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  2. Elaine pulled her throwing knives out of the target and carefully put them away. She went into the office put her sword on the rack and donned the heavy practice armor and picked up one of the practice swords. She walked out into the practice yard and called out loudly. "I'm cranky. It's my time of the month. I want to take it out on somebody. Any volunteers?"
  3. Elaine turned to face a target set up in front of bales of hay in the middle of the yard. a small flex of her wrist, and two throwing knives sprang into hands from where they had been concealed in wrist sheaths of her sleeves. A quick of the wrist, and the two knives were in the center of the target. In quick succession four mire followed in making a perfect circle in the gold.
  4. Elaine sat in one corner of the [practice yard, cross-legged in meditation, her heron-marked sword resting on her crossed legs. She opened her eyes, rose to her feet and began practicing her sword forms. She moved with the fluid grace of the trained dancer and acrobat she was.
  5. The telephone rang in Delia and Robert's bedchamber. It was a line that was supposed to be used only in extreme emergency. "Hello" came from a sleepy Delia. Then she sat up straight in shock. She turned to her husband. "Sharra and Seanchan have declared war as of midnight. Five minutes from now." Robert was out of the bed instantly, shouting for his orderly as Delia was calling for her maids.
  6. Five miles from the Murandy border, cunningly hiding from any observers, sat massive 8-ich siege mortars, preparing to fire at the stroke of midnight. They were dug into deep firing pits mounted on massive springs to absorb the recoil. They could fire every thirty minutes. They would blast the bunkers and fortifications of the defense works into oblivion.
  7. To the south of Tear, the combined Seachan and Sharaan fleets moved into positions under cover darkness, concealed from the watching balloons that were pulled down at dusk. Sixteen dreadnoughts screened by cruisers and destroyers. balloons went out from each battle wagon, each carrying observers with powerful nightglasses. This had been long rehearsed out of sight of land. The aim was to inflight as much damage as possible to the Tar Valon fleet. They also carried white phosphorus shell to destroy the huge oil refinery there.
  8. Three weeks later. Almost a thousand miles to the south here stood isolated in the forest, a series of hue clearings containing hundreds of sheds. Workers were pulling them out and helping to launch them into the air. Overhead hundreds circled silently, waiting for their sisters. Under cover of night they would be headed north to Tar Valon, one thousand in number, driven and concealed by the power. This would only work once. Tar Va;on was much more advanced in heavier than air aircraft which would make short work of the airships. The targets were the rail yards and arms factories just north of the city. The attack was supposed to take place at midnight just fie minutes after the formal declaration of war
  9. Greetings members both old and new! As you may now, for many years we have had RP at Dragonmount, pretty much since its inception back in the 1990s. Between that long time frame and the 15 books of The Wheel of Time that have been released over the years, you can imagine that almost everything in the books has already happened in our Legacy roleplay, though with our own twist on it. Of course, now with the show coming out and attracting new fans (and bringing back old ones!) it only seemed appropriate to begin a completely new Role-play world and club--one that turns back the Wheel to a beginning; that is, Bel Tine in the year 998 NE. This new RP will be based on the show and, in general, will follow along the timeline there, albeit on a slower pace as RPs do. Therefore, if you are here to experience the world of The Wheel of Time from a new beginning, please do head over to our new RP Club, The Wheel of Time - Roleplay (A New Beginning). (Please consider this an announcement post as we get set up, which will take a few days! (Right now the Club is pretty empty) Thank you and hope to see you there!)
