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  2. .. To Prove One’s Worth .. ►▼◄ They spoke earnestly for a while after Myrrhi had shared her thoughts and reflections. Elessar understood and agreed when she pointed out that she needed to know that she could depend on him as her companion and protector, to stay by her side in their service for the White Tower. They needed mutual trust and loyalty. The Warder promised and apologized again for his lapse. He appreciated her understanding when it came to his personal issues and that going through what he had gone through when Leandreen died and the Bond snapped would have a profound effect on anyone. As the minutes went by, he felt they were soon ready to speak of practical matters, the matter of his service and duty dealt with, and when the time came Myrrhi took the initiative. She spoke of the visits in the city that she had made in the past days, the people she had met, and what she had found out. Myrrhi then handed Elessar the note and sat back in silence. He studied it closely, read it several times and then handed it back to her. “It’s obviously a trap”, he said. “They have clearly been observing us since they knew I was not around.” Myrrhi nodded but remained silent, waiting for more of his reflections. It was good to have him back at her side. “It’s cleverly done in fact, a less observant recipient might have been fooled.” He waited a few seconds before continuing, thinking the matter over. “I think we should spring the trap”, he said squarely. “This can lead us closer to the truth behind Lady Semaris and her activities, because she is surely involved in this. If she is a Darkfriend as her Lord husband suspects, she may make a mistake with this scheme and we may catch her in the act.” ● “We have to be careful of course”, Elessar added matter of factly, “because if they are Darkfriends there could be danger. However, they don’t know that we know that it is a trap. That works to our advantage.” Myrrhi nodded again, agreeing with where he was going with this. There could be danger but danger was their business when on Tower business. They just had to be careful and now that they were together again as a team she had confidence that they would succeed. “If they have discovered that I am back in the city”, he added thoughtfully, “that could make them hesitate a little. However, Darkfriends are in my experience an arrogant zealous lot who don’t hesitate when going in for the kill.” They spoke some more about the docks, what they recalled about the buildings there and how to use the site for their advantage. That was always important in any conflict: know your terrain well. Then they discussed some practical matters and necessary preparations that needed to be done. When he finally left Myrrhi’s room, Elessar felt better. It was good to have spoken more about his inner pain with Myrrhi and the healing process between them had begun. They would solve the current issue in the Capital - together. He would he at her side, protecting, serving, as he had sworn in his Oath. This was a chance to prove his worth, to show that he had made no mistake by returning to her side. That was important for him but also for her. He ignored the doubts that lurked in the stain of darkness in his soul, pushing them away as he looked with positive eyes on what was to come. ● It was nearing midnight and Elessar and Myrrhi were crouching by a fishery building down at the docks. The Warder was keeping an eye on every nook and corner, staring into the Shadows with an intense gaze. So far they had seen no movement, the docks were empty of people, local fishermen drinking at the nearest inn. The sky was black and with a blanket of clouds which made it difficult for the slivers from the moon above to penetrate the darkness. There was little light about and for that reason (but not that reason only) they had arrived early so their eyes could get accustomed to the dark. “Will they be here soon?” Myrrhi whispered. She was going through in her mind how they had agreed to approach this ‘meeting’. She would step forward to speak, pretending her Warder was not around. He would stay hidden in the Shadows but if the situation escalated he would join her swiftly. They had discussed if her confronting the supposed Darkfriends alone was too risky but she had insisted this was vital if they were to have a chance of catching them. If they saw Elessar beside her from the beginning there at the docks, they might deduce that their trap had been found out and might withdraw or, if they kept a lookout, not come at all. Elessar was not too happy about it but accepted Myrrhi’s decision. “They will be.” Elessar whispered back. “They would not have sent you the note if they did not mean business.” ● He stared further into the darkness and a few moments later he thought he saw a shadow move off to his right. He touched Myrrhi’s shoulder and nodded in that direction. She looked towards the building Elessar had indicated, keeping their silence. Another shadow moved close to the first one and then they both stepped forward into what minuscule light there was also coming off the water. Elessar nodded to Myrrhi who nodded back. She embraced Saidar, enjoying the One Power flowing through her, then she stepped forwards from the shadows wherein she had waited and walked toward the two men. Elessar studied the darkness in all directions, looking for more men hiding in the Shadows. He kept a close eye on Myrrhi though as she stopped ten paces or so from the men. They wore dark cloaks and hoods but it was hard to get an impression of facial features in the blackness. Myrrhi stared at the men with her cool Aes Sedai-stare, glad that Elessar was nearby if the situation escalated into trouble. “Thank you for your invitation”, she said smoothly. “ I am here. What news have you of my Warder?” The man standing to the right replied, his Illianer accent thick. “I do be having important news.” His voice was deep and raspy. “Your Warder do be with our.. friends. You do be joining us and learn what he will tell you.” ● “How can I trust you are telling the truth?” Myrrhi asked, playing along for the time being. She did not feel any danger from her Warder through the Bond which was reassuring. He would for sure be studying the docks closely. “You said nothing about any other place in your message.” The man who had spoken responded. “You do be trusting us.” He said. His voice had a touch of sarcasm as he continued. “You be thinking we are lying? “ Why should we lie? Your Warder sent us.” Myrrhi considered the situation as the silence lengthened. If she went with them, it could be that they would be able to catch many of them. But such action included risk, perhaps too great a risk. Down here at the docks they would stand a good chance against a dozen people if it came down to it, but in close quarters against several dozen..? She felt the risk was too great. “Tell me his message now, stranger”. Her voice was more commanding now, words spoken by an Aes Sedai. “If a message you indeed have.” The man who had spoken exchanged a glance with his companion, then he hissed a warning as something flew through the air close to the Aes Sedai. It was an arrow and Myrrhi reacted instinctively. She threw herself to the side, rolled and then cast a blast of Air at the two men who scrambled to their feet off to the side. Elessar was rushing in from the shadows just as a second arrow whistled through the air. It passed between them but the danger was clear. The Warder had his blade in his hand, his Warder’s cloak blending into the background, as he threw himself at three more men who had appeared from the back building. ● Two of them carried swords but he quickly saw that they were no match for him. He was holding onto the Flame and the Void, perhaps a bit too tightly but acceptable in the