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  2. .. The First Steps to Recovery .. ►▼◄ When Elessar next awoke, he did not know how long he had been asleep. Everything was confusing. How he had ended up in this place. Who the graying elderly man was. How he had fallen asleep again so shortly after awakening. Nothing made sense. When he raised his head from the pillow, he saw that the stranger was watching him from across the room. Looking more closely at the man he saw that the Illianer was strong of build, looked fit for his age and had a confident bearing. He was gazing kindly at the Warder in the bed, but his
  3. if you have any questions about the BotW RP, this is where to discuss it. unsure about a character? need clarification? want to join but dunno where to start? need plot point guidance? have ideas you want to bring in? let's talk about it
  4. [this is an open RP, though we request if you wish to join, read all that has been posted before, so you know all and can respect the story before you post.] The world has broken, what was, is no more, what will be has begun to form. Kingdoms rise and fall by the breeze of change, wars rage, wars cease, peace reigns among the lands. It’s been an age since shadowspawn have roamed the lands, an age since the turmoil of the Breaking. Land lush with life, seas and streams teaming with fish, ships and trade, farms expand as do cities. With growth comes friction, fric
  5. Why is it bad to create something to make everyone;s life better? Clean water. Clean air. Sanitary facilities.
  6. The city felt strangely empty. Not because of the lack of passers-by — there were so many of them everywhere — but because there was no one Myrrhi could actually talk to. She had spent her first day alone wandering through the Ilianer streets, going from one store to the next but never entering any building. She couldn't find the will to talk to anyone nor to enjoy her tour. She was concerned for her Warder, and that drained all her energy. The more the day advanced, the worse she felt. The Bond told her that Elessar was going further and further away from her, both physically and mentall
  7. Welcome! Those all sound so interesting for characters and loads of fun to play. personally, I agree with Taymist about the best option being to start with the simplest character. It will be easiest for you to get on to the complex system for the in character and out of character requirements. if you want to pm me we can discuss the practical stuff in more detail there. Fyi, yes we do have systems in place to be able to make characters from every group/culture found in the books, but it’s recommended them that you start with one or two until you get your feet unde
  8. Welcome aboard. We love seeing new members joining. Hopefully our WT & Warders Group Leader, @Kathleen will be free to come chat with you too. I did see the email that arrived earlier, either Kath or I will check it out. 🙂 I'm away from home at the moment so bear with me.
  9. Thank you for the welcome! I am thinking to start with a more run-of-the-mill character to start out, as it's likely better to fit in rather than standing out with a first character. Hoping I can help contribute to the RP! 🙂
  10. .. To Fall into a bottomless Pit of Despair .. ►▼◄ Elessar was emotionally in a very dark place.. but he did not care. He had just wanted to get away from everything, from the shadows upon his soul, and so he had done the one thing he had never done before in his Warder-life: he had run. Away. Anywhere. Away from the torment in his soul when he looked upon his Aes Sedai who he was no longer able to protect. Who he was no longer worthy to protect. He had run away.. and was blissfully drowning his pain and s
  11. Welcome @The Purple Ajah to the RP! @Taymist is the main person in charge here and can give you the best update of where to start. It's always good to see new, interested players. We could use a few more to help pick things back up again!
  12. Hey everyone, I have been into WoT for some 4 years now, and I'm likely one of the newer fans on here. I am still very interested in story-based RP, and I'm glad to find somewhere to participate in it! There are a few ideas I have for a character to start out with. I am pretty interested in Aes Sedai (naturally), so here's a couple of ideas I've drafted for potential characters. A rather complicated character. She would have a Borderlander father and a mother with a storied past (once a Tinker who joined the White Tower and was put out and joined the Kin, unexpe
  13. The next morning was colder than expected. The temperature of Myrrhi's bedroom had dropped so low that the Aes Sedai's breath was creating tiny clouds around her face. The young woman hesitated. Should she get up? Should she stay in bed and try to sleep some more? The night had brought her a restless sleep, full of chaotic dreams and memories that weren't hers. Now that she had come back to reality, she didn't know what to make out of it. Had this all something to do with her Warder? With how he felt? Or was it solely a way for her mind to tell her that she was lost? The more she thoug
  14. Hello to everyone! My name is Jenny but at Dragonmount I was known as Jaydena McKanthur and was Captain General on both sides of DM for 8+ years. As the wheel turned I ended up leaving the site for various reasons. This site was a huge part of my life for many years, in fact I joined my first Wheel of Time site (Dragonmount) in 1998. When I sat down to decide on the topic of my Senior Capstone project (a requirement for my Bachelors degree) I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Fandoms and the support that one can find from belonging to one is a subject I have experienced personally. For my
  15. .. Weighed down by heavy Burdens .. ►▼◄ Elessar watched silently from the other side of the room as Myrrhi took off her emerald earrings and placed them in a small wooden box on the table next to her. His thoughts should have been on what had happened at the Manor House and what the Illianer Lord has said, but all he could think of was that he was drowning in a black sea of despair. The waves of frustration kept washing over him, showering him with droplets of dejection and despondency, and he closed his eyes and just wanted to retire to his room and hide himself
