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  2. Krak is frozen and apologizes. He figures the corona virus is gonna be a good time for mafia (maybe)
  3. Bumping this. JN Mafia going strong with more games to come
  4. Yeah that's about right. Give me another day or two.
  5. I’d love to play again when I get the time. Right now it’s only when I have a holiday. 😞 Maybe around Easter?
  6. Alright I'll get this started tomorrow or Monday
  7. Somewhat. I think only 1 or 2 mafia games have happened since like last year.
  8. Thanks. Glad to see you stuck around this forum really is dead now isn’t it
  9. J80 is modding a Ninja Turtle mafia and for some reason or by lack of judgement we got a bunch of assorted nuts new to the game from the site to sign up. Was hoping to get a couple co-mods and or players from here. Because I miss you all. I can help anyone with a screen Name if they don’t have one. For the time being our owner Maxman has decided to no longer require proof of a tetanus shot to enter the site. https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/150094-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-mafia-signup-thread/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-4378700
  10. Looking for 3 players for a quick daywalker game. Sign-ups: 1. IT 2. Cory 3. AJ
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