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  2. Ful chuckled and nodded. It made sense she wanted to see a class. “Yes Aes Sedai,” said Ful. “This way please.” Ful found Merdyn ten minutes later in one of the individual training rooms. The noble had signed the practice room out on the board outside, and added “NOT TO BE DISTURBED”. Ful went in anyway. Just inside the door there were racks of training dummies: multi-legged metal machines with lashing weapon limbs. They circled Merdyn, jabbing and striking. Four. Four at once. That seemed excessive to Ful. He’d always admired the Asha’man’s blade skill, and knew it took a lot of practice to keep such skills honed. But four… He watched for a moment longer, not wanting to distract his friend. Sensing his movement, the nearest dummy broke away from Merdyn and came for him and the Aes Sedai, skittering its metal legs off the practice mat onto the metal floor. Its power-driven arms spinning…
  3. Aiden's freezing comment made Nox chuckle. "Nothing like that. It's not a dumb question. My guess from the look on his face she made him a very happy man. And I say she, it very well could have been a man, but I don't think so. Why kill this man? As far as I could tell he was nothing special. No more so than you or I. Not a politician, there was no gain in it." That was where things started to deviate from his Atharim training. He'd always wanted to know the why of things. Why did a person turn rogue, why show themselves now? In this case why kill him? It wasn't likely to be answered quickly or at all, but he still wanted to know and working with Domovoi had pulled on that question now he had the means of doing so. He just needed to tell Dorian what he suspected and Dorian would give him all the access he needed to find the answers. But their conversation dipped into the personal again and Nox smiled at Aiden. He wasn't traumatized so badly he couldn't talk about it. But it was the implication that he was afraid of. There was a coffee shop as they walked by and Nox pulled Aiden in side, ordered two coffees and they sat down in a booth far from the door. "From what I remember, Aurora and I were on our way to Moscow to induct ourselves into the Atharim proper like - we were without our parents, and the American way wasn't nearly so strict, but we wanted to set ourselves up as good hunters outside of our parents. Aurora and I fought like cats and dogs, and the flight was no different. I used the power to yell at her and inadvertently blew a hole in the fuselage as we were landing. A lot of people died because of my mistake. I paid what reparations I could but I didn't really know what happened until months later. I was sucked out of the plane and when I woke up I didn't know who I was, where I was or even what I was. I met Aria, she helped me remember, and I stayed here with her. She taught me about Sentient's as she was one, and we practiced on my ability to keep her out of my emotions. It's hard work. She was strong but she couldn't leave an imprint on me that lasted permanently - thank the fucking gods. Memories trickle in now. Things I don't actively remember until something happens. It busted my own self imposed walls and I remembered a lot of repressed memories I'd hidden to please my father. One of which was the fact that I liked men and have since I was a kid. My father beat me into submission - I pushed the memories away and carried on like I was god's gift to women because that's what my father wanted. A lot of good that did me." Nox shrugged and by the time he was done talking his coffee was cold. He sighed and he reached through the sludge and grabbed the power inside and wrestled it into submission just so he could warm his coffee. It was a simple task, it still was a simple task but it felt like eons passed as he reached through it. The feeling always left him feeling dirty and disconnected. It was a rush once he had it. But the sludge was making reaching for it harder and harder, but the power it called still, it sang in his ears and he wanted more. So Nox let it go before it consumed him altogether.
