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  2. At the last instant, Mehrin's greatsword shifted from the beginnings of a defensive hold to a direct assault. Eb's hands split apart on the shaft of her mace, sliding swiftly to each end as she grinned unconsciously and redirected the forward energy of her attack upwards into a series of deflective angles, her lunge morphing into a duck and twirl beneath and away from the sword. She lunged again, this time with a scowl. Would none of today's targets stay bloody still? Practicing with the mace was never particularly enjoyable, in and of itself. It did, however, allow her to hit hard and cause damage - stop threats - at close quarters in the heat of a battle with the landing of a single blow, and right now she needed to both hit something hard, and get more accustomed to using it. No matter how fast she was with her knives and her swords, they would never match the mace for force and impact. As predicted, Mehrin parried her strike and she darted back, focusing on keeping the top-heavy weapon as fluid as possible. Duck in, spin out. Deflect. Swing. Deflect, flow. Turn. His strikes came fast and heavy. The vibrations cast back at her from the wavy blade's deflections were working their way into her hands and wrists moreso than they would have with her swords. Shifting and rolling the weapon and joints as needed, she grinned again, with a grim determination. Never mind the sopping clothes and the targets that wouldn't stay still and contribute to worthwhile target practice. Even with the mace, this was much more productive than throwing knives. The dance was furious now, like it always was within seconds of starting a spar with this man. But parts were also different, her weapon choice adding elements of complexity to the composition that they both needed to account for, work on, improve. She settled into it, mind focused, blood pumping, body working in a blur driven by sword strikes and the rapid drumbeat of the rain. Splashes and shuffles through the muddy puddles punctuated their every aggressive move. You can't She hissed and whipped back around towards him. stop She turned the mace to the ready, grinding her teeth. the inevitable She scowled, shoving the shadowy threat aside with a curse and attacking, yet again.
  3. In the WWI scenario I was thinking by having the war start by a thousand zeppelin raid on Tar Valon and a baval bombardment of Tear that devastates the city because some shells hit an oil refinery.
  4. Lol by now I forgot most of school teaching of it, my knowledge of it is the temeraire series which while fantasy, loosely follows the general storyline Air balloons weren't menchoned much there but in an alternate reality where dragons exist it would have it's impact on strategic choices...and air balloon vs dragon... Raken and to'raken is a more dimmer down version. With smaller size and no "magical" abilities like wind or fire blowing...they could add an element but far from. Be as important as dragons was in temeraire books
  5. Aircraft only in the WWI type scenario. But he did employ balloons on one occasion.
  6. Depends...a live animal is more acrobatic/agile, so it has its upside to a machine...it just depends on setting and whatnot And in Napoleon time there was no planes, and air balloons would be rather at a disadvantage to something that's not dependant on hot air and wind to move around
  7. Don't think the drpsw is quite there yet, but in one rev you can create whatever setting you want. So it just depends which RP board you use
  8. I was thinking like the raken died out or that they would be too vulnerable to the airships and planes.
  9. Raken? So sort of like in the temeraire books you got live flying beasts to drop bombs on boats, and be shot at by canons if they come to close?
  10. For the Napoleon RP there would be muskets, cannons and primitive steamships. For the VictorianWW1 RP there would be zeppelins, pre-dreadnought ships and primitive heavier-than-air planes. Also machine guns. Development of primitive tanks later. Limited use of Channeling because it could quickly get too destructive. The Seanchan and Shara against everyone else.
  11. You have? Well is aroundish too and need to kick my brain in gear cause is getting frustrated
  12. So a rev one RP Well I been feeling like doing something lately like create, but has had issues focusing to sit down and do anything artsy. I could try RPing I guess as long as I don't have a main rolle - cause my life is a rollercoaster lately so never know what's next that need my attn
  13. I would like to do RPs with the technical setting the Napoleonic wars tech or Victorian/World War One tech. Probably a lot of steampunk. Tar Valon would have the position of Great Britain.
  14. On a couple of boards I've been, there was quite a use if ter'angreals and the power to ease the life of the common people and to run mechanical devices. How about devices to provide light, heating for warmth and cooking, fresh, clean water doe running water and sewage kines, etc. Plus devices to run steam engines for locomotives and steamships. Plus they can power elevators in the White Tower. Novices would no longer have to carry buckets of water up flights of stairs for some Sister to have a both. Every suite would have a bath and show and private toilet.