circumstances, as he flowed in the Forms, attacking, deflecting and parrying. The first opponent fell to the ground with a deep wound in his thigh while the second fellow screamed in pain as Elessar’s sword cut into his abdomen. The Warder’s fist slammed into his face and the man fell to the ground as if felled by a tree. The man with the thigh-wound withdrew off to the side, cursing loudly and throwing obscenities at the Gaidin, but then the third man attacked. He was more experienced with the sword and the Clash of Steel rang around the docks as they circled one another with attacks and deflections, moving back and forth in a Dance of the Blades. Elessar was caught slightly off-balance at one point and cursed as the other man’s sword bit into his back, but it was a shallow wound and did not hamper him much. He struck back some moments later when his blade got inside his opponent’s guard and sliced into his arm. Finally Elessar managed to get the better of his opponent, combining sword forms in an advanced fashion which very few indeed would be able to withstand. The other man’s sword crashed to the ground and the Warder’s blade cut deeply into the man’s side as he finished him off. He had needed to focus on his own opponents, but had sensed Myrrhi’s own battle with more onrushing men off to the side. She was using the One Power in defence of her own life and that of her Warder and worked her weaves of Saidar proficiently. Elessar risked a glance around the docks, looking for added danger, and then it happened.. ● Off to his right was another Shadow moving close to the nearest building. Several Shadows. A split second - and then.. Elessar saw the danger out of the corner of his eye. He yelled a warning to Myrrhi but it was too late. The poisoned dagger was already flying towards its target, the Aes Sedai’s heart. Everything happened as if in slow motion then. ● Myrrhi half-turned towards her Warder, her hands upraised as she embraced Saidar.. Elessar took a long step towards her.. One of the men rushing in from the side screamed something unintelligible.. A second man rushed from the darkness toward the Warder.. Myrrhi used Air to throw the onrushing man back and he smashed into the dock house. But she was too late to see the dagger. Elessar took another long step towards her and then, using all his remaining strength, he leaped in front of her from several yards away, his arms outstretched, his body a shield for his Aes Sedai, and he took the dagger in his chest that had been meant for his Bondholder. ● Crashing to the ground several paces to her side, he hit his head hard, slamming his shoulder as he fell, dizziness enveloping him as he tried to catch his bearings. He felt great pain in his chest and a numbing feeling and immediately deduced that the dagger had been poisoned. Cursing inside he tried to raise himself but was unable to. He heard Myrrhi shout something to him but her words became mixed up in his mind and he was unable to react. A boom sounded as if from very far off but Elessar was no longer able to discern voices or nearby sounds or understand what was going on. He felt through the Bond that Myrrhi was rushing toward him - he thought she was screaming something - but his thoughts were too jumbled. The Gaidin held onto one thought. A vital thought. The most important one. ● I saved her life. This time I did not fail. By the creator, I did not! ● The last thought that went through Elessar’s mind before he lost consciousness was that he had Proven his Worth as a Warder. A feeling of relief and gratitude echoed in his soul, a blissful contentment, as he gradually descended into an unending blackness. ▀▄
  3. "right along the river." old man Jophrie removed his hat, holding it against his chest as he looked up at Dynovie atop the horse Marla had provided her. a man in his middle years, though one who had looked years older even since he was a boy, was well known in the square and among the shops as the man who knew everything about the farms outside of the city. owning a farm himself, Jophrie Maines felt it his obligation to help his neighbors to the best of his ability, be it offering tips on crops, what merchants to deal with, or how to patch or build their barns, the man was beloved. and easy to talk to. which he dearly loved nearly more than his morning tea. knowing the people that surrounded him felt comfortable enough to talk freely with him was a point of pride, not to mention conveniently feeding his appetite for gossip. an appetite and service he seamlessly stretched into the city whenever he visited for pleasure or business. so it had to be the Wheels Weaving that brought him into Cairhein that day. that brought him in to cross paths with Marla's husband and directly into helping Dynovie in her needs in locating the Aiel. "she hasn't left the shores no more than ten yards since she arrived." he went on, "we've all been keeping an eye on that Aiel, on her and the Spine. I must say it does me a might good that you're looking into this now Aes Sedai, having an Aiel, even just one, lurking about our river has set all the farmers on edge. we don't like it, don't like what it could mean. but we're not dim witted enough to approach the woman. she's armed...she's Aiel." he shook his head at the situation. "i can tell you right exactly where she is, there's a large willow that dips a bit into the edge of the river about half a mile north of Dorthrops farm. she's been right there, camping for the past day and a half. was there this very morning."
  4. "Dynovie Sedai!" Dynovie raised her eyebrows at the call, her gaze not leaving her book. "What is it?" she replied without looking up at the Maria girl. Or was it Malia? "An Aiel woman's been spotted in and along the river. she seems to be alone but an AIEL!" That's not her business, really. Any Blue would handle the political side better, and if any battle was involved, perhaps the Green. But Dynovie had no interest dealing with any Aiel at the moment. Especially with more important issue at hand. She was about to send the girl away when she heard her continue. "They say she uses a brown fringed Shawl to cover her head. a Shawl, Dynovie Sedai." Finally Dynovie looked up. Now, a Sister, an Aiel Sister, and a Brown at that, promised something important. "Alone, you said?" she asked, although not waiting for confirmation. She knew what she heard the first time anyway. Of course she had heard of an Aiel Brown Sister who left for the Waste years ago. She wasn't privy to any information about it, since most missions and tasks were handled confidentially, even secretively. But Norela Sedai was a known name, and her being back probably meant something important. "Get me a horse, girl," Dynovie said after contemplating, closing her book, "and someone to point me where she was seen." Norela might or might not have anything useful for her research, but she might get news, and perhaps aid. After all, two heads are better than one.
  5. Robert arched his eyebrows. "Give", he demanded. "We've lost track of the Seanchan and Sharan fleets. Plus I've heard of a huge force of zeppelins they've been building. At least five hundred. And my two most productive rings in Illian have been rolled up. Gone. It took me years to get them in place. Plus the Seanchan army have been moving a huge amount of supplies and munitions towards the Murandy border. And they've stepped patrolling. I think they're coming". Robert frowned. Ever since the passing of the last of Mat and Tuon's descendants the Seanchan had been sounding more and more bellicose. Plus they and Shara had signed an alliance. "I'll talk with Delia after you've briefed her", Robert said. "We should seriously calling up the Territorials and the Yeomanry. I'll call Jack down in Tear and tell him to be on the alert". Jack Williams was the commander-in-chief of the fleet.
