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  2. @Songstress welcome your new member of the light...
  3. Welcome to the Light Lava! (Please wait till I try to remember how to give out points)
  4. #10 An Indian thali Sadly I haven't ever had a thali this huge...or even half this much. I think I had something maybe one-fourth of this
  5. Now I feel old...and I am not even old enough to legally drink in all parts of the country I live in. Not that I would like to combine a sleep deprived state with alcohol and I get sleep deprived very easily. Yay! Someone does. I think I went inactive and my life started going crazy around the time you joined or just after. Well...this means cute animals and food coming up.
  6. Thank you panchi! Glad you are back can't wait to to get to know you😃 Ahem.. So I'm back from my long journey for answers and found my true calling (you will have to exuce my lack of propper procedure I'm stuck on book four). I will choose the faction of the light if they will have me (wait! Can they refuse? Oh no...I knew I should have bribed them..snickerdoodles!)
  7. Well I did but I missed one lol.. Good and protective with logain in the lead.. *raises eyebrow* Well they both seem crazy and I do like talking to me and myself😁 * laying down at floor waiting for puppies to arrive*
  8. And @Lavandula if you read the pinned threads, that might help.
  9. I remember you. And the other staff have been lazy (jk, I know they have IRL stuff to do).
  10. I'm sad to say, as a newbie, I have the misfortune of not remembering you, (since I would love to see food and cute animals) but nice to meet you anyway!
  11. Congrats Lava! Lighties do happen to have the voices which make for interesting surroundings...
  12. Well, this is the one thread in BT where one can always expect some conversation going on. Hi! Anyone remembers me? (I'll post pictures of 10 cute animals and/or food if someone does...that sounds like old push-ups...do all threads still end up diverting to food?)
  13. Awww... Sorry..I will totally ask someone to explain it to me this weekend and make a choise! thank you very much dar😃
  14. Hope everyone is doing ok. Just taking each day as it comes, and trying to make the most if it. (Sets out fresh brownies.)
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