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  2. There some tutorials for sig makers in the arts guild that cover this You can resize and crop a picture, but a lot of sig pics are actually made by people maniputing several pics, using both resizing, croping and merging photos togheter to make new pictures
  3. I don't know if this is an okay place to put this, but I really want to know. How in the name of the flaming Dark One himself, did you get an image small enough to fit the signature box? Did you shrink the image, crop it or something else? I've been trying forever, but every time I find a decent image, it's too big. Even after cropping until you can only see a quarter of the image. I don't know if I'm too stupid to figure it out, or what. I would really appreciate some help. Thank you!
  4. Disenchanted part 3 is out!!!! I just finished watching it tonight. Now, I don't know if anyone here even watched Disenchanted, so if no one here does, I will not be offended if this thread is taken down. Hoping there are some people who watch it, what did you think?
  5. This is a thread to post really random thoughts and questions you happened to think of. They don't have to be WoT or WT/Warders related, just anything that is funny and random. Here's one I thought of: 1. Der'Manshima. Meaning no disrespect to anyone, the literal translation of Der'Manshima is close to Senior Sword. This is funny to me because it makes me picture grizzled old Warders hobbling around the training yard yelling to each other about battles and complaining about how lucky their Aes Sedai are because they don't get old. I think what the people who came up with the name m
  6. Sending tea and soup your way, Lily. Praying you are feeling better soon. Will be interested in hearing about your class when you are feeling better.
  7. Going way back to the first list... Ming the Merciless was (repeatedly) defeated by Flash Gordon. And Phaedra, the author who defeated Annie Wilkes in Stephen King's Misery was named Paul Sheldon. (Phaedra should get the point for that last one, as she prompted my memory.)
  8. I hope you feel better soon. I’m really interested in this class. They didn’t have anything like it when I went to school. Lol,
  9. Actually, I've been thinking on this one :). I feel like I'm decent with words, but it does take me awhile to collect my thoughts sometimes. I'll be replying soon!
  10. I know Annie Wilkes was defeated by the author guy she captured in Misery, but I can't remember his name! Ugh! Dr. Octopus was defeated by Spiderman.
  11. Manshima: In the course of at least three months, perform five activities of various sorts. 1. Bandar Eban tour: No specific dates set. If dates are needed, I can provide. https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/109218-activity-tour-of-bandar-eban/
  12. Not for me. I just didn't really understand the idea of this thread. Sorry!
  13. Scar from the Lion King? Simba right? And wasn't Darth Tyranus defeated by Darth Sidious? I could be totally wrong on that one.
  14. Right now, I'm struggling through the first week's writing with the flu, so I can't say it's been very interesting yet. lol
  15. This was the Hydra ^^ Let's try the next one, ofc false answers are also good 😆
  16. You got this ! it 's indeed the one !!!! Gonna post my 3rd series (the first two are still open tho) 11. Annie Wilkes 12. Tahiti BoB 13. Cell 14. Scar 15. Dr Octopus
  17. heh. apparently this is a 'too serious' or maybe a 'too touchy' kind of topic! Also, the US exploded pretty shortly after, so... 😛 I personally would love to see a bit more communication between groups and maybe some stream-lining raisings between all clubs to make it easier for new people to be part of the community. Purge the outdated policies and process that doesn't do anyone any good. Maybe some more friendly competition. That's just me. 🙂
  18. So there was an old thread asking about WoT nationality. It can be found here. https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/82546-aiel-raid-wot-nationality/ Since bringing old threads back to life in frowned upon, I though I would create a new one asking what nation in WoT you would be from. I would be from Malkier. I love how the Malkieri men respect women. I also like how they are so duty oriented, and even after their nation was destroyed, they still kept the traditions. I would wear the hadori with pride.
  19. @ATuckerMorin I don't do it always, but meditation is actually a pretty simple skill, but incredibly difficult to master. Get an app like "Simple Habit" (I like) or "Headspace" (another major one) and listen to the introductory lessons--yeah you might eventually want to subscribe, but for just learning, the first few lessons are free. The first step is to control and deepen your breath and then focus on something intently enough to disconnect yourself from your thoughts. Focusing on your breath, visualising a color, so on. Yeah, it doesn't last long...a second or so if your lucky before yo
  20. I've been trying to get into writing the books that I've been thinking of doing for years now, but I can't seem to put my ideas in words. I really do need to try harder.
  21. That sounds so interesting! Will you tell us about it when you get a chance, Lily?

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