  10. .. Memories of Warder-training .. ►▼◄ Elessar woke early the next morning. It had been a comfortable night’s sleep. I am getting soft, he thought with a dark grin as he poured some water on his face from the small water-basin in the corner of his room at the inn. Soft.. and old. Drying himself with a towel he put on a shirt and some pants and sat down on the bed. Light was streaming into the room from the small window. It was some time past dawn and most residents at the inn were still asleep. He felt Kathleen restful in the next room. He thought she was still asleep but it was not always easy to tell through the Bond. Gazing at his sword which lay in its sheath on a stool by the wall it made him think of his many years as a Warder of the White Tower. He had not really known what he was getting into when he had set off from his home in the Borderlands those many years ago to become a Warder. ● He remembered well the first few months in training, his Warder-teachers, the classes and all the skills he had had to learn. Many outsiders thought a Warder primarily needed to be skilled with a sword (and other weapons) but there was so much more to it. A Warder needed to have knowledge of geography of the continent, diplomacy, history, politics as well as practical skills such as reading the sun and the wind, finding food and water, basic first-aid, tracking-skills, basic hunting-skills and such. Of course becoming proficient with a sword was important so he would be able to protect and serve his Aes Sedai well. And so he and the other Warder-trainees had trained almost daily with the blade, practising again and again with sword forms, building their physique, improving month by month over several years before they reached the level of proficiency expected of a Gaidin. Thinking back, Elessar remembered one session in the Tower when he was at the intermediate level of proficiency. For a Warder that is. Among non-Warders most would say advanced level. One of his older Warder teachers, a Blademaster called Sendric, was instructing a young Elessar and a fellow trainee called Sareul, a Saldaean guy, in the Warder’s Yard. It was late morning and a soft breeze drifted across the yard. The sounds of other trainees going through their forms was loud in his ears but Elessar shut them out as he cloaked himself in the Flame and the Void, totally focused, ready for the tough duel against two opponents simultaneously. Reminiscing now, Elessar remembered it all as if it had happened yesterday. He was back in the Warder’s Yard, re-living those moments.. ● ..Unfolding the Fan, Elessar then flowed through the sword-forms, as his opponents made tentative attacks. “You see how well his forms are, Sareul? See his movements? That’s called finesse,” Sendric chided his second student while praising Elessar. “You would do well to learn from it.” Elessar appreciated the praise from his teacher, knowing that his forms were very good for the stage of his training, but also knowing that he had a way to go when it came to innovation and improvisation. He tried to compensate by utilizing his smooth technique and by picking up all he could learn of improvised and surprising moves from his opponents. A powerful swing by Sareul’s longsword was skillfully deflected by Elessar, though it was a close call to tell the truth and the young Elessar’s sword arm ached and his teeth rattled from the jolt. Sendric didn’t let the young man relax, though, his scimitar coming in fast. Elessar swept it aside and went on the attack himself. The Blademaster deflected skillfully and Elessar used the momentum of that deflection to bring his own blade up to block an attack by Sareul, fluid as ever in his sword forms. ● Soon Sendric began to press the young Borderlander harder and Elessar did his best to keep up. As the three of them moved in the dance of the swords, the Blademaster spoke. He told Elessar in a matter-of-factly tone that he was very pleased with his progress and that he was a credit to his other sword-teachers. “Now let me see you press the attack,” Sendric said. “Your Aes Sedai is in danger, you don’t have the liberty to sit and be patient at your attack anymore, we know you can defend, now let’s see you attack,” he commanded. Elessar understood that the Warder wanted him to attack even more aggressively - Gaidin, fight strongly to protect your Aes Sedai! - and so he pressed the attack, but with precision and calculation in the calmness of the Void. Were he too lose his head and attack heedlessly he would quickly be caught out by these two swordfighters. And so he attacked smoothly but efficiently, first against Sareul who though fairly quick for his size was slightly hampered by the heavier longsword he carried and his less-than-perfect forms and who was hard pushed to block Elessar’s move. Then against Sendric himself, striking a medium-low blow that the other parried skillfully, deflecting the other’s counterblow and following up with a strong swing to the other’s side. This move also was blocked but Elessar kept on pressing the attack, strong strikes coming hard, combining sword forms and trying for some more innovation in his fighting. Attack. Block. Move. Swing. Deflect. Attack. Deflect. Counterblow. It was all one long dance and Elessar used all the skill and knowledge he had as he moved in the forms, pressing attacks but never overextending himself or losing balance or true focus. A few times he was almost caught by Sendric’s proficient swings but managed to deflect just in time. ● After a while he began to feel some weariness in his arm and legs, but he tried to ignore the aches and pains and focused on moving through his sword forms as best