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Where bad is good.
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  2. What a lovely idea! *Also stabs Arie, and then Dar'Jen for good measure (or maybe that's evil measure)*
  3. (Stabs Arie.) Just a little stabbing to get things moving...
  4. Oooh, another shock troop meat shield... I mean Trolloc! *stabs repeatedly*
  5. True, true. it's called 'playing the system' and it worked. 🙂
  6. I bend over, knocking Lii from my shoulders, stand and wave my flag above my head.
  7. Yeah right you just wanted me to work for your pointies missy!😛😁 You mean now that I'm not totally edible anymore? Sigh life is so cruel..one day your the beef of the table and suddenly you're old and chewie 🤷
  8. Yuup! I knew that there was a beastie in this one. Congrats Lava!! ❤️
  9. it's saturday and you interrupt my weekend for this?
  10. Arie's food (Lava) has promoted. 50 pts for Arie. And, oh, yeah, promote Lava to Trolloc please.
  11. Arie's food (Lava) has promoted. 50 pts for Arie.
  12. Lavandula has been summoned to the Shadowspawn as a Trolloc as has accepted the summons. The Dark One thinks she is a perfect fit.
  13. i climb up and stand on Lilys shoulders, waving my flag above my head 😝
  14. I pull down Lava's flag, put it around her head and dunk her into the soup. I then climb out of the pot, and plant my flag where I stand. I win!
  15. I stir three times in tha pot, eats the arie and lily soup, and hoist my provisional (stolen) flag up, up, up on my tippitoes!
  16. I step on Arie's shoulders and raise my own flag higher. I win!
  17. Congrats. I actually just graduated High School, so I'll be on the same path soon.
  18. It's been a while since I posted on here. I'm down to 7 classes to go. My graduation date is December of 2022. I can't wait, although I am considering grad school at this point. We'll see.

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