  6. Robert got up at the crack of dawn, as was his habit since he joined the army. His wife, Delia, was still snoring gently, her chest rising and falling. He dressed quickly in his uniform, and shrugged his Sam Browne belt into place with his sword and pistol. He stepped out into the hallway, gently shutting the door behind him. He made his way to the dining where a generous breakfast has been set for him. Eating quickly, he got up from the table and headed to his off in the Ministry of War, on the same level of the White Tower. The outer office was already busy with activity. He reached the door to his inner office and saw that Elaine Treherne, the Minister of Intelligence, was waiting to give him his daily morning briefing. She would give it to Delia later. She had a worried look on her face.
  7. thats why i asked how long dynovie's been brown. i'd imagine dynovie would recognize the name norela. whether they knew eachother is something you can decide. but norela's been in the waste a good long time, close to 20 years maybe. if you decide they knew eachother, norela's lost a lot of weight, and looks a bit different.
  8. Awesome. Should Dynovie know Norela? How long has she been in the Waste?
  9. works perfect. they would be precious things to have in this world for sure. knowing the Tower, regulated.
  10. the distinctive crack, grind and eventual slam of the tall old wooden doors to the library echoed through the elongated hall, reverberating its way through aisle and bookcases alike. a noise that normally would have been relegated to the background, especially for a seasoned library dweller as the Brown ajah were. normally. if it were not for the strength and speed of the slam. its very noise denoted hurried panic. a note that proved true with the oncoming sound of searching footsteps. steps pausing at each intersection of bookcases, just long enough to note the absence of their target before moving on. "Dynovie sedai!" came the familiar voice of a servant that had been attending Dynovie during her stay. whispered, yet desperate, it was clear the woman was doing her level best to maintain a level of decorum in her search for the Brown Sister. "Dynovie sedai!" Marla breathed in utter relief once she spilled into the aisle that held the Aes Sedai. out of breath the thin woman attempted not to double over to catch it, which merely resulted in gasped and broken sentences. "there have been reports....reports from the farms....." straightening up Marla looked to the ceiling to get a lungful of air, "an Aiel woman's been spotted in and along the river. she seems to be alone but an AIEL!" the woman's hurried panic began to renew itself even at the thought of it, though she shook her head at herself, needing to get to the main point of her rush, knowing that Dynovie should know, would know what to do. "the farms are fearing she's a scout, that more await beyond the Spine." Marla quickly explained, "but it's that....it's that she....they say she uses a brown fringed Shawl to cover her head. a Shawl, Dynovie Sedai." ---------------- the rivers water was Creator sent. pure and simple. Norela moved slowly along it these two days she'd been on this side of the Spine. she just couldn't allow herself to drift out of sight of such lovely water, such long missed water. so sweet and cool and wet. wading into it that first day, feeling her clothing cling to her, the push of the rivers flow, the faint slip of the rocks beneath its surface. she laughed. she had to laugh. she hadn't thought she'd ever feel it again. she had begun to think it a mirage of memory. and here it was, here she was. leaving sight of the river, just wasn't something Norela could bring herself to do just yet. oh she'd seen the farmers, the occasional person spotting her, her spear, her clothes, only to run off in shock. let them. they'll do as they will either way, Norela would just pull the Shawl further over her head, hunker down and go about her business. which today consisted of cleaning up her small camp, putting out her fire and wandering out into the water of the river. there was a large boulder that broke the waters surface about a third of the way into the river, it had called to her the previous evening, it's why she set up camp not far away. wading out Norela climbed atop it, folded her legs, rested her spear across her lap, covered her head, and closed her eyes. the sound of the river rush cleansed buzzing thoughts. she needed that. needed to clear her head, to refocus, it was the only way to know the path forward, the path beyond the river.
  11. She's been with the Brown Ajah for quite sometime. Otherwise she wouldn't be able to get an angreal. Sorry I didn't ask this earlier, but my thought is that since there are limited numbers of angreals and the likes not everyone can get ahold of one, and they would have to prioritize in their distribution. Does this work or should I edit?
  12. @SableSage has your character been with the brown ajah for a good length of time or is she fairly new?
  13. .. A Return and Honest Words .. ►▼◄ As Elessar rode toward the Capital that morning, the rain gradually lessened. From a heavy downpour it became a light downpour and then a drizzle. Not that he cared much about the weather. His thoughts were on his return to Myrrhi and on what he would say to her. She deserved an explanation and also an apology, but he was still unsure what words to speak. Though his days with the Illianer stranger had done him a lot of good in many ways, he still carried guilt and the ‘blackness’ - the stain upon his soul - inside him, perhaps he always would to some extent, a consequence of his Bond snapping and madness lurking when his first Aes Sedai died. This left him more vulnerable than he would have liked, but he had lifted himself out of his emotional quagmire before and would do it again. He had taken the first steps with the stranger. He would take the next ones too. More self confident now than he had been in a good while, he felt strongly that he had a purpose: to redeem himself, to show his worth as a Warder. He did not know the specifics of how he would do so, but he would. Somehow. As Stormbreaker galloped down the road that led to the city of Illian, passing carriages driven by oxen and people - locals and travellers - on foot, Elessar focused his mind on what lay ahead. ● He left his valiant mount in the care of a stableboy behind the inn and entered the establishment. He knew that Myrrhi would feel his return through the Bond, but felt no emotions coming through. He did not know if that was a good or a bad thing. She will probably be angry with me. He thought as he headed up the steps to the floor above. And rightly so. He went to his own room first, mostly because he needed some moments to prepare himself for the confrontation. For her condemnation. Removing his wet cloak, he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. He thought about his Bondholder - about Myrrhi - and guilt rose inside him. He had treated her badly, but his inner pain was so personal that he was not sure he could explain it to her in a proper, meaningful way. She was quite young for an Aes