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Where bad is good.
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  2. There was a hornet in the net with the glowlight in the keepers room. Can you make honeybuns in the black tower?
  3. Because of their secret addiction to grape juice. Why was the Keeper's skin dyed blue?
  4. Egwene dancing naked with the wolves. Why do wolf eyes shine purple?
  5. Put three asha'man rams and one pink feathered troloc (may I suggest @Nargbert) in a blender, mix well. pour in a fancy chalice of choice, sprinkle some special warder Tony's on top, et voilà! Why did the draghkar scream when he opened the cabinet?
  6. I'm starting to question the level of cute-ness among the darkest of our corners.
  7. Exploding Tail Feathers require juicy fruit pits. What is the ideal cocktail to feed a red ajah sheep?
  8. Until the Trolloc hatches. Then you are cooking the Trolloc. Why did the Trolloc cross the road? (Okay, not very original, I know. Let's see you do better!)
  9. *stabs herself* This is a pretty active thread.. just need 5 more points.. what to post.. what to post.......
  10. added caddy a while ago, keep up dark one 😜 and done
  11. 40 points for Arie for starting 2 new threads. 20 points each. @Cross
  12. I am the Great Lord around here. Be careful how you use or abuse my name. I will grant you another year if you are evil enough. Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!
  13. This game is super easy! (and a repost, but i don't care. it's fun.) You start with a Silly Question, and the person posting next gives a Silly Answer. Ei: Person 1: Do chickens have computers? Person 2: Yes and they use them to invent stuffs that can halp them cross the road. And they ask a question for the next person! Easy peasy! So, I have this burning question.... How long does it take to cook a Trolloc Egg?
  14. Here. There are some listening issues with this one. This should make it better. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
  15. Behold, it is my birthday. The Great Lord has seen fit to allow his favorite Chosen (Its the truth, I know this because he gave me his personal wifi password) to grace this world for another year. I will now accept tribute in the form of children to teach, or oreo cookies. Whichever is easier to aquire.
  16. To steal and modify a quote from a respected king from another turning of the Wheel - “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their people” Also - ya know - teaching children has always been a passion project of mine. *smiles coyly*
  17. "One Of".. You may run around with the weaker, but I will weaken the minds. A playground I quite enjoy abusing. Any particular goals, Messy? 🙂
  18. People are in bed *stabs Messa* I'll grab pictures tomorrow.. but darkness, i love the smell of old books and teenage boy tears... >.>
  19. Mesaana here, still the most successful general the world has ever seen. *giggles* As you well know I usually run with Demandred and Semirhage but I will be ok with this too.
  20. You mean D&D THIS IS AD&D! *midsection kicks arie into a pit of ants, who all somehow were taught to wield really tiny daggers in their mandibles - stabby stabby*
  21. *Stabs Caddy* I have AD&D books too!!! .. and 3rd, 4th, and 5th edition... and boxes of other RPGs... >.> *sips her wine* because i roll like that.

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