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Time to dance with Jak o' the Shadows.

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  2. We raise a glass and shout Mats name, lasses settle us down but we can't be tame, as tomorrow we fight, so ready our tome To dance with Jak o' the Shadows! Now off with thee, warn your daughter and mum Trollocs will be on us when I finish my rum But wait(!) Lord Mat is off to kick out their bum, To dance with Jak o' the Shadows!
  3. Greetings, I guess I would be a new recruit. I am an artist, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, videographer, and 3D modeler... however, I currently have two part time jobs and go to college to do all I just listed professionally one day. I am also a stunt performer with a local jousting group, and a charity costumer. Lets just say this character in the group would be like a little girl who heard about Matrim in the Wheel of Time universe, and some how started to idolize him, after he helped save her village. She grew up secretly learning weapons, and steadied war tactics. She became a guards men, lets say similarity to how Mulan secretly enrolled in an army. My other idea is that she is alternate version of Mat like Gwen in Intro the Spider Verse, but I like the idea of her being someone different but grew up kind of like him. I am sure Nynaeve would box Mat ears for being a such an influence on little girl, and he'd have some retort about not wanting to be a bloody hero, not his fault, etc.
  4. Nothing got deleted. A post was reported and it got hidden by the Admins, along with several subsequent unsuitable posts that were hidden by Staff. Moving right along.... *sends a recruit to get more Guiny* what's everyone got planned for the weekend? Anything fun? Glad to hear you're enjoying Mistborn, Jea. I found the Goodkind books very hard going after the first 3 or 4. I have one sitting here that I never even read, just gave up on it. It was too moralising/preachy and not terribly entertaining after a certain point. Totally hear you on curriculum reading. I had much the same situation at University and during my postgrad courses; many, many semi read books and a reading list that, quite frankly, demonstrated unrealistic expectations on behalf of the Faculty staff. I'm about to start the second Mystic book, it's been sitting on the shelf patiently waiting for me to have 2 minutes for long enough.
  5. Well, it's been fun while it lasted. Let's just say that this community and myself have different points of view, and that I have decided not to be part of this anymore. I wish you all the best for your future.
  6. I'm in dire need of a drink, and seeing I'm stil the bartender, I'm gonna pour me one
  7. If people keep deleting my posts because I have an opinion... well...
  8. Waiting on Zanatron to agree the archers make the best drinks lol
  9. working too much and having no internet at work blows. But, yeah, surviving at this point. No days off during the summer is hard
  10. Lol *waves hand in a force-like manner* you will go to California's Disney parks instead 😝
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