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  2. Thanks for everything you do Niniel. I hope the forum gets up and working though.
  3. I´m so sorry that I haven´t been here much lately. My litte Sam (cat) is sick again and I´m so worried. It´s hard to relax and enjoy things right now. We went to the vet on Thursday. They couldn´t find what is wrong. We was ready to let him sleep but the vet said that there might still be a chance that he can get well. It looked good on Friday and Saturday and we got hopeful. But now he is getting worse again. If he doesn´t get better the coming week we will have to say goodbye. I don´t want him to suffer. But it´s so horrible to make that decision. Anyway, that´s why it´s been hard for me to do much lately. Good news though. The BT staff has gotten a new staff board. That will make it easier for us to organize and get things done. If you have any suggestions for the staff, just let us know. I will try to get some new threads up once rl gives me more time for DM.
  4. It's a short story in the book: Arcanum Unbounded. Read it after Bands of Morning otherwise there will be slight spoilers.
  5. That's fair. You should read Mistborn: Secret History next.
  6. I’m “currently” reading The Bands of Morning. That is, I started it last summer and got interrupted. I will pick it up soon. I like the second Mistborn series but it’s not as good as the first one. I’m more interested in the world building than the characters.
  7. Oh I was going to ask, but didnt want to clutter up the sign in thread so, do you need to read any of Brandon's other works outside of Stormlight?
  8. There really is chaos all around me right now. I didn’t have to do anything myself to create it. It’s okay to be lazy. 😄
  9. Hm... Then maybe I should wait a year or two.
  10. @Niniel he's his latest update on book 4 saying book 5 will be out 2023:
  11. I am here. No resolutions, per say, but goals. Among them, to finish reading WoT, continue to walk everyday, and to try to write more. Just hoping this is a better year.
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