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  2. You are always welcome in the Greens.
  3. Wassup about Easter, everyone? Zoom Easter egg hunts?
  4. Back: Front: (Ignore the weird expression. I was tired waiting for my friend to click) This looks more red in sunlight than it comes out in photo.
  5. (Hugs) I am honored. DM is an incredible place and I am happy that you found your way here. Enjoy being Accepted and finding your Home.
  6. Oh, that looks so good, Liitha! Thank you!
  7. ok, so i read lauren oliver’s Delirium last year, enjoyed it, but i just finished her first book ‘before i fall’ and that one made me a fan.
  8. Good going, here is something to help you keep going
  9. Well we are suposed to visit the browns..so need an easter theme thing to do with them after clearing visit to get to know them better and hang out, maybe also a game the renshai is in charge of the discusion, and me'areath the activety.
  10. (Trick is to make a chain with only changing the one letter not even order..a bit more challenging) Corm
  11. Perfect I couldn't have hooked a better fish either!😃 cross fired me, soooo..which ajah/disc can I pester..ahem I mean politely offer my services to about easter?
  12. I love copper brown so I’ll bet copper red looks really good.
  13. Oh my word I'm so proud of you!!! You rock, Brother Dearest *grins and snugglebites*
  14. Oooh that sounds nice, Panchi! Can you post us a picture of your hair? Don't have to put your face in, if you don't want. I've got some red dye here ... maybe I should colour mine red again?
  15. Thankyou Lav lav - I have honestly really loved chatting with you on here, you have such a positive energy and I think everyone smiles reading your posts 😉 I'm going to try and get back on here more often xx (pssst for pranks obviously...accepted need to help novices with such things after all)
  16. Thanks Liitha! And thanks again for helping me with sigs when I joined 🙂
  17. Thanks Arie - I think DM will be a great comfort in the coming weeks of continued quarantine!
  18. Thankyou:) ...pssst your raising to accepted arches are what I read to prepare... 😉
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