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  2. Hail and well met, my Lady Dragon! My name is Asha'man Shar'aman. I'm new here, and have a couple of questions. My first question is what does "tainted brownies" mean? Not totally sure, and I want to avoid making a misinterpretation. My second question is, is it okay to have "Asha'man" in your name due to the ranking system? My third question is, how should I refer to those above me? For example, should I call you Lady Dragon, @Niniel, or something else entirely? And my last question is how much can I talk to the voices in my head, and allow the affect of the taint on me to show? I don't want
  3. Happy halloween lighties!!!! Whatcha all up to for halloween?
  4. Hah! I made it! I like banshees and unicorns.
  5. Howdy @GamesD3, bit of a noob here myself. Glad yer here. The other clubs are more active at the moment, but its good to jump around, say hi, and see what shakes out! Exciting times, brother! Cheers.
  6. Hey just I joined and I'm still getting the hang of everything, but I'm excited to be here.
  7. Hi! Fairly new here. New Kid on the Block, if you will (you shouldn't). Just sayin' hello 🙂 There. I did it.
  8. @Niniel, Lady Dragon, what do you like to do in the BT? Do you "lead", "Head", the BT? I am interested in reaching out and seeing what we can get going and what you think, initially, of my ideas?
  9. I didn't think I'd like a questionnaire type thing, but thinking about the Wheel of Time always cheers me up, if got me teary-eyed round question 6 😉 1. How did you first hear about the Wheel of Time and what made you want to read the series? I picked up the first three books in 1993, in a bookstore, 'cos the title and covers were intriguing. I like sagas and long reads. My first book was Treasure Island. I had just moved to a new state/school, didn't have anyone to hangout with, loved books, and had the time. I was immediately hooked! I reread the series after buy
  10. A bit of insight and imagination, I'm curious what your answers are, and I hope you enjoy thinking them up, as I did. Courtesy of Rebecca on YouTube (ReadingthePattern) and Twitter (@PatternReading) and she tags some folks (who may/may not have helped with this, so I'm giving 'em a mention) Riddhima, Geeky Eri, and The Badger Reborn. *Warning: Spoilers are likely if you haven't read the series! You have been warned!* 1. How did you first hear about the Wheel of Time and what made you want to read the series? 2. If you could join an Ajah in the Wh
  11. Haha I am a big fan of brownies. I enjoy a bit of games, like my brownies, any type will do. Getting to know folks is good, but I am thinking on imagination games too, like scenario or would you rather type stuff 🙂
  12. Very mormon-esk. Ie: having a child is the most important thing in life.
  13. I'm here as well, I gotta say I like the Fremen from Dune. Essentially Space Aiel.
  14. I had a friend who could never read the last chapters of LotR. He didn't want it to end. I get it, but I'm just too curious to not read. 🙂 Logain is a fascinating character. I enjoy reading about him more and more for every re-read. What would you like to do in the BT? It has been quiet for some time here but we like games, spam, discussions and spam. And tainted brownies of course.
  15. I'm here, not sure where I fit in on the roll sheet, but I am here. I love dragons (have an iconic one tattooed on my chest) and vampires. I play half-elfs, in dnd, most often. I look forward to the day I can identify myself as a half-elf race on a job application 😉 haha I like most beings out there, from the exotic creatures in the realm of the non-existent (if you talk about them, they die, coming into existence, so just don't) to the seemingly mundane humans who change everything they touch.
  16. Thank you for the alert @Niniel. My mouth has been full of blue berry? muffins 🙂 I have read every book, except for Memory of Light! Can't bring myself to do it. I've reread the rest of the series many times the first 6 books ~20 times, the next 6 ~10 times and the next 2 ~5 times...I love WoT. I don't mind spoilers, seen plenty, and it never ruins my individual experience. My fav? Logain, by far. Kills it from the get-go and is amazing throughout. I would ask, what can I do to help the BT? I look forward to the future, by making the most of t
  17. I don't think this has been noticed. @StarRisk
  18. I'm here. It's hard to believe it's already mid-October. I like dragons. And tend to be drawn to elves as well. I do like centaurs and have found them handled well in a few pieces.
  19. Sorry for posting this really late. Let us know that you are here. Also, let us know if you have any favourite fantasy race/monsters/creatures. I love the ogiers in WoT. When I roleplayed I was almost always a forest elf. And it's hard not to like dragons.
  20. I haven't heard anything about them. What views?
  21. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Black Tower! Sit down and eat some tainted muffins and let us interogate get to know you. Have you read all the books? (Just a warning, there might be spoilers in the threads in the clubs.) Tell us about how you found the books and if you have any favourite characters/asha'mans. Let us know if you have any questions.
  22. That's fair. Most people I've talked to online dont like Ender's Game because of OSC's views outside of the book.

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