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  2. Hope everybody is doing well and staying safe. Miss you guys! Update: Got a new job at a bigger hospital. I started this week! New computer system which is different than what i'm used to. Also i'm fulltime at my other job at another hospital. They did not want me to leave so they are working around my schedule at my new hospital. *hands everybody a MG brew*
  3. Hello to everyone! My name is Jenny but at Dragonmount I was known as Jaydena McKanthur and was Captain General on both sides of DM for 8+ years, as well as a plethora of other groups. As the wheel turned I ended up leaving the site for various reasons. This site was a huge part of my life for many years, in fact I joined my first Wheel of Time site (Dragonmount) in 1998. When I sat down to decide on the topic of my Senior Capstone project (a requirement for my Bachelors degree) I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Fandoms and the support that one can find from belonging to one is a subject
  4. Sorry everybody that I've been away. For the past 2 weeks, I got COVID and have survived it. I had really bad body aches, headaches, fatigue, cough, fever and chills. I have am now better and I also got the vaccine. How is everybody doing?
  5. Happy New Year, guys and gals. Sorry to hear of your hubby's loss, Jea. That's hard at any time but before Christmas just seems extra bad. All good with me. Trying to keep my business afloat in the midst of yet another lockdown here in Scotland so that's taking up most of my time. Other half is on furlough leave again as of Friday too, getting under my feet lol. No family or friends impacted by COVID yet thankfully. Can't complain really. *tacklehugs all of you*
  6. Sure you didn't get lost on the way there? lol *waves back at @Cairos* Sorry I've been relatively MIA. Nothing super life shattering or amazing happening here other than surviving face to face teaching. Well okay, life shattering kinda happened but more for the hubs than me since his dad passed away on Dec. 15th so that's been... rough. And my brother-in-law has been staying with us every since he arrived on December 17th. So, I've been hiding in books and cooking to make sure the boys eat something other than fast food. My 3yo is hilarious with gift opening. He unravel
  7. *tackles @dicetosser1* Where have you been bro!? *slides a MG brew to True* *waves at @Jeannaisais* Hey Illian!
  8. Cheers, yeah this was always my sign name I have masema floating around in my memory. I may have used that... It's a bit hazy now. The site has changed massively if I'm not mistaken.
  9. *peeks over the book she's reading* Ummm...... noise? I'm reading here folks! Just let me read in peace! Mkay!!! Oh MG brew.... *grabs one and returns to her comfy large chair to return to reading*
  10. Hey All, I'm back ready for action. It's been a long while (circa 14 years) but definitely ready for the fight and some dice! 😉 *Brews for all* I'm born and bred infantryman getting the job done. Great to meet everyone!
  11. Where is everybody at?! It's so quite in the Band! Maybe I should make some noise or put out some free bandies or maybe some of the secret MG brew! Maybe that'll get everybody back! *walks to the secret hidden stash and takes out some MG brew* @dicetosser1, @Jeannaisais, @Taymist Hope people come back and have some fun in the Band!
  12. I'm headed to my parents for the afternoon on Thursday but not going to the extended family dinner at my great grandparents... Though I am visiting my great grandma today with just my mom and siblings (great grandma is in her 90s and fam is worried she won't make it to Christmas 😢 ). All in all, pretty chill week planned. I'm just glad I'm FINALLY on break! FINALLY a day off from teaching!!! Bc teaching has been crazy with half my students quarantined and the other in the classroom. Just an overall mess. I could go on a long rant about it but already have several times
  13. Raw, boot camp smellin', recruit here. Chippin' away at my education, lookin' to get a step higher in the food chain. Currently at ramen in microwaves, but I'm aiming for peppered roasts over leeks n carrots with a side of honey cakes. Here's to dreamin' big! Reminds of the days of, "Sir! Trainee Risk reports as ordered!" and don't give 'em no Sir sandwich 😉
  14. Lava - still recruit 2019 was hell, new years eve 2020 came with high hopes, that was firmly blown away by one winter storm following another, refusing to let go before well into springtime..when corona came it was just a continuance of all the trialls this past year, we're keeping our heads over water barely (if one of us becomes sick now even by a normal cold we're screwed). I needed something positive to look forward to so I took up riding wich I love and I can already see how it helps my self-esteem❤😃 beside that DM is my rock. So my mood is up my energy levels are way down on exhaust
  15. Am I alive? *pinches self* Ouch! Mkay guess so..... Jea - Archers - full time F2F teacher who's managed to keep the boat afloat and doing decent enough 😄 Also been working a lot on my creative writing (getting a short story published in an anthology next month even!). Right now I'm doing edit number who cares anymore to add DRAMA to the novel I've been writing. There is simply something about me thinking DRAMA while writing that has taken my prose from "oh that's neat" to "it swept me away" responses from my current readers!!
  16. Ah yes take a break before that Master's degree @Cairos. I waited about four years before I felt like diving into academica (wait, I never left it, I'm a teacher.... but being a *student* is different than being the teacher). And @Lavandula I didn't take it as a critique, just an observation, at which I gave my explanation of where I've been hiding. Different worlds for different days, and DM wasn't winning out there for a bit!

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