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  2. I mean Feb 2nd lol! *tacklesnuggle Cass*
  3. EeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! SO excited for you!! BIG CONGRATS!! By 2/3 do you mean 2nd March or 3 Feb?
  4. Soooo lol. I went to sign paper work for HR at the hospital yesterday! It’s official! My start date is 2/3.
  5. This was from our only game this year... SF 38- GB 7 was the score. I was rooting for the Pack cause the Hawks are a divisional opponent and we split our 2 games this season. We were also missing 2 our our top Defenders that game we whopped you this year....lolololol I expect the game to be closer this time tho.. SF 31 GB 27
  6. @Zander? lets see this week Greenbay 28 beat 49ers 27 Next week? PACKERS WIN AGAIN!!!!!!!!! GO PACKERS!!
  7. I had some good and some bad for 2019, overall wasn't too shabby! Hoping for an even more amazing 2020!!
  8. Hmm - do you remember a specific location you went to in Spain pretty well? You could do a review of that! Like an overview of the city you went to? I'm curious where you went - I studied abroad in Granada, Spain in 2011 and LOVED that place. Going back in May/June this year! 🥰 Lol nice! That's a logical number of levels I suppose.
  9. Haha SAME! DM used to be one of the first places I would visit....now it's my budgeting app.....or Facebook 🙄 Need to break that habit, for sure.
  10. Crazy how quickly the holidays are done and over! Going back to routine always feels sad too 😢 Good, but sad at the same time.
  11. Yes, definitely back, may need some prodding once in a while. 😜
  12. Jea - Archers Become a published author before my birthday (November 15), re-lose the 10 pounds I gained last year using a water first, veggies most approach with my fitness, and become consumer debt free by December 2020 (or sooner) while still cash flowing my Europe trip with sister. @BridMorgan @Cairos and @Taymist - I've been in the whole 'helping people with weight loss gig' for a while so let me know if I could help at all! I do everything at home and still enjoy treats within reason!
  13. It's okay, at least we get to steal you back ;) holidays/school year gets INSANE! I've been dealing with a variety of illnesses between the three of us as well, bleh.
  14. Bridmorgan - Cav Just continuing my weight loss journey! Sis, @Taymist I was thinking of doing the same! I have been doing it inadvertently the past couple of months and noticed the difference.
  15. *wakes up from behind the bar* Oooh, chocolate coma! 😉 Sorry, end of year, holidays, beginning of the school year stole me for a bit!
  16. Taymist - Infantry No resolutions as such but I intend to start my intermittent fasting again. I was doing an 18:6 system last year and was feeling so much better on it. Not sure why I let it slide.
  17. Hurrah! Congratulations. That's awesome, Cairos *snugglebites*
  18. Illian Tear - Archers Forgot my resolution: prepare harder for school.
  19. Happy New Year Banders! Hope you all had a good start to the new year! Sign in for roll call! Also answer this questions: any New Years resolution? State name and regiment! 1. Cairos ~ MG my New Years resolution is to lose some weight and also get my BSN online.
  20. Sounds like fun (d&d not bush fires ofcourse)! I wish I could send that wayward weather down south, we had so much more downfall then we're used to, this fall/winter, not that I'm complaining, just thought we got som that were supposed to be for you guys (in a perfect world). Hang in there aussies! *praying for rain down under* Meeeh..the new year can kiss my aaa...ummm..? I mean thank you and blessed new year to you too, with rainbows and colored sugar on top? How are you doing sweetie? Hope you didn't spend all hollidays in hospital?❤️
  21. @dicetosser1 and @Cass how are you doing? In regards to the wildfires? I just found out about them the other night and am very concerned for you both! I don’t watch the news at home. However, I am back in the hospital and saw it in passing (changing the channels) and immediately thought of you two. I just didn’t have a chance to post until now. All my love and concern are headed both your ways and to everyone else in Australia.
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