of your lovely faces! How are you friends?
  10. His wife is a redhead. He lives in fear every day lol
  11. If only the world was filled with more of it!!!!!! lololololololol
  12. I didn't submit that, it was Sooh. She did it while I was camping. Nyn was ok with me D1, so I typically don't shoot people ok with me, lol. My D1 kills are usually people looking to suss me early on. Fair point.
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