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  2. Ah sounds perfect! I always hear voices, specifically my own (cause I keep on talking to myself😁)
  3. Congrats and welcome to my faction.
  4. I am here. I like The Ways. It was fascinating to consider how they used to be and how they had become corrupted by the times of the series. Definitely like the ideas of the gateways. Just open, step through, and close. But they could be dangerous. I think I would most likely enjoy the more "normal" mode of travel by horseback.
  5. I can see those as legitimate levels for viewing literature. I'm sure I've even thought of it in similar terms as I've read certain things.
  6. Dark Faction. the M’hael will rise again
  7. Definitely. They have this thing called the 3 levels of reading. Level 1: just the flat enjoyment of the story/action. Level 2: philosophy, or how it can change your life. Level 3: social commentary. Or, at least I think that's what they are.
  8. Here. And I wanted to learn more about the portal stones, those were cool.
  9. @Illian Tear You are not only the Black Tower's M'Hael but you are now also Asha'man of the second level. I don't think we have had anyone reach this level since we added it so we do not have any traditions connected to it. But I think it deserves a celebration. Maybe with some brownies? Thanks for being so active in the tower!
  10. @Harldin Step forward Harldin. You have earned enough points to be a soldier. Congratulation to Harldin on promotion to Soldier! You are now allowed to pick a faction. Light or Shadow? Search your soul and make a wise decision.
  11. Interesting. Do you feel that you learn more by listening to them?
  12. Welcome to August in the Black Tower. Let us know that you are here. 5 points for signing in and 5 points for answering the question. What way of travelling in the WoT is your favourite? For exampel: Portal stones, T'A'R, the Ways, skimming, travelling through gateways, riding a mule... I think traveling through gateways seems the easiest but I'm fascinated by the Ways. I'm thinking that it was a beautiful place to travell through in the beginning. Hopefully they can cleans the Ways from mashadar. (I know what it says in the deleted Perrin chapter but that isn't canon.)
  13. The Legendarium podcast is just a few guys talking about books/movies. They did a series on WoT a few years ago. As well as all of Brandon Sanderson. Recently they just finished going back through LotR, and are almost done with the Dresden Files and the Expanse. https://www.thelegendariumpodcast.com/
  14. Travelling game: Illian Tear - 15 July Roll Call: Illian - 10 Dar'Jen - 10 Harldin - 10 Nini - 10 Lavendula - 5 UPDATED
  15. The last one was from the Ice Hotell in Kiruna, Sweden. Illian gets 15 points.
  16. I'm still waiting for Warbreaker. Grrrr.... Niniel is getting angry and are prepared to send her babies to the book company any day now. 😞 (Apparently she is starting to talk in third person when she gets angry too. 😄 ) What is that podcast about? I have started to listen to some WoT YouTubers recently. The Dusty Wheel had a great episode about metaphysics in the WoT and also one about Nakomi. Both made me re-think some things about WoT, which is fun after all these years.
  17. Well Words of Radiance is book 2 of a series(The Stormlight Archive) while Warbreaker is currently a standalone. Both are by Brandon Sanderson.
  18. *Googlechmoogles* now that sounds interesting... It's a series? I will have to write that one behind my ear for a later date (my head wouldn't be capable of reading HP right now even, if I hadn't read it before sigh), that actually sounds interesting!
  19. Niniel ordered Warbreaker because I said its recommended to read it before Words of Radiance. If you need a podcast, you can listen to The Legendarium Podcast.
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