  4. “Hey, no promises, but I will try to do my best,” Aiden said jovially. Nox was well aware of Aiden’s block and the ‘fairy fire.’ There would be no channeling of Fire unless absolutely necessary, but if those little blobs of Fire decided to manifest overhead, well Aiden couldn’t control that. Not yet, anyway. Nox gave him a playful shove with his shoulders, returning the grin. This was nice. This was very nice. Despite the pretense, a morning stroll with an attractive man was just the thing Aiden needed. It made him feel normal. No Channeling, no Atharim, no fans, no family drama, no paparazzi. Aiden’s smile deepened. This was the closest he would ever get to feeling like a nobody and it was marvelous. No wonder so many young stars tended to retire early; Aiden had, but he was beginning to see that he had retired from the public eye in the wrong way. Becoming a hermit had done nothing for him. The peace and the quiet was nice, but it was nothing in comparison to the raw energy of human connection. He immediately began to wish for a ‘do over,’ where his early retirement was concerned. No self-imposed exile. No hiding and cowering. No job hopping. None of that escapist behavior. Night one in the CCD and he should have been out and about, finding Nox, that is what he should have been doing. Carte blanche, Aiden thought to himself bemusedly. Nox went on to describe a ‘Sentient.’ Aiden knew a little bit about them, if only thanks to Rowan. Honestly, the woman got into more mischief than the heroine of cheesy Saturday night sitcom. Aiden knew enough to spot a Sentient, but not much more. He rarely ever took Rowan at her word, but hearing Nox describe some commonalities was enough to give Aiden pause. Perhaps Rowan was less ‘talk’ than he had previously presumed. “So, like, did she freeze him in place, sitting up like that?” Aiden asked before shaking his head and throwing up a hand, “Forget I asked that. Dumb question.” They carried on at a leisurely pace, the streets still hadn’t come to life in the day light. It was well past eleven in the morning, but the Red-Light District seemed to sleep in when the rest of the city was already approaching its lunch break. True, a few random cars and taxis roamed the roads, but not a face was to be seen along the sidewalks or in the shops. “Rowan told me about them, but she’s full of hot air in the best of times; said they could kill you with one touch. Is that how they do it then? I mean exclusively. Just an overwhelming of emotion? No extra frills? You climbed a building. Did she give you the ability to climb walls or was that your innate skill?” Aiden added a touch of heat to his voice at those last few words, if only playfully. Nox was good. Very good. Aiden continued excitedly, “You fell out of a plane!? I won’t press since you’ve got trauma over it, but if you ever want to tell that story to someone, you’ve got an eager listener right here.” Was it in poor taste to get excited over another’s source of fear? Yes – but only when you said it that way. Add five more cool points to Nox. The man had apparently fallen out of an airplane without a parachute and lived to tell the tale. Aiden could only assume it was due to the Power; perhaps an application of Air was to thank. He would probe on that later, if nothing else. Survival techniques through the One Power would be the most useful thing to learn, in light of the threat of the Atharim. “So how are we going to figure that out? What was found out before? I’m assuming we’re not looking for physical evidence. I mean – you know who was involved…”
  5. Merdyn carried on eating his mutton stew as Eb reappeared, unceremoniously. She nodded to them and set her own bowl down in front of her. Merdyn felt a pang of guilt, realizing that he didn’t ask the serving girl to bring one for Eb. Then again, she was very adamant about her lack of hunger. He let the guilt pass and continued working his way through the bowl, now eating at a much more normal pace. The woman’s stomach made a loud, unflattering noise. “Apologies,” Eb said with a grimace. Merdyn’s spoon was halfway to his mouth, but at those words it dropped from his fingers and clattered to the table, spilling a small amount of broth and a particularly fat piece of lamb. His mouth hung agape. Eb sat back in her seat and continued speaking. Merdyn’s mouth did not close until she finished. Nox jumped in with a self-deprecating comment. Well, it was not truly self-deprecating, but the man really needed to learn to give himself more credit. Gateways and Traveling was only one of his many talents, oh he was incredible at it, but there was so much more to him than that. Flashes of memory streaked through Merdyn’s mind. He could still remember every second of that day in the Training Yard, the day that he had earned the second pin. Nox could fight with the best of them, sword or Saidin, it didn’t matter. He was a spectacle to behold. The Creator help any Trolloc or Dread Lord that came to blows with Merdyn’s Warder. Nox shuddered after he spoke and grabbed Merdyn’s hand. The emotions coming through the Bond weren’t strong or dissonant, but there was definitely a slight pang of fear coloring Nox’s emotional state. What could he be thinking of? Surely he wasn’t feeling fright over the use of Earth? “You have many more talents than the making of Gateways and you know it,” Merdyn said to Nox, smiling brightly at him. Love and compassion welled up inside of Merdyn, intentionally, and he made sure that it was powerful enough for Nox to feel it through the Bond. He was not trying to call the man out or give him a hard time, Merdyn just hated to see Nox