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  2. Awww... Sorry..I will totally ask someone to explain it to me this weekend and make a choise! thank you very much dar😃
  3. Hope everyone is doing ok. Just taking each day as it comes, and trying to make the most if it. (Sets out fresh brownies.)
  4. Welcome. I am the Black Tower's M'Hale, if you have any questions just ask. There is some RP here. I don't know much about it but it does exist. And yes this is proper usage of this thread.
  5. Its still March and everything is quiet because of lockdown. P.S. Please don't scold me if you happen across my past mistakes...and forget reading this PS
  6. Was kind of active 2ish years ago, and now suddenly have lots of free time (silver lining of COVID?). Also just finished the series, finally, and was itching for a community where I could talk about WoT so here I am. This post is pretty useless reading it back, but looking at the title of the thread I'm assuming that's alright? Also also any recommended RPs? Sounds like fun to attempt a BT bio. EDIT: I just found out about the TV show today as well, and am very excited for that
  7. I'm doing good. My school has been delayed until the 30th, and my city has only 1 confirmed case so far.
  8. How are you in these corona times? I’m still working as usual but half of my students have been home from school. All schools for older students are closed from today and I think elementary school will close soon as well. I’m not worried for myself or my family but we have decided not to visit my grandparents.
  9. Sam is better but he is still throwing up a little now and then. We need to control his eating. My trip was very interesting and I learned new things. I wrote a new post about it.
  10. You might say that the lighties follow their inner voices while the shadowies follows the Dark One.
  11. Lol😄 well I'll have to study this a bit, cause truthfully beyond my imagination, wich may or may not be correct, I haven't the faintest idea about any of the factions🙂
  12. For choosing tha faction you're not in?😏
  13. Lol yeah I'm stuck on book four..😝 how was your trip? And how's sam?
  14. Whaaa??? Um..how'd this happen? Well thank you!! I guess I'm up for...suggestions (aka bribes)?😁 ....aaaaand go!
  15. My school has decided that the students in 9th grade will go to Poland each year to visit Krakow, Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau. I went there four years ago and now it was my time to go there again. You might think it´s easier to visit the concentration camps when you have already been ther before but it´s not. Standing in the gas chamber is still frightening. I saw things that I didn´t saw the first time and that added to the horror. Birkenau is a really big concentration camp and this time I got to see all of it. The men´s baracks, the women´s baracks, the rubble that used to be the gas chambers and the crematorium, the "bath house", the Romani camp (no baracks are left there) and, of course, the platform. The platform where people was selected for instant death or a slow death. I had the privilege to talk to my students about Eva and Mirijam, twins who where part of Dr Mengeles "studies" and about the day when the Romani resisted the Nazis. I told both stories at the place where it happend. Nowdays when there are people denying the Holocaust it´s even more important that we see for ourself what happened to understand and remember. In my country we have a duty to teach the kids about the Holocaust. How is it in your countries? Have you learned about the Holocaust? Have you visited any Holocaust related places? I´m happy to answer any questions.
  16. That´s why it was so hard. Yay me! 5 points to Nini. New word: _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ _ _
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