Sedai, less experienced than his former Bondholders, and in the past she had shied away from confrontations with him. He guessed that she did not want to anger him, was perhaps a little afraid to as well (he could be an imposing presence, after all) and she did not want ‘bad blood’ between herself and her Warder. At the same time, he thought, she would need to make a stand of sorts, so that he understood that this kind of behaviour could not be tolerated. She depended on him, she needed him to be there for her as she carried out missions for the White Tower. If he was incapable of this, she may need to find an other Warder. She would be unlikely to say so out loud, he thought, but she would be thinking it. And so this was very much in his hands. He needed to give some explanations at least, apologize and swear to be by her side from now on. To be contrite and penitent was not a quality Warders were best at if truth be told, but some of those qualities were needed now to rebuild trust with his Aes Sedai. ● He lay there for longer than he had planned, his mind working on explanations to use. Myrrhi could without doubt feel him in the next room, but she did not approach him or give any indication that she was aware he was there. It was his move and they both knew it. For a moment his mind went back to when she had Bonded him, what now felt an Age ago. He remembered it as if it had been yesterday. His emotions of happiness and feeling of Hope. His words, his Oath, as he knelt down on one knee before the young woman, before she placed her hand on his head to perform the Bonding weaves making them ‘as one’, were burned into his memory.. ..In his colour-shifting Warder-cloak and with his sword by his side, he walked up to Myrrhi and stopped a few feet away. There was a smile on his face and his dark eyes glittered warmly. “And so here we are.” Elessar said kindly. She smiled back at him, her blue eyes sparkling. He came a step closer. “I gratefully accept your Offer of a Bond, Myrrhi Morrigen Aes Sedai”, he said formally, as he knelt down on one knee before the young woman. “To Serve and Protect, as your Warder, to Death and Beyond.” He bent his head, pledging his service to her. “My Life before Yours.” And Light streamed into his Soul.. ● Finally he left his room, closed the door behind him, and knocked on Myrrhi’s door. At first there was no reaction, then after a few moments he heard her voice say ‘enter’. She knew it was him and so did not need to come to the door. Opening the door, he closed it behind him and faced his Aes Sedai in silence. She was seated in the chair by the bed beside a small table on which was her notebook and a pen. He was glad to see her but his face was serious as he went over in his mind how to begin. She watched him coolly, her face smooth in the Aes Sedai fashion. He was unable to get a clear feeling of her emotions through the Bond - perhaps a mix of relief, frustration, gladness and anger?, though he never could really tell even at the best of times - and she was clearly waiting for him to speak. The silence lengthened, the moment awkward, but then he gave her a Warder’s bow of respect and spoke, meeting her gaze squarely. “Myrrhi Aes Sedai”, he said in a low voice, honest with contrition, “I apologize for my absence. I have not done my duty by you as I should and for that I am ashamed.” ● He turned away, facing the wall. He did not want to see the condemnation in her eyes. “You have every right to be angry at me. I have let you down.” He paused for a moment. “There are some issues I have kept to myself, for personal reasons. And I am sure you have observed that I have not quite been myself these past weeks. For that I am sorry.” Turning back to face her, he continued. “I have returned to prove my worth as your Warder, to renew my Oath. I will do better in my service to you. That I swear. You deserve better.” “I also have something personal I need to share with you”, he ended. “It might explain a little my behaviour”. He sat down on the bed and related most of the story that he had never told her before. She knew of Leandreen, they had spoken of her back when Elessar had been reluctant to Bond her for reason of not wanting to fail her too. But he now spoke more of the Bond that had snapped when Leandreen died. And of the near-madness in the back of his mind as a result, a stain upon his soul that would never quite go away, and of his struggles over the years to keep it in check. He was still not able to share all his emotions, all the details, and told his story in a Warder-stoic way, but he was sure she would read between the lines and understand how deep this pain in his soul went. “I should have told you more before, especially when you Bonded me”, he said. “But some things were too personal to deal with back then, even with as trusted a person as you. But now you know.” From an early age he had been taught to be ashamed of flaws, of weakness - his father had seen to that, making him hard as steel in every way - and so showing weakness in front of others was hard for him. But he was glad he had finally told Myrrhi about his inner pain and how it affected him, and could only hope that she would react with understanding and empathy and not only anger. ● He looked away from her face as he waited for her to speak. He was ready for whatever reaction she would have. ▀▄
  14. With a huff Dynovie slipped the book to its shelf. Nothing. She had been scouring the Royal Library of Cairhein for weeks and for what? Nothing. No information whatsoever to give light to the cause nor the solution to her problem. She tidied her brown shawl before again, for the hundredth time or so, looking for another title that might work. Of course, she was not so naive nor so lazy to depend only on books as her sources. But those dusty old tomes and parchments in the old tongues are harder to decipher, and easier to misinterpret. For something as as important as this, the surer the source, the better. Clutching the gleaming grey stone between her breasts, she sighed. She was lucky to have one with her at all. It was no secret that many would prefer a Green or Yellow to to hold an angreal, considering what they did with the Power, than a bookish Brown who was more likely to sequester herself in a library all day. Yet her mission, self-appointed though it may be, necessitated this to be used. Many of her peers were now scattered, looking for more and more angreal, sa'angreal, and ter'angreal, simply because they need them. More and more people died unable to control saidar, more and more Novices unable to get raised, and more and more knowledge got buried into the darkness with no one able to unearth it. And yet somehow, Dynovie knew, looking for more was not enough. There was a time when saidar and saidin were to be used as freely as air to breathe, when the Source was not spared even when doing the most menial of tasks, as one living in the river bank unsparingly used water. Then what changed? No matter what, she meant to know. With new resolution, Dynovie scanned the next shelf. Nothing comes from nothing, she whispered to herself. I just need to know where this one comes from.
