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  2. Is that not how you say Lan? I tawt so.. 😁 I say Mo-ra-ee-n.
  3. Yuuuum!!! (Except the tuna lol) I packed all my sushi making gear for moving though..
  4. I experience the same thing with name pronunciation. I stick with the way I read it first, in my own native language, sometimes. I still say "Lan" as in "pLANt"(UK) and Moiraine as Mo-ee-ra-ee-n. Questions: 1. Favourite musician/band and why? 2. Fandom that people like but you dislike? 3. What do you do to relax/de-stress? 4. Favourite fantasy series/book (after WoT, since it's your favourite)? 5. The place in WoT you would like to visit the most?
  5. Yeah...we only get tuna on cans here I am not a fan..😝
  6. I will probably not have time to create anything before fall, so just picking up inspiration for now..🙂 but if you have a page with more inspiration I'm not turning it down🤓
  7. Alright. What kind of pfp are you looking for? The official WoT artist had some great renditions of characters.
  8. The tournaments do sound fun! Hopefully Niniel comes back soon and we can get stuff going again.
  9. I do! I like that sort of things. Besides I hope one day we can get the tournament's up and running again sounds like fun🤓
  10. No worries! I don’t expect anybody but me to even look at the points thread, let alone keep track of it. I do appreciate the reminder. We need access to this cellar of yours!
  11. Yeah that's what I like to do I read and listen at same time I get more details that way! 😊 tofu bacon is the best cause it tastes like bacon but are better to chew😄 I has a happy! The only foreign product shop in town closed down a year ago, but now I finally found someone that is selling tahini☺☺☺ it's my go too spread when I'm sick of food lol.. tahini fresh grounded pepper and tomato slices❤ and I'm eating it while I'm looking trough my new recipe book, and I also found fake grouded meat for the tex mex tomorow *bounce bounce* What does it mean to sear it? Fry it in the fry
  12. 1. If you were a wot char who would you be? 2. Are you a glass half full or half empty person? 3. What is your favourite tea? 4. Do you prefer birds or lizzards? 5. What is your favourite thing about BT?
  13. Just a heads up @Asha'man Shar'aman , I will be visiting your profile a lot forward, it's not something sinister (or is it? 😈) I'm just looking at your pic (see doesn't sound alarming at all😇) a lot🤓
  14. Oooh sowwy didn't see that boss!😁 carry on I'll just go back to my research in the cellar😇
  15. Grabbed the points already. *winks* I'm a Light-forsaken opportunistic chap after all. BROWNIEESS!!!!
  16. 1. Who is the most annoying WoT character? The Hall. Just the lot of them. THEY let so much happen that could have been dealt with in a manner without putting the whole tower on display for the entire world. Expelling the Blue Ajah. yeesh, that was ridiculously dumb. 2. Who is the least annoying WoT character? Brigette. Hands down. I appreciate her candor and her "guess i'll just drink through this one too" attitude. Something I have learned to do too in my older age. XD 3. If you could be from any nation in WoT, where would you be from? Aiel or Andor. I
  17. 1. Who is the most annoying WoT character? 2. Who is the least annoying WoT character? 3. If you could be from any nation in WoT, where would you be from? 4. If you had a choice, would you choose to channel saidin or saidar? 5. What is your favorite meal?
  18. I always almost fall asleep. They are also good to listen to while reading if your brain gets burnt out after a few pages like mine does. Tofu bacon is really good too! Another great thing is if you season tofu with cajun rub, and sear it. One of the most amazing things ever, and super quick and easy.
  19. Way ahead of you! Already got everyone's points up to date.

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