  15. I am sure the staff will be around to add you to the appropriate groups There is the open rpg where you can do whatever u want, and the portal stone rpg where you have to RP to earn mastery and talents are given after applications https://drpsw.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Reborn_PSW_Wiki Can be useful to find the different groups raising systems and available talents -Lii Lurking sometimes RPing 😛
  16. I'm looking to get back into WoT RPGing. I've been Master at Arms, Captain ht the Tower and Marshal-General of Tar Valon on several sites. Retired two-star who served in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. Helped plan the invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 and inserted in the first wave. If you have any big wars planned I can help. I have two characters in mind. One is a mercenary general who has entered the Tower's service. The other is a female master spy who is the besr fighter in Tar Valon. She also gets huinches but her talent cannot be trained.
  17. I love RPing Seanchan if anyone is still looking. Though mainly I've been lurking in the background. Very busy in RL since March ~_~
  18. Kinda surprised this character is still active considering I haven't been around for over a year. I'll resurrect him if that's OK, though it looks like there aren't many RP's going on right now.
  19. Agreed. Need to take care of the hips.
  20. Seems to be a lot of us older folks coming back. I think we need to update our Greeting package with complimentary choice of canes or walkers...
  21. Strike. Defend. Advance. Retreat. Four basic tactics, an infinite number of possibilities. Abandoning his normal training routines- attacks and defenses chosen for the way that they flowed from one to the next- Mehrin chose instead to fight the rain itself. Escaping the unending cold caress of the falling rain was impossible, of course, but the gathered water could still provide a target. With every strike and every defense, Mehrin moved towards a position where he could strike at the heavier drops that fell from the trees, collected rainwater that came together before falling to the forest floor below. His feet, dragging through the heavy mud, brought him beneath the largest oak tree in his and Eb's little clearing. A clean upward strike split a falling droplet. It traced a smooth path down each side of the waved blade of his flamberge before the spray came off the blade. With barely any notice of the clinging mud, Mehrin shifted into a defensive stance, the blade of his sword moving in precise lines to defend against imaginary strikes from an implacable enemy. Mehrin had left his body to react to what it saw and felt. Years of training had made him capable of separating conscious thought from physical action, and he had more than enough to think about. Any attempt to center himself into the battle against an impossible enemy drifted away to the silent battle in his own mind. Why was he so unbalanced? Why did every attempt to ground himself in reality drag him through the darkest parts of his past? What was holding him back? A motion in the corner of his vision dragged Mehrin back to the real world, a mace waved by a familiar arm. Eb had decided to join the fray. Giving a quick nod, Mehrin shifted back from his silent assault on his own mind and let Eb work her way in. The flamberge spun a quick defensive pattern between him and Eb, a silent prod to drive her towards an attack. A spar against Eb and her mace was a far different encounter than battling her dual-sword techniques. Even Eb's strongest strikes with her dual sword attacks were no match for Mehrin's solid defense. He could simply stop any attempt to overpower his defenses, and several bouts had shown Eb that such a tactic would only lead to her eventual defeat. The mace, however, was a completely different beast. While Mehrin was confident in the blade that he had forged, no sane smith would want anybody to strike their blade with a hammer, and a mace was far less forgiving than a hammer. Mehrin had seen blades that he had forged shatter beneath a direct strike from a mace. He had one scar, a small cut across his ribs, that demonstrated how devastating a direct blow from a mace could be against a sword. He had been standing several feet away from a sparring pair when one man tried to block a blow from a mace instead of redirecting it. The sword had shattered, sending shards in all directions. The medics had been surprised that the two eventually recovered. At a whim, Mehrin's offer for an attack gave way to an assault, a quick series of fast strikes that forced Eb to react to the heavy blows that were a trademark of his style. In a flash, the dance had begun.
  22. I'm sure you'll be fine! Have fun!!!
  23. I have Cairma and Conor floating about, when I remember to reply to threads. 🙂 You're welcome to hit them up too.
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