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  2. Seeing as all the high-ranking members have disappeared, and the M'Hael is gone, let's show our dedication to the craziness of the BT by having a party! *Grabs tainted brownies and alcohol* C'mon people! @Lavandula, @StarRisk, @Ranch Doritos, @Dar'Jen Ab Owain, @Wolfbrother31.
  3. Thanks. Not really sure what to do... I'm just a fan of WoT & diving back in because I'm excited for the show!
  4. HA! That would be a party to remember! Do you want to make the thread, or should I?
  5. Now that would be three tons of fun!! We could do a pj party!
  6. HA! I think we’re clear for a party. I don’t know of a way to multiply people, but we could let our voices out. Or just tag a ton of people.
  7. *looks around for authority figures* I mean Dar is the highest rank here, she condones so..😇 it sure would be fun if the rest of the newbies attended..or! How is that channeling of your going? Maybe we can channel ourself into many!!! Just what the world need lots and lots of ash and lava...😁🖤
  8. Ooo! I don’t know. Maybe we should have a party befitting the insanity of the BT?
  9. Soooo...the dragon and her minions are on a leave, the stand in is bussy working his tush of..and the oldies just seems to have flown from the nest...I mean..what on heavens earth are we younglings ever gonna do here...in a huuuuge black tower..all on our own..? @Ranch Doritos @Asha'man Shar'aman @GamesD3 @StarRisk
  10. Sounds beautiful Star! If I ever visit Gran Canaria again, I want to visit the elder museum of science and technology in Las Palmas, sadly it was closed when we visited..
  11. Also watch your toes.. For niniels babies.. I don't know if I grasp the full concept of them, but I imagine them to be something like this: But with fangs..
  12. I mean...I guess we could be responsible for a (spam) party...?
  13. I was thinking it was a little empty. Maybe they're recruiting, and left us totally responsible people to take charge?
  14. Thank you! . Did someone eat the rest of BT or something?
  15. Okay, okay! I’ll leave the trees alone! No need to get hasty. Happy New Year to you too!
  16. *horrified* leave the innocent tree's alone! And also happy new year! 😊

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