sell himself short on his own abilities. Most of what Merdyn had learned of the Power he had gotten from Nox. He had so much more to offer the world than he realized. If only he could see himself the way that Merdyn did. Nox was humble if nothing else. Still. As his Bond-holder and lover, it was Merdyn’s duty in life to lift Nox up and ensure that he lived the best life that he could. Embracing the One Power, Merdyn used a few threads of Water and Air to scoop up the spilled stew and depoisited it upon the cloth napkins provided by the serving girl. The table looked as clean as it had before they sat down. He placed his spoon back in the bowl and pushed it all away, his hunger satisfied. “Captain,” Merdyn spoke to Eb directly, “I am going to venture a guess that you know nothing about myself or Nox? We two come from very different upbringings and have different talents and interests. My theories on the matter are varied and colorful. My presence was requested, so I can only assume the true nature of this assignment lies somewhere with what I can do for you lot. I am of noble birth, Andoran if you could not tell by my accent. I have plenty of gold in my personal coffers. Artifacts of the One Power tantalize me and they have become something of a pet project. The Black Tower has named me a liaison to the White Tower, so I have personal dealings with the Red Ajah. I am the only man that has Bonded another man. I am well read and I have many talents and hobbies that one would not expect of a noble. The common folk love me and I can make a roast duck better than the Creator himself.” Despite what he said, Merdyn realized he didn’t have any theories on the true nature of their assignment. He had hoped to discover something, some hint, as he listed out an abriged version of his personal life. Nothing came to mind. The biggest contribution he had made to the Black Tower was an overhaul of the Soup Kitchen and the meager beginnings of a library. Surely, the Band did not need help with either of those things? So what was it? Perhaps they really were there to fix some fortifications. “If I had to bet on it, I would think that the Commander is having difficulties with some noble or ruler. Your Citadel lies within Andoran borders, perhaps you have caught the ire of Adine Sedai? Or perhaps there is a plot to remove her from the Throne? I am sure the Daughter heir still hungers for the crown, although it has been years since I have last spoken with her; I cannot know her mind… I do know the other High Seats were split between the two… Most have come to accept Adine Sedai's rule, but still,” Merdyn said thoughtfully. It had been so long since he was embroiled with Andoran politics, but he still tried to remain informed on the situation. He pursed his lips and tapped a finger against his chin, “The only use I seem to have had for anyone is my skill at navigating the currents of courtly intrigue and political relations. So, if it is not that, I am at a loss. Do you have any theories, Eb? Nox?”
  6. She showed back up just after their stew arrived. Nox wasn't really hungry but he felt Mer's and ate anyway. Though she wanted to know their theories? Nox chuckled. "I don't know why you think I am here. I don't specialize in earth, I make holes in the pattern and that's it. I can I mean, but my talents are spent more on the ripping holes in the pattern than making things stronger." Nox sipped at his spoon full of broth. Sometimes he wondered if he should give up meat in general. The idea of sheep being slaughtered, cows, and the like was bothering him. Maybe because of what he could do with the power, he'd seen a man look much like a cow might. It was scary. He shuddered visibly and reached across the table for Mer's hand. He didn't hide it. He needed his touch.
  7. Squatting up against the wall of the chimney on the roof of the teahouse, Eb shifted her knees to her chest, her head to her knees. Then she stood, abruptly, again, shrugging her shoulders and swinging her arms in circles as if she'd been working in the sparring yard for hours. It didn't help; the tension remained in every strand of every muscle on her frame. What am I even doing here? She knew where she was, how she'd got there - that wasn't really the question. The washroom had been too small, too cramped, too closed in. Her panic had been too great. The images too strong. She'd wanted the old, old, familiar comfort of high roofs and open sky. But nothing was helping. She didn't know what she wanted, what she needed right now. Ridiculous! Shadow be damned, she'd seen this before - in others though. The thought struck her with cold terror. How long would it take for her to calm down? To be able to breathe? She turned and leant her head against the solidness of the chimney wall. The fieldrock pressed awkwardly into her forehead. She bumped against it in irritation; once, twice, three times, fourth time with a scowl. Pull. Yourself. Together. Woman! She was breathing through gritted teeth. Her stomach churned. Her jaw ached. Her head was swimming. Her heart was still hammering with heavy, thudding blows. She was breathing fast now - too fast, she knew - but it was like there was no air! Her hands began to tingle, and then they began to cramp. She moved them to the wall and tried to stretch out her fingers, pushing them and her forehead hard into the rough surface of the chimney, as if doing so could squeeze out all the tension, the memories, the possibilities, the walls of flames. For Light''s sake! She scowled as a wave of mottled darkness crept across her nightmare visions, and then everything went black. * * * "Mehrin!" She