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Builders, Singers, and Gardeners, all are welcome!

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  2. Andy serkis? I hope they do go with a real actor and just use forced perspective. The rest of the cast looks fine. I don't know that any of them is known for anything yet, but that's as expected.
  3. T h e / Q u e e n ' s / B l e s s - n g I'm pretty sure the notification changes were made globally. I know I didn't change anything. There was a problem before with notifications being bolted if, say, after younlooked T.A. them another person posted to the old thread. Then they'd drop off the list, or a least out of the easily viewed list and be lost. its been a really glitchy notification jumble since the change and it makes keeping up with the clubs even more difficult. Blargh change is bad and hasty hrrmmmm hmmmmmm.
  4. An interesting set of actors announced today for the new TV series. It looks like they are all pretty qualified and talented, though we'll have to see how well they play off each other. Interested on seeing Lan and Thom, but the big question remains, who will play Loial?
  5. u? No, but I'll check it out. Also, I used to get email notices when someone posts here, but I may have turned that off myself while I was exploring the site.
  6. T h e / Q - e e n ' s / B l e s s - n g so has anyone noticed that a couple weeks ago notifications stopped being bolded after you look at one on the list and you can't tell which others you've not looked at anymore? thats not fun.
  7. Earth (The foundation for groves, great trees and stonework alike)
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