  15. "Four days to go," Myrrhi yawned. "This is just torture!" She added. Another night had passed and like during the previous ones her dreams had been chaotic. This time however, she had managed to find some rest. Her eyes were itchy, but not as puffy as the day before. She could feel it. The single ray of sun that the shutters let through in the room was pointing towards the top of her head. It gave her a delightful warm sensation while also making it impossible for her to fall back asleep. The light called her to action. She needed to go outside, enjoy the warm temperature, and maybe find a way to get busy without having to rely on her Warder or any other Tower member to tell her what to do. With the thought a spike of energy coursed through her. This was the perfect opportunity for her to be truly in charge! She had taken many decisions since she had left Tar Valon but they had rarely been her own. The weight of Elessar's gaze or feelings through the bond had often influenced her one way or another. Refusing to use the bond to check on the missing Gaidin, she readied herself for a new day of adventure. She picked one of her most comfortable dress that she matched with soft boots and at least two hidden knives. The one she attached to her right thigh made her feel strangely more powerful than the hundreds weaves she had learned in the Tower. Her next step would not be dangerous one, though. She first needed to go downstairs to get her breakfast! The common room was quiet as it had been very morning since her arrival, she counted only two patrons. The innkeeper wasn't behind the counter like it was his habit. He had been replaced by one of the senior serving girls. Could this be a good omen? The Green Sedai decided to try her chance. "Good day," she tried. "Taelha, is it?" The girl's eyes opened wide as saucer. She didn't expect the Aes Sedai to remember her name. "Yes, it is ... Ma'am... my Lady I mean.." Myrrhi smiled. "Could you bring me some slices of bread with jam, and a couple of tea to that table near the window?" "Of course, my Lady" "Thank you, Taelha." The Green glided to her table and waited for the serving girl to come with her tray, preparing the list of questions she should ask the serving girl to further her inquiries. And, it went all so smoothly the right smile here, the right compliment there, and Myrrhi got enough to plan a productive day. She did pay attention to the way she behaved Taelha, she didn't say a word untrue - she couldn't have lied anyways - stayed away from what could have been described as blatant manipulation. Lord Semaris last mistress was a newly arrived singer who resided in another inn where she performed with her troupe. Lady Semaris' only outside contact was a some sort of priest that could also be traced. And, last but not least, a mysterious man had just been arrested by the city guard because he was suspected to be a darkfriend... Now, Myrrhi had to decide which one she would first pay a visit to.
  16. that's perfect! and yes i have a plot on how to fix the wheel. though if you have ideas please share and they could be worked in
  17. My character will be an Aes Sedai from the Brown Ajah. She will be in Cairhien's Royal Library first, trying to find information on why Aes Sedai need to use angreal too safely channel. Do you have any plot on how they're going to "fix the wheel", so to speak?
  18. I've posted the Bio that was submitted and tagged you @Kathleen. Can you CC it please, lovely?🙂 Do you want handle OP breakdowns etc.? I'm trying to send the invite to the private TV board just now.
  19. @Cass or @Kathleen DM Handle: The Purple Ajah RP Section: Tar Valon RP Group: White Tower Character Name: Zoraya Mayrit Returning character: No Total PSW Character Count (max 24): 0 (1st character) Rank: Novice Age: 17 (entering the White Tower) Gender: Female Place of Birth/Raising: Darluna, Arad Doman (later Bandar Eban, Arad Doman) Physical description: 5'3" (161 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg), dark hair, dark eyes, a somewhat ordinary-looking woman with a slightly plump figure Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths: Deferent, polite, calm, quick learner and researcher Weaknesses: Unorganized, procrastinator, heavy sleeper, shy Character History Zoraya was born to a well-to-do Domani merchant woman, Zonene Mayrit, in the southern town of Darluna. Her mother’s family owned a decent-sized abode, with two servants to do the chores around the house. When she was three years old, her father, Binrim Garnade, passed away from a fever, leaving her with a modest personal inheritance of four hundred crowns. When her mother married again, it was to a son of one of the grander merchant families of Bandar Eban, Nadris Saraqusta. Her step-father’s mother, Cadiya Saraqusta, employed twenty servants in an estate to rival lesser nobles in other nations. Four daughters were born to her mother and step-father, Zoraya’s half-sisters: Antaena Mayrit (5 years younger), Maleane Mayrit (7 years younger), Parvena Mayrit (9 years younger), and Delciane Mayrit (11 years younger). As daughters traditionally run the ledgers in Arad Doman, they were all groomed to succeed her mother. Zoraya had a decent head for numbers, but it was never her passion. She often became known in mercantile circles as a daydreamer who was always sticking her nose in a book about the faraway lands of Shara, or the history of the Free Years. Nevertheless, she was still expected to continue her mother’s business as a cloth merchant. Her position in the family was complicated in her adolescence when her step-grandmother (a famous merchant in the trade of the razor horses of Arad Doman) was raised to the Council of Merchants that has a part in the election of the nation’s king. Since her step-grandmother had no daughters or close female relatives, this meant that the Mayrit family would likely possess the wealth and standing of the Saraqustas in time: and the elderly woman became more aware that this meant that her own trade may not pass to a granddaughter of her own blood, but the inconvenient, scatterbrained step-child from her daughter-in-law’s first marriage. Zoraya’s awkward standing in society was made a little more prescient by her rejection by other genteel girls of a similar age. They would always be polite with her, and she to them, but she always felt rather shy of engaging in conversation. When she reached an age of maturity, she was still somewhat apprehensive about speaking to other traders, and preferred to quietly sleep in and balance the family ledgers from time-to-time, between her own reading for the sake of pleasure. The Mayrit family was not cruel, so they did not wish to cast their own daughter out, but they both agreed that the mercantile profession was not for her. A suggestion was made that she could go to the White Tower and see if she was able to become Aes Sedai; if not, she could use her father’s inheritance to tour the other nations of the world, and perhaps marry well in another country. After setting off by caravan through Ghealdan, Murandy, and Andor, Zoraya finally reached Tar Valon. To her great joy, the Aes Sedai present at the White Tower determined that she was a channeler (a learner, like most), and as such, Zoraya gladly burned her too-tight Domani gowns and her link with her old life, now ready to enter her name in the Novice book and begin her journey on the way to being an Aes Sedai.
