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  2. Raw, boot camp smellin', recruit here. Chippin' away at my education, lookin' to get a step higher in the food chain. Currently at ramen in microwaves, but I'm aiming for peppered roasts over leeks n carrots with a side of honey cakes. Here's to dreamin' big! Reminds of the days of, "Sir! Trainee Risk reports as ordered!" and don't give 'em no Sir sandwich 😉
  3. Lava - still recruit 2019 was hell, new years eve 2020 came with high hopes, that was firmly blown away by one winter storm following another, refusing to let go before well into springtime..when corona came it was just a continuance of all the trialls this past year, we're keeping our heads over water barely (if one of us becomes sick now even by a normal cold we're screwed). I needed something positive to look forward to so I took up riding wich I love and I can already see how it helps my self-esteem❤😃 beside that DM is my rock. So my mood is up my energy levels are way down on exhausted to the point of dizziness all the time lol😝
  4. Am I alive? *pinches self* Ouch! Mkay guess so..... Jea - Archers - full time F2F teacher who's managed to keep the boat afloat and doing decent enough 😄 Also been working a lot on my creative writing (getting a short story published in an anthology next month even!). Right now I'm doing edit number who cares anymore to add DRAMA to the novel I've been writing. There is simply something about me thinking DRAMA while writing that has taken my prose from "oh that's neat" to "it swept me away" responses from my current readers!!
  5. Ah yes take a break before that Master's degree @Cairos. I waited about four years before I felt like diving into academica (wait, I never left it, I'm a teacher.... but being a *student* is different than being the teacher). And @Lavandula I didn't take it as a critique, just an observation, at which I gave my explanation of where I've been hiding. Different worlds for different days, and DM wasn't winning out there for a bit!
  6. Awww...you guys I hope you do now it wasn't critique, I do understand people have their reasons I'm not total insensitiv😃 I will try to be here more too but got some more responsibilities so I will have to prioritize them first, always time for some games and light fun though😉 and when things calm down I'll try do my recruity business lol.. How horrible lol.. Yeah I guess understanding the value of planning ahead is something you have to grow into😂 So happy for you cairos, you're a real champion! I don't know how you do it.. Can tots understand the need for a break before more education *nods
  7. I'm still here lol! Yes activity has been low throughout DM! I'll be around more since my 1 of my class is over. I have one more class that will start up in November and I'll be done with my BSN! I won't be starting my masters anytime soon lol.
  8. Ah yes - the elusive activity. My apologies for going a-wall for a bit. First quarter was a bit of an adjustment going back to work. All that free time from schools closing back in March got ripped away again... I'll try to make an effort to be around more. As much more as I can be at least. Second quarter is sometimes even more insane than the first since it's the second half of the semester and all the students are going 'oh wait I *have* to pass now or I'm stuck in here again next year'. I love my job lol
  9. Uh...oh that! I totally forgot about that.. Looks like it is for dice😜 I think it was sort of a last shout out to try creating activity😃
  10. @Lavandula who were you signaling for, precisely?? Just curious.... I've been back at work full time. Full time face to face teaching and well. It's mostly normal but also not. Kids are struggling to follow rules but that's nothing new. My spare time has been spent chilling with fam, writing, or reading new modern fantasy (Armenout's From Blood and Ash and currently working through Throne of Glass - such a breath of fresh air after all the classics I decided to read at the beginning of the year lol)
  11. Welcome StarRisk to the Band of the Red Hand! Make yourself at home and jump into any thread that draws your attention. Glad you could join the fun.
  12. That's really good to hear, although hope your health stuff (and corona..) will be better soon! Are you sticking around or just on a drive trough?
  13. Did any Band member recruit you into the Band? Nope Who is your favorite Wheel of Time character? Lan. Tell us one interesting fact about yourself! I am self-learning the longsword (keeping the forms from WoT in mind), reading the Wheel of Time books to my family (a few pages at a time), and I have read the WoT series over 20 times...it's just that good.
  14. *hugs* Well I'm still above ground so won't complain too much. Dealing with some health stuff and this crazy Corona bs like everyone else but it is what it is....lol Prayer, the Word and faith helps alot!!!
  15. Thank you zander *hugs* hope you are doing well in this messy world?
  16. He doesn't my dear. He knows us infinetely better then we know ourselves. We may not understand His reasons for the bad, painful and confusing things that happen in our lives but He has a plan for us all, a plan that shapes us to achieve the purpose He has set for us in our lives! Have and hold to your faith and God Bless!!!
  17. Band Roll Call October 2020 Please sign in and regiment. Also how is everybody doing!
  18. About 3 years ago, while you were visiting here 😅 lol....I also have extended family of a sort. My step mom is from there and her family lives in the Blackburn area. I've only been there the once, but cannot wait to go again someday!!!
  19. Ooohh, I skirted that area visiting friends (from Dragonmount!) on my last O/S trip (3 years ago 😭). It was awesome - I really loved the US way more than I was expecting. I wish I'd taken time to dig more into native history there too *adds to list*. Yesssssss. Special place in my heart for the highlands there, in particular. Helps when you have extended family to stay with too 🤣 When were you last there?
  20. Welcome to the Band Aisling!! I'm a few states south of ya lol In good ole Missouri.... but I have family up in Minnesota so have been to the Great Lakes area a few times. So pretty! And, Scotland sounds exciting to visit! I have so many places in Europe I still want to visit!
  21. I come from the Great Lakes State , US ... I love the native stories and mythogy of the area. However for traveling, my favorite place has been Scottland. Talk about stories and history!!! Just sitting in the pub enjoying a pint and listening ....
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