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Rasheta Ardashir




I got a new mentee yesterday, so that's good news. I was starting to despair of ever getting another one. My last one was raised to Aes Sedai awhile ago. I am always confused how some people end up with like six mentee's and others get one every six months. Which really I don't mind overly much how that all works. *laughs* Not really it was just one of my rambly curiosity's for the day.


Rae gave me her crick in the neck, thanks Rae, so yesterday till I was able to get my neck cracked via chiropractor I was in pain. Dang head hurt like you wouldn't believe. Life is better now. On the bright side I think my stress level will go down a lot now that next week is finals. Thank god! This quarter is almost over! Although yesterday I was walking down the Halls of school and my History adviser was walking in front of me and he was wearing quite possibly the tightest pants you could wear and get away with it. I was like uhhhhhh what the hell! I know he's married, has taken his wife's classes, so he can't be wearing them to show off. I hate to say it but he's got a nice ass. I KNOW i shouldn't have looked but really you can't help it in those pants. Just saying.


Weirdly the other day I must have been depressed I cut myself on something in the fridge and instead of saying "Ouch" and figuring out what had cut me I just moved my arm back and forth over whatever it was and continued to let it cut into my arm. So now I have long slashes up my forearm. Which i'm not concerned about, I probably should be. Don't worry about me i'm not going to jump feet first into the garbage disposal or anything. I just don't care too much about pain, maybe I just do it to see if I can feel pain. Emotions/Feelings who needs that mess? *laughs*


Elgee still has me on relaxation posts only which is weird but fun all at the same time. I'm not allowed to work on anything and I have a list of things to do...so of course I want to do them now. *laughs* Curse you Elgee...no its good since I have Finals next week I need to focus on that. Anyway Rae miss you lovely I hope you feel better today. Elgee and CJ I miss you both too. Its been awhile since I got to chat with any of you! :(





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Hooray for almost breaktime for you! You've seriously been overworked. *hugs* I'll try to poke my head out of my molehole and say hi, especially now that I'm almost caught up on holiday cards... means I can get back to hurting my arms and shoulders the normal way. ;)

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Rashi! ... I have no clue what the date is ... are your finals over yet? *Snuggles Sis and rolls eyes at the bleeding arm*

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