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Time to dance with Jak o' the Shadows.

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  2. *sips on the flaming MG shot* delicious, thank you! That might help me sleep better lol In other news, my sister and I are planning a European trip for May/June 2020 - we're hitting up Madrid, Granada, Rome, Pompeii, Pisa, Florence, Venice, London, and Dublin - now we just have to decide what places we want to go to in each city! And figure out exactly when to buy the flight.....any well-traveled persons in here have suggestions?
  3. *hands Jea a flaming MG arrow shot* heres a mixture of the 2 for one strong lady!
  4. Fun fun - I'm hoping I get better sleep this week! I used to work nights through college but I didn't have the little to care for when I got home.....my sleep was awful last week. Up at 2 a.m. Tuesday didn't go to bed until 7 p.m. that night, up at 4 a.m. Wednesday (which is my normal time) but didn't fall asleep until like 1 a.m. Thursday and then still woke up at 4a.m. Thursday (forgot to change my alarms after the no falling asleep fiasco). My body/brain be tired but it's back to work I go because #adultingisfun In other news, we had some gorgeous fall family pics taken this weekend and I am SO excited to see all of them 🙂 Now, where's my flaming shot line?
  5. I am at work right now. Working my graveyard shift! Busy bee as usual! I got my large iced americano.
  6. Sorry for the late post. Band roll call October 2019. Please sign in. 1. Cairos ~ MG
  7. *Yells* *loudly* *right in Dicey's ear* Katttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttkinssssssssssssssssssssssssss *pouncestacklehuggles* Can't sneak in without being noticed around here. @Katiora
  8. *tacklehugs Nikon* Welcome welcome! *hands over a long line of flaming shots* Time to get this party started!!!
  9. Ah, a new tavern... Wonderful! Shots please!
  10. *walks in with a giant cup of her version of coffee (aka a preworkout with plenty of caffeine* I've been up since 2 a.m. #thanksmotherhood How's everyone's day so far?
  11. Have you ever needed someone so bad - def leppard
  12. F..s..C-d-a..no it be 0.. Ah no cds left? Meeeh..y'all keep throwing links at the featherbrain..whatever gave y'all the impression dodo can read is beyond me.. *shakes head* also I was spesifically told, while entering, to NOT under any circumstances open anything that had the words act, law, rules, conduct etc..on it cause it would fry my brain, so I believe it to be virus in disguise.. *nod nod* lava try to best capability following rules (I finally got pg13 rule, sort of...yey lava!) just little slow lea....oooh a dragonfly! Again?! wooow!!! I love this place!!!! *skipping after the dragonfly..*
  13. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party) - Beastie Boys
  14. Ha ha... yeah, that's not a Band thing, it's a Dragonmount thing. Code of Conduct Digital Millenium Copyright Act
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