he could. The two others were going faster now and it took all of Elessar’s skill and concentration to keep up. After a particularly bold move, a surprising move coming from Elessar, where he feinted high with his blade and came in lower with momentum and speed and swung hard at Sareul’s side, the huge man barely managed to block; but Elessar was prevented from landing the “killing blow” on his out-of-balance-opponent by Sendric’s attack from the back, an attack that Elessar only survived through use of strength, determination and some luck. He was making a good show of himself in this 2 on 1-spar, or so he thought at least, as he tried to press the attack another time. But that was before the Blademaster started going even faster.. “Excellent!” Sendric declared as he began to attack Elessar again, even more rapidly this time and including some modified sword forms, and some moves that he made up at the spur of the moment to fit the situation. Occasionally his moves began to slip past the young Elessar’s defenses, but Sendric Gaidin didn’t strike any “killing” moves just yet. He wanted to see what Elessar would do once things go really desperate. In this battle of the swords Elessar was being pushed to the limit - and almost beyond. ● He moved through the forms, striking and blocking, attacking and retreating, concentrated in the blankness of the Void as he tried to get the upper hand on his two opponents. As Sendric was going faster with his moves it became harder and harder for the young Elessar to keep up. His strength was also slowly fading but he grit his teeth and with strong determination fought hard and well, not for an instance considering to concede defeat. He learned several things during this spar. That to truly excel with the sword it was necessary to improvise, because it was often the improvisation that made the difference when fighting able swordsmen. No matter how smooth the sword forms, in the end it was the surprising moves that often gave the best and most effective results. Another thing he learned was that Sareul was as strong as the ox he resembled in bulk and even more enduring, his ever more powerful strikes with his longsword pressing Elessar back time and again. His forms were sloppy at times but he looked as if he could go on doing this forever. This made Elessar understand another thing: to survive or win a battle against two opponents you had to take out one of them before your weariness made you weak and vulnerable. He knew he had to take out Sareul. And fast. He felt the growing weariness in his sword arm and shoulders but did his best to ignore it as he attacked Sareul with fairly advanced form-combinations that drove the other backwards. Improvise! the voice whispered in his mind. Surprise him! ● Like he thought he had surprised Sendric a little earlier in the fight. After several fast moves and forms the Blademaster had suddenly stopped his attacks and had merely stepped back, as if to see what Elessar’s reaction would be. The young Borderlander had been thrown slightly off guard, losing rhythm and momentum, holding Sareul at a distance while quickly considering a point of action. His intuition had told him that it was better sometimes to attack another opponent than to have them wait idly by. It was a calculated risk but one worth taking or so Elessar thought as he moved on the Gaidin, who grinned broadly in response, in a renewed attack. He thought he had surprised the Warder then, and he intended to surprise Sareul now. His blade met Sareul’s several times and he flowed in the traditional forms he knew so well. Then he improvised. Combining a couple of sword forms in a new fashion he struck the other’s blade with great force, twisting his body slightly as he moved, using the momentum to swing his blade around - a move that was blocked by Sareul but which also brought him out of balance - and strike at his side. The big ox just managed to block in time, his great strength and endurance giving him an edge, but was unprepared when Elessar used his smooth technique to come inside Sareul’s defenses and land a heavy blow on the other man’s shoulder with the flat of his blade. Using the momentum Elessar stepped out of the other man’s reach and just managed to deflect the blow coming from Sendric on the other side. Elessar knew he had opened his defenses a little too much with his bold move, but it had paid off and he was unsurprised when Sendric told Sareul to move aside, having been “taken out” as it were, leaving the two of them alone in the sparring circle. ● Perhaps it had been a slightly desperate move, Elessar thought to himself, but what counted was that it had paid off. He began to better understand Sendric’s words of the value of improvisation and that sometimes a fighter must bring that little extra into the fight (surprise, an edge, rawness, momentum, that little something that could not be taught with technique but which had to be learned through experience) to prevail. He was pushed harder and harder back and now could only defend and block as the Blademaster showed more of his true skill with the blade. Sendric moved skillfully in the forms, using some traditional ones that Elessar recognized and others he had never experienced before. Sheer strength of will kept Elessar on his feet during this ferocious onslaught and the young Borderlander knew it was only time before his strength would give out. He kept going though, determined to not give in, using the very last of his energy as his blade rose and fell in the dance.. until at last the Blademaster, going at full strength, unarmed him. Sendric looked proudly at his young trainee and nodded once in compliment. ▀▄