  20. .. The First Steps to Recovery .. ►▼◄ When Elessar next awoke, he did not know how long he had been asleep. Everything was confusing. How he had ended up in this place. Who the graying elderly man was. How he had fallen asleep again so shortly after awakening. Nothing made sense. When he raised his head from the pillow, he saw that the stranger was watching him from across the room. Looking more closely at the man he saw that the Illianer was strong of build, looked fit for his age and had a confident bearing. He was gazing kindly at the Warder in the bed, but his eyes were questioning. Elessar met his gaze squarely, then looked away. He did not feel like talking, but he needed some answers. “Who are you?” He asked finally, taking a sip of water from the cup on the beside table. The man smiled. “Who I do be is of no concern.” He grinned slightly. “Who you do be though, that I know.” Elessar frowned. “You know who I am?” “I know who you do be, yes.” The man murmured. “Or rather, what you do be.” Elessar’s eyes narrowed. “Is that so?” The Illianer chuckled. “Oh yes, you do be unmistakable”. His eyes took on a speculative glint. “You do be a Warder.” ● Elessar had not worn his Warder cloak when he had left the Capital, not feeling worthy to wear such distinguished clothing anymore. Instead he had put on ordinary clothes that would not stand out in any crowd. Even so, this man had recognized him for what he was. Or rather, what he had been. Elessar longed for a drink; all this thinking brought his thoughts back to reality, a reality he was trying hard to escape from. It did not matter who this stranger was, or why he had taken him in. Nothing mattered anymore. “No need to confirm it”, the man added with another chuckle. “You may look scruffy and almost downtrodden, but I know a Warder when I see one.” Elessar did not reply, took another sip of water, then placed the cup back on the bedside table. He looked back at the older man then and his voice became suspicious. “Why have you taken me in?” He asked. “Why are you helping me?” “I see a brother in need, I help.” The man answered, his face growing more serious. “That kind of man I do be.” Had Elessar been himself, he would have appreciated the help. He would have replied kindly. But he was a very depressed man, his soul filled with despair, who had lost hope. Had lost himself. And so instead he spat back, “I don’t need any help, stranger. Your kindness is wasted on me. I am no longer a Warder, worthy of the name.” His eyes became harder. “I have failed everything and everyone. I have broken my Oath. Nothing matters anymore.” ● The older man’s voice took on a compassionate note. “Nothing is so broken that it cannot be mended.” His face then became more serious. “But I see your broken soul. You have a challenging path to walk, brother. And I do be taking the first steps with you.” Elessar stopped listening when he heard the compassion in the Illianer’s voice. Bitterness took hold of him.. bitterness and shame. A small part of him noted what the other man said though, but his black mood overpowered everything. The Illianer stranger nodded softly as if he understood. He brought another mug of water to the Warder who poured some more into his cup. He was unusually thirsty and took a long swallow before placing his head back on the pillow. For some reason he soon began to feel sleepy again, but his already confused mind was unable to deduct what was going on. The last thing he heard before falling asleep again was the older man’s voice telling him to rest some more. Elessar’s body felt much less weary when he woke up the following morning. No wonder, he must have slept almost a day since arriving in this place. The room was empty now apart from him and he got up, washed himself in a basin at the end of the room, then put on some clothes and looked around. His mood was still black and sour but for the first time in days he felt hungry and his thoughts went to food rather than to drink. When he opened the door to the next room and stepped through, he saw that it was a kitchen. The older man was seated by a table on his own and he smiled kindly when Elessar entered. “There you do be, brother”. He said as he bade him seat himself. “Have some breakfast. You need your strength.” He pointed to a plate with toast, marmalade and some cheese. There was also a mug with water to drink. Elessar gave a brief nod, then seated himself. He ate a few sandwiches in silence and drank some water. The older man watched him from time to time but did not say anything. Only as they had near finished breakfast did Elessar speak. ● “You were a Warder once?” He asked the question in an unassuming way, as if the answer meant little to him, but the other man smiled knowingly. “I do be.. many things.. at different times..” the Illianer replied ambivalently. Elessar could not say what it was, but something about the other man reminded him of the Warders he knew back in Tar Valon. The assured bearing. The confidence. The balance. All the things he no longer saw in himself… A Warder did not usually leave service.. but there had been a few reported cases where a Warder’s Bond had been released, Elessar’s with Kathleen being one such. Had this man been a Warder too? The older man’s face turned serious again. “What do be important though, I do be in your dark place before.” His eyes tightened. “You do be lost. But I do be helping you get back, brother.” Elessar did not know how it happened, but before he knew it he began speaking - tentatively at first but then with conviction - of his failures to this complete stranger, telling of the heavy burden he carried for his many losses.. the burden of guilt and shame. His eyes watered, his soul bared, but he did not care. He found that he needed to share his pain with someone and this older man felt earnest and trustworthy, seemed to understand what he was saying, and could identify with the pain he felt in his soul. And so the hours passed as he spoke and the older man listened attentively. Then when the Warder had ‘emptied himself’, no more tears left and his throat dry from all the talking, the older man began to speak, his voice soothing, his tone pleasant as he spoke of adventures and hardships, of failures, struggles and of triumphs. And Elessar no longer cared if some of what the older man told were embellishments or stories, he found a calm in the other man’s voice which lessened the darkness he felt within and gave some much needed solace. That night Elessar slept better than he had done in a while. ● The following morning his whole being felt better. His black mood was still there - it would take longer time to heal himself this time, he knew - but he felt calmer and mostly managed to keep the dark thoughts at bay. It was a first step and for the first time since his breakdown he felt ready to take it. After breakfast he spoke a few hours more with the older man, this time touching on happier times with his Sedais, and then the Illianer said it was time to begin the next step in his recovery: physical training and practice. Elessar had let this lapse in the previous weeks and did not really feel up to it now, but the Illianer insisted and said it would help him in his depression. And so for the next several hours Elessar trained physically hard - with all kinds of exercises - in the older man’s huge back yard, feeling the adrenaline pumping in his body, pushing himself hard. Afterwards he felt exhausted, his breath coming in short gasps as he brushed sweat off his upper torso with a towel. But the older man only gave him a brief break. Then he brought a sword from inside the house and handed Elessar one as well. It was time for sword practice, the Illianer said with a lopsided grin. It was time to show him that he - Elessar - had some ability with a blade. Elessar wanted to protest, tired as he was and not feeling mentally ready for a spar, but the older man gave him no chance to back out. Elessar tried to cloak himself in the Flame and the Void, the Oneness, shutting out everything else as he had been taught, but was unsuccessful. I am lacking the balance, he cursed inside. He tried again and managed for a few moments but then it left him. Closing his eyes, he