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Home of 'teh mafia goodness'.

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  2. Is this where I shrug and nonchalantly sign up bcus I have nothing to do with my life right now?
  3. Pre-writing my AtE emotional breakdown right now for easy copypasta.
  4. I'll play. I will be slanking on a level none of you are accustomed to and I will probably get lynched for it as either alignment. PM me on Discord or there is a 0% chance I notice it has randed.
  5. My version of mentoring involves 1 thing....do the exact opposite of what i do and youll be good!!!! Lololololol
  6. lolololololol Pretty sure it's the other way around... I would never mentor anyone in this game... I'm awful
  7. Great, glad to hear it Krak! I'm also sorry. I totally thought I had responded to this and updated the OP. Maybe I dreamed it? lawl. Is that a sign-up @Katiora?
  8. Rules edited to be 36 hour days, save for Day 1, to better accommodate our multiple timezones :).
  9. Excellent! I will get you on the list. It might be Christmas by the time this game happens though ;).
  10. I’m playing because this time I will be town and you will be scum. It, will be, Glorious!!
  11. Lol Facebook would've been nice but totally my fault for not checking in like... Two months?
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