  11. I have a warder one somewhere but I gave up looking... Lolololol. These are the original ones not updated tho.
  12. Well, I already have an approved novice - bio here: https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/107684-approved-tar-valon-wt-bio-for-elara-adnan-ccd-by-the-alliance/ - that I'm really keen to start RPing with, but being a novice really limits who she can interact with. I'm happy for her to break the rules and deal with the consequences though, if it means more people can join in on the RP? So just depends what characters people have - if it's more warders then maybe my novice could be spying on them and then we meet etc (knowing this is against the rules so if there's any Accepted, Aes Sedai, or Warder chars they could come along to punish us), or if it's more novices we could do something in the tower getting to know each other. Otherwise, if it's mostly non-Tower characters people have, I would probably make a new character up 😆 @Ryrin - I think this might help you? https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/51236-bio-info-rp-group-histories/
  13. There was alot to it when I did years ago... That's why I'll only rp if I can use one I already made. Plus I "leveled" them up through rp training.
  14. I don't know about making a new one but if they can find any of the old ones I made I'd be down to give it another shot.
  15. I do have characters in play, or characters I can shift over. I'm honestly curious to see what changes are going to be put into play before doing so. 🙂
  16. @Crossyou up for creating a new character or should we join your character in revolution one? @Seaine's eyebrowswhat kind of character are you thinking. @Ariewere you thinking of creating a character?
  17. Me too but I’d need some help. I’d like to have a young male character traveling to the Tower to become a warder.
  18. .. The joy of Storytelling .. ►▼◄ They were seated opposite one another with their backs against a tree trunk. It was late afternoon and clouds covered the skies above Eastern Amadicia. Kathleen was writing in her notebook while Elessar sat thoughtfully studying the clouds above. He held a small stone in his right hand and let it run between his fingers. The woodlands were quiet, as if in anticipation. Of what, the Warder did not know. But something.. They had travelled since late morning and had covered several miles. They had kept off the main road for as much as possible, keeping to the wilder terrain which mostly consisted of woods, hillocks and brush. It had slowed them down but they had deemed it prudent since they wanted to avoid any Whitecloak patrols. Finally Elessar had looked for a suitable place to rest their horses and they had ended up in this place. Their two mounts rested some paces off to the side, contentedly munching some apples they had brought. Shifting his eyes from the sky to the horses, the Gaidin smiled. Stormbreaker had been his valiant companion on the road for more years than he could count. Kathleen’s mare was a younger horse but strong and quick, well able to keep pace with the bigger stallion. The plan was to stay here in this sheltered place for another hour or so before moving on. They wanted to reach the nearest village before nightfall. Even though they might have preferred to have stayed hidden from folk for most of the journey toward Western Amadicia, they needed to get more provisions and - if truth be told - both looked forward to a bath and a bed after many days on the dusty road. ● When Kathleen finally put away her notebook, she studied Elessar silently for a long moment before speaking. “Tell me a story, Elessar”. She knew of his passion for history and stories and felt sure he would enjoy telling one. Her knees were steepled in front of her, her arms resting on them as she watched him. She could see his initial surprise and then subsequent grin. He nodded and put away the small stone he had been fiddling with. “A story?” he mused. “I guess I can think of something.” His lopsided grin made her eyes glint. It was good to see him smile. He often had his dark moods.. She knew that he had an impressive ability for memorizing things and so was not at all surprised when he went on to tell a detailed historical story all from memory. “The history of Tarabon is an interesting