awoke with her cheek pressed hard into a corner of rock and roofing. There was a dull throb emanating from the side of her head, a sting above her left eyebrow, a heavy vacuum in her chest. She pushed herself away from the chimney and into an upright position, staring at the sprawl of the Citadel grounds before her. "What in the ruddy-" her eyes widened with sudden recognition of her location and a recollection of decamping in near-panic from a table with the two asha'man Calder had ordered her to meet and observe. "Just bloody perfect!" she growled, making for the roof edge. "Blood and bloody, ruddy ashes!" She spat, dropped to the ground and yanked open the external washroom door. "Blood and bloody blasted ashes!" A quick wash of her face indicated the sting above her eyebrow was nothing serious. The throb in her head was certainly not the worst she'd ever had and the ache in her chest, well, that seemed a constant companion these days. There was nothing for it. Light, she was tired. She needed this day to end. For all of this to end and go back to the way it had been before, at the very least. She sighed, straightened her shoulders with a deepening scowl and turned back towards the interior of the teahouse. The asha'man were receiving bowls of something steaming, she noted, changing direction and making her way to the counter to settle the bill. The sooner we get this over and done with she figured, the sooner I can try again to get some sleep. Her stomach growled loudly as the house manager approached the counter. The woman gave her a look up and down, a single eyebrow raised. "Lamb stew for you too, Captain?" "No," Eb began, but her stomach rumbled again in protest and the woman narrowed her eyes. "Fine, stew then. Please." She sighed again, pushing the sound out softly through pursed lips. Light, it was off-putting, how much this woman reminded her of Mistress Amara, how easily a flash of those eyes forced agreement and manners from her mouth. It wasn't the first time, either. Eb smothered her scowl and handed over the coin, with a little extra thrown in, before looking quickly in the opposite direction. She wasn't a spender, ever, but this woman was too like Amara, and Amara was too much of an exception in Eb's childhood history for that to be ignored. Times were different now, anyway. She could afford to pay. Eb started back towards the table, a serving girl somehow almost directly behind her with a steaming bowl of the promised stew. * * * "- What could it be that they want?" The tail-end of the second asha'man's question hung in the air as Eb approached the booth, serving girl hovering quietly behind. At least they're still here. Eb nodded dutifully to the men and slipped back into her seat, half watching the asha'man watching her, half watching the bowl of stew slide across the table in front of her. She couldn't read the men's expressions, but there was no mistaking the way the steam danced across the surface of the bowl that had just been delivered, the way the aromas of lamb and herbs drifted with it, the chunks of meat in the broth. There were definitely some perks, being employed by the Band. She pulled her gaze from the bowl with the thought of work, wondering how long she'd been up on the roof, whether a good escort would apologise again for the rush and absence, what she would even say - whether she had any desire or strength left to say it, even if she'd known. Her brow furrowed. This was all so bloody abnormal ! Her stomach spoke for her first. Loud and demanding, it bubbled through the reserved silence in the booth. "Apologies," Eb grimaced and decided that would have to be enough to cover it all. She looked from one asha'man to the other and tentatively reached for the spoon on the table next to her stew. How long had it been since she'd actually eaten? What was wrong with her? Light, she was tired. Too tired for mincing words and attempting political games. That wasn't her real job, anyway, and the Commander bloody knew it. To dust and ashes with it, then. She decided to speak her mind. Calder knew her well enough to not have expected otherwise, and for all anything mattered, nothing good ever came of false conversation. Either these two were trustworthy, or they weren't. Everyone lived, or died. She sighed. "I have to agree with you - about the walls not being all there is to this," she sat back in her seat and absently spun the spoon through her fingers, indicating the three of them at the table. "This bloody Alliance is about all we've bloody got going for us in this part of the world right now, and it's no secret I'm about the last bloody person who should been picked for liaison of any sort - let alone one like this - Shadow-be-damned - and the Commander bloody knows it. I'll marry a sewer-rat if I can figure out what he's really bloody after - from any of us," she mumbled the last bit, staring into her stew. The meat looked tender, maybe a few bites would do her some good. "But I do know he's serious about the blasted walls, and having the two of you, specifically, check them," she shrugged, looking at each of the men before dipping her spoon slowly into the stew. Their expressions were still unreadable. She lifted the spoon, laden, from the bowl. Despite the blanching in her stomach, she pushed the first mouthful of steaming lamb and vegetables past her lips. The taste on her tongue was almost good enough to make her smile. Almost, but not quite. She forced a few more mouthfuls before downing the spoon and pushing the bowl away. It had been worth a try, perhaps. "I'll hear your theories if you have any, now and when we check them, though?"
