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  2. If Myrrhi had been a cat, she would have purred when her Warder - Her Warder - ordered Schirrù to kneel. She would have purred even louder when the man actually complied. She felt so proud of her Gaidin. Schirrù told her how he had come to know her name and insisted he was not a darkfriend. She listened, but refused to believe him. Then man looked evil, felt like evil. Further questioning was necessary ... Unfortunately, they couldn't afford to stay in Schirrù's mansion. The man could call for help, a servant could wake up, staying was way too risky. Elessar quickly cam
  3. .. A Solution to a Predicament presents Itself .. ►▼◄ “So”, Myrrhi said, taking a big breath. “This is the time for you to tell me why you know my name.” “Is that so”, the man replied. The corners of his mouth twitched. “This could be the time for you to tell me why you are going through my papers”. ● The silence lengthened once again, the flickering of the candle lights breaking the Shadows - and it gave Elessar the moment he needed to settle his mind on a plan of action. If you are hard pressed in a situation, catch your opponent
  4. A memory flashed through Myrrhi's mind. She was only a Novice at the time. Her curiosity had gotten the best of her and that sleepless night, she had dared to go out of the cell that served as her bedroom. Since her arrival in Tar Valon, she had minded all the rules set by the Mistress of the Novices. She had followed them all, no matter how strange they sounded. That night however, she had impulsively decided to follow her desire to know more about the Gaidins. She had overheard servants complaining about how late Warders were training which had led her to conceive this little exped
  5. .. Even the best plans.. .. ►▼◄ “So, Myrrhi Aes Sedai - do you have a good explanation for breaking into my Manor House and going through my private papers in the dead of night?” ● The darkness of the room was partially lit up by the two candle lights the man they knew as Master Schirrù held in his hands as he stared hard at them there they stood beside his work desk, Elessar still holding onto some private papers he had found in the desk drawer and Myrrhi placing on the desktop the parchment she had been reading in the half-light from the moon outside.
  6. - I don’t think I – we – could leave this behind us, Myrrhi said after a short silence. She took a sip of her tea. It had grown cold, too cold to her taste. She thought about warming it with a thin thread of Fire but decided against it. That channeler she had felt during the ball was making her feel uneasy. Her Warder didn’t reply immediately. She saw him watching the far side of the room, where the entrance laid. She was tempted to have a look as well. Elessar wouldn’t get distracted by anything insignificant. She saw his gaze harden, then relax. - Did you just scare
  7. For PARTS 1 and 2 of this RP-thread see ->> https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/98565-a-bond-of-redemption-attn-myrrhi-aes-sedai/ https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/105817-a-bond-of-redemption-part-2-attn-myrrhi-aes-sedai/ ----------- PART 3 ----------- .. A Return in the Light .. ►▼◄ They had difficult decisions to make. Having discussed the matter the day before, they went over it another time over breakfast the following morning. The Common Room was half-empty a
  8. A belated welcome, @Ranch Doritos. Hopefully Cass has sorted you out and you've found the RP channel in the DM Discord. As I'm sure she's probably explained, there's no need for you to add your bio anywhere. All you have to do is email it so Cass can approve it and post it to the bio board for cross checking. If you need to ask anything else, feel free to drop me a PM as I get an email notification that way. @Cass if you need me to CC just poke me on Facebook would you, please? 🙂
  9. Re-activated at Hayl3y's request via PM January 13 2021.
  10. Reboot. World War One tech. Dreadnoughts and primitive heavier-than-air aircraft. Dreadnoughts. Primitive telephones. Telegraph. Primitive radio. Use of ter'angreals to provide electricity and clean water to all. Extensive railroads. Primitive automobiles. Tar Valon is London. Caemlyn is Paris. Manetheren is U.S. Illian is Berlin. Shaara is China/Japan. Robert Laurel is C-in-C of the Army and Minister of War. He is married to the Amyrlin Seat. Delia Trakand is the Dragon Empress and the Amyrlin Seat. She is expecting her first child, a daughter.
  11. .. Those Chosen To Rule The World Forever .. ►▼◄ Nerine ni Zethere e’Zahr, Protector of the Lances, Queen of Saldaea, got shakily to her feet when the Dragon Reborn told her she could do so. Trying to retain some dignity in this whole mess of a situation, her hands went to the sides of her dress straightening it as she pulled herself to her feet. She kept her head slightly bowed as she slowly faced the tall red-haired man before her. “We shall have a talk, you and I” the man said pointedly, studying her face. “I wish it was not necessary to do things th
  12. .. Bound in more Ways than One .. ►▼◄ “Salihna Arinahl, come with me.” The Mistress of Novices met the young blond woman’s eyes with a firm but kind stare and recognized the mixed emotions in the Novice’s eyes, exhilaration mixed with some fear. Salihna caught her breath, having known for a while that this moment was coming but even so now that it was here she felt.. unprepared. She had been a Novice for twelve years, ever since she was brought to the White Tower at sixteen, and had shown average progress throughout her time in the Tower. Some of the g
  13. Thanks for your Advice, Yea ill add you on discord, since i managed to find you via the Server, from an old message you had sent. @Cass
  14. Hiya/Welcome, Ranch! Totally understand the confusion, but hopefully that won't last for long! Basically, once your bio is reviewed and approved, you post/play out most threads on the Dragon Reborn IC - Main board (found in the drop-down under the banner of this/the WoT Role Play Club board). You may not have access yet, but I look forward to seeing you around as an Asha'man / in 'The Alliance' (Black Tower/Wolfkin/Band of the Red Hand). If you can access it, this is a handy starter/info post. I'd be happy to chat via PM and/or on Discord if nee
  15. its just im confused on more then just The Fandom page eta.
