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  2. good on you, I took of earlier from work so got earlier weekend...was nice too
  3. Ok collecting it to keep track Mumsy has a little white lamb that liked to jump upon the couch and lamps only to bite Taymists shawl. It loved to do gymnastics on the boulder behind the White Tower. Mumsy was always occupied with her favorite poetry book and inspecting the Warders. The other day Taymist and Mystica skipped happily through the waste of forgotten pumpkin pies on their way to go to see the Warders. The sky was filled with Green and yellow light spewing from the large glowing orb hanging in the autumn tree. From the window of My old Aunt's motorhome Mumsy could keep an eye on the playground, where the Warders would practice with inflatable enemies, who were dressed in purple and orange with lilac tutus tucked around their hips, sometimes when they were not deflated. Cairos and
  4. I"m not sure exactly how many classes I still need, but I think 9 or 10.
  5. Congrats tay! Whyever would you want to fit into others shoes when your own fits you perfect? You'll do great. *snuggles tay*
  6. yeah, I've got them to about a stich or so and thought they had enough stretch in them it probably wouldnt matter too much! soaps is not something I've ever made though I love the thought of making something that smells just the way you like it.
  7. Hiyah and welcome to the angel's quarters (aka aspies) @Jacen al'Miere !!!!
  8. Lava - novice https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/107795-lavandula’s-graduation/
  9. @Maera @Cross Happy (very) belated young ladies, hope you both had lovely celebrations xoxo 😘 (Nice new pic maera!)
  10. oh i mean whoever the heck is around. been super quiet round these parts lately. at least the class is necessary, far too often they smack tons of classes that have nothing to do with a major and call it 'required' all it does is run up prices and time. and it sounds like an easy class so thats a plus. how many more classes/semesters do you have until the end? i've been plugging away. working on strips, writing a new book, helping sis take care of mom. her arm's been in a lot of pain lately, she supposed to be getting a notice to go get an x-ray soon as the doc thinks there may be a hairline fracture. though it could be anything from arthritis, scar tissue, who the heck knows
  11. Hi Cross! I don't know if you meant me, but I'll answer anyway. Still working and uni is back in session. I don't like the class I'm taking right now, but it's required and sometimes you have to take stuff you don't like. It's a class designed to teach one how to write a paper. So, it's necessary. I'm also still trying to sort out my credit so I can buy a house. That's pretty much it for me. What are you up to?
  12. Hello :) Maera/Novice https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/107911-maeras-graduation/
  13. Today I decided I'm going to take a personal day tomorrow...AND DO WHAT I WAAANT 😄
  14. haha me too! Yours looks great though! But I also refuse to block anything...as I am lazy haha so I think..eh good enough! Funny you should say that, I am looking at making soaps! I would just be selling them chep to family and friends and making them for myself so think I will go with melt and pour block bases as my starting point as to not have to register on the chemical board/use lye - but would like to try that process for some I just use on myself. How about you?
  15. *plops in a bean bag chair* ahh so what have you lot been up to?
  16. ahhhh, that's cute. have you made soaps before? @Maera this is where I am at with my little squares- still getting the hang of making them the same width lol
  17. I google various things, like "warrior prince" and "young warriors" and then I follow the leads.
  18. I used to... Not sure if I remember my log in info.
  19. So anyone still play this? Its a game where you collect dragons of different breeds on a scroll (for those who havent run into it yet)
  20. Oh check out bluebeard its one of my faves too! yeah the podcasts tells little known fairytales from around the world and where they originated and also include a 'creature of the week' which will be a scary creature from folklore too - a married couple do it, and he does bluebeard as well if you want to check it out :) https://www.mythpodcast.com/
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