focused deep inside, looking for that icy calm place of focus and clarity and with his third attempt he succeeded. He felt it took more effort than normal to hold onto it, but it would have to do. He was curious how proficient this stranger was with a blade, but he soon understood that the older man was very good indeed, especially considering his age. Soon they were lost in a Dance of the Blade. To Elessar it felt as if he were re-enacting a sword duel from the past. The moves were so similar, the forms familiar.. as if he were in a different time and place.. ● The Illianer was quick, much quicker than Elessar had anticipated, and soon went on the offensive. Elessar deflected the quick moves, blocking aptly, and countered with forms which the other blocked. Some tentative strikes followed and then Elessar attacked with an impressive combination of forms which brought the Illianer on the defensive. Back and forth it went, both showing skill and endurance. Elessar felt he was not at his very best - he still lacked some balance and the edge which was so important for a Warder - but his skill was at such a level that even at his second best he was a very dangerous opponent for any swordsman. He combined moves again, with several forceful swings, and this time his opponent struggled to defend. Back and forth it went, the battle ebbing and flowing. Strikes and deflections, movement and precision. Attack. Block. Move. Swing. Deflect. Attack. Deflect. Counterblow. They flowed, thrusting and parrying, attacking and spinning out of range and moving swiftly from stance to stance, two opponents locked in combat. Weariness tore at Elessar after a while but also at the older man who became slower in his reactions as the duel wore on. In the end the Warder from Kandor got the upper hand and swept his blade inside the other man’s guard and with a twist of his blade disarmed the man, his sword flying through the air to land on the ground. Panting hard, the Illianer picked up his sword and gave a mock-bow to the Warder. “It seems you defeated me, sir”, the older man said with a grin, trying to catch his breath. “You no be too bad for a rookie.” In his tired state, his body aching all over, and despite the blackness lurking in the back of his soul, Elessar could do nothing but laugh at the ludicrous comment. The Illianer’s grin broadened and he liked what he saw in the Warder. You have still a way to walk, brother. He thought to himself. But you do be getting there in the end. ● They did the same the next day. And the day after. After breakfast, several hours of physical exercise, then after a short break new sparring duels. Pushing himself hard, Elessar felt some of his black moods lessen and this motivated him to work even harder. A light was beginning to penetrate the darkness within him and the older man encouraged him with wise words and advice, helping build his self confidence and self worth. Thoughts of Myrrhi brought back the dark moods and guilt so he tried to keep a distance to that even though he knew she must be very worried by his long absence. He told himself that he needed to build himself up again to be of any worth to her and the Illianer said much the same thing when they spoke at length in the evenings. The older man pointed out to Elessar time and again how strong he had been to overcome Leandreen’s death and keep doing his duty and service for his Sedais and the White Tower, and he had to remember that strength now that he was struggling with life and purpose. His service was appreciated, it was respected. He was worthy, the Illianer persisted - worthy as every man is when standing up from defeat and showing character and perseverance. He was a Warder, the older man emphasised, he was among the best of the best fighters in the land. He was dutiful and honourable. He still had much service to give. He was Elessar. ● Elessar was still filled with doubts about his purpose and worth, his black moods not gone but lessened, but the days with the nameless Illianer had done wonders for his self confidence and motivation and he felt stronger, more balanced, than he had in a while in more ways than one. Most importantly, he had hope again that he might still have service to give and with that hope gradually came an urge to return to Myrrhi in the Capital. He had to prove his worth somehow as her Warder, to show that he still was deserving, that he still had something to offer. And he had to overcome his feeling of guilt. And so he took farewell with the kind older Illianer on a grey and rainy morning, thanking him for all his help and advice, appreciating immensely how the older man had helped him on his first steps to recovery. As he walked away from the Illianer’s house in the direction of the village center and the guest house, the older man whispered Forgive yourself after him. The words quickly disappeared on the northern wind but did not escape the Warder. When he rode out of the village on Stormbreaker a little later, uncaring about the rain that poured down from the heavens, there was a small smile on his face. He still had a ‘mountain to climb’ in several ways, the darkness still lurked in the back of his mind, but he was on the right path now and was determined to show his worth. ● “Do she be suspecting anything?” Lady Ardhana of House Semaris asked her servant who was also her spymaster. They were seated in her private chamber in the Manor of House Semaris in the Capital. She had spent some time in her private chapel before his arrival. The chapel served several purposes: it enhanced the impression that she was a pious person (which she was not, at least not in the way people thought), it was a private place of solitude which her husband and servants stayed away from, and it was a place where she could work with her darkest plans in secret. She did not use it for clandestine meetings though, preferred instead to use her private chamber for such occasions. “We have been very careful”, the bald man replied squarely. “We have stayed hidden in the Shadows.” The Lady nodded, her dark eyes calculating, her hands touching the sides of the dark blue velvet dress she was wearing. Her long black hair was gathered into a round coil at the nape of her neck and she looked as stately as ever. Appearance was everything, she had learned long ago. Appearance - and Power. “It do be important that nothing be connected to me.” Her voice was soft, but there was iron beneath. She sipped from her drink, a delicious red wine from southern Arad Doman, and considered the intricate plan she had devised. “My stupid husband do be suspecting my involvement in our.. activities”, she added subtly, “and do be asking this Aes Sedai for help. It do be whispered to me.” Her dark eyes hardened. “He will be dealt with.. but first this Green Sister. We do no be needing the White Tower putting its nose where it do no belong.” “We delivered the message to her as you ordered”, the spymaster said smoothly. His piercing green eyes glittered. “The Warder has not been seen in the city for many days, he is probably gone. And this fits well with the message. She will believe it. She will not suspect it is a trap.” ● “You do be sure.” Lady Semaris mumbled, studying her spymaster closely. She noted a fresh scar on his left cheek and was curious as to how he had acquired it, but it was not important and so she did not ask. He was from Tear so not an Illianer which would normally have made her highly suspicious of him and his motives, but he had served her well these past years, as one of the central people in her Darkfriend cell, and she trusted him. So far he had made no mistakes. “We are sure”, the older man replied. He was confident that the Aes Sedai would be fooled by the letter. Aes Sedai felt protective of their Warders and valued their advice. She would come when he asked. She would feel compelled to. “She will be there.” “Good.” Lady Semaris’s voice was darker now, and she now emphasized her words. “We must safeguard our position here in the Capital. We must be ready for the Great Lord’s Return.” Her last words, almost like a pronouncement, echoed in the chamber, whispers caressing the Shadows, as she exchanged a knowing glance with her spymaster. ▀▄