  16. Yea, I'm confused. I've read the threads and pins about getting started. As i want to be an Asha'man. only thing is im confused on how to fully get everything done, like i understand making a character, then emailing eta, but like do i put it on the Fandom page for DMRP? I just need someone to explain it, prob be better if you had Discord to help explain it since im on discord just about 24/7. im in the DM Disc, and i use my DM handle for my Discord.
  17. .. From Twilight into Darkness, the Shadow Never Sleeps .. ►▼◄ The afternoon sun sent rays of shining light across the Ghealdan Capital of Jehannah. It was a city of many sights and wonders though not on the scale of the most majestic cities on the continent like Caemlyn, Ebou Dar and Tar Valon. The swift-flowing River Boern ran through the city, meandering as it passed the different districts of the Capital. Upon the river boats of different sizes drifted daily northwards or southwards on errands of trade and other services and at its northern end the ancient Jhir
  18. .. Schemes and Secrets and Dark Reflections .. ►▼◄ The man walked the streets of Jehannah as if he did not have a care in the world. He was dressed like a beggar, in rags, but his piercing azure-blue eyes had an intelligence which did not fit a beggar, neither here in Jehannah, Capital of the great nation of Ghealdan, nor anywhere else for that matter. His gait, his manner of walking, was not that of a typical beggar either. He walked with the relaxed confidence of a soldier or a nobleman. He did not seem to care that to any experienced eye he would look conspicuou
  19. Lii is correct. We don't use objects of power that way in the PSW. It was very clearly explained in the Books why the One Power isn't used for menial tasks and we extend that to utilising objects of power for the same purpose. Menial tasks are character building for Novices so we're not looking to make their lives easier. The existence of ter'angreal and their ilk isn't widely known outwith the channeling communities. Saying that, I'm not against the use of certain items for big projects on, for instance, a city wide scale. So if the Black Tower decided to use something found in their cache of
  20. .. Taking Courage from an Ancient Aes Sedai Queen .. ►▼◄ Finally on the second day, on a late morning with sunny rays reflected on the Arinelle river, the main city gate to the Saldaean Capital Maradon opened and a horse and rider appeared. The Lord Dragon, as his commanders had come to call him (he was not overly enthusiastic of the title but his objections had led nowhere so he accepted it), was quickly notified and stood ready to meet the messenger or envoy of the Queen as he presumed it to be. The rider approached carefully and stopped ten or so p
  21. I'm also lurking XD But mostly if anyone needs me for OOC stuff, or if someone needs an extra AS for some RP 😄
  22. .. Speculations and Machinations .. ►▼◄ “Sendhira Aes Sedai.” The Master of Ceremony’s voice was loud and clear as he banged the ornate ceremonial staff three times on the floor, announcing the visitor to the Queen. The Queen of Altara by the Grace of the Light, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms and High Seat of House Selnobar looked up as the Sister of the White Tower approached her throne, passing several dozen people dressed to the nines that comprised her court. Sendhira Aes Sedai glided across the floor of the Hall like a Qu
  23. .. Amid Rivers of Blood .. ►▼◄ Adriahna Sedai’s dark oval eyes widened in disbelief! and she cried out in shock as a shield was slammed between her and the Source! She could still sense Saidar inside her, like a shining light that burned beautifully, but she could no longer reach it. It was as if an invisible wall stood between her and the One Power. She could not believe it. It was impossible! She looked frantically around for whoever was responsible, all acquired Aes Sedai calm gone for the moment, but saw no one in the corridor. She was
  24. My tree main characters: Robert Laurel. 39. (I'm trying to decide if he's married to the Amyrlin and if they have children). Lifelong soldier. Commander-in-Chief Imperial Army. Elaine Treherne. 39. Spymaster. Colonel. River Tam and Black Widow without the issues. Trained gymnast, acrobat and ballet dancer. Best swordfighter, pistol shot and horse rider in the army. Erin Laurel. 40. Head of house. Fabulously wealthy. She's Minister of Commerce because she has so much money she can't be bribed. Widowed young. Has a 15-year-old daughter, Julie, who along with a
  25. Everyone has access to clean water, air and food. There are paved roads everywhere. There is free education up through high school. Students who qualify get free tuition and room and board at the various colleges and universities. The Black Tower has relocated to the Southern Continent and they take no part in world affairs, but they do maintain recruiting offices in most of the towns and cities. When a man is found who can channel, they sponsor a huge celebration, pay his parents a large stipend and ship him south for training. AS are encouraged to marry and have children and to g

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