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  2. Google is your friend. It was on tcm when I posted that. hmmmm something from this century... I don't know much from this century... ok last century it is. "the white zone is for loading and unloading only."
  3. OK, I Googled - I don't remember seeing this one.
  4. Voniel - Elder Haman's wife and Loial's aunt.
  5. Looks good!! Thanks for the info. I've never seen them.
  6. Spaghetti squash is a squash that looks like spaghetti once cooked and shredded with a fork: We serve it with a turkey spaghetti sauce much like in the picture.
  7. Sounds and looks like you are getting a great variety of sweet and savoury fruit as well as all the colourful buttwrflies Jaim. Well done! What are spaghetti squash? (I'm not finding it easy to imagine a fruit which could be like squash and like spaghetti.)
  8. I'll go for T then: Time (what Ogier have more of than humans)
  9. Yes. Strange. But I'm not sure what to believe about coincidences anymore after what happened on Wednesday.
  10. LOL - no posts for days and then we both post at the same time!
  11. Thanks for posting! Zucchini still doing well with a couple more ready to be turned into zucchini bread soon. Been getting spaghetti squash periodically, but not a good year for tomatoes. My late planted peppers and onions are doing well though and it was a banner year for blackberries. We have fruit trees too. Apples OK this year, plums not so. Lemon tree making a come back and our little orange tree is loaded this year. Nectarine tree had some this year, but the birds beat me to them. Not too much happening with the Asian pear or the jujube trees, but maybe next year. I bought a little garden cart to help out with the trimming and weedings (not my pic): Kinda useful for us older Ogier, but I am still getting used to mine. I'll post some pics of it in action soon -hopefully.
  12. I enjoyed reading the gardening stories and looking at the pictures very much. I'm new to gardening myself. I always enjoyed helping my mom or my aunt when I was a kid, mainly in the vegetable and berry plant patches. But since I started my studies, I've lived in the city centre, in tiny apartments. I got a bit stuck there when I started working. That all changed half a year ago, though. We moved to a relatively rural region that's not too far outside of the city, into a house with a garden. The garden's pretty big (at least to my standards), and it needs quite a bit of maintenance, but it's worth it. There are fruit trees (cherry, apple, pear, "sour cherry" and plum), a variety of hedges, low rose bushes and big patches of lavender. We tried out a couple of supposedly simple vegetable plants: zucchini, purple beans and a small kind of pumpkin. Slugs got most of the zucchini, but we have plenty of beans (even though they turn green when cooked) and one healthy pumpkin plant. Since the bees aren't doing very well over here, we also sowed a variety of flowers that produce a lot of nectar. I was happy to see that those patches, and the lavender plants, are indeed teeming with bees (bumble, solitary and honey) and butterflies. Sadly, there are no hummingbirds here. A Canadian friend of mine recently succeeded in getting them to come to her garden to feed. Amazing animals.
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