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  2. Yup! Welcome back! The Fades are going to look awesome I think.
  3. Also, apparently my rank is still Attack Leader haha Just checked out the rank thread
  4. Huh... been a while since I popped over here... Vanion Asha'man Shadow We still using the point system? Where's the calculators at after I let my site go down? lol As for most excited about for the WoT show...? I wana see the Fade's! SO BADLY!
  5. Gonna carve some pumpkins & perhaps find a hayride/apple orchard for date-night with the wifey.
  6. Does anyone have any plans for Halloween? Anything fun they’re going to do?
  7. Arie. Dedicated. Shadow. I'm excited for the cinematography. Everything is going to look SOO beautiful!
  8. October points: Aman: 336 (roll call and question) Wolfbrother31: 123 (roll call and question)
  9. The Borderlands will still be cool, but I agree. Yes! I can't wait to see the Aiel. I really hope they don't cut whole cultures either. In a way, it does make sense to cut the Sea Folk, because they don't do much other than
  10. I haven’t figured out the Bela response either. Well, hey. Thanks for thinking of how each react would make me feel. Appreciate that.
  11. Unfortunately, I think in this first season we're only going to get a little bit of the cultural richness. Especially if they're skipping Caemlyn...it'll probably just be EF, Borderlanders, and WT/Aes Sedai. I'm really looking forward already to S2 & getting Andorans, Tariens, Seanchan, and Aiel! Or at least, I hope we get all of that. The difficulty of Rafe's job and the potential to be disappointed or excited exponentially increases as the series goes on ... simply because they're going to have to cut quite a bit (I just hope they don't cut whole cultures). Though I have already heard speculation that it makes sense to cut the Seafolk.
  12. I was trying to react to that but none of them really fit. Fire sword seems insensitive. Still haven't figured out when one reacts with Bela. Thanks is a nonsensical response. I like that your stuff didn't burn, but not that it was scary.
  13. I absolutely agree. His cultural descriptions and lore are amazing.
  14. Yup. Not fun. Cali. I'm so glad that my stuff didn't burn down. It was scary.
  15. No worries. Life happens, even to the most dedicated of fans. Wolf. Dedicated. Light. I'm excited to see Lan slaying Shadowspawn. Though I'm also looking forward to channeling & to seeing them portray the richness of the different cultures (EF, Andorans, Borderlanders, Aiel, Seanchan, Illianers, Tariens, ect...) I think that, that was RJ's greatest strength as a writer.
  16. Totally understand man! Fire? You out in Cali or Canada?
  17. Name. Rank. Faction. Five points for that and five for this question: What are you most excited to see in the WoT show? Aman Mod, Asha’man, Logain Light I’m most excited to see Logain’s extra story time. I really like him as a character, and think it will be awesome to see him get more screen time. Also, I apologize for this being a bit late, I’ve had a lot going on recently.
  18. I agree. I’m sorry I haven’t been super active, I got evacuated because of fire, and just got home a couple days ago. Congrats on the baby! Yep! I’ll get to that. Again, sorry about lagging a little on duty, life has been super busy for me recently. Thanks for the reminder.
  19. Hey @Asha'man Shar'aman, I like the BT. I feel like we should bring back or reprise the games we did this summer. Might have more activity that way. I've been a bit too busy to do a lot myself (and will only get busier here the next three months) because I started a new job, am trying to finish grad-school, and have a newborn. But I think you're right that we're bound to have a decent influx of people here next month. I think we got a good thing going - but should fire up a bunch of activity in November if we can! Also ... October roll call?
  20. After the show drops, I assume that there will be new fans coming onto DM, possible ones who have never read the books. Eventually, they will find the BT. When they do, they probably won’t know what it is. That’s fine. The question is though, how do we want to handle that? We need activity and more members if we don’t want to be cut, and new fans are our best chance for more activity. I don’t intend to completely change the BT to fit to new fans, it’s still going to be largely the BT it is now, unless we decide we don’t like something about it. I’d like to have the BT set up properly and stable before the show comes out, but to do that, I need the thoughts of our members. Are there things you don’t like about the BT? Things you do like? Anything you wish we had/did? I won’t be offended by anything you say. If you don’t like something, tell me, and I’ll see what I can do about it. @Wolfbrother31 @Arie @SableSage @Illian Tear @Dar'Jen Ab Owain (Hopefully I didn’t forget anybody. If I did, it’s not personal, I just forgot to tag you)
  21. You know, one day I'll remember to read questions in full. Bartimaeus is probably one of my favorite characters. >.> Snape is also kinda up there. Goes to show where my tastes lean. XD
  22. September points: Aman: 326 (roll call and question and Staff Points) Arie: 131 (roll call and question) Dar'Jen: 474 (roll call and question) Wolfbrother31: 113 (roll call and question) SableSage: 83 (roll call and question) Illian Tear: 939 (Staff Points)
  23. SableSage, soldier, dark. Favourite character? I'm a pathological fangirl. This is hard. But Lan is easily my favourite in WoT. Outside the fandom is probably Edmond Dantes from the Count of Monte Cristo.
  24. Wolf. Dedicated. Light. My all time favorite character is... Well I can't pick one. But I'd say: Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files. Han Solo. Or Matt of the later books.

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