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  2. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Storm Leader Light I honestly miss school. If money and time were no obstacle I would go back to college.
  3. I wish my school days come back but in real it won't. Now, I know why my teacher used to say everytime that I will miss school days in future.
  4. “You know what to do. Do it with style.” Seriously, I think everyone knows what to do at this point. Aman Asha’man, Logain Light Question: For those going back to school, how’s it going? For those who aren’t, do you like not going or wish you were coming back? I personally am being crushed by school (also got sick. Yay) and as much as I hate summer, kinda wish I was back in it.
  5. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Storm Leader Light Highlight of my summer is working in the garden and then getting to eat and use what we grew.
  6. Arie Asha'man of the Shadow (mwahah) Took the kids to the River.. but I am also awaiting the arrival of Arette (former active member) ... tomorrow!!! 😄
  7. July points: Aman: 646 (Roll call and Staff Points) Rank: Storm Leader Staff: Mod and Logain Faction: Light Arie: 211 (roll call and question) Rank: Asha'man Faction: Shadow Dar'Jen: 414 (roll call and question) Rank: Storm Leader Faction: Light
  8. I’ll take it! That would look super cool actually. Definitely, but it’s accompanied by a total lack of motivation to follow through on your inspiration. Can I get the ability to focus?
  9. Sorry about missing last month’s roll call, everybody. I’m not gonna offer excuses, I didn’t post it, and that’s on me. Because of that, this month’s roll call is worth twice the amount of points, to make up for any points you missed last month. Now, name, rank, faction, and question! This month, info is 10 points and the question is also 10. What was the highlight of your summer? Aman Storm Leader, Logain, Mod Light! (Unfortunately associated with the horror I call summer *insert old man complaining*) I’m generally not a fan of summer, but if I had to pick the best thing that happened to me, it’s probably my first pride being out.
  10. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Storm Leader Light No special plans. Just been going between OH and TN to tend to our garden.
  11. Sounds busy! That’s awesome! I’m pan too, it’s nice to see another bi/pan person around! (I don’t personally identify as bi, but you do you!)
  12. Arie Shadow Asha'man! I'm working. all the working. Pride is awesome, educate children, then back to work. 😛 Technically second year out as 'bi/pan'... but i've been loose swinging for years.
  13. This is a thread for discussions about anything Pride related! Plans, identity, questions, go for it! The only rules are you have to be respectful. Hate will not be tolerated here and your comment will be deleted. With that said, hi! Feel free to ask me any questions about Pride if you want to, or about my identity if you’re curious. Happy Pride!
  14. Hey! Happy Pride Month everyone! You know the deal, name, rank, faction. 5 points for that and 5 for answering this question: Do you have any plans for Pride? Aman Storm Leader, Mod, Logain Light I don’t have many plans, other than to get myself an ace and aro flag for Pride. I’m just enjoying my first Pride being out and living as my queer self.
  15. Sure, but the only box left was spilled bleach on...so its sort of tiedye ? Can I get some inspiration?
  16. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Storm Leader Light So I do like summer for warmth and daylight in evening after work so I can go for walks. I am not a fan of super hot days, so there's that.
  17. You can have all my nice weather! I don’t want it
  18. Congrats Arie ???? Have some tainted brownies…
  19. Talya Light Attack Leader I looking forward to it. As long as we have some nice weather ??
  20. Arie Shadow Asha'man!!! And i am VERY much looking forward to summer. this amount of rain is getting depressing. ?
  21. Yay!! Thank you so much for the promotion. I will wear these pins with pride! ❤️
  22. @Arie, you have earned enough points to be raised to Asha'man. As the Moderator of the Black Tower, I bestow upon you the Sword and Dragon. Wear them with pride. Optional signature if you want it. Congratulations dear mentor!!
  23. May points: Aman: 586 (Roll call and Staff Points) Rank: Storm Leader Staff: Mod and Logain Faction: Light Arie: 201 (roll call and question) Rank: Asha'man Faction: Shadow Sable: 153 (roll call and question) Rank: Dedicated Faction: Shadow

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