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  2. Sing it! Aaaaaall gonna shine a light together...lalalaaaaa...light up the magic...lalalaaaaaaaa!!!! 🎶🎵
  3. To all the darkies. Let the lighties shine on you!!! Love the lighties 😘
  4. Haha..it's more the rules of not sharing info from pm's, I go by the rule everything is of the table, cause what is private to some is not for others and other way around, so better just not "know" anything at all is my philosophy😛 Hm..that be no good..I'm no expert but either it means a goat will eat our curtains, or if we can't muster up active mods they will throw 20 000 pounds of dynamite and a lit match inside, close the door and call it a day..It may also mean someone burned the last batch of brownies though..🤔
  5. Yeah, no worries! I didn’t expect Illian to come back, so I am still trying to figure out what is going on. I am glad he did, just confused as to what it means.
  6. Not a bad representation of what actually happened. As far as I understand, Illian is the M’Hael, I am Logain, and we both substitute for the Dragon until we can get a replacement? Then once we do, if it was one of us, we appoint a new Faction Leader in our place since I don’t believe the Dragon can lead both the BT and a Faction. That’s my understanding of it anyway.
  7. Not to meddle in politics...but uh oh here I go against all my warning alarms..lava shhh...shut up! Go back to your room in the lighties! Do NOT push that button!!!! Last I checked you were left temporary in charge (aka substitute dragon) no? But then there was school and you looked away from the house, with a sweet little lava half asleep inside, but THEN there came more kids, aman and star and arie and sage and well you get the drift.. and then KABLAM!!! And then we sorta well... Lesson to learn: NEVER, leave kids unatended, and never ever, ever turn y
  8. Well it worked didn't it? Illian: !go fish Bot: you caught a lava Illian: uuuuuh... @*!#:
  9. For the OP fights everyone had the same base stats for their strength in each element/weave. You chose one that you specialized in, and you could add points to your strengths depending on your rank. There were also angreals that could boost your stats. And yes there were predetermined weaves you could use with various damage/success rates. And the Festival of Light and Shadow was just a way during Halloween to try and involve more people in the club.
  10. Ugh..what be wrong with this kindergarten lately? It's more grown ups than kids, it's just not natural!!!!
  11. *looking suspiciously at arie* Oooh interesting Illian! have heard about them ofcourse when newbie, and I would love to understand more about them too, though only for my own amusement lol. I have just been pondering how big the consept is, is there set "spell comands" or rules or all just in good fun spamming and not really any good structure to it? Also when I was joining you were doing this festival of light and shadow, is that an old bt tradition and what is that about? *Pokes the other oldies*
  12. I didn't know this thread existed. Hello darkies... 😄
  13. Oooh, then @SinisterDeath and I may have to pick your brain some time in the future... for no... specific... reason.... >.>
  14. I think I was one of the last One Power fights before we changed to the new DM.
  15. Ok ok...I have it on good authority, the admins are working their tushies of...literally! So let's get this lovely tainted party started, woop woop! As I understood it there's a problem of BT atm not being unique and offer up something no other club offers, no? What if everyone offer up either something they know from old times that is BT or something new that could fit yeah? And then in return you get a piece of yummy tainted brownies🤗

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