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  2. That’s awesome Lava! Will you share it when you are done?
  3. Oh and we mustn forget. A black rose for the lovely new addition. Welcome to the dark side😁
  4. Thanks you two... I think. 😛 Well, you guys needed some opposition... or competition in the Tower. XD
  5. So I'm working on some fan art, well..I did research to my inspiration (potato potahto), for an art's club project and I tawt I would make something I can use in BT. It feel so homey here now 🤗
  6. Yeeeee... Mohahahaha... *swinging around waving the sword* it be the best of two worlds wooohoooo!!!! Here I can do both warder stuff and aes sedai stuff (only more channeling) illian should have started off with that, and I woulda been here much sooner😁😁😁
  7. Yeah! The Asha’man get a Sword pin when they are raised to Dedicated, and a Dragon pin when they are raised to Asha’man. Of course though, aspiring Asha’man get a real sword too.
  8. Well that's to bad...for you! More cake for us in the lights, but congrats on the rank😇
  9. I wish I could offer you welcome as a member of the Dark, but as a member of the Light, I can't. So instead, I will wish you good luck on your journey of evil, and hope that @Illian Tear will come back to welcome you instead.
  10. Step forward, @Lavandula. You have earned enough points to be raised to Dedicated. As sort-of leader of the Light Faction, I present you with your Sword. You are Dedicated now. Wear your Sword with pride.
  11. Step forward, @Arie. You have earned enough points to be raised to Soldier. You are asked to choose a Faction. Which will you choose? Light or Dark? Logain or Taim?
  12. Lava I guess I'm a dedicated by now.. So far I think I'll go with dragon reborn. Well I guess this is going to sound a little weird that's why I first just went with TDR.. But I did read New spring eons ago, but I can't really remember much about it.. You would think if one really liked something you would remeber it..still the feelings I get when thinking about it is, it was really wonderfull and I always planned to read it again too.
  13. It would be useful for sure! I just had issues with CoT. They hyped you up with WH, and the prophecy at the beginning, and then nothing happened. Like, what the heck made it so that the future of mankind balanced on the point of a sword? Rand stumbling? Elayne taking a bath? Mat going shopping? Nothing of interest happened at all.
  14. I never claimed to be innocent. 🙂 And I like the subtleness in writing. It's an artform that I hope to one day master, though, perhaps with a little more interest than the drag most others feel getting through the book.
  15. Are we sure you aren’t Taim? Got some of that M’Hael arrogance going on. Jk. You are entitled to your opinion, and I find it interesting that someone could have it as their favorite WoT book. Just wasn’t for me I guess.
  16. I know, most people feel that way. But since I am always right, it just means you're wrong. ^^ (jkjk. .. .......)
  17. I hated it. It actually took me six months to get through, which is ridiculous. I am so glad ToM didn’t pull a CoT and have basically everybody forget about the big event.
  18. Name: Arie Rank: Civie I'm a Crossroads of Twilight person. I love the small, intricate set ups and Great Game playing in the book, it was a fascinating read even if it wasn't heavy on action like many of the others.
  19. March points: Asha'man Shar'aman: 40 points total. (10 this month for roll call and question) Arie: 30 points total (10 this month for roll call and question) Lava: 96 points total (10 this month for roll call and question)

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