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  2. (Stabs Lily) We were needing some stabbing in here.
  3. My next class starts Monday, but I can get a jump start this weekend if I want. It's called Sensation and Perception and sounds really boring. At least there is no research paper this time. I don't have time for one of those right now. I'm moving in 10 days and still have a lot to pack.
  4. True. My son will be 30 next month and I still remember it.
  5. Awesome. When I was in graduate school I asked for an extra week to finish a paper as my mother was dying of cancer (out of state.) I didn’t get it. The professor said “we all have things going on.” He was a social work professor.
  6. Hey, take whatever you can get. In about a year and 1/2 I will probably be going to college, so stick in there.
  7. An interesting thing happened towards the end of Research Methods. My life had so much going on, not the least of which was possible homelessness, that I emailed my professor and said that I couldn't finish the paper, and was turning in what I had done so far. I just couldn't focus my mind on writing a paper, although I did take the final. I ended up with a B- in the class, which I will happily take.
  8. Tried asking in entertainment club, never know.. So what is everyone doing this weekend? (Lays listening to bad weather and procastinating on the cleaning while dreaming of summervacation)
  9. *Stabs Dar'Jen* I'm going through two escrows (nightmares) and preparing to move. And I'm still working full-time and going to school part-time. Life is insane right now.
  10. *pulls out the blade and re-stabbs* Doing well enough. Mostly swearing at my blank novel docs. Yourself?
  11. Now, I'm halfway through Research Methods. Not a fun class but required for my major. I'm looking forward to an interesting class again. Maybe in the Fall.
  12. *Stabs Arie back* How are you? It's been a while since we've crossed paths.
  13. If anyone, I have Fallout 76 (like a dumbass) and idk that I'll ever play it unless someone else wants to play with me.
  14. Prefer stuff which I need to solve puzles, reflexes not the best so never got into any type of actionesque games
  15. My roommate plays fortnite a ton and it seems like he never has any fun
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