  21. if you have any questions about the BotW RP, this is where to discuss it. unsure about a character? need clarification? want to join but dunno where to start? need plot point guidance? have ideas you want to bring in? let's talk about it
  22. [this is an open RP, though we request if you wish to join, read all that has been posted before, so you know all and can respect the story before you post.] The world has broken, what was, is no more, what will be has begun to form. Kingdoms rise and fall by the breeze of change, wars rage, wars cease, peace reigns among the lands. It’s been an age since shadowspawn have roamed the lands, an age since the turmoil of the Breaking. Land lush with life, seas and streams teaming with fish, ships and trade, farms expand as do cities. With growth comes friction, friction mediated by the Aes Sedai. The Tower brimming with life, lectures and duty. Ajah’s busily about their business, advisors to the newly governing as well as the old, to titan’s of merchants, and helping hand to villages small and large alike. New life brought new studies, the settling of the Breaking brought new prophecies. While all knew an end would come, the Wheel would turn and bring his age to an end as it had before, it surely would not come any time soon. A dragon must be reborn, wars must rage. So much needed to be before it needed to end. The Wheel did turn. Things did change. Gales upturned lakes, drought seared lowlands, trees warped their fruit, sheep turned on their herders, mountains fell, men disappeared from their labor, women wandered from their homes. Legends from yester-year stepped down to touch earth, to fight with men against a re-spawning of the shadow. Aes Sedai were stretched thin, spreading far and wide to settle the turmoil, to fix the strangeness that touched the earth, to search out answers for its cause. But weaves warped, stretched...broke. The One Power’s flow slowed and sped without warning. Saidar and Saidin yearned to be used, but their use rent men and women asunder at a whim. A circle was formed to steady the flow. To right the Power. To seek out Angreal, Ter’angreal and Sa’angreal, to find the means to channel reliably once more. They sought, and they found, though they forgot to seek the cause, the Source of the problem. An ignorance that could cost them greatly. The Wheel wove and unwove, the Wheel was breaking. ****************** Wind whipped the burning sands of the Waste, stinging exposed skin, though somehow cooling what was covered. A prickly breeze, a welcome relief. Covering the expanses of dry desolate desert was not easy, it was particularly more difficult when tread alone. Dry heat threatened to bake body and soul should thirst not overcome it first. Conservation was key, water was gold. So as the lone figure crested the edge of The Spine to stare down at the lush greens of the world beyond the Waste, relief, disbelief and an urgency to rush down to the nearest river flooded her. But long ago she’d learned patience, the value of it, the protection it provided. So, tightening her black veil, tugging the brown fringed shawl over to better cover her face, Norela Paim headed down. With spear and water her only possessions, and no Aiel at her back, it was a bit of a relief to descend into Cairhien. The trip had often been more lonely than she had first anticipated, certainly she’d found a home among a few Septs, had learn much. Much more than she could have cared to setting out if truth be told. But time passes, the Wheel turns and it was time. No, it was more than time, it was a necessity to return. The Sisters had to know, it had to be fixed. More agile than she had been going in all those years ago, not to mention perhaps a stone or five lighter, Norela deftly descended from The Spine. For all her patience, the lessons taught in the Waste, she couldn’t help heading directly for the first bit of running water she could see however.
  23. Why is it bad to create something to make everyone;s life better? Clean water. Clean air. Sanitary facilities.
  24. The city felt strangely empty. Not because of the lack of passers-by — there were so many of them everywhere — but because there was no one Myrrhi could actually talk to. She had spent her first day alone wandering through the Ilianer streets, going from one store to the next but never entering any building. She couldn't find the will to talk to anyone nor to enjoy her tour. She was concerned for her Warder, and that drained all her energy. The more the day advanced, the worse she felt. The Bond told her that Elessar was going further and further away from her, both physically and mentally. And she didn't know what to do against it, except to wait for his return. Since it was not proper for a lonely woman to spend too much time in an inn common room, she decided to have all her meals brought to her room. A place she didn't leave for the following days, reading, pacing, ... Up until she suddenly felt anger reaching up. She was a Sister of the Green Ajah. Was this the way she should act? Should an Aes Sedai stay cooped up and worrying? On Elessar's third day of absence, the Green eventually left her room, dressed in a way that she hoped would not attract too much attention: a simple linen dress and a cape with a hood that would partially conceal her face. She went back to the eyes and ears she had previously visited to acquire more information about Lady Semaris. Unfortunately, her spy didn't have much to tell about the mysterious noble. The Lord's wife was a recluse. She was very pious and usually spent her time in their manor, rarely partaking in the events her husband organized or funded. The Green tried another contact, but his song was the same. Lady Semaris was rarely seen outside of her home - or even outside of her private chapel - which raised an important question: how could Myrrhi inquire further about her then? She would need to enter the manor once more but under a good cover. If Lady Semaris was a darkfriend, an official visit from an Aes Sedai would definitely raise her suspicions. Myrrhi needed a plan and fast. But could she manage to find one without her Warder? And what would her Warder think if she moved forward with their inquiries without him? Would this anger him even further? The young Sedai was lost. She knew the bond could help her locate him. And, from what she had gathered, there was no doubt that he was having a bad time. She couldn't pinpoint what exactly he was going through, but it was clear he was not doing well. Part of her wanted to leave and find him. Another part was much more reluctant. None of what she had done so far had helped. For all one knows it had even worsened the situation... what would happen if she would come to him? Then a curious message came, written by a woman of all things! The envelope smelled of lavender, which was even more curious. Had he found another Aes Sedai? The idea crossed Myrrhi's mind. Was this the reason for his dark moods? So many thoughts crossed her mind that she had to read the message a couple of times to fully understand what was written in it. And even then it didn't make any sense? Her Warder wanted to meet her at the docks, at midnight five days later? This sounded so odd. Why all the secrecy... unless Elessar had information about Lady Semaris and knew they were observed? She chewed on her lower lip for a while. Indeed she hadn't paid much attention to her surroundings during the past few days. Had she been followed? If she had, then her follower knew that she wasn't with her Warder ... Could she trust that message, or was it a trap?
  25. Welcome! Those all sound so interesting for characters and loads of fun to play. personally, I agree with Taymist about the best option being to start with the simplest character. It will be easiest for you to get on to the complex system for the in character and out of character requirements. if you want to pm me we can discuss the practical stuff in more detail there. Fyi, yes we do have systems in place to be able to make characters from every group/culture found in the books, but it’s recommended them that you start with one or two until you get your feet under you.

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