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  2. Omg....this is the best thing I’ve heard in quite some time! 😂🤣 @PiedPiper, I think you’re just brilliant in suggesting an Orange Ajah, because who doesn’t like cheese?! (If you don’t, then I’m sorry). I’ll be forthcoming here: choosing a path is not easy. You’ll be told to follow your heart and yada yada yada. In some cases, that’ll be absolutely true. In others, that may mean other things. For me, it’s about where I am needed, and where I can make the best impact. For you, it might mean being where you feel the most comfortable. The important thing to remember is: find where you feel most important. Ask yourself: what drives you? What do you enjoy? Where do you feel you can make the most impact? Ultimately, where you wind up should fulfill an innate desire within yourself, whatever that may be.
  3. I couldn't agree more. I hope to do more like these, in a different format, but with the same impact. Getting to others, and getting to know yourself! I enjoy thinking about WoT in a very real way, these questions seemed to bring it into our World more, or us into it 😉
  4. You fine folk would give the White Tower, at any point in the series, a run for its money. The bonds are strong here, above is all the proof one would need 💖
  5. Hey, it was fun! I thought your choice about the Aiel Waste was really interesting -- and the fact that you mentioned Shadar Logoth. I get the sense you'd fit in well with the Aiel. I had no idea that Aviendha in Rhuidean was all Sanderson; I never really looked into which parts were done by which author. I just thought it was a really powerful sequence. Also, Padan Fain is an interesting choice. I would never have thought of it. And your ter'angreal was a fascinating idea. I feel like you can learn a lot about someone from their answers to these questions. Oh -- and I totally agree with you about the moment with Nynaeve and Aldragoran. It's awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching and uplifting and something for which English doesn't have words.
  6. It says I'm not allowed to view the content, error code 2F173/K -- maybe that means something to someone?
  7. mmm pumpkin scones, get me one @Arie😉 Sounds like the perfect Halloween @Lavandula!
  8. I saw a thread in the Green... area(?) about how they met and chose their warders -- I'd love to hear, from the Warder's perspective, how they met and bonded their Aes Sedai. I also have a couple questions, but I understand if they're too personal. 1) Before bonding, did you have an understanding with your Aes Sedai about other Warders re: if they or you would bond any others, or did you decide that you would consider potential bonds on a case-by-case basis? Did you talk about Souvra bonds as well? 2) How long did you know your Aes Sedai before you bonded? 3) How did you and your Aes Sedai decide to bond? Who asked for the bond? 4) Is there a bonding ceremony? How does bonding actually work? What do you do to be bonded?
  9. Very cool, and good to know! It's nice thinking about this stuff right? I'm glad you like WoT too! I really like your insights/thoughts. I just learned that your fav moment w/Aviendha was entirely BS's idea! pretty neat. Thank you doing this 🙂
  10. I love cheese! Not as much as my brother, who took bites from the block, but it is yummy haha I would vote for cheese.
  11. makes sense if you chose Cuen'deren. I don't remember exactly how big my tank was, but I do remember it took up most of the space on top of one of my bookshelves... it was the long and wide type. Maybe it was still too small... I hope not!
  12. My son just got hired for EMS. He’s still working as a fill in Fire Engineer too.
  13. Our children go through so much, sounds like you have had your hurdles, but I'm happy that things are going well. I am sure it hadn't been easy, butt hey are a blessing - even days where you can't get along with them. 🙂 2000, Now that was a time from long long ago. I too have changed a lot and become settled in my family. Though without a job for 10 years outside of kids, I've had to put my energy somewhere. What remained of it, anyway. It's good to have you here! Your enthusiasm and desire to be involved will certainly go a long way to helping revive us as the TV show comes round. 🙂 I have High expectations of you. 🙂
  14. there are different colors and tailtypes and yeah if you dont have a big tank you do need that, they live side by side in the wild, so its perfectly posible to get two males in the same tank in aquarium as well without screen between if the thank just big enough for them to assert each their territory however a lot of thanks sold for them are way to small for what they should have even if alone in it, i get its hard for pet stores since they cant set of the space in store for thanks they could have more then one in and they want to have a selection to have anything but smaller containers, but they really could inform more about while we do it here thats for temporary housing not permanent tanks. Lii considered geting fishes once well actually had one for a while, so Lii read up on fishes, got fish video and so on and forth...cause thats what Lii does 😛 did i mention there is a brown streak in me?