  8. The closeness was nice. He hadn't intended for romance, but he kept himself open with the power. Grasping the power through the sludge was still no easier. The pain he'd imagined each time lessened, the Ijiraq hadn't been sighted in months and he was sure it wasn't around him. He wasn't a threat - the Ijiraq's had only been sent before. And they were gone now. Nox smirked, "Just don't wave fire around unless absolutely necessary." Nox pushed his shoulder into Aiden's with a broader grin. "So this case is not like others. A guy is dead sitting upright like he was talking with someone, but died cause of a heart attack. With a smile on his face." Nox let the the irony sink in. "A Sentient can overwhelm a person with emotions so much their heart gives out." Nox shool his head. "And then Kali shows up. Did you know she made me climb a building? I'm afraid of heights - deathly afraid since falling out of a plane. I need to know what the ME found other than that the cause of death was a heart attack, I already knew that."
  9. Merdyn felt the curious stares from the rest of the patrons, no doubt wondering what two black coated gentlemen did to cause Eb to run off to the bathroom like that. Were this a few months ago, he probably would have been less than alright with the presumptions. He might have even tried to stifle it by getting the rest of the patrons drunk. That wasn’t Merdyn anymore, not since he and Nox had gotten more serious with their affections. It was better this way. Lucky for them it was easy to tune out such things when the Void came easily. “I am getting hungry again,” Merdyn nodded despite telling Eb the opposite not a few moments prior. He wasted no time in signaling the server to attend them. The menu for the day sounded good enough, but Merdyn did not want to force themselves to wait around for the honeyed duck to finish roasting on the spit. No. A bowl or two of the mutton stew would suffice, so long as there were more bits of lamb than vegetable; Merdyn doubted that would be the case. Pulling his hand free from Nox’s, Merdyn slid his arm around the other man’s shoulders and brought him close – as much as was socially acceptable without bordering on impropriety. A handful of soft gasps could be heard from some of the women, no doubt Cairhienen born. Such prudes those people were. “If she’s not back by the time we’re done with the stew, we will brave asking those women,” Merdyn agreed. The server was back almost immediately, two steaming bowls in hand. She set them on the table and walked off to check on the women. Merdyn ignored them and sampled the stew. He had been wrong; there was plenty of lamb floating along the glistening surface of the liquid. He began to eat slowly, if only to give Eb time to compose herself. “I don’t think we are here just to fix their walls,” Merdyn said quietly between bites, “The M’Hael would have sent Soldiers and Dedicated if that were the case. We’re Asha’man and there’s only two of us besides… What could it be that they want?”
  10. Nox was full of useful information. Aiden had never scene the Power being used – when it was supposed to be - in any of the videos he’d seen on the net, but that didn’t mean anything. He had read conflicting information from second-hand sources. Better to get it from the horse’s mouth and Aiden was still a foal in many ways. “Well, that’s a blessing I’m sure,” Aiden said with a shrug. He dove back into his breakfast, gobbling down the last few morsels. He caught more than a few stolen glances and suggestive grins from Nox. It was funny how quickly things had shifted over the course of one night. True, that had flirted before and toed the proverbial line, but Aiden had never thought Nox the type to become so smitten. It just went to show you how complex people were. Nox had his life’s mission but he had not become so wedded to it that he had forsaken the human experience. Within the hour, Nox was leading Aiden outside back through the side door of the bar. Aiden was only a little self-conscious, wearing the same clothing from the night before and not a spot of product in his hair, but then again, it was a look reminiscent of his Blarney Stoned days: rumpled Rockstar. Some even found that attractive. There was that grin again. Aiden smirked to himself and answered casually, “Oh, of course not. I wouldn’t dare suggest it. But yes, why not make the most of it?” Aiden looped his arm around Nox’s and let himself be led deeper into the city. It was forward, yes, but so was Aiden – once it was clear that his advances were welcomed. Nox broke the silence of the walk, flashing that grin again. Aiden allowed himself another smile and nodded to Nox’s questions, “Of course I want to hear about it. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the mysterious vibe, but the more I know the better. Who knows? I might even be of some help.” A giggle escaped Aiden’s throat. He was beginning to feel down- right giddy.
