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  2. *nom, nom, nom* Tubby looks happy. So happy. But as with humans, trolloc’s feelings can change fast. Tubby is not looking happy anymore. Tubby looks sad. He is starting to cry... I better save the Shadow. The Light gets another point but they also get Tubby back.
  3. Here Random fact: nightly my son "tests" my blade to see if it'll cut or kill. (He's 2 and it's a plastic prop one, but it's still very interesting to watch)
  4. Thanks for tagging me... more to check things out. Oh yeah, go Light!
  5. 😞 I have hidden them all over. It’s at least less threads than in the BT SG. 🙂
  6. I share my babka with tubby and toddle him off to the shadow
  7. I give Tubby a banana and send him back to the Light.
  8. Demandred it is then. Seems like a silly system where you have to speak the words but there ya go.
  9. These are really well done, and it's a shame people are missing them. Thanks for doing this, I am enjoying it,
  10. Can I ask... how far back would you go to hide a pic? Like first second page or anywhere? its just so slow trying to load pages here. Maybe I'll try on the chromebook later 😕.
  11. Demandred is such a loser but unless he was snuck up on and didn't realize the spell caster had to speak... but he could have been snuck up on? And destroyed? or is the battle more of a planned thing so no sneaking?
  12. Though the Nazgul don't seem to have much in the way of real power beyond fear ... they also seem pretty much unkillable. The worst you can do is unmount them iirc barring ring destruction. so... ya, nazgul.
  13. Not my favorite character but... I know him lol. And he seems ridiculously powerful so... ya. Fain.
  14. I had some technical difficulties yesterday so no pics from Monday. But today I have hidden two more pics somewhere in the BT threads.
  15. Great write up! Hm... Marsh might have beaten a nazgul but this is an “ordinary” steel inquisitor. I guess I will vote the nazgul.
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