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  2. Jea - Archers Stay safe Cairos - don't stress too much about us, we're doing what we can to hold down the fort. Or, um, the tavern at least.
  3. @Shad_ I haven't read anything WoT since 2015 when I finished the series. I joined a FB group for the TV series and man, I've forgotten..... a lot 😳
  4. Good morning! Sorry for not being around that much. Work and school got me busy and tired with the whole COVID thing. Hope everybody is doing well and staying safe and healthy. Here is the roll call for July 2020. 1. Cairos - MG
  5. I picked Crossroads of Twilight back up this week. I hadn't read any WoT in over a year. That 8 to 10 stretch burnout caught up to me, but things are feeling fresh again. Maybe I'll finish! ....lol. I've been trying to keep current with this series since the mid 90s and it's yet to happen.
  6. Bar tender? I'll have one for every empty seat in the house.
  7. So Paolini is writing more but I don't think it's Eragon's story anymore. Not sure if it's in the same world. I believe the title is "To Sleep in a Sea of Stars"? I never finished reading Brisingr and never started...is Inheritance book 4? Idk I lost interest in Brisingr for some reason. May have been my college reading load impacting my personal reading time though. I will be putting LOTR on my bday wish list but that's November. Gives me time to finish my mission by then (ha - 40 books by November....right....)
  8. Mwahaha I didn't even remember how many books there were, but I do remember the ending and I don't really see how a book five would go.. Maybe something in the same lane as new spring?
  9. :O:O:O:O:O:O You dont own LOTR!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Get the one volume edition with the apendices and you have to read those too!!!! how do u get a 5th Eragon book? Unless its a whole new set of his adventures... I suggest Anthony Ryan his Ravens Call series is aWESOME! or Brent weeks for his night angel series
  10. So Cairos is probably really busy and all......so... Please sign in, You know the drill... 1. Wildfire Sedai - Cavalry
  11. Umm... *checking nails intently* I begun..sort of..
  12. Agreed! And....I still got nothing for a WoT based drinking game lol Other than, y'all better keep the liquid in your cups but take a drink with every post. *finds Cairos's stash of MG Brew* Should have found a new hiding location there MG. *takes a small sip before replacing the stopper* Not taking any chances this time!
  13. So sorry to hear that! Stay safe and keep being spectacular *hugs* and you'll need these..
  14. Oh no! Stay safe MG and....enjoy more virtual alcohol?
  15. sorry... Our hospital is kinda closed partially. We have a covid outbreak upstairs so people have been going home early.
  16. Yeah... since it seems like we'll be well into pride before we see those drinks, I changed my mind, I want the new unnamed archers sangria drink thingy, in rainbow colours😃 @Cairos (Just maaaaaybe hold the straw)
  17. @Cairos still waiting on my MG Brew! Need it for those thought-provoking juices lol
  18. I did too! I ordered a skimpy nurse, it's something with lots of caffeine and chili for the spice😏
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