one”, he began. “As we know, Tarabon is a country situated west of here. Its capital, Tanchico, is a port that lies on the western coast on the Aryth Ocean. Tarabon's eastern border abuts Amadicia, and its northern border is with the Almoth Plain.” As he spoke Elessar’s voice took on an almost lecturing tone. Kathleen did not mind. She was mainly glad to see him talk about something he was passionate about. ● “Taraboners claim themselves descendants of the Age of Legends”, the Warder continued. “In fact, part of the Panarch's Palace is still from that time or so historians claim”. He added that the Panarch’s Palace was a place he had not yet been but wanted to visit one day. “They also call themselves the Tree of Man”, he said. “When Almoth still lived, it was rumoured that Tarabon actually had pieces of Avendesora. The tree in their banner and sigil celebrates this heritage.” He went on to speak about what historians had written about Avendesora and so-called Chora trees from the Age of Legends. Kathleen, also interested in history, had read much of this herself in the Tar Valon Library but she still enjoyed Elessar’s passionate re-telling. “People have claimed that these trees emitted a sense of peace for any who passed beneath their branches.” The Warder’s dark eyes took on a far-away look as if he imagined what that would be like. “Grown by the eternal songs of the Ogier.” ● “Now then”, he said, his eyes focusing again, “several events took place which as a result formed the independent nation of Tarabon.” He went on to explain that in FY 1006, during the War of the Hundred Years - a devastating series of overlapping wars among constantly shifting alliances precipitated by the death of Artur Hawkwing and the resulting struggle for his empire - three nobles of Artur Hawkwing's regional government, Lord Haren Maseed, Lady Tazenia Nerenhald and Lord Boral Amadia, seized control of Tanchico and thereby formed a nation around the city. “Lord Boral was then murdered, some say under suspicious circumstances”, Elessar went on, “and subsequently Haren became King and Tazenia became Panarch. By the time of 500 NE the tradition of male King and female Panarch was firmly established.” “There is a poem which tells this story which many gleemen favour”, he added with a grin. “’Tarabon in the Light’ it is called. We might come across it in an inn on this journey in the South, you never know.” Kathleen thanked him for the story. She enjoyed seeing the joy of Storytelling in him. She knew from his restless sleep that he had his demons to face. He would speak more about them when he was ready, she felt sure. She did not wish to intrude on his privacy. When he went to look after their horses, she picked up her notebook and wrote some more in it. ● A half hour or so later they were ready to continue their journey west in Amadicia. Rain was in the air and they wanted to reach the village of Saramel before twilight and the coming heavy downpour. Leading their mounts carefully out of the trees they then rode along a small path that eventually led to the main road. Reaching the village just as day was turning into night, their travelling cloaks wet but not drenched, they quickly found an inn, got their rooms, ate a swift meal in the Common Room, and then settled in for the night. ▀▄
  19. Okay that'd be great Kathleen, thanks! I'll drop you a PM 😊 Ooh yes, get your old characters dusted off, and make new ones. I'm hopeful people will be inspired to join in when they see a bit of activity 😁
  20. I think I have some old rp characters tho I forget ranks n weapon scores but thinking of rping again. Lmk what needs to be done again... It's been a long min since last time... Lololololol
  21. Hey, welcome back! So I’m a nutshell, the In Character staff positions are Non Player Characters (so we don’t have to retire people every time players go inactive). So Valerie is the character MoN. right now, staff is low and there is no active MoN moderator to oversee and help out. That said, I am around to help out and we will be sprucing things up around here in the coming weeks. For the time being, I’m happy to help you if you want to pop over to PMs and we can work out directing you through the boards and getting back into it from there.

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