  16. What was she supposed to do? Was she overreacting? What did their host want? Why had he written the invitation that way? With such insulting words? So many questions and no answers. A good Aes Sedai would have reacted with coolness. But that was something she couldn't do, not at the moment. That last sentence had sent her back to her days as an Accepted. A time when she had needed to prove herself, to show to her seniors that she could have constructive talks, constructive ideas... that she was more than a very young girl who had been raised too quickly. Her current situation did
  17. .. The Mystery deepens in Illian .. ►▼◄ Elessar waited outside the florist shop while Myrrhi spoke at length to the proprietor, who was also one of the Green Ajah Eyes and Ears in the city. He went over in his mind what had brought them to this place a little outside the center of the Capital. It had begun with the letter. The letter that had upset Myrrhi so. When he had read it, he had found nothing there to be upset about and could not understand why she became so angry. She seldom showed her temper and so he found it very peculiar that this seeming small matter
  18. The fountain was beautiful. A real masterwork. Having grown up in Caemlyn, Myrrhi had seen her share of marble monuments, but this one was exceptionally well carved. She wondered whether someone would want to erect a statue in her likeness one day. Her stone self would stand in her dress and shawl, her Warder at her side, both with swords in their hands. She let out a small giggling sound as she imagined what the result would look like. Elessar turned towards her, as if to ask what was going on, when a dark-haired man approached. The stranger halted two feet away from them, then bowed fo
  19. .. Seeing Sights and amid Reflections .. ►▼◄ When they arrived at the “Silver Mermaid” inn, Myrrhi promptly asked Elessar whether she could spend more time in this new city’s streets. She didn’t feel like staying indoors, she said, when there were so many things to discover. The Warder nodded, agreeing and said they could stay some days in the Illianer Capital, also to give their tired horses some much needed rest. He did not add that it could be useful to have some days to think, to get to terms with the somewhat.. delicate situation between them at present, but
  20. She saw him go and took a deep breath. Part of her wanted to follow him. Seeing him go like this felt like a defeat somehow. But, what would she say would she manage to catch up with him? Confronting him, with that current mood of his, would be messy. Her best option was to stay and wait. Back to her shift, she settled herself in her bed as comfortably as she could. With her eyes closed, she fully opened herself to the Bond. The least she could do was to accompany her Warder from afar. She felt him moving quickly in a straight line, his mood growing sourer. He felt lik
  21. .. A Dark Path to the Capital city of Illian .. ►▼◄ Myrrhi took a deep breath. "I want you to think before you go further," she told him as quietly as she could. “I understand your feelings but remember who you are and who I am." Elessar felt a soft caress on his skin and knew it meant that she was using the One Power. A reminder indeed. The Bond told her that this would be a long night. There would be no magical words to calm down the Gaidin unless Lady Luck was on her side. As much as she had wanted to show empathy ea
  22. "Why the bloody hell should my ankle not be fine," Elessar answered, with a tone that would have made anyone gasp. Anyone except an Aes Sedai of course. Years of training and brainwashing about not showing emotions truly helped in this kind of situation. Myrrhi and the Gaidin were in the streets. People could be watching them, people who could have recognized them as Aes Sedai and Warder... The young woman had no other choice but to school her face. This was not the place for an open confrontation. She knew — though — that her cheeks had lost some of their colour. The last person w
  23. .. Pulled down by Black Moods .. ►▼◄ “God dammit, Myrrhi! He’s getting away!” Elessar swore, casting a black look over his shoulder, as he stormed out of her room and down the corridor in pursuit of the thief. ● Some hours earlier they had enjoyed the respite, a welcome distraction in the fashion of a gleeman’s performance. For a time, the Warder had been able to put away his frustrations and doubts, losing himself in pleasant memories and old stories, but it had not lasted. After the performance they had taken a walk in the darkness outside
  24. Serdhion, she didn't know why but Myrrhi immediately liked the name when she heard it from her Warder's lips. As she closed her eyes, she pictured a wide town with rich stores and impressively large buildings. If her mental image was true, this stop would be the perfect opportunity to renew some of her wardrobe and purchase better provisions. She could have discovered the name of their destination sooner, would she have checked the map that Elessar had brought with them. But, this was something she rarely did. First, the map was in one of the Warder's bags, hanging from his saddle,
  25. .. A Moment of Serenity .. ►▼◄ Elessar could not remember the dream. And that fact annoyed him mightily. Because he knew somehow that it had been important. Profound. Special. Something deep inside him told him the dream had resolved something. But he did not know what and his not knowing gnawed at his temper and well-being for the next several days. ● He suspected that Myrrhi sensed his unease through the Bond, perhaps she had even seen him toss and turn in his sleep at night, he could not tell. He did not usually f
  26. Myrrhi looked at the sky one more time. The sun was again hiding behind a large cloud. It wouldn't last, the wind had been strong that day. She wondered in the weather was reflecting her Warder's mood. Sometimes they would chat together, sometimes Elessar would stay silent and - as the sun - his good mood would be replaced by introspection. She wanted to tell him that "it was alright", that there were no harm done, that she still fully trusted him... but somehow she didn't think it would do much good. Through the Bond she could feel that the Gaidin was trying to push th

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