  11. Nox shook his head. "No machines. No one can tell a man is wielding the power except another man who can wield the power. A man can sense a woman by a cold shiver. But that is the extent of it. We can't see it on video - we tried." Nox and Aria had tried. Sage had tried too. But there was nothing visible on the camera even though Nox knew he'd been using the power. There might be scientific ways of doing so but Nox was confident that the Atharim didn't have those tools otherwise they'd already be widely used. That was the power of the Atharim. But he let it go at that. He didn't want to worry Aiden anymore than necessary. There was a crooked grin when Aiden suggested a nap later, that was something he might actually enjoy, both the actual nap and would could happen before and/or after - preferably both Nox thought to himself. He felt like an undersexed teenager at the moment - like he couldn't get enough and he probably was as it was a teenage boy who had wanted Aiden back then. And without really understanding what was happening, or that eve had even blocked it out. Anything pre Methos concert was a blur, but Nox was slowly remembering those things. They finished breakfast and Nox left Kallisti through the side entrance with Aiden. "I'll start my walk now, there's have been no nests from here to the station, we'll be walking along the river today. A route I've never taken." Nox grinned, "It's not an attempt to be romantic as much as I'd like to say it was, but it was the plan for the day without you here. But we can make the most of it." Once they were way from Kallisti and down several streets in the Red Light District "So this case I'm working... Nox paused at looked to Aiden. "Do you want to hear the details? It could make a good addition to the book you are writing about - at a bit of reality to the false things." Nox grinned at Aiden. And he wanted to bounce some ideas off someone who wouldn't immediately jump to the same conclusion as Nox had.
  12. It was a fight to stay away from the spiraling, but Mer was there. It was good to have him in the back of his head, always there. He gave Mer a shy smile. "I'm alright." Mer knew fully well he wasn't. But he could pretend for a while longer. They were virtually alone in the big room. Not psychically of course, there were people near by. People talking, clanking of utensils against plates, scuffing of benches against the floor, the odd creak of a table. They weren't alone, but no one was bothering them. Their table was just the two of them, and if you could get past all staring it was pleasant enough. "We can finish our tea and maybe order something more while we wait. I'm sure the M'hael wouldn't have sent us here without reason." by us he meant Mer. Nox was just the ride. Normally Nox wouldn't have gone with his chargings he'd stay at the Embassy and wait with the other Asha'man there, but this was Mer. He was his Warder and now Nox could go where ever he went - as long as the M'hael didn't need him. Which there were a dozen other people strong enough to make gateways large enough for an army to pass through. He wasn't unique in this feat. "But if she doesn't come back soon we should send one of her own to check on her." Nox nodded towards the gathering of women nearby who couldn't stop looking their direction. it could be fear, but there were looks in their eyes that said they could want more. Mer was a rich man, even in Asha'man black he exuded nobility. Nox always felt like he exuded whore, but that was not a thing he was. He wasn't just that - even then, but the stench of his former life never really left him. Moments like those always reminded him of it.
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  20. Merdyn nodded at Nox’s words. Of course, he was right about the matter. It was a bit of a relief. Merdyn had no interest in helping Eb work through her issues – had she been more polite he would have felt the opposite. As it stood, the day couldn’t end soon enough. One would think that he’d have been softened to such things because of Nox. To a point, perhaps, but he didn’t love Eb; he loved Nox. “The Dark One himself could not tear me away from you, love,” Merdyn said to his Warder in the warmest tone he could muster, “Don’t you forget that.” Nox went on, smiling brighter than he normally did. Merdyn didn’t have to probe the Bond to know that Nox was fighting off a spell of his own. Was it due to Eb’s own outburst or another wave of madness? Merdyn assumed the former. He started to focus on his breathing, seeking the void in an effort to pass along a sense of calm through the Bond. He would not let his own annoyances affect Nox; as much as he could help it. “Yes. You’re not bothered?” Merdyn answered in reply to his Warder’s question, “I am trying to calm myself. She has been nothing but short and rude to us. I can deal with that normally, but she is acting as our liaison. Do you think the M’Hael would be pleased if one of us acted as she did towards a member of the Alliance – or Light forbid, an Aes Sedai? No. He would box our ears from here to Shara. I’ve heard the members of the Band are rather lackadaisical, but this is unacceptable. I expect our allies to take their duties seriously.” Merdyn exhaled loudly, knuckling his forehead before going on, “What should we do if she has disappeared? We can’t go back to the Farm so soon.”
