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  2. Are they some kind of short stories? I should definitely be ready for Rhythm of War unless something unexpected happens.
  3. It's pretty good. And depending on your reading speed, you should be done with Oathbringer by the time Rhythm of War comes out. Just FYI: its recommended to read Warbreaker before Words of Radiance, and Edgedancer before Oathbringer.
  4. I have finally started to read the Stormlight Archive. I have only read 177 pages but I like it so far.
  5. At least I managed to swim in the lake/ocean three times before it got colder.
  6. We have strange weather this summer. First it was really warm for a week and now it's mostly:
  7. Hi Everyone Currently listening to the 5th Season by NK Jemisin, 4 hours to go, enjoying it. Very much has magic at the heart of it, set in a land that has a lot of Volcanic activity.
  8. I'm guessing this is for July... But I'm still here. Getting ready to actually start reading New Spring. Otherwise, been watching DBZ Abridged and Oxhorn videos on Fallout lore.
  9. I'm here. I've been reading Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb. The Dark Tower is pretty good, movie is terrible. Don't watch it. And I've been feeding off of people's reactions to Dresden Files and Stormlight Archive while waiting for the books to release.
  10. I'll leave this thread up this month as well.
  11. Sign in and show us that you want those points! 5 points for signing in and 5 points for answering the question. What are you reading/watching/playing/listening to right now? Me and my bf has started the Dark Tower series. We are on book one and I have mixed feelings about it so far. I'm late to the party but I'm binge watching The Office. I've just started the last season. When it comes to games we have been playing CAH and Talisman lately. I'm still listening to some ASOIAF podcasts. Just to prepare for the book coming out next year. Right?!
  12. June roll caall Nini 10 Illian 10 Lavandula 10 Dar'Jen 10 UPDATED
  13. Obviously. Do you want to post the next picture? Otherwise I will post a new one tomorrow.
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