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[[Insert Something Clever]] + More Grumbleranting




You'll have to do it, 'cause I'm lacking clever this morning. *smiles wanly* Not that I've really had a significant glut of it in a good 15-16 years (sigh and whatnot).


We didn't make it to London, as was expected. I spent the day sort of zoned out, poking at Sims, and not really doing much. I'll likely do a bit of the same today; I'm not really feeling up to doing much. Perhaps I'll drag myself through my last couple of Christmas cards... wait, did I say that yesterday? I probably did; I'm in a bit of a dopey rut right now. *chuckles* It's incredibly comforting after the upheaval that was my parents being here, and I can afford to wallow. The holidays will soon mean a nice change in routine (more mutual wallowing, yay!), and the new year behind it brings in a whole heap of work to do.


Otherwise, I've been doing more reading about the TSA scanner-and-group fall-out, and how I'm apparently an extremist because of my opinions on it. I'm also just terribly sick of all the Americans whose opinions boil down to the cavalier and disgusting attitude of, 'Well, just don't fly if you don't like it!'. Erm... I can't exactly drive across an ocean, numbnuts. And even if I could take a train or a boat, Janet Napolitano wants to put this sort of crap on all mass transit.


But eh... I know I sound like a broken record over this. It's just such a freaking train wreck that I cannot help but stare and fixate upon it. Plus, y'know, I'm furious that my options are 'be molested by the government' or 'miss your baby sister's wedding'. I know which option I'm going to have to take (should I even be able to afford the trip; that's still a huge 'if'), and I can only hope that my sister understands that I value freedom and liberty more than once-in-a-lifetime family events. I could roll my eyes at reactively retarded measures such as the removal of shoes, limiting of liquids, and oh teh noes, I'm going to kill people with my crochet hook, but that didn't require anyone touching me. My body is my body. If I wouldn't consent to people touching me when I was pregnant (because frankly, anyone who thinks a pregnant woman is public property and free for the touching is a disgusting freak and needs help), why am I going to consent to be raped? ;)


Anyways, caffeine needs ingesting, and I should break off before I sound any more rabid foamy-foamer McFoamerson. *laughs* There's part of me that just hopes that if I'm passionate enough, people will get off their duffs and shove a form letter at their government representatives. But considering the most 'activism' I see is the pointless 'slacktivism' of oh, changing your Facebook picture to a cartoon, I get that I'll likely not turn anyones' head. But oh, you posted a cartoon, go you - you stopped child abuse. *snorts*







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