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  2. No, Lava, you kick a ball in real football. How do you kick it off or make a field goal? So, yeah...your criticism is invalid. And pwetty? That's a matter of personal taste. A real football is beautiful. Especially when you've thrown it so it's spinning through the air. Far better than that boring black and white patched excuse of a ball only half-filled with air. And all you do with a soccer ball when you take it out is abuse it, kicking it around. I always wonder why they never just leave.
  3. in order to print a design on certain things, like a backpack, you need a template to have the right dimensions, ratios etc. the template given i wasn't expecting. basically they broke every part of the back pack up, so there's the front pocket, sides, bottom, top etc. all with different lines. trim line, safe zone etc. at first glance it looks like a plan to make a plane or something
  4. ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) Der'Manshima It's been a long summer especially with work but I'm nonetheless blessed and having the best year in a LONG time! And I can't wait for the Wheel of Time TV show to finally premiere!
  5. I was too (for me)! *iching in fingers to comment on part 2, but seeing as hay might be inclined to reevaluate the worth of his very heavy books, finds it best not to prod...for now* 😁 If American "football" is football simply because you play it on your feet there's a whole bunch of sports that should be renamed as football😝 real football is when your foot actually has to touch the ball⚽ plus the ball is pwettier ⚽⚽⚽
  6. Self-explanatory, I'm sure. Feel free to add your own. 1. Brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. 2. The cool side of the pillow. 3. Drilling a hole in drywall and hitting a stud. 4. A good shave. 5.
  7. I'll take the vaccine, but I won't be among the first. (I've seen that movie.)
  8. You're not very subtle, Lava. But, subtlety is overrated 😉 . I turn in my 400 page dissertation in 19 days from now. So I'm either a) working or 2) telling myself I should be working. Neither of which has given me much chance to come here. @Phaedra I'm from the States originally, but moved to Edinburgh, Scotland seven years ago, and whenever someone mentions the word "football" I look at it twice then carefully read the context. American football is REAL football... soccer isn't.
  9. Lava - homeless manshima Since you're not suppose to say anything unless you have something nice to say, I will just sit down and look pretty. *(tries to) stroke out (not so) imaginary wrinkels in her clothes and plaster on a brave smile*
  10. The game rounds are one adjective 6 nouns So the white blub above is from a dictionary explaining nouns, and has nothing to do with round. Oh ok see now I see ok example ok so the way to think about it would be if player X had posted blue Million says cat I say boat Lava says atlantic And no one else joined, say player X was an avid fan of the adventures of blue cat, they might choose cat as the winner. Another person might find that the sea was more accurate to fit with blue, and a third might have fond memories of fishing on a blue boat So the game in and for itself is shaped by the players and their personalities, for some players u want the noun who best fit with the adjective, with another it could be whatever makes the funest combination when combined to make the person laugh. So it just comes down to what you can come up with from the letters there are to choose from
  11. Elaevia Head of the Gray Ajah I am too warm and sticky, but things could be a lot worse all things considered
  12. There is none, but both me and @JamesBrown are former members, and I lead it eons ago too. So if questions we try to help out cover it.
  13. so i'm putting together some merchandise for my company, shirts, mugs, phone cases, that kind of thing. saw the site offers backpacks...then looked at the template.....looks like physics
  14. Yes that's true we are pretty sleepy *yawns* but we are around, trying to make a little fun or help with fun stuff in the tower so please feel very welcome to visit lots😀 *being very curious as to what is keeping MaA busy, but being to polite (barely) to ask* 😇
  15. I run (and fish), and love sports in general. Football is my favorite, and I'm a die-hard college ball fan. Just last night, I was watching a Cornhole Tournament on ESPN2 ...yes, it actually exists, much to my amusement. Reminded me of Dodgeball on the Ocho! 😄🤣
  16. @Phaedra But yeah. We're very much into physical fitness, sports, and the like, and we even try to do them, occasionally. I've been into sports on/off in my life, although I've never found "mine." I've always known how to throw a Frisbee and am learning how to swing a golf club, but am also very much into watching the NFL. Or was...COVID's made watching sports far less exciting. Although playing them...now that I can play, I'm getting swallowed back into it again.
  17. When I became a Ren'shai a few months ago, I actually wasn't sure who to ask. I'm not completely sure we have a leader right now, although one might be waiting. The Warders have been pretty sleepy, lately.
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