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Loial and Erin




I truly like the WoT universe, it is complex and dynamic. Nevertheless, there are certain upsetting things about the social organization of this universe.


Loial has left the Stedding without permission to see the world. He mentions several times through the book that if the Elders were to catch up with him, they'd find him a wife who would help him "settle down".


This is the ugly thing: are women in all societies, including Ogier, seen or even used for screwing the men into the system? What do you think? It this how the world is, a struggle between the divided genders? Men looking for adventure and women eager to hold them down and trap them into a domestic setting by the use of their so-called feminine charms? ( expensive silk dresses, coy smiles, flirting)

Erin seems idle and not too bright, she is not depicted as having any quality whatsoever; a bored female waiting impassively for her man to stop playing at soldiers and return to his duties.


From all secondary characters, Faile alone qualifies to some extend for the title of female hero. She became involved in the story through own initiative, not by being pulled into events by her love for one character. Her originality as a Hunter for the Horn is almost unprecedented; where some of the main characters possess skills and abilities which function as an imperative for action ( e.g. the ability to channel vs. death by burning oneself), Faile has only her will, wits and determination.


Even Faile's character is somewhat degrading at times when she is seen pushing Perrin towards glory; Faile thinks Perrin ought to be given more responsibility and glory by the Dragon, that he ought to do more. Does her husbands' status represents her markup for personal success, since she can achieve little by herself?

And what of her jealousy towards Berelain? Female stereotypical attitude? Badly designed twist in the plot?



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but this is what makes this series good, the fact that there are constant inner struggles between the male and female characters just like real life. however, some of the female characters can be just plain nags at times

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yeah.... basically the women in theese books are all bitches. sorry but it's true. Faile is probably jealouse of Berelain because Berelain is hotter. think about it all women are like that. they are jealouse of the ones who have what they do not.

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