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  2. I keep forgetting to log on here. Only remembered today since we got a startup month for the tv show!
  3. Aww thanks! I'm excited to get it out there soon(ish)! I'm also working on a prequel short story of sorts that I'll be ready to share by the end of August (it'll be free in exchange for signing up to my newsletter that will probably be like a once or twice a month type of thing as I know how annoying it is to get inundated with one email after the other lol). The prequel short story is titled "The Crown's Inheritance" - I'll be sure to share what I have available once it's ready 🙂 Turns out publishing (especially deciding to self-publish) is quite the journey! Hope all is going well with you! You got a new job recently (ish), yes?
  4. *downs the MG Brew* I'll take another please and thank you - the first day of school is getting too close now lol (I've still got a month but still!)
  5. Yes please. I'm very interested in reading your book.
  6. of course i have MG brews. They are in my hidden stash. *hands Jea a big old MG brew*
  7. @Cairos Book one of the trilogy and the trilogy title will be "The LeNoir Legacy" and I have an anticipated release for mid-December 2021 (the cover artist I wanted didn't have any availability until November 2021 and while I could have paid a rush fee.... I'm not made of money lol but the wait will give me time to figure out recording my own audiobook and all the formatting stuffs). I may ask for ARC readers around here closer to release date if given the okay - I've actually had a beta say mine reads similar at times to Wheel of Time! I'm still surprised at that connection but I'll take it lol
  8. Mine ended better than mom's - she came home to dad sick with Covid (they're both vaccinated so my guess is got a variant but as of yesterday he can smell & taste again and feeling less tired than he did Saturday past so he's getting better). My husband and son spent time with my dad the day before he spiked a fever but so far they've both been fine and hoping it stays that way!!! Thanks for the snuggles! Got any MG Brew to go with those? 😉
  9. Oh what is the name of the novel so that I can keep a look out for it! So excited for you.
  10. *snuggles Jea* glad you had a great vacation. *tackles Shad* oh the good old mafia days lol I miss them
  11. Oh noes. I was tagged. I must hide ummmmm where... where to hide.... it's summer time in the states and I'm a teacher so I'll hide in the classroom. Yes, perfectly logical. In all reality - woohoo summertime!!! I just got back from vacation with my mom and sis, which was fun and we all made it back home safe yesterday despite some flight mishaps for my sister!
  12. Sorry to hear you had Covid but glad you recovered! We lost my father-in-law to covid last December so it definitely makes me nervous when I know folks have had it. I'm doing great now school is out for summer lol Working on finalizing aspects for self-publishing a fantasy novel by *hopefully* the end of this calendar year. There are SO many moving pieces that I never knew about!! One step at a time! I know you posted this in February but here we are. July 1st. How did THAT happen??!!
  13. Need some help with those bottles @Shad_?? I'd be happy to oblige, even though I had plenty of the stuff on vacation in the past week 😄
  14. Still hanging in there! A few of us just got back together last month for a Mafia game after a year + hiatus.
  15. *stumbles backwards over a dozen empty bottles* Oh, uh, you know, just tidying up.... hic....
  16. *wanders in looking for any bandies around* @dicetosser1 @Taymist @Jeannaisais @Sooh @Shad_ Hope everybody is doing okay and staying safe during the pandemic!
  17. *tackles Shad* How are you doing @Shad_?
  18. Still down there. Not going anywhere for a while. 😁
  19. More or less 🙂 Still not super active. May lapse back to not active when we get kiddo #2, but for now I'm at least around a little!
  20. You could become a Bartender and serve me drinks all Summer Jea!
  21. Welcome back @Zander? and @Sheliara2.0! I remember Zander of course. I dont remember Sheliara2.0. I am glad that you both came back and want to help out. The admins would like to know if we want a Band area on discord. If things pick back up I'll gladly have a discord room for us.
  22. *snatches an MG Brew from @dicetosser1 * I was just waiting for it to be properly ripe! 3.5 more days with students for the 2020-2021 school year! Wowsa! Outside of school stuff, I've been working to self-publish my debut novel - haven't decided an official release date yet but I've got a line editor, a cover design artist, and have folks about halfway through my round two of beta reading so... it's happening. That and I have an interview Monday afternoon with a much better district than where I'm currently working and that's closer to home so *fingers crossed* *collapses into chair and downs MG Brew before Dice can steal it back* Now.... what should I do with my summer that starts the Monday after next? Hmm....

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