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  2. Awww poor tubby... have some fresh bread and butter and back to the shadow with you
  3. Good idea. I'm now inviting: @Nikonis @Jaimelai @Nynaeve @Ryrin @haycraftd @Songstress @Crimson_Ayla @Cairos @Lessa Nikia @dicetosser1 @Wildfire Sedai @Mazzy @agreddon @Vanion @Ark1002 @Garalath @Talya @TheMasterDude @pminze @Kaylee @WWWwombat @Canukistani Come, join the festival!
  4. Oh no! Tubby looks sad. Really sad. Is he going to cry? Ahhhhhhhhhh.... Oops! Sorry Shadow, the lighties will get points this time. *rocks Tubby to sleep* Tubby is back with the Light.
  5. I share my overnight oats with tubby (sorry, dude, but they're good for you), and send him back to the shadow
  6. I give tubby a couple of maple-frosted donuts and send him back to the Light.
  7. I had actually wondered if doing math in Python involved spam and silly walks.
  8. Like maybe we could keep a list of members with @'s to c/p for stuff?
  9. Tubby can celebrate Canadian thanksgiving and Sukkot with us and have some roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and apple cranberry sauce. He should sleep for a while now.
  10. I give tubby a big bowl of mint chocolate ice cream. Of to the light with you.
  11. Hm... I wonder if people don´t want to take part or if they haven´t seen this?
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