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  2. OK, how about this one from a new, slightly twisted (well, not really "twisted", but rather with a twist that took me a while to figure out), Christmas movie based on a song: Tom: It's good luck you know. Kate: What is? Tom: Getting pooed on by a bird. Kate: I'm busy, you're weird, good-bye!
  3. It's been a while, so I Googled: https://youtu.be/hKzy_S2gRI8 Bruce Campbell in Army of the Dead - good choice!
  4. Well, it has been a couple weeks and my little green houses are still there and doing pretty well: Besides the tomatoes, there is a spaghetti squash, thyme, chives, an old zucchini, and a mis-labelled pepper (I think).
  5. Good that your greenhouses survived. Growing anything else 8n them besides tomatoes?
  6. Well, my little winter green houses weathered their first storm OK. Here are some pics: We'll see how the tomatoes do this winter.
  7. How could they not have kept the ogier? Aside from being the witness narrator role in the story, they're probably the most important fantasy trope.
  8. Here's a link to the announcement on Tor: WoT Tor Sounds like I wasn't the only one worried.
  9. I've been so worried about it - too many rumors, both the Ogier and Thom Merrilin were supposedly on the chopping block. So glad that there was no need to open The Book of Translation!
  10. I’m so happy that they are keeping the ogiers.
  11. “Loial, son of Arent, son of Halan.” Please welcome Hammed Animashaun as Loial to #WOTonPrime.
  12. Hi Juan Welcome. Easier ways / recipes are most welcome.
  13. Doesn't sound like much fun at all. Sorry for all your trouble with the extremes of nature. Hope yhe rainy season goes better.
  14. A fresh batch this morning! Well, maybe not quite this morning - this turning of the wheel at least!
  15. Warms the tea and pours Ryrin a cup. Anyone else care for a drink?
  16. We've had very bad "Santa Ana" winds this year. My son's little green house has survived fine, so far, but we lost the patio canopy. Had the legs weighed down with sand bags, but it blew so hard one night that it got flung across the yard finally ending up impaled on my roses. Good thing too or I'm sure it would have landed in the neighbor's yard. The cloth part was punctured and ripped and the metal supports twisted into pretzels. Oh well. Have an enclosed outdoor workout area that took a little damage as well, but I was able to buy replacement parts for the shades and we replaced some screws with larger screw/washers the hold down the roofing before that went flying as well. Now the rains are supposed to start tomorrow, finally ending our "fire season". I still have piles of ash from all of the fires around here to clean up. And don't get me started on the earthquake "swarm" we have a couple weeks ago. About 100 quakes from magnitude 1 to 3.6 over the course of the week centered about 2 miles from where I am typing this now. Fun times!
  17. There's someone in my town that has a very sturdy looking green house, well a passive glass structure, but it doesn't look like he does anything with it. I had a tall narrow light cheap thing that I would roll out of my garage a little after sun rise and roll back in when the sun was setting. It got hot in there. But where I am, it is really windy. It is strange in that it seems to come in years. Some years are windy, some aren't. But the year I tried this, it was windy. It was blown over more days than it wasn't.
  18. What are you reading? I'm reading a book of historical fiction that takes place during the Spanish Flu and the end of WWI.
  19. Guess I'll have do some reading on the softneck variety. I had no clue about raising and curing garlic. Planted an unknown sprout today that we had found growing in our compost pile. Thinking maybe a zucchini squash. Tough little thing. I'm planing on little plastic green houses this winter, so maybe it'll make it. I had a neighbor that swore by these little greenhouses for his winter tomatoes, so we'll see. My son got his green house up and running - and it survived last week's Santa Ana's winds, so maybe I'll finally get mine going as well (been planning on these winter tomatoes for years).
  20. The thing for me was having room to cure it. I am in the north where we get a good winter and we have to grow "hardneck" garlic. I can't speak for warmer climates like SoCal where they grow softneck. Basically hardneck goes in the ground in well-drained soil (raised beds are great for garlic) in October or November with a good watering. Keep it weeded and fertilize in the spring, cut off the scape for a bigger bulb, and depending on how much rain you get you might not really have to water it very much. When the leaves turn to brown, around late july or august, you take it out, shake loose dirt off it, and cure it. I put it in my attic where I usually have an attic fan running to cool the house. It wants air flow, to help form the skin. After two weeks it should be cured, when you can clean it up better, cut the burly beard at the bottom and cut the stems off of you haven't already. I'm not a particularly good gardener at all but seems pretty fool proof. The only person I know who had trouble with it had some pretty consistently soggy beds as the problem.
  21. Hi Juan Farstrider and welcome to our stedding! Please make yourself at home - play some games, share some gardening tips or maybe a favorite recipe or two! p
  22. (Hi. I'm new around here, but jumping in on this thread anyway). I am glad this thread exists, as maybe it will serve as some peer pressure exerted on me to keep up with my garden tasks. I'm pretty sure for most of us here it is time to get beds ready for next spring or to be planting things that like to out in the winter, like the garlic I have yet to put in the ground.
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