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Builders, Singers, and Gardeners, all are welcome!
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  2. I drink a lot of Ogier Diet Cranberry Juice. Quite tasty and only 5 calories!
  3. I have to go back and review the rules about spoilers in our regular threads. Quite upset about how Season 1 ended, of course, but can't wait for Season 2 to begin.
  4. Heyeveryone! Happy New Year!!! Sound off and let me know your favorite drink besides water. Mine, eggnog I suppose, I look forward to it enough every year. I like this one single malt scotch called Talisker as well though but I rarely have it.
  5. Hey Everyone! Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds. Sound off! Love it or hate it, what's your favorite scene in the series so far?
  6. He nailed Loial's character and speech. I understand why he isn't a giant but...eh, his personality is more important. My head cannon will now just imagine him taller when I read thr books.
  7. Is everyone enjoying the show? It is getting better, and we finally get to meet Loial. I am happy.
  8. It was pretty great. Episode 3 was great. I felt they were really clicking on the main characters personalities and world building and it had Thom!!!!!
  9. I just watched it too, it's amazing
  10. I am going to watch it again this week as time allows. I couldn't help but watch it and be sad about the parts cut out and upset about the parts added that weren't in the books that seemed to fall flat. I thought the acting was fantastic though! I watched a review of someone who tried to read EotW a long time ago but couldn't finish it. However, he liked the TV episodes and did a great job explaining why it was a great tv show. So I am giving it another shot and trying to enjoy it just as a fantasy show, not a retelling of one of my favorite book series. I think episode 2 and 3 are better than 1. 1 felt too rushed and had scenes i didn't think were necessary.
  11. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting, some good and some bad, mostly good though. Any thoughts, comments? No unmarked spoilers, please.
  12. Just watched the video of Jason in London for the world premiere https://fb.watch/9hG7GoP2wS/ The Ye Olde Sungwood could use a set of those steins - just saying...
  13. Is everyone getting a little excited? Won't be long now. What do you thing so far? I was a little afraid initially, but the clips I've seen lately are getting better and better. LOL - my son just asked if I thought he could reread the whole series before the TV show begins. I told him that I thought of doing so as well, but there are going to be differences, probably some big differences and so, I'm planning on keeping the two separate, at least in my mind.
  14. Oooh, I'll have to try some of that sparkling cider! So what brings you to Dragonmount Caroline? Have you read all the books and if so, how many times?
  15. Thank you, Illustrious Leader Jaimelai, for the welcome and the drink. I hope you are well on this fine day. Now, seeing this amazingly cosy pub, I am sorry I have never visited before. *takes a sip from the mug* Ahhh, perfect. *sees a plaque by the entrance, gets up to read the short text which is written in a beautiful and very fine calligraphic hand* Wow, this pub seems to have existed for a very long time. Now I understand what those strange pipes are for ... Incredible architecture. *squeeks as she only now realises how high up they are, at the last moment preventing the Sparkling Ogier Apple Juice from spilling onto the floor* That was a close one! Heh. *mumbles something about heights, looks at Jaimelai apologetically, then takes another sip of her tasty, refreshing drink*
  16. Welcome Caroline! Yes, please make yourself at home. *dusts off the nice comfy chair with the excellent lighting, just the perfect place to read a book or two* We'll have your mug of Sparkling Ogier Apple Juice coming right up!
  17. About the Dresden Files: I would also definitely recommend starting with book one. Otherwise, a many details might go unnoticed, and you may lack some background on characters etc. I had a lot of fun with those books, even though I felt Butcher "only" really gets into the story, tone and characters at the end of the third book. That's just my opinion, though, I know several people who feel differently. I hope you enjoy them, Trashcan! A friend of mine never read anything by Pratchett before and asked me about Discworld, where to start reading and so on. I told her to start with book 3 (Equal Rites), because I found 1 and 2 a bit too all over the place for someone not familiar with Discworld. It's been a long time since I read most of them in a row, so I started rereading Equal Rites. I had forgotten how funny a writer he is. It feels like a very big responsibility to recommend how to read a specific series to someone. I don't like being too hasty making that decision. ?
  18. *opens the creaky door just a bit and looks around the room before entering slowly and carefully* Nice pub. Not too busy, so I guess I can sit down and read for a while. *nods towards Trashcan, orders a big glass of sparkling apple juice and slinks towards a corner table*
  19. Yes, I too am going to try to keep an open mind. The wheel turns as the wheel turns.
  20. Definitely interesting to see things visualised by different people, and also the characters being interpreted by other writers, by the actors and so on. It's not common for an ogier to be so excited about something, but yes, I can hardly wait. And if there are any changes I don't like (there definitely will be), I'll try to think of them as part of a different turning of the Wheel.

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