  15. I don't know -- I didn't even know there were different types of beta fish. One was purple and blue, the other was orange and yellow. They lived in the same tank, but I had a screen to separate them so they didn't eat each other.
  16. 1) I learned of WoT, ironically enough, through Brandon Sanderson. A trusted friend gave me her copy of The Way of Kings; that's how I fell in love with epic fantasy. I wasn't one of those people who read WoT because I wanted to get to the Sanderson books, but I do remember hearing that Brandon Sanderson modeled his writing off Robert Jordan's, and I like Sanderson's writing, so I thought I'd like WoT too. 2) If I could join any ajah in the book version of the White Tower, it would be the Browns. (DM is different, obviously. I don't have a choice of ajah here yet.) Sitting all day in a library full of old books with obscure history sounds like a dream come true. I considered the Whites, because I love philosophy, but I could never be that emotionally distant; and I considered the Grays, because I find law fascinating -- but then I realized that the Grays also have to be good with people, which I am not, and that I could still learn all about the laws of the land as a member of the Brown without having to work with other people to apply my knowledge. 3) I agree with @StarRisk that the black tower probably wouldn't do colors, so I'll just talk about what I think the focuses might be. There'd probably be an ajah entirely for dealing with the White Tower -- this is what I imagine the Reds doing with the Black Tower after the series ended -- there'd be an ajah focused on war, obviously, since that was one of the BT's founding principles; I think there might be some kind of "outreach" ajah that specifically goes out to find and test potential recruits; and there also might be an ajah dedicated entirely to discovering new weaves, or rediscovering old ones. Those are all the ajahs that would be unique to the BT, but there'd probably be several that are equivalents of the existing WT ajahs. 4) I love Min, but I don't want to meet her irl. I definitely don't want to know what happens to me in the future, although I'm fairly certain I won't die a violent death, at least. 5) King Arthur would make an excellent warder. He's an expert swordsman with a great moral compass, and he's very protective of his people, which would probably transition to Aes Sedai well. Robin Hood also, for similar yet very different reasons: great with a bow but willing to bend morality for the better good; and he's protective of his Merry Band, which, like King Arthur, would probably transfer to any Aes Sedai he bonded. The two of them would both make great warders in very different ways. 6) Aviendha's future visions in Rhuidean. Unpopular opinion, but that was my favorite moment in the whole series, and it would be so cool to see WoT so far in the future and then see how Aviendha is affected by it. I just think it would translate really well to a visual medium. 7) Favorite book cover: A Memory of Light. It just has this indescribable epic quality to it. My least favorite is the same as StarRisk's for the same reasons; why would they cover Rand's missing hand with a scarf? That makes no sense. Also, who's the woman in the background? Her face is messed up and blurry. Why? 😎 Tar Valon, unquestionably. Not only do I want to see the White Tower, but it's described, over and over, as the most beautiful and artistic city in the world. 9) I'd want a Ter'angreal that can recommend me books. It would know my reading tastes super well and could tell exactly what I like and don't like, and then give me books I'll love. It would be like a librarian or bookstore worker, but even better. It would look like a book, obviously. 10) The Stormlight Archive. It's a true fantasy epic, with the thousands of years of lore, weird new races, and crazy magic systems. Besides, Sanderson (as aforementioned) was heavily influenced by Jordan, and everyone I know who likes one likes the other, or who loves one loves the other, or who hates one hates the other. Regardless, you're almost guaranteed to feel similarly about them (not that they're similar series -- Stormlight is original and completely its own).
  17. The depression is a B!tch, I feel you there. I'm happy that it seems to have eased its claws. It's good seeing you back around. 🙂
  18. I'm prety happy that Starbucks has it's pumpkin scones back..... *mons*
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