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  2. There's always the fortress of solitude
  3. That makes sense, and Mister Gill suggests winterfell as another possibility.
  4. Purple, followed closely by green (at least some shades), followed closely by blue. At any point those three might switch places.
  5. Was trying to think of someplace that *has* a definitive capital to be far from... that would also have someplace really cold. Westeros came to mind.
  6. Must be a lot of work, but at least you're in Edinburgh! I need to get my butt there to visit at some point!
  7. Aw crud, imma get addicted to half those channels now. anyone like Rachel and jun?
  8. So is that place rand chased Aviendha to but I don't reckon 2 from the same series so... maybe not hoth
  9. So is the wall... and everything north of it
  10. Daniel Greene - what Stress said Nae'Blis - what Stress said Dominic Noble - what Stress said rSlash - Reddit readings LazyPurple - TF2 Soundsmith - TF2
  11. The Legendarium is pretty good. For ASOIAF and GoT, Binge Mode and Boars, Gore and Swords are my favorites. I enjoy WoT Spoilers, and I had been enjoying TWoTcast until they caught up to where I am on my current reread, so I decided to put them on hold for a bit.
  12. I'm also a long time History of Westeros/Radio Westeros fan... (And Alt-Shift-X when it's ASoIaF related) Other podcasts I've been loving: Not A Podcast ASoIaF (A Song of Ice and Fire chapter-by-chapter reread) WoT Spoilers (Wheel of Time reread - in depth with spoilers) Mistborn Spoilers (same guys, obv, but with Sanderson's Mistborn series) The Legendarium Podcast (lots of Fantasy and a smattering of sci fi and pop culture) The Wheel Weaves Podcast (Wheel of Time first readthrough) Current favorite YouTube channels: Passion of the Nerd (Buffy/Angel/Firefly episode guides + movie reviews) Daniel Greene (fantasy book reviews/news & discussion on adaptations) Nae'Blis (in depth Wheel of Time stuff) Emergency Awesome (news and reviews for all things geek media) Dominic Noble (compares books with their film/TV adaptations, hilariously) Merphy Napier (another great book YouTuber who also does audiobook narration) Emily Noel (beauty and lifestyle videos) Jessica Braun (another beauty/lifestyle channel) Cindy Guentert-Baldo (planning/lettering/art/NSFW language) Plant Based Bride (bullet journaling!) Boyce Avenue (amazing cover songs and original music) I've got a buuuunch more subscriptions, but these have been the ones I tend to watch everything they release.
  13. Far from the capital and really cold. Ugh. Not sure. If different planet, Hoth. If same planet, oh wow. I'm trying to think...
  14. Sorry to hear that, Cindy. Green is is my second favourite colour. After black, of course.
  15. Most of my favorite YouTube channels are related to food, crafts, historical recreation (often of food and crafts), science, especially archaeology and paleontology, and kittens. the only podcast I ever got into was the fourth age.
  16. This must be from the go fund me campaign from two years ago. I'm retired and disabled now, I can't afford patreon. i don't like green.
  17. Do you have any favourite podcasts or YouTube channels that you like to listen to? I thought it would be fun to see what you are listening to and maybe find something new. My favourites are all ASOIAF related. I´m listening to everything from History of Westeros, Radio Westeros and Alt Shift X. Then there are some other ASOIAF related podcasts that I listen to when I have the time or if I´m bored. 😄 I have listened to Chris Shelton lately. He mostly talk about scientology stuff (he is an ex-scientologist) but also other things. I like Chris Stuckmann´s movie rewievs. I watch New Rockstars from time to time. Mostly when they talk about MCU or Star Wars. Last summer my daughter listened to a podcast that was all about kidnappings and massmurders. That was not my cup of tea. It´s easy to get stuck in stories about evil but it was just too much learning about all the details of every kidnapping.
  18. *looks around* No, this doesn´t look like district 12. For 4 points: It´s really cold here.
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