  21. Hey @Lih-Lyh, welcome back. Apologies for the delay, I've been doing grown up stuff offline and just trying to get caught up. I'll add you to the private Clubs if you let me know which RP Groups you want to continue using.
  22. Nox focused on his breathing. And on the words his love spoke. They were not calming, but Mer was concerned none-the-less and not just for him. The woman was on his mind as well. Nox gave Mer a soft smile. "We should stay here. If I was midst panic attack I wouldn't appreciate any number of strangers to follow. It would only make things worse. As for me..." Nox looked up and smiled, "I will be okay as long as I have you to keep me anchored." Nox grinned and tapped his temple. "This is a constant reminder I'm not alone." That was part of it, the other part was Nox didn't want Mer to see all the bad in his head. There came a time when he would see it all and be repulsed, no one could be near enough madness for too long and not feel it. Mer was likely to feel it more than others and Nox didn't want to share that with Mer - not the madness. He smiled brighter. "We should stay here and drink our tea and wait. If she doesn't come back we can tell the server and she can find someone to look in on her. She's bothering you isn't she?" Nox could feel his bond holders annoyance. It made staying focused easier. Staying in the present with Mer and not going off in his own head.
  23. “I don’t really know what to think about the Atharim anymore. The Ascendancy himself was a member? And you and Li Tan? I can only assume there are many more Channelers that left the cult. They must not be able to detect us then? I mean, other than your stereotypical espionage. They don’t, like, have a machine that tells you if someone has the gift, right?” Aiden asked in an honest tone. The fact that Aiden did not know about the Atharim until recently really made him feel stupid. How did this shadowy organization escape notice for so long when it seemed that so many people had been members? Secrets were hard to keep, especially the more you told people. They had to have some pretty severe punishments in place to keep their existence under lock and key. They finished their breakfast shortly after and Aiden watched Nox finish dressing. It was depressing to see pants back on the man, but they would serve as a reminder that Aiden would get to take them off again. “Nah, once I’m up, I’m up. I’ll probably end up napping later, but I couldn’t go back to bed right now. Let me come with you,” Aiden said as he began to dress himself.
  24. Ful guided Viviane through the front gates and onto the main property. An unfinished tower stood just beyond, gleaming black in the early morning sun. Copper tiles and stone blocks made up the various homes and shops that surrounded the Black Tower. It was all very severe and so quintessentially masculine. They had indeed made great progress in the short amount of time that they had come together as an organization. Commonfolk and initiates alike went about their daily tasks, not a few offering a polite bow or nod of the head to Ful and herself. Viviane twitched her red fringed shawl with every greeting, a nervous reflex, before returning the greeting with a small incline of her head. “It may not be grand yet, but you’ve got the proper groundwork laid. Be humble, yes, but do take pride in what you lot have accomplished thus far. I do hope that I am alive to see the completed construction of the Black Tower,” Viviane admitted truthfully. Despite owing their progress to the One Power, Viviane was still amazed at how far along things seemed to be moving for these men. Was this an inevitability, the Black Tower? Would a False Dragon have succeeded in a similar endeavor had the Pattern allowed it? Viviane doubted that. The White Tower was too powerful, the common folk too fearful to allow such a thing. This was all due to Tavereen influence. Ful smiled broadly at her as he pulled out a map of the grounds, indicating the dorms. She had no desire to see those. Men were a smelly lot and their living quarters even more so, especially when they had no woman to keep them in line. Viviane had assumed the Black Tower would look more like it’s original namesake, The Farm. She had been wrong about that, but perhaps the dorms would fit more in line with her own assumptions. “Not the dorms, thank you very much,” Viviane said with an emphatic shake of the head, “Perhaps you can show me a class or a lecture? I admit I am no Brown, but I do take education very seriously. If you men are to rise to prominence in the world, I would rest more comfortably to know that you are taking